The Singing Detective

The Singing Detective This Is The Unabridged Original Text Of Dennis Potter S Acclaimed Six Part Television Serial The Narrative Counterpoints Life In A Hospital Ward Of A Writer Crippled By A Horrific Skin Disease With The Plot Of His Atmospheric Thriller To The Point Where Fantasy And Reality Seem To Exchange Places The Result Is The Most Painful And Disturbing Screen Drama Of The S

Dennis Christopher George Potter 17 May 1935 7 June 1994 was an English dramatist, best known for The Singing Detective 1986 His widely acclaimed television dramas mixed fantasy and reality, the personal and the social He was particularly fond of using themes and images from popular culture Such was his reputation that he convinced BBC 2 and Channel 4 to co operate in screening his final

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    I remember when this was first shown on television I remember the effect it had on me That television could be like that Here was something that proved television could be something than mindless drivel Of course, I was wrong and The Singing Detective was just the exception that proves the rule This is a detective story with lots of clues and red herrings, but no solutions A fantastic idea and brilliantly handled A man suffering from a horribly debilitating skin disorder refuses to take any drugs to help him cope with the pain and hallucinates his way through remembering a novel he wrote set in the 1940s about a singing detective and instances from his childhood, also in the 1940s, in which his lonely life, his parent s marriage falling apart and his horrible secret from school are merged together with the nightmare he is going through with his marriage falling apart as his struggles to come to terms with his illness.There are so many levels to this that getting the chance to read it helps enormously Potter never minded putting in in his dramas than his audiences were likely to grasp in one sitting But this is his masterpiece Mel Gibson did a film version of this suitably dumbed down and set in America for some reason as if he didn t have enough to answer for making The Passion of the Christ One can only hope there is a hell after seeing what Gibson did to The Singing Detective it is clear no self respecting God would let that go unpunished.Not as bleak as Pennies From Heaven this really is something special But then, I m a bit of a Potter nut I even got my daughters to watch The Singing Detective as one does I m not sure it gets much better than this.

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    Didn t have psoriasis but had eczema from head to toe throughout my childhood ahhh sob sob , I did sob, so this was on my page and my sympathy was heartfelt I also share a love of Raymond Chandler and this brought together physical memories and a love for mystery I also did a degree in podiatry and know something about the meds for psoriasis that can bring about delusions and general confusion, drink also helps Funny, rude and sardonic Loved the book, Dennis Potter was a playwrite than novelist and the portrayal by Micheal Gambon in this T.V play from my childhood stands the test of time

