A Dead Red Cadillac (A Dead Red, #1)

A Dead Red Cadillac (A Dead Red, #1) Twice Divorced NY Model, Lalla Bains, Now Runs Her Dad S Crop Dusting Business In Modesto, California Where She S Hoping To Dodge The Inevitable Fortieth Birthday Party But When Her Trophy Red Cadillac Is Found Tail Fins Up In A Nearby Lake, The Police Ask Why A Widowed Piano Teacher, Who Couldn T Possibly See Beyond The Hood Ornament, Was Found Strapped In The Driver S Seat Reeling From An Interrogation With Local Homicide, Lalla Is Determined To Extricate Herself As A Suspect In This Strange Murder Case Unfortunately, Drug Running Pilots, A Cross Dressing Convict, A Crazy Chihuahua, And The Dead Woman S Hunky Nephew Throw Enough Road Blocks To Keep Lalla Neck Deep In An Investigation That Links Her Family To A Twenty Year Old Murder Only She Can Solve

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 280 pages
  • A Dead Red Cadillac (A Dead Red, #1)
  • R.P. Dahlke
  • English
  • 06 October 2018

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    A very very slow start A plot with twists and turns, but repetition than I like.

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    Lordy, lordy, Lalla Bains is turning forty What a character for a series Lalla is a former New York high fashion model, now crop dusting pilot, and on her way to being a serial divorcee because her choice in men stinks, resulting in two bad marriages And did I mention she s turning forty Just the thought has her on the verge of depression If that description sounds far fetched, R.P Dahlke makes it work in the best possible way We meet Lalla with a cast on her leg after a plane crash She s hobbling and a little cranky, but not as cranky as she gets when she finds her beloved classic red Cadillac missing from its shed The steam rises when the car is found nose down in the mud of a lake with a dead woman inside Lalla is off and running, well limping, to prove she s not the killer and to find out who committed the dastardly deed There are twists, turns, and surprises galore before the killer is unmasked Ms Dahlke creates an interesting cast of characters I hope are in subsequent books, and a plot that will satisfy mystery lovers everywhere Quirky, humorous, and fun Looking forward to reading A Dead Red Heart Highly recommended.

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    Okay a side story if you will I was 16 and wanted to drive a Queen in the Homecoming parade My Aunt was the proud owner of a brand new 1969 Cadillac convertible in fire engine red Oh it took a lot of whine and plead to get the keys So I m behind the wheel a beautiful gal sitting on the top cover in back smiling and waving at the crowd I started pushing on the steering wheel horn, but something horrible happened the chrome ring broke off in my hand No honking from the big red beast I saw my life pass in front of me a as I sat in the den of my aunt s home She said she would forgive me as long as I spent my own money to replace the horn ring Yah known in 1969 a caddy ring replacement cost 97.00, just showboating have changed.Now about dead red, it s a funny and exciting murder crime With Lalla as a private snoop who gets involved due to winning the Caddy You have half a dozen suspects along the way including Lalla A light and fun filled mystery, only takes a few hours to read.

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    Free on today UK

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    Committed the two worst sins imaginable for a thriller One the characters not developed anywhere serious enough to care about And two, plot was dull dull dull dullReally struggled to get through this mess Should have tossed it back into the never finished pile Skip this one I ll be very generous giving this one two stars out of a possible five stars I met this author at this year s Tucson Festival of Books, and she sold me the book for half price I promised to read Leave this dead red Cadillac stuck in the lake forever.

