ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular

ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular Develop A Simple, Yet Fully Functional Modern Web Application Using ASP Core MVC, Entity Framework And Angular About This BookBased On The Best Selling Book ASP Core And Angular Easily Build A Complete Single Page Application With Two Of The Most Impressive Frameworks In Modern Development, ASP Core And AngularBring Together The Capabilities And Features Of Both Angular And ASP Core For Full Stack DevelopmentDiscover A Comprehensive Approach To Building Your Next Web Project From Managing Data, To Application Design, Through To SEO Optimization And Security Who This Book Is ForThis Book Is For Seasoned ASP Developers Who Already Know About ASP Core And Angular In General, But Want To Know About Them And Or Understand How To Blend Them Together To Craft A Production Ready SPAWhat You Will LearnUse ASP Core To Its Full Extent To Create A Versatile Backend Layer Based On RESTful APIsConsume Backend APIs With The Brand New Angular HttpClient And Use RxJS Observers To Feed The Frontend UI AsynchronouslyImplement An Authentication And Authorization Layer Using ASP Identity To Support User Login With Integrated And Third Party OAuth ProvidersConfigure A Web Application In Order To Accept User Defined Data And Persist It Into The Database Using Server Side APIsSecure Your Application Against Threats And Vulnerabilities In A Time Efficient WayConnect Different Aspects Of The ASP NET Core Framework Ecosystem And Make Them Interact With Each Other For A Full Stack Web Development ExperienceIn DetailBecome Fluent In Both Frontend And Backend Web Development By Combining The Impressive Capabilities Of ASP Core And Angular From Project Setup Right Through The Deployment PhaseFull Stack Web Development Means Being Able To Work On Both The Frontend And Backend Portions Of An Application The Frontend Is The Part That Users Will See Or Interact With, While The Backend Is The Underlying Engine, That Handles The Logical Flow Server Configuration, Data Storage And Retrieval, Database Interactions, User Authentication, AndUse The ASP Core MVC Framework To Implement The Backend With API Calls And Server Side Routing Learn How To Put The Frontend Together Using Top Notch Angular Features Such As Two Way Binding, Observables, And Dependency Injection, Build The Data Model With Entity Framework Core, Style The Frontend With CSS LESS For A Responsive And Mobile Friendly UI, Handle User Input With Forms And Validators, Explore Different Authentication Techniques, Including The Support For Third Party OAuth Providers Such As Facebook, And Deploy The Application Using Windows Server, SQL Server, And The IIS Kestrel Reverse ProxyStyle And ApproachMore Than Just A Technical Manual, This Guide Takes You Through The Most Important Technical Facets Of Developing With These Two Hugely Popular Frameworks And Then Demonstrates How To Put Those Skills Into Practice It S A Book That Recognizes That What S Really Important Is The End ProductTable Of ContentsGetting ReadyBackend With CoreFrontend With AngularData Model With Entity Framework CoreClient Server InteractionsStyle Sheets And UI LayoutForms And Data ValidationAuthentication And AuthorizationAdvanced TopicsFinalization And DeploymentValerio De Sanctis Is A Skilled IT Professional With Over Years Of Experience In Lead Programming, Web Based Development, And Project Management Using ASP, PHP, And Java He Previously Held Senior Positions At A Range Of Financial And Insurance Companies, Most Recently Serving As Chief Technology Officer And Chief Operating Officer At A Leading After Sales And IT Service Provider For Many Top Tier Life And Non Life Insurance GroupsIn The Course Of His Career, Valerio De Sanctis Helped Many Private Organizations To Implement And Maintain Based Solutions, Working Side By Side With Many IT Industry Experts And Leading Several Frontend, Backend, And UX Development Teams He Designed The Architecture And Actively Oversaw The Development Of A Wide Number Of Corporate Level Web Application Projects For High Profile Clients, Customers, And Partners, Including London Stock Exchange Group, Zurich Insurance Group, Allianz, Generali, Harmonie Mutuelle, AIG, QBE, Marsh McLennan, Lloyd S, Honda Motor, FCA Group, Luxottica, ANSA, Saipem, ENI, Enel, Terna, Banzai Media, Virgilio, La Repubblica, And Corriere Della SeraHe Is An Active Member Of The Stack Exchange Network, Providing Advice And Tips For, JavaScript, HTML, And Other Web Related Topics On The StackOverflow, ServerFault, And SuperUser Communities Most Of His Projects And Code Samples Are Available Under Open Source Licenses On GitHub, BitBucket, NPM, CocoaPods, JQuery Plugin Registry, And WordPress Plugin RepositoryStarting From , He Also Runs An IT Oriented, Web Focused Blog Which Features News, Reviews, Code Samples And Guides To Help Developers And Enthusiasts Worldwide Between And , He Wrote Two Books On Web Development ASP Core And Angular , And ASP Core Cloud Ready, Enterprise Web Application Development, With Over , Copies Sold Worldwide

Valerio De Sanctis is a skilled IT professional with more than 12 years of experience in lead programming, web-based development, and project management using ASP.NET, PHP and Java. He held senior positions at a range of financial and insurance companies, most recently serving as Chief Technology Manager and Chief Operating Manager at a leading after-sales and IT service provider for many top-tier life and non-life insurance groups.

