Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1)

Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1)I have a crap ton of questions Reckless Magic felt like a pretty quick audio book to listen to However, I just kept forming so many questions with each chapter Then after the ending I have even questions that I will hopefully get answers for in the next book Hopefully.In this book you will meet Eden and Kiran Their little romance was cute and shit but highly frustrating Definitely got vibes of Romeo and Juliet but for stupid reasons I guess I have no idea if that makes sense but this book was kind of confusing They say they love each other but then he s all like Oh yeah, I m gonna stay with my fianc e who is a major self centered bitch and pretend to think you don t exist Please do the same.BUT WHY I m so confused Then there s Eden who is basically a new born puppy and doesn t know anything She s pretty na ve and doesn t really seem to understand things even after the book ended She also whined a lot and that was starting to rub me the wrong way Then there s the confusing love interest Kiran and I just don t really want to dive into that.The little twists and turns were confusing, again I just don t understand why they were plotting to kill the prince when they have all of these problems with the king Yeah, it s cool that he s going to become the king ONE day but he s still the damn prince right now Just go kill the king and call it a day Overall, I haven t really connected to anyone so far except maybe Lilly because she s a god damn bad ass and maybe Jericho and I m hoping that the next book will give me someone to like If not then I don t know what I m going to do without wine because I m at work. Rather frustrating heroine Yes, she is only 16 and is pretty naive, but very little growth maturity by the end of the book, if at all Hard to keep cheering her on, especially with all the teenage angst riddled narration from her point of view The plot development is rather weak The characters seem to accept sudden changes and revelations like they are not that big of a deal Sometimes their viewpoints attitudes are conflicting, view spoiler e.g Avalon thanks Kiran for everything with a lot of emotion assumes that he understood that Kiran has decided to help them at the end of their meeting in Geneva but still is hell bent on killing him Why We don t know hide spoiler Year Old Eden Matthews Has Been In And Out Of Private Schools For The Last Two Years She Can T Seem To Stop Herself From Closing Them Down Kingsley Is Her Last Chance To Finish High School And The Last Private School Willing To Accept Her She Is Focused On Just Getting Through Graduation Until She Realizes Kingsley Is Not Like The Other Private Schools She S Been To The Students May Be Different, But So Is She And After Meeting Kiran Kendrick, The Boy Who Won T Leave Her Alone And Seems To Be The Source Of All Her Problems, She Is Suddenly In A World That Feels Make Believe Than Reality To Top It Off, She Is Being Hunted By Men Who Want To Kill Kiran And Her Best Friend Lilly Is Taken Away To A Foreign Prison Eden Finds Herself Right In The Middle Of An Ancient War, Threatening Everything She Loves She Alone Has To Find A Way To Save Her Best Friend And The Boy Who Has Captivated Her Heart Reckless Magic Is An Intricate Story About Mystery, Adventure, Magic And Forbidden Love Eden Matthews Is An Unlikely Heroine Determined To Save The World And Be With Her One, True Love Before It S Too Late I would really love to be able to give this book four stars, because it definitely kept me entertained and engrossed in the story and characters But, and I don t know if this is just the edition I got it was free after all there were so many instances of grammar errors typos and flow writing style issues that I feel like I just can t go higher than three The story found within Reckless Magic is filled with adventure, romance, and of course, magic The beginning is a bit slow and there are several instances throughout the book that felt a bit like info dumping as necessary information about the magical world of the Immortals is relayed to the main character Eden, who is at first ignorant about her powers and many other aspects of the Immortals society Except for the prologue, the story is told from Eden s first person point of view who, I might add, is a bit dense when it comes to noticing magic and whatnot and I honestly found her a rather entertaining narrator and character She has some spunk to her and likes to utlize sarcasm to her advantage However, I had some issues with the writing style itself Eden is sixteen, so this book is obviously aimed at a younger, teen audience, but there were several instances of awkward sentence structure and poor word choice that, frankly, got a little bit on my nerves until I reminded myself that I got it for free The action scenes were particularly long and tedious After saying all that it probably sounds like I didn t like the book at all however, I actually quite enjoyed it Looking past the definite need for editing, I loved the story and characters I d say it s a rather classic plot with a magical society dying out, a tyrant king, and resistence building against the current monarchy, but it also has several unique little twists to it that I loved The romance was pretty typical of a YA novel with that forbidden romance twist The characters are really what sold it for me they all have very distinct personalities and voices and I came to really care for them.Overall, it was a fun read I just don t know if I m willing to pay money for the next book in the series if the editing issues are still there. Unfortunately, I have to put this book on the DNF shelf.At 2 hours and 35 minutes in, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened, unless you count numerous unexplained fainting spells as something Nothing happening would be fine if it was because the characters were being developed, but I know as little about Eden now as I did on page one All that being said, I would have kept going, being that this book was described as Twilight meets Harry Potter both awesome , but then this happened I parked my car in the long line of black something or others, taking up two parking spaces My sunflower yellow Land Rover stuck out terribly, but I could ve cared less For me, that is an inexcusable error Enough said.From the beginning, I had a feeling that this book was juvenile than YA, or maybe it was just Eden s shrinking and unassertive personality that