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    A Dead Red Cadillac Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat I hung up, and with hands that palsied, I grabbed the nearest set of keys and drove our old farm truck into Modesto I ignored the familiar rattling of the loose drive shaft, the torn vinyl headliner, the missing door handle, and the growing spider web of broken windshield on the passenger side The drive was a no brainer, one where I can easily divide my attention between the road and work schedules before hitting the outskirts of the nearest mall But, not today I couldn t stop thinking about Caleb s words Of all the answers to the whereabouts of my car, not in a million years would I have guessed that my Caddy would be found tail fins sticking out of the shallow end of Turlock Lake And behind the wheel, neatly buckled into her safety belt, was none other than the blue ribbon winner in this year s county fair s jam making contest, Patience McBride Lalla Bains has had a few mishaps in the last few days Her Ag CAT plowed into a row of tomatoes while making an emergency landing, breaking her leg Her dad, who owns the plane and the crop dusting company that she was flying for, would never believe it wasn t pilot carelessness that caused her to make a crash landing And now her best friend Caleb, who is also the sheriff, has just informed her that he has found her bright red Caddy in the lake with a dead body in the driver s seat So she can t fly and now she can t even drive her luxury car around town.Patience McBride was a widow who kept to herself and never bothered anyone, so why would anyone kill her Well, since it was Lalla s car she was in and she herself has become a suspect, Lalla has decided to find out Her first suspect becoming Patience s nephew who appears in town around the same time as her murder He seems to be quite a smooth talking con artist, especially with the women, Lalla included Making him less and less of a suspect in her eyes but not in Caleb s The confusion really starts when Eddy steps into the picture After taking a couple of shots at Lalla, in her own home, she is able to knock him out with a book end only to have her own father Noah turn him lose.Another roller coaster ride of suspects and murders Author R P Dahlke has given us the works with A Dead Red Cadillac murder, mystery, suspense and humor About half way through the book I was given 1 clue that lead me to the person I felt was the killer The I read, the I doubted my conclusion It wasn t until the end the last few pages that I was able to determine if I was right or wrong. page for A DEAD RED CADILLAC, available as Kindle 2.99 and as a trade paperback 12.95 Stir, Laugh, Repeat at .com Stir, Laugh, Repeat

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    Lalla Bains is not a happy gal She once excelled in the brief glory, glitz, and glamour of New York s fashion runways, but now she s a slave to a dusty runway near Modesto California where she runs the family crop dusting business And not only has she just planted her Ag CAT s nose in a tomato field earning herself a leg cast in the process she s facing a fate far depressing than a little plane crash she s turning f f forty Living back at home with her crusty old father is hardly where Lalla envisioned herself at this phase in her life, but her father needs her, and with two failed marriages in her wake and her modeling career washed up, what s a woman to do besides spray deadly chemicals Lordy, lordy, look who s forty, the local newspaper caption read, right under a picture of Lalla from her third grade class pigtails, tooth gap and all Could things get worse Oh, yeah Her precious red El Dorado, all she had left from her last ex hubby, goes for a swim, and it is not empty A Dead Red Cadillac has elements of a cozy small town mystery with lots of locals involved , amateur sleuth, and a little romance rolled into an entertaining read.

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    RP Dahlke s A Dead Red Cadillac is a mystery that will make you sit on the edge of your seat in suspense, laugh out loud at the splashes of humor, and maybe even shed a tear It took a little bit to get into the story, but once there which didn t take long, I was hooked We are introduced to Lalla and grow to really like her I especially enjoyed the relationship elements in this book The relationship between a daughter and her father a daughter and her mother and a sister and her brother I also liked the relationships between friends and even a long awaited romance starting to bloom A Dead Red Cadillac has a bit of everything you could ask for in a mystery It keeps you guessing and turning the page to find out what happens next It is a read that you can sink into and when finished you close the book and eagerly reach for the next in the series A Dead Red Heart Barnes and Noble e book edition.FTC Full Disclosure I received this e book free from the author and chose it for review.

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    Had a tough time starting this Didn t care for the main character and I wondered if this was even worth my time I have a 100 page ruleforce myself to read 100 pages and if it doesn t pick up, then in good conscience I don t have to finish In this case, it did pick up and actually turned out to be a pretty good story I still didn t care for the main charactersthey just weren t likable, but I figure that s part of the story A good who done it

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    Lots of twists and turns in this book and plenty of trouble for Lalla Bains to dive into which she gleefully does It s a fast read and I was guessing who dun it until the end As always, if I have a relationship with the author, even an e relationship, I steer clear of awarding stars.

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