The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview

The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian WorldviewI read a few of Schaeffer s books when I was in high school and college, and he was one of the first people I read who got me interested in intellectual history.Re reading these books several years later plus several others I had never read before , I was disappointed at times with the simplistic nature of his arguments He certainly knew how to paint with a broad brush Even if his thought tended generally in a good direction, he seemed unfair in some of the details.Nevertheless, the love and concern that he had for the baby boomer generation, specifically those people who came to stay with him at L Abri, shines through. The Bible should be any Christian s priority read This should be second Dr Schaeffer L Abri founder puts the Christian on firm ground and easily provides reasons to reject alternative ways to interpret, understand, and twist the contents of the Bible to fit whatever It is an unconfusing really read Currently I m in the 2nd volume but I ve read many of these books individually over the last 40 years Just glad to have it all in one place and updated. The Complete Works Of Francis A Schaffer Set Includes VolumeIs Christian View Of Philosophy Culture It Contains The Following Books God Who Is There, Escape From Reason, He Is There He Is Not Silent, Back To Freedom DignityVolIs Christian View Of The Bible As Truth It Contains The Following Genesis In Space Time, No Final Conflict, Joshua The Flow Of Biblical History, Basic Bible Studies, Art The BibleVolIs Christian View Of Spirituality It Contains The Following No Little People, True Spirituality, New Super Spirituality, Two Contents Two RealitiesVolIs Christian View Of Church It Contains The Following Church At The End Of The Th Century, Church Before The Watching World, Mark Of The Christian, Death In The City, Great Evangelical DisasterVolIs Christian View Of The West It Contains The Following Pollution Death Of Man, How Should We Then Live, Whatever Happened To The Human Race, Christian Manifesto i have only read the first three volumes of five volumes total of this set but i recommend it to anyone he talks about art as it connects to the line of despair, the unneeded jump into the upper story which means we don t have to cut our heads off to be christians , genesis as a historical book rather than something less than that, and many other topics he wrote some ideas about what christian art might look like i found that liberating. I have long considered Francis Schaeffer to be one of the most influential people on my thinking His three volume set The God Who is There, He Is There and He is Not Silent, and Escape From Reason as well as his short volume The Mark of the Christian have been beneficial reads I decided that this summer, I would try to read through his complete works 22 books, 5 volumes, 2262 pages.Once again, I really appreciated his three apologetics books His work is essential for any serious student of understanding Christian worldview and how Christianity applies to all of life Schaeffer s knowledge of a wide variety of fields philosophy, art, music, culture, and religion come together well in these books Beyond these books, I really appreciated Genesis in Space and Time in which Schaeffer defended the truthfulness of Genesis 1 11 He makes a strong call for understanding these early chapters of the Bible True Spirituality is also a must read, perhaps one of the finest of his books In this book, he defends the orthodox Christian position His books Death in the City and The Great Evangelical Disaster further support the need for holding to an orthodox position and standing for True Truth Finally, his book Whatever Happened to the Human Race, which he co authored with C Everett Koop was an excellent defense of the uniqueness and value of man.There was a lot of repetition of ideas from book to book which others have raised as a criticism, but I don t necessarily think it is a bad thing It was a beneficial thing to see his ideas re presented on multiple occasions Schaeffer was uniquely gifted as a cultural critic, philosopher and prophet His words, written 30 to 40 years ago in most cases show a direct application to today s society His balance of truth and love is nearly unparalleled. It was my pleasure to get the opportunity to read this set in its entirety for a readings class on modern church history Schaeffer s ability to accurately critique culture made him a man ahead of his time I share his view of the world and of Scripture for the most part, and while he sometimes overstates our position, I resonate with much of what he says. Francis Schaeffer, sad to say, has become a political lighting rod in 2011 Certain political types, who are seeking their party s nomination for the highest office in the land, have stated the importance of his writings in their so called intellectual formation Reading one author however does not make one a scholar or a public intellectual The problem with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and I use that term loosely, is that they did not keep on reading and thinking They stopped Schaeffer was not right on everything He was very important to me because he was one the few major Christian writers or thinkers, back then, who said racism black or white was a sin To this day that message has not been received in some areas of Christendom Read him but with a grain of salt If you want to understand the danger of evangelicals who don t think go look up Univ of Notre Dame Professor Mark Noll and read his The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. Life changing truths for me at the time Schaeffer was a visionary and a great theologion Whatever Happened to the Human Race included his views on what was to come relating to the value of life It s effects on society then and to come How Should We Then Live traced through history the persons i.e.,Freud and Pavlov human behavior, Darwin evolution Frederick Nietzsche Nchilism and God is Dead philosphy following the belief that life has no meaning were the abstract painters Pollock and there were many others who changed society in each, religion, politics, music, law, education, etc. I ve technically only read the first volume, but this book has changed my life I always felt somewhat under qualified as a witness because I had very little beyond just faith and my own testimony and experience to back up why God exists and is real and changes lives I understand that it s up to God and not me to change lives and that I don t need anythingthan that to be used, but I wanted to havearrows in my quiver, as it were, so that I would havefor God to use, particularly when I talk to people who are very academic logical intellectual about God Reading this book has really helped me to understandof why Christianity makes sense, not just in general, but really as the only logical solution to so many of the questions people have It s really helped solidify my own spiritual foundations in a way that can beeasily explained I ve been able to seeof why people don t believe, gain a greater understanding of what they believe, and also gain a much greater sense of compassion for the tragedy that this is I am very, very glad that I read this book and look forward to reading the rest of the books some day. Hands down, the best explanation of the Christian worldview to have ever been written by the hand of man.Schaeffer breaks it down from the smallest components of the Christian faith and really makes you see what you profess to believe every inch of it Then he begins to rebuild,using all those components like Legos, each building on the next, until you not only understand each part, but how it integrates into the whole.My only regret is that you can t find the 5 volume set in hardback any mine are practically falling apart with use.Best 80 I ever spent Period.

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