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    I made my discovery of Dennis Potter by accident when thirteen the cusp of fourteen Now I m all vaginal coming of age story Thirteen was my weird age of Sweet Valley Twins not even the mature high school version , gorging on the classics, and obsession with Homicide Life on the Street when googling myself I ll still find my old teen hyper excited posts about Homicide It was true love, and makes me shudder what I d have written about Potter back then, if I d made a website I m not going to say it changed my life as late as last year I was addicted to Paris Hilton s BFF reality show Soaps take three episodes to get into Scientific fact so I m not responsible Ask me about my boy band chicken pox theory That was definitely a soap.What it did was open my eyes.You know how an important experience that rocks your world settles on your skin like a ghost that comes and goes as it will Not the angel on your shoulder you ignore, nor a diet that you ll drop two days later diet starts Monday but an honest to god experience that makes you gasp and live in the fever that is someone else s life hell I didn t turn over any new leaves in my tastes It could be like an especially painful event that doesn t consciously touch down on the rest of it I m great at compartmentalizing It s hard for anything to be life affirming when so much of what is in between is meaningless dreck yeah, I m including the Paris Hilton in this part of my life I m not ever going to forget Dennis Potter Every once in a while I ll come back to him.My Potter accident was either Track 29, starring Gary Oldman, or Brimestone and Treacle, with Sting Gary Oldman was my favorite actor before Andre Braugher Frank on Homicide was my favorite actor He got replaced by John Turturro and no mythological creature has yet to sprout back up in his place Sidetracked again I had internet fansites to express my devotion I wasn t CASUALLY devoted, if that s what you re thinking Like you just dropped Paris Hm Anyway, both films are funny and sick as can be and I LOVED them Both also have rapist characters named Martin The rapes are catalysts for awakenings of their victims I ve always wondered about any Martins Potter might ve known I ll trace back over how I discovered something important to me, then reassure myself of other avenues I might ve taken The good that almost didn t happen I could ve found Potter that way if that hadn t happened Like someone with a near death experience Yeah The library had copies of The Singing Detective and Pennies from Heaven One of those great days of chance I won the lottery in my public library video section.Dennis Potter had skin problems, not exactly the same as the psoriatic arthritis in The Singing Detective or maybe it is My memory isn t the best At the end of his days, Potter would tape the pen in his hand to write with because they had become no than claws needless to say, the man was dedicated to his work He had nothing else His wife had already tragically died of cancer I ve my own chronic respiratory problems to deal with which does make my skin break out and I freak out I always think of Singing and freak out and then sing rasp classic songs , and it isn t hard to be taken back into the memories of sickness and hospitals Reading or watching The Singing Detective can be difficult because those feelings are intense I ll keep looking at my hands to make sure that I m still me and not Marlowe Really, no kidding, it is seeing the world through someone else s eyes hands , and feeling the illness that comes behind it It did open my eyes To the importance of memories, fictions, the day to day Almost like there really could be an actual big picture How the hell did this happen and futilely wishingPutting things into perspective doesn t last Living through something does Dennis Potter rules my world because he does the latter Someone else has it worse doesn t work You can t remember pain exactly when the boo boo heals, so even your own pain doesn t always put things into perspective At least I have my health There are such things as heartbreak, and loss, and what you can t get back Those are the feelings of Singing That s how you ever know how someone else feels.I d recommend watching the tv productions because they are damned great and you get to listen to the music The music is important in the best singing along to the music that happens to say everything you couldn t say way I ve tried to get as many as I can to read cause I like to read screenplays and plays to see how they did it A few years ago I treated myself to The Collected Dennis Potter dvd set from It cost a pretty pound converted to the dollar okay, I d have money if I didn t need to break the piggy bank for emergencies such as this so often But I did really need it It has than paid for itself The set includes The Singing Detective, Pennies From Heaven, Casanova, Brimstone Treacle, Vote Vote Vote For Nigel Barton Stand Up Nigel Barton, Blue Remembered Hills and Mayor Of Casterbridge These are the tv versions, not the 80s film Brimestone and Treacle starring Sting as Martin He was devil as Draco Malfoy pouty sex creep Fun and very 80s , Pennies from Heaven with Steve Martin I don t believe I need to say which version I prefer Bob Hoskins duh , or the ugh remake of The Singing Detective starring Robert Downey Jr like getting a postcard of emotions Wish you were there instead of really feeling them like in the Michael Gambon 80s version The memories and fiction aren t seamless either, I didn t ever jump on that train Lipstick On Your Collar is on dvd I bought the pricey vhs tape collection in high school with my babysitting money I d upgrade but this one isn t my favorite don t NEED it I ve not read or seen Karaoke and Cold Lazarus On paper it sounds similar in some respects to The Singing Detective looks like I might um need this at some point I m definitely not done with Dennis Potter.

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    This is a beautiful book in its own right Most screenplays are blueprints for movies The Singing Detective is the exception The printed version of the script is a work of art Reading the script is a different experience from the viewing the film and just as compelling.

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    Possibly the best play ever done for television Not an easy journey, as with Hide And Seek, and not for the faint of heart and mind, but a difficult life laid bare More a psychology text written by an English major.

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    The best Tele play ever Notwithstanding the late Mr Potter s usual stock socialist characters, it all comes together here His finest work, and his epitaph.When first shown on BBC, it drew letters to the Times about shocking language, until a CofE Rev rebuked the lot, pointing out that this was among the most moving redemption stories he d ever seen Count me with the right Rev The Potter alter ego falls, and is re born, but the reader viewer gets a marvelous play within a play within a detective story in the process Who done it Unusually, the script is a must AFTER you ve see the 6 hour television experience Thereafter, this scrip is a joy to re read when you don t have 6 hours to re watch the play The score is well worth it too.

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    Sain t m n lainaksi yst v lt junamatkaa varten tyylill s saattaisit tyk t t st Pidinkin Nerokkaasti rakennettu monitasoinen kertomus.

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    I ve been rereading this script for almost thirty years and I m still digging new things out of it It s the story of Philip Marlow, failed novelist and psoriasis sufferer who is in hospital with his latest bout with the disease and how he spends his time reconciling his past life with what he is at the moment He s not a particularly likeable character but he is compelling and, as his inner life and history collide in the present day, he does know how to mix his genres effortlessly This is still regarded as a high water mark in Dennis Potter s career and rightly so It s a brilliant story beautifully told.

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    Dennis Potter is a writer s writer and for television, no less The Singing Detective isn t a quick and breezy ride it s meandering and inconsistent and painful yet often smirkingly funny It s got many different scenes and timeframes and one very unreliable narrator that results in something that s very meta in the end, and you can see where it informed the British Invasion of Comic writers.

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    Watched the TV series as part of a university module and rewatched it quite recently Some of it is quite hard to follow but a true, slightly bizarre piece of reading material.

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