During the course of his career Valerio De Sanctis helped many private organizations to implement and maintain .NET based solutions, working side by side with many IT industry experts and leading several frontend, backend and UX development teams. He designed the architecture and actively oversaw the development of a wide number of corporate-level web application projects for high-profile clients, customers and partners including London Stock Exchange Group, Zurich Insurance Group, Allianz, Generali, Harmonie Mutuelle, Honda Motor, FCA Group, Luxottica, ANSA, Saipem, ENI, Enel, Terna, Banzai Media,,, and

He is an active member of the Stack Exchange Network, providing advices and tips for .NET, JavaScript, HTML5 and Web related topics on the StackOverflow, ServerFault, and SuperUser communities. Most of his projects and code samples are available under opensource licenses in GitHub, BitBucket, NPM, CocoaPods, JQuery Plugin Registry, and WordPress Plugin Repository.

He also runs an IT-oriented, web-focused blog at featuring news, reviews, code samples and guides to help developers and enthusiasts worldwide.

❮Lireing❯ ➸ ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular Auteur Valerio De Sanctis –
  • Format Kindle
  • 550 pages
  • ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular
  • Valerio De Sanctis
  • Anglais
  • 15 May 2018
  • 9781788293600

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    This book is a great introduction to ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular That being said, I recommend this to people who have already had experience in.NET and JavaScript, particularly any component based framework The book has a disclaimer about this.The good Concepts are explained in a way and format that is easily understood For the most part, the author walks through every block of code, explaining what is going on and why it is being written that way The reader will have a mostly functioning application at the end of the book that isn t the usual half baked shopping cart apps you see in many development books The author does a great job of explaining the login and registration process and walks the reader through how to build one instead of just relying on a third party provider The formatting of the book was well done and I personally found the writing style to be engaging than any Pluralsight video I ve watched on these topics.The bad Client side development set up front end frameworks and tooling are indeed complex these days and while I personally have a lot of experience setting up the pipeline to develop in Angular, I imagine most readers might not This book doesn t provide a lot of support on it and as it s in the first few chapters, it s definitely a hurdle the reader has to get over in order to enjoy the rest of the book It s not completely the author s fault he is trying to teach a framework that is still changing very rapidly He uses POST for updates and PUT for inserts which is not what I am used to but I did find some resources online that said that it was valid, though I m not the authority on that and doesn t really explain why Back end vs Front end The book seemed to do a MUCH better job explaining the back end side of development than the front end, which had many errors and required me to do several hours of research on my own to find out why certain blocks of his code would not work interceptors and refreshing auth tokens in Angular for instance, get ready to google the crap out of that one I plan to send error reports as the author requests in his disclaimer at the beginning of the book The silver lining is that I bought this book to get better at backend, so it was a win for me, heh Anything involving UI Although this was advertised as full stack development, some of the approaches taken read like code many full stack developers I know might write basically back end devs having to also write front end The UI section was the weakest part of the book and I m not talking about the design as this book doesn t cover that But the choice to use LESS over Sass with an incorrect justification the book uses webpack and the configuration for sass would have been trivial and the repetitive nature of some of the code as well as the author eventually just saying I m not going to paste the code in the book, go find it in the repo made me think that perhaps bringing on a UI pro to assist with this section might have helped this section out if he wanted to go for the true fullstack experience Typos, code accuracy, and in general consistency of it seemed to be better in the first half of the book The UI section in particular anything with a he should do this, he should do that, the reader he should follow this Not a huge deal I m not a dude, fyi but simply using they makes it a slightly less awkward read and is than acceptable grammar for a tutorial book.

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    Covers the basics of dotnet core 2.0 with Angular 5 in Visual Studio 2017, while creating a complete application The book was very helpful That said, the HTTP Standard uses POST for inserts and PUT for updates For some reason, the Author does the reverse I ve never seen this choice in a published book and don t think it is a good practice Also the book explicitly guides the reader to return a JsonResult from WebAPI action methods Since ASP.NET Core Web API returns JSON by default, in general, returning an IActionResult is recommended.

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    First of all, this book refers to templates that you can t access, and examples that don t exist in Visual Studio 2017Second, it is NOT for beginners At all.You get about 13% of the way into the book and find out that it s heavily invested in Webpack, tells you how great Webpack is, and doesn t let you know how to get it I assume it s in one of those templates you can t download.Almost 10% of the book is introduction.And if you think this is going to help you with Angular 6.0, you re wrong.

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    I m halfway through and really like this I need to do the examples For now I ve been reading it while waiting for dinner if data transfer tool to complete hours or days and I can t interrupt but I can read to make the time useful Well written Just one thing sticks out author uses http verbs post for update and put for insert, while the common usage is the reverse Don t let that stop you, the book is well written.

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    Good Book to go over the basics core and Angular I read through the whole book pretty quickly because I was using it to complete a project I did find, there were some better ways to do things, but overall they were accurate on technique One thing I disagreed with it s a minor issue , was that they didn t use services to handle the code to retrieve data which is what I prefer Most of the data retrieval was done in the components which can get messy if you do a lot of data manipulation coding.

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