kept me from getting into the story I don t know I m not saying that it was terrible or that someone else wouldn t love it, but it just wasn t for me Because I didn t finish Reckless Magic, I don t think it would be fair to assign a rating. I actually started reading this book with high hopes While the prologue was pretty generic twin babies being dropped on a door step I thought that it could possibly turn itself around After all, Harry Potter managed to make that scenario interesting too, didn t it And it certainly started strong I really wanted to like the main character Eden But I could tell that the author really wanted Eden to like the main male lead, Kiran Even Eden wondered why she was being pushed into this snot of a boy s arms Kiran is even less appealing than Joffrey Baratheon and his only good feature is his accent Seriously Eden is constantly pointing out how arrogant, cruel, manipulative and conceited Kiran is But he s got a nice face, body and a sexy accent so it must be TRU LUV The whole romance plot is painfully trite I m not even sure why Eden likes Kiran He forced her against a few walls and kiss raped her so now she s in love Great Well so much for liking the protagonist of this book It wasn t just the romance that bothered me, although that did make up the vast majority of my gripes in my 134 status updates I also wasn t thrilled with the whole way the magic was handled I know that the author was trying to build a sort of mystery around Eden s powers but what this novel was severely lacking was a good Dumbledore esque figure Amory should have been this character but he stays in the background His or the author s excuse for this lack of participation is that he was hoping Eden would discover it for herself despite later repeatedly scolding Eden for not catching on sooner since they are kinda on crunch time what with the whole magic terrorist war thing About 90% of the drama and conflict that this novel has could have been solved in the characters would just communicate If people like Amory and Avalon would tell Eden the reasons why she shouldn t do certain things, Eden wouldn t do half the stupid shit that she does Here s a few examples of what could have been cleared up 1 Tell Eden who Kiran is There was really no reason to keep Kiran s true identity secret from her In fact, it makes Eden stick out at the magic school even because of the way she unintentionally treated him If she was informed that he was magical royalty I m sure Eden would have been less inclined to be around him 2 Tell Eden she has magical powers Again, they said it was super important that she know she has powers seeing how she was causing herself physical pain by being unaware And drawing an unnatural amount of attention to herself by acting like a human in a magical school 3 Tell Eden who her parents were and what they did Again this is absolutely imperative for Eden s survival Her ignorance at this point is only making her a target If Eden was aware of the danger her own existence as put her in the less likely she is to do things that draw attention to herself Which leads to my next point4 Tell Eden that she will be KILLED if people realize who she is She looks like her mother Her mother had a forbidden fling with a body guard and gave birth to twins of most sinful kind in the magical word Eden and Avalon s very existence puts them in constant danger Eden should have been made aware of this By keeping her in the dark, it enabled Eden to do stupid things completely unaware of the consequences I got a little off tangent But I think I made my point on that front Back to the use of magic While it was very interesting, the concept of untapped magical potential literally eating Eden from the inside out I didn t like it when magic actually came in halfway through the book Magic made everything too easy There were no consequences Kids could use magic to do homework for them for heaven s sake They don t have to even pay attention They just will the correct answers into being on the paper Why bother learning anything any Why bother going to this magical academy Seems like an awful waste of time In Harry Potter, magic didn t just come to you There was some risk and rewards involved It had to be studied and practiced and performed just right In this book, magic is just everything and makes everything infinitely easy Magic never seems to backfire on anyone but Eden and even on her its rare In truth, this makes the magic of this world very boring I also didn t enjoy the inequality going on Avalon, Eden s twin brother, gets told everything about his past, about their family, about magic and about the dangers they would face Avalon also gets entrusted with a lot of the tasks their parents left behind But Eden is told to be content with ignorance and idleness Why Probably because Avalon s a boy That s the only logic I can find Eden is far powerful and even if she looks like her mother, Avalon MUST share some of those features too Meaning he s in just as much danger of being recognized Maybe this will get explained in the next book that I will never read But I still don t understand why Avalon gets to know everything Oh yes, and this resistance Wow For something that s an secret society, they sure do go about the whole secret process poorly I love how they invite Eden along to their meeting without even first making sure she had plans to join They let her see their hideout, all their faces, know all their names and then listen to their secret plans to murder Prince Kiran All of this before they double check to see if she wants to join And even after they ask and find out she doesn t want to because she LUVS Kiran too much, they let her stay and listen to the rest of the meeting.I can t even begin to explain how utterly stupid this is But whatever The book overall is very long winded Much of what takes 100 pages to explain could have been done in ten twenty pages tops Characters have very bipolar reactions that seem to differ according to the author s mood Avalon, Amory and Kiran are notorious at this And then the climax of the story is Eden rushing cross country to save her friend who s on trial for treason She literally only runs into the room to scream She s innocent before being whisked away I can t help but feel that the whole conflict could have been solved with a simple phone call Or at least if Kiran was less of a dick If that s all it took to save her friend, Eden really should have just stayed at home While I like it that Eden actually attempted to do