The Making of Us

The Making of Us I have not read a Lisa Jewell book for years and so when I was asked to review her latest novel The Making Of Us I couldn t wait to start this as reading reviews on this book it seems opinions are straight down the middle so I decided I needed to put my two pence worth in The story follows three characters, Lydia, Dean and Robyn who all have something significant in common They are all living their lives and feel as though something is missing in their lives and one by one they all find out that they were all conceived by sperm donation As each of the characters come to terms with the shocking news they all sign up to the Donor sibling Registry to try and fill this gap in their lives.I was worried when I first started reading this book I loved the first chapter it was a great start to the book but then after that the book took a bit of a worrying turn for me As we went chapter to chapter we were introduced to our characters and it seemed each time we started to get to know a character it would then swap to another one and it was a little overwhelming meeting so many significant characters in such a short space of time I was worried that I was going to forget who was who and I was contemplating putting the book down.I am so glad I carried on reading this book because after the introductions to each of the characters they all started to develop really well and they each had very individual backgrounds which made it easy to differentiate between them I loved Lydia who seems to be the main feature of this book she has what everyone would view as a perfect life but as we get to know her we get to see her loneliness and her vulnerability which makes her such an enjoyable character Dean s story really did tug at the heart strings when first meeting him he just feels like a typical modern day layabout but when we see all has had to go through he soon becomes a character you want to wrap up in cotton wool I found Robyn the only character I couldn t take to she is overly confident and vain but then she does bring something different to the book.The storyline is very fresh and unique, I have never read any books featuring sperm donation I did find it a little strange how well each of the characters reacted when they found out the truth I think in reality people wouldn t have accepted the news so quickly but then this is the world of fiction I did fly through this book despite its hefty 470 pages but it was a fast paced read.I really enjoyed this book and I did feel the old heart strings being pulled in certain parts of the book I will definitely pick up future books by Lisa Jewell. Lisa Jewell is becoming one of my favorites This is the third book of hers that I absolutely loved The Making of Us is about Lydia, Dean, and Robyn, three young people who have never met each other and always believed that they were only children Their lives are forever changed when they learn that not only are they are the products of a sperm donor, but they have living brothers and sisters, and that their father wants to meet all of them Jewell builds the action slowly until you become completely absorbed in the characters and their lives Her previous novels that I enjoyed were very dark, but this one is lighter and hopeful It is ultimately a heart warming story about the need for belonging and the meaning of family Highly recommend. Firstly do not pay attention to the synopsis or the cover of this book Both covers they have for it do not do the book justice There is one that is a bit chic litty and the other quite contemporary And I didn t find the book either of these genre s certainly not what I expected The synopsis on the back also does not do the book justice so if you pick it up just for the blurb, then you will be surprised like I was that the blurb barely touched the subject matters To put it in a nutshell Daniel, a dying man was a sperm donor thirty years ago who wants to meet the children he fathered before he dies The story though focuses on the three persons that he fathered It was quite emotional and the characters although I didn t actually like some of them to begin with were very well portrayed and I loved how they evolved through the story Because the story jumps from character to character by each chapter, we delve into the history of each person and how they got to where they are at that time and I loved each story also Some stories that we read you can say oh that was similar to such and such a book but I can honestly say I have never read anything with that storyline before So, all in all, I really enjoyed this book and I might now go and see what else I can uncover by Lisa Jewell I picked up the book with a glimmer of hope that this might, somewhat, resemble Never Let Me Go, which I absolutely loved call out to read, if you haven t done so already Sadly, Ishiguru this is not The book revolves around three offspring of an anonymous sperm donor in London, some town outside London and Wales They re all really good looking relevant nonsense there and have issues of their own unique issues, mind you like having a boyfriend that could possibly be her brother yuck , having an affair with one s trainer yawn and spliff smoking boyfriend who s girlfriend just died having given birth to his kid yikes Eventually they meet and become kindred spirits, and just in ample time to watch their real father die of the most lingering played out death the entire