The Practice of Programming

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Brian Wilson Kernighan is a computer scientist who worked at Bell Labs alongside Unix creators Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie and contributed greatly to Unix and its school of thought.

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Practice of Programming
  • Brian W. Kernighan
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9780201615869

10 thoughts on “The Practice of Programming

  1. says:

    The book describes itself as a practical guide to general programming in the real world, but for the most part, doesn t deliver on that promise for a number of reasons First, the book should have been called The Practice of Programming in C and C The intro chapters say Java, Perl, and others would be discussed, but I d estimate the C languages make up 90% of the examples and advice The long discussions of memory management, pointers, and portability do not apply to any of the other languages, or most modern languages in general Second, the preface says the book will teach things not covered in school, but the second chapter is a quick, incomplete, and not very rigorous intro to data structures and algorithms straight out of cs 101 Third, the discussion on coding style is handled much better in other books, such as Code Complete and Clean Code In fact, I m not a fan of some of the recommended coding conventions For example, the book advocates the use of short, abbreviated, and or single letter variable names in many cases, which made even their short example code hard to read Also, many of the functions in the code examples were quite long and in need of refactoring Fourth, as is often the case with tech content, the book has not aged well The interface, performance, and portability chapters feel out of date The fact that functional programming principles and languages are missing means this is, at best, a practical guide to purely imperative programming Overall only worth a read for C coders, though a up to date book would be better.

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    Overall a decent introduction to some of the lessons you ll learn after a few years in the trenches of real programming.If you re fresh out of college and starting your first programming gig, read this book carefully A lot of what it says may sound like common sense, but often people don t take it to heart It will save you pain down the road Kernighan and Pike know what you re talking about and you d be wise to listen to them.If you re already an experienced programmer there s probably not a whole lot here that will be new to you, but it s still worth reading to see how the authors talk about things And who knows, there may be a lesson or two in it for you after all The book is very C and C focused, with occasional examples in Java, shell and Perl A lot of the advice in it is specific to C, so if you re not a C programmer you can skim over some of the examples But the lessons learned from the examples often translate to higher level languages, so don t skip them entirely Oh, and if you re a Lisp programmer you ll want to skip the Generating Code Using C Macros section unless you have a strong stomach.

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    It s really important to have some expectation before reading this book.Experienced developers may think that this book is useless for them, because of outdated information a lot of C code obvious ideasBut I highly recommend them to reread the following chapters Chapter 1 is about style Chapter 5 is about debugging that is really important as for experienced developers and newbies Chapter 7 describes different approaches related to performance of your apps.If you are newbie in a software world I would recommend to read this book and complete all exercises This book will provide you short description about code style, algorithm and data structures, debugging, testing, etc.I would like to note the epilogue It has a UNIX spirit This book is a core book of your developer s education.It s important to read such books because ideas from them will be relevant for a long time.

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    Wonderful book and extremely good advice on programming practice I realized that this book is not be read in one sitting or in a month This book is to be taken up for half a year to a year of dedicated study and requires solving the problems presented like technical book So this fits in all the characteristic of a technical book with with problem given at the end of section for the student to attempt But where the book differs from many of the technical books is, one one teaches style, design and aesthetics of the programming, leading the programmer to appreciate well written programs and encouraging them to practice good programming style The value is immeasurable I recommend this to any programmer friend who cares about this craft.

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    Some interesting material, but overall suited to people at the start of their careers, and very focused on low level concerns that are relevant for C and C Actually, my overriding impression during the book was look at all this effort to avoid dumb errors in low level programming languages I need to never use C again.

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    This is a book that every programmer should read many times during their career I wish I would have read this book many years before as many of the teachings here I learned them with the experience but nevertheless I found it super instructive and will definitely read it again a couple times.

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    One to keep around for periodic reminders of key principles that affect day to day programming.

  10. says:

    I enjoyed this book very much From time to time it could be a bit too detailed and technical, but overall it s full of sound and useful advises.

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