something heroic to save her friend the result was just so anti climatic that I couldn t give her full credit The plot just sort of fizzles out after that There s some vague threat made to Eden s life but yet they have no trouble escaping so the whole thing seems rather empty Not the best conclusion to such a long novel All in all, the novel reads like a first draft It s a disorganized long winded mess that needs some serious revising and reworking plot and character wise There s the spine of a possibly good YA novel in here somewhere but I don t think it s quite there yet I feel like this novel was self published way too soon. I m not sure I understand the high ratings for this book unless of course, most of them just came from young girls who are primarily concerned with the romance in the story And, well, given that this is a YA romance book, that very well may be My primary complaint is that the writing is amateurish It holds promise, but the text feels half baked There are tons of typos, but even worse, there are numerous grammatical and word usage errors An editor and a dictionary would have gone a long way here There are also inconsistencies in dialog, unbelievable, odd, or overly complex character reactions, and poor attempts at foreshadowing Actually, most of the foreshadowing manifests itself as something that s plainly said out loud in front of our main character but she s too dimwitted to catch on I don t mean to sound harsh I did enjoy this book and will move on to the next, but these problems kept me from fully engaging with the story On the plus side, the cover is gorgeous and the characters are likable yes, even the dimwitted one. I loved this book It definitely wasn t the most well written book I ve ever read but it was probably one of the most addicting and fun to read If I were to factor in the predictability and the cliches embedded in both the characters and plot then I would have to drop my rating down to 3.75 5 stars but I honestly cannot do that because of how engrossed I was with the story Absolutely planning on continuing with the series soon and can t wait to see how things carry on in the second book Actual rating 3.75 5 stars Personal rating 5 5 stars This book is quite possibly my favorite book of 2011 I am SO glad the next two books are already out as I plan to devour them asap Gosh, where to start.Ok, first, Eden She s so normal I loved her If she was a real gal, we d be best friends She was shy yet outspoken when it mattered She was effectively suspicious but loyal She was loving, with whole heart and body and soul and really, in my opinion there should be no other kind of love She was sweet, caring, feisty, funny and also seemed to be making someone smile or making someone sigh with exasperation I loved her Now on to Kiran Oh boy I heard so many people say that they didn t enjoy him or that it took so long for them to, but the whole time he knew who she really was He was trying to save her, but was so drawn to her that he couldn t resist her at the same time Yes, he was annoying in the beginning, that was the point Big picture people Big picture I adored him by the end of the book and though I m a little hesitant about going into book two because I know that him and Seraphina will have to be back to pretending they are betrothed and Eden will have to watch all that, I can t wait to see how he turns it all around and either makes his father see reason or dethrones him Please don t disappoint me Rachel I love their chemistry and how when after all that trying to stay apart stuff was over that they were both all in Love it I even liked Talbot a little and hope him and Lily have a sweet reunion, though.he was terd for not standing up for her So maybe not Lily was sweeter than pie And Jericho.I like him I know something is going down with him.5 Solid, Heart Wrenching, Sweet, Gasping, Lovely stars from me It was really hard to rate this book because my feelings are so conflicted For the first half of the book I was really bored and constantly frustrated with everything that was happening Our main character, Eden, is left in the dark about everything going on around her She is full of magic but it keeps exploding out of her and she doesn t know how to control it and no one is informing her about her magic, her family, or the danger she is in I just wanted her to get her act together and try and figure out what was going on, but instead I had to read about all these different characters yelling at her and blaming her for various incidents that weren t really her fault But once we finally started to get some real answers to what was going on, the book started to get a lot interesting and then I couldn t out the book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next After finishing the book I wanted to give it four stars because I absolutely loved the second half of the book, but the first half of the book was just so frustrating and boring that I couldn t justify giving it such a high rating So about a month after I wrote the review above, I ended up buying the other books in this series on because I didn t know what else to read I read all the books and I ended up absolutely loving the entire Star Crossed Series and it is now one of my favorite book series of all time it is right up there with my love for the Harry Potter series and Millenium series When I found out that I could buy my own paperback copy of Reckless Magic I was stoked and ordered it the day it became available I meant to hold off on reading it right away because I have a zillion other books that I plan to read this summer, but one of the books I was reading was so boring that after reading half of it I decided to hit the pause button on it and I picked up Reckless Magic again to read for a second time, this time holding the actual book instead of just reading it on my ipod The second time around I love love LOVED this book the whole way through I think that the first time I read Reckless Magic I was just too impatient with the plot because I wanted to know what was going on right away and my impatience and frustration and confusion messed with my judgement of the book.I had originally given this book three stars, but I now am giving it the 5 stars that it totally deserves

Rachel Higginson is the best selling author of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, Bet on Us and The Star Crossed Series.She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart Now she spends her d

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