novel Sorry about the spoiler here but, don t fret Lifetime will have the movie rights any day and you ll see it some Tuesday afternoon when you re home from work with a cold Unfortunately and hard as I tried, I couldn t find any redeemable feature to this one The story was bland, characters without much depth and a total dialogue of vapid conversation Robyn Mummy, Daddy, I ve decided med school isn t for me so I m quitting and going to work at a local restaurant Mummy Daddy oh that s alright sweetheart, we just want you to be happyOh, I did like the title It had so much promise Great read took a bit of sorting the characters, but well done to the author I liked all the characters in this book, however, I kind of wanted of what happened after the end of the novel sequel to come maybe however, might drag it out a bit if that was to happen This is only the second book of Lisa Jewell I have read will definitely the rest of her novels. It is pretty clear from the beginning that this book features a plot that involves a number of individuals from disparate walks of life who eventually come to the inevitable conclusion that they are linked through a sperm donor I found none of the characters to be particularly interesting and I eventually just put the book down and did not return to it After 150 pages I just wasn t interested enough to read through the rest of the book to find out the details of how they contact and connect with each other.The writing is not bad it s pleasant enough but I will save my precious reading time for books out there that are interesting and satisfying to read With that comment, I will be leaving this book in the airport when my plane touches down I will hope that some bookless person who enjoys this kind of writing will pick it up and enjoy it on her next flight. I loved the characters and the way the author unraveled their stories The basis of the book was fascinating to me and held my interest throughout I liked the way both the strong and the tenuous family connections were handled and the way she revealed who this family was and how important these disparate people became to one another Great story In A Hospice In Bury St Edmunds, A Man Called Daniel Is Slowly Fading Away His Friend Maggie Sits With Him Every Day She Holds His Hand And She Listens To The Story Of His Life, To His Regrets And To His Secrets And Then He Tells Her About The Children He Has Never Met And Never Will He Talks Of Them Wistfully His Legacy, He Calls Them Lydia, Dean And Robyn Don T Know Each Other Yet And They Are All Facing Difficult Changes Lydia Is Still Wearing The Scars From Her Traumatic Childhood And Although She Is Wealthy And Successful, Her Life Is Lonely And Disjointed Dean Is A Young Man, Burdened With Unexpected Responsibility, Whose Life Is Going Nowhere And Robyn Wants To Be A Doctor, Just Like Her Father A Man She S Never Met But Is Her Whole Life Built On An Illusion Three People Leading Three Very Different Lives All Lost All Looking For Something But When They Slowly Find Their Way Into Each Other S Lives, Everything Starts To Change I thought this was a nice little book an easy pleasant read a tad far fetched but then most books are to me and that s the whole point I want to be entertained.. Even though it was Jewell s earlier work, I can t forgive The Making of Us It has everything I dislike about British Chick lit It s just too shallow to talk about heavy subject such as sperm donation and life itself These are what I didn t like about this novel Main characters are all so beautiful Their love interests are soooo beautiful As if that s the most important quality of human beings A selfless nice lady who helps a dying stranger takes care of herself and is seen as classy It means she is 50 s but she does botox and goes to waxing for private parts even though nobody sees it Give me a break 28 year old woman makes one business success and buys a Hollywood star quality mansion I know it s a fiction, but the reality is not like that I know plenty of real successful entrepreneurs They don t spend silly money, and they don t buy a house like that Chick lits tend to use such cliche Millionaires and I really hate it A success doesn t look like that spoiler alert A young girl gets a boyfriend who is 10 years older than her As soon as she started dating him, she questions her lifetime goal to become a doctor, decides to quit a medical school Jewell treats doctor and medical school such a big deal for girls In US, there are female medical students than male counterparts now It s a good professional job and not a stupid status symbol Jewell gives a message to young female readers, loving a beautiful boyfriend is important for a girl than working hard to find your own life Well done I should stop reading UK chick lit These women annoy me too much and it s bad for my health.

Lisa was born in London in 1968 Her mother was a secretary and her father was a textile agent and she was brought up in the northernmost reaches of London with her two younger sisters She was educated at a Catholic girls Grammar school in Finchley After leaving school at sixteen she spent two years at Barnet College doing an arts foundation course and then two years at Epsom School of Art amp

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  • The Making of Us
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  • 06 April 2019
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