Clothesline When Kelly, Ana And Sera Decide To Take Charge Of Their Financial Futures And Go Into Business For Themselves, Anything And Everything Is Possible From Door To Door Sales To Bathing Fancy Pets, It S A No Holds Barred Adventure When The Three Best Friends Combine Their Talents And Taste For Success But When Secrets Are Exposed And Friendship Is On The Line, It S Time To Get Serious Will Kelly Commit To Doing What She Is Truly Passionate About Will Sera Push Past Her Pride When They Need Help And Is Ian The One EDITORIAL REVIEW FROM CHICKLITCLUB Kelly Has A Dream Of Sewing And Making Beautiful Things For People When She Graduates From College, She Starts Working At Clothesline, A Retail Clothing Store In The Heart Of San Francisco She Meets Sera, A Struggling College Student Trying To Make It On Her Own When Ana, Who Becomes An Assistant Manager With Kelly, Tells The Girls That She Needs To Make Extra Money, They Automatically Start Thinking Of Ways For All Of Them To Have Extra Income By Going Into Business With Each Other Their First Project Is A Mini Vendi Vending Machine, Then They Move On To Door To Door Selling And Dog Grooming Along The Way They Start To Realize They Really Don T Know That Much About Each Other And Sera And Kelly Start To Wonder Why Ana Needs The Money With The Crazy Ideas They Come Up With To Make Extra Money, You Will Love This Story About Why Mixing Friendship With Money Making Maybe It Isn T The Best Idea Or Is It

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Clothesline book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Supino author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➷ Clothesline  By Kate Supino –
  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Clothesline
  • Kate Supino
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9781456490058

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    When Kelly, Ana and Sera decide to take charge of their financial futures and go into business for themselves, anything and everything is possible From door to door sales to bathing fancy pets, it s a no holds barred adventure when the three best friends combine their talents and taste for success But when secrets are exposed and friendship is on the line, it s time to get serious Will Kelly commit to doing what she is truly passionate about Will Sera push past her pride when they need help And is Ian the one When I first started blogging, I must admit, I was a bit snobbish about self published novels Back in 2009, I don t think it was as big as it is now in 2011, and if we ever got a request for a self published novel we politely declined But two years down the line and self publishing is huge news Everybody can do it and, it seems, everybody is Some writers aren t even trying to get their books published by traditional publishers and just go straight to CreateSpace or Lulu or any of the other self publishers that offer a quick way to see your novel as a real novel Obviously, the market is now deluged with self published novels and I ve decided to give them ago Some will be good, some will be bad, but hey, it s an experience right My first foray into self published novels is Kate Supino s debut novel Clothesline and it wasn t terrible The premise of Clothesline is hugely interesting Three friends, with money problems, decide to test out a number of business ideas until they find the one that can make them some decent money It sounds familiar, but since I can t think where it s from, it s probably not that familiar a plot and it just seems that it is I liked the idea and I thought it was executed well enough, although it was inherently predictable I knew it would end good for Kelly, Sera and Ana, I knew what Ana s secret was, and the entire Sophia Deveraux thing was a tad implausible I know that celebrities DO meet real people in real life, but you know, it s still unreal But for the most part I thought Clothesline was a thoroughly enjoyable read Not perfect, no, but at no point did I ever not want to continue reading and I was happy to finish it.I must admit, I found the first few pages of the novel confusing One moment Kelly s talking about Barbies which I enjoyed, it was a good opening monologue and within half a page she has a job at Clothesline and Ana and Sera are her best friends We don t actually see the friendship between Kelly, Ana and Sera evolve, we re just meant to believe that somehow these three girls have become BFFs I d have preferred a few pages spent dedicated to how these girls became so close Just because you work with two girls your age doesn t necessarily mean you ll be best friends, so it would have been nice to see what it was that bonded the three together except money troubles But apart from that, the plot was hugely enjoyable I don t want to say What do you expect from a self published novel regarding the predictability because that s churlish and patronising of me, especially since there s many a Chick Lit novel that s predictable, but I d have liked a few surprises.All three of the girls are nice, there isn t a lot to set them apart, despite the fact they re all so different, they are also kind of similar Because the plot is just about the girls making money, there are no other conflicts for them to resolve They have no huge separate issues we can delve in, meaning that there isn t as much character development as I d have liked But for what it s worth I did like all three girls, they were all so eager to succeed at pet grooming, at having a vending machine, that you couldn t do anything but cheer them on in their endeavours I also must admit that I wasn t entirely convinced by Kelly and Ian s relationship It didn t give me a warm feeling, like a really good love story manages to do.For what it is, Clothesline is an easy enough read The premise was there, it intrigued me and I wanted to know and although the majority of it was well executed, it was also all too predictable If I d have written it, I d have perhaps spent time on the eventual business venture the girls decide to do I d have built that up from page one, along with their friendship and the relationships they have I would have given the love story part time to breath and evolve, because for the most part Ian was just there without me really feeling why, what it was that attracted Kelly to him There s a lot made of him being Scottish, but it doesn t actually change anything, as if it was a token nod to Scottish people, it didn t effect the plot in any way It may sound as if I m being a bit of a downer about Clothesline, but for the most part I did enjoy it and I would recommend it because it s an easy beach read.

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    Kelly, Ana and Sera are three friends with a big problem they have no money The friends and co workers decide to become entrepreneurs, because the three of them aren t making enough working at the retail store Clothesline Their big ideas include door to door selling, vending machines, and finally dog grooming But Kelly has always had an eye for fashion and creating clothes, and a chance run in with a major celebrity helps open the door for her Armed with the help of her two best friends, the young women are able to find their happy endings Clothesline is the debut from Kate Supino, and I thought it was pretty solid There were a few holes along the way that had me wondering, the biggest one being why the friends formed a friendship I know they are co workers, but the writing had me believing these are best besties, when in reality they actually don t seem to know each other that well Ana had a secret throughout the book that she refused to share, which really did hold my interest, but the friendship had me confused on a few occasions There were a few other instances that had me wondering such as the immediate help from a celebrity and some odd sounding dialogue at times, but I enjoyed the story I could relate to the women as they strive to become successful entrepreneurs, and the ending wasn t quite what I expected, but in a good way Overall, a good debut from an author that I will read from.

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    This book was quite quaint, but did not have very much pizzaz to it It is about a young woman and her three best friends who she just met , who are aspiring to be small business owners They work at a shop called Clothesline, and the book follows their story through all their failed business attempts The main character, Kelly, loves to sew, and has been seam stressing since she was a child When a celebrity steps into their small shop, in dire need of a mending, Kelly befriends her, and eventually ends up sewing her wedding dress Kelly is shot into immediate fame, and the three best friends open up a wedding dress shop The end The book was really not written well at all, but I could live with it I guess it was sort of fun to read at night, but nothing special.

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    Loved this book The happy adventures of Kelly, Sera and Anna reminded me of a few of my own shenanigans back in the day There s nothing like a best friend who shares your own unique brand of insanity unless it s two best friends.Well written and captivating, Clothesline will keep you laughing, cheering and even crying til the end.Five stars.

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    Charming and fun.

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    There wasn t a whole lot of originality to Clothesline, but that s not to say that it was a bad book For the most part I liked it and it was very funny and upbeat.

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    Typical chick lit Crazy girls with get rich schemes in San Francisco, but likable characters even with the predictable storyline Not great, but it wasn t bad Okay for a beach read.

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