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❮Reading❯ ➵ Vision  ➭ Author Beth Elisa Harris –
  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • Vision
  • Beth Elisa Harris
  • English
  • 09 July 2018
  • 9781461001198

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    It has been a while since I read a Young Adult novel for the simple reason, I got tired of seeing a whiny female worried about how wrong her life is and how she can t do anything that she wants Well I finally found one that was NOT like that Layla is a strong, intelligent girl who gets the opportunity to go to school abroad It was fun watching her acclimate to her new place, and to the new friends Of course seeing the huge crush she had on Stuart was fun too The plot of this story was smooth and kept you wondering what was going to happen I enjoyed the interaction between Layla and the other characters, especially her mother The writing was excellent While being written for the YA audience, the wording was intellectual enough to keep an adult interested My understanding is this book is the first in a series, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for Layla and Stuart Sweet read, great for YA audience, and adults that was a story without major adult drama.

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    It is so hard to describe this wonderful story I could call it a beautiful romance, a mystery, and at some parts I could even call Vision a paranormal novel, regardless of my issues to place this novel, there is one important thing you should know and that would be that this story is great With a cast of wonderful, intersting characters, a sense of mystery and paranormalcy throughout, and one hot, beautiful romance, how could you not love this story The story starts off with the main character, Layla, leaving the United States to stay abroad in England for the following year We know from the start that she is not normal Aside from being mature beyond her years and extremely level headed, or the fact that she has big issues with her mom, Layla also holds a deep, dark secret The secret is she can read peoples thoughts around her This has caused her to be a closed off person It is hard to get too close to someone when you could read every thought passing through their head.Layla decides things will change for her in England, and for the first time in a long time she finds herself opening up to people The family she is staying with consists of Henry and Patrice along with their daughter Sienna They all welcome Layla with open arms and before she knows it, Layla has a great friendship forming with Sienna Sienna introduces Layla to her good friend, Stuart It was nearly love at first site for these two With a new friendship and a budding romance, things seem to be going good for Layla And things are good until they go bad With a fellow classmate s obsession with her growing, odd gifts showing up, and a newfound knowledge of what she really is and how she has come to be, life gets a bit complicated for Layla.I love the characters of this story While some were minor and I would have liked to have seen of them Layla s host family for example , I still commend Beth for writing a fantastic cast Layla, in many ways is a lot like me She is mature, level headed, and very responsible When I was first introduced to Layla in Vision, I thought she acted much like an adult even though she was 15 years old I could understand where she was coming from though She had no other siblings, her parents supported her but gave her a ton of independence, plus there is the whole reading minds thing As the story goes on and Layla opens up to friends, you see a different side of her, a side that shows she is in fact human She loves, makes mistakes, gets scared, and angry especially as her knowledge of what she truly is grows It was when we were introduced to this side of her, that I really started to enjoy her character As for smaller characters such as Sienna, well I totally adored her There is something about that crazy, out going, totally lovable best friend in novels that draws me in.As I stated earlier there is a romance and oh boy there are no words for it While at first I was a bit irritated by the insta love connection, I found myself really liking Stuart and Layla as a couple Not all insta love connections are bad things, especially if they are done right like in this case with Vision Stuart is such a kind, sweet, caring, understanding guy He is there for Layla when she needs him most and I really liked that about him Not to mention the chemistry between these two was unbelievable Beth Elisa Harris can write one darn good, or, if I am being completely honest, a few darn good kissing scenes I love that this story has such a wide range of genres to entertain all The well written characters along with some paranromalcy Layla s ability to read minds and where that comes from , mystery Layla s search to find the truth behind her ability , suspense the danger that comes with searching for the truth , and love two words to describe this Stuart kissing all mixed in, really creates a wonderful story I recommend Vision, a wonderful read to all

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    I absolutely fell in love with this book I wasn t sure what to expect after reading the blurb, but Vision was absolutely enchanting Layla is a teenager who goes to Cambridge as part of an exchange program to attend school there She is very mature, far beyond her years, and very independent She adores her dad, but her mom, Liz, has always been rather distant and a workaholic To top it off, Layla also has a big secret, she can read people s minds Upon arriving in Cambridge, Layla and Sienna the daughter of her host family become great friends Sienna ends up introducing her to Stuart Fairchild, who is absolutely to die for Layla is automatically drawn to Stuart, and she doesn t understand why Stuart has loved Layla for a very long time She also meets Andre, who is charming, and he has his sites set on Layla to Unfortunately, everything is not as it seems Layla finds herself swept up in a battle between good and evil, Clears and Bane, which has been going on for centuries This age old battle is also one that Layla finds herself at the very center of Nothing is as it seems The nightmares she has been having are real than she ever imagined She also finds out she has a lot in common with her mother than ever dreamed Nothing in Layla s life has been coincidence or happenstance, and Layla has to come to terms with her past, as well as her future.I can t say again how much I enjoyed this book I absolutely fell in love with Stuart, whose swoon factor was off the charts He is the fairy tale guy every girl dreams of, and he absolutely adores Layla The romance in this story is incredible, as is the plot, the mystery, the conspiracy, and the drama There is never a dull moment This story tugged on my heart strings and I experienced an array of emotions including joy, love, pain, heartache, fear, sorrow, anger The characters are all so enjoyable and the author has written with great talent and the ability to make you feel like you are right in the midst of all that is transpiring I am unable to even touch upon in this review all that occurs in this book, and I just want to say that it is so worth making the time to read this one I highly recommend Vision.

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    A good reads first reads by an author who seems to have a great talent to make the mind work, Beth Elisa Harris..Okay I honestly was not going to read the book at first as I had not read the summary a mistake I do often for the reason I like to get the story fresh from my mind not the others who have read it The reason I was not going to read it is I thought it was going to be religious, I could not have been wrong.The Book Vision is an incredible page turner from the first page.As you read it you start out with what appears to be a diary entry but find out fast that you are reading it through the eyes of two different people but not okay I know I am being cryptic but as you read you will find out why.Now to introduce a few of the main people in the story first there is Sarah from the year 1731 then there is Layla Stone a teenager from this time period who is having some real bad dreams of Sarah and her death Layla lives in Portland and is on her way to England as an exchange student for her last years of school Layla gets a letter from a stranger Abby Grace from the Isle of Colonsay in Scotland This Letter is the beginning of an adventure that will have some very interesting changes for Layla then there is the Host family Henry and Patrice Brown their daughter Sienna.Then there is Stuart this young man is not so young but you will need to read to find out .Okay Layla is know as a clear even though she does not know this at this time all she knows is she can read peoples mind and has this nightmare every night of Sarah and her death Like I said you need to read this book because it is very much a page turner with dealing with the Clear, Bane, and a number of other mysterious peopleand every page is adventurer.The book is very well written and I can not wait for the second sequel to the Vision series Sight.Beth Elisa Harris has a lot of great talent please keep up the wonderful work

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    Vision Young Adult gets five of five starts because it reminded me of what a teenage crush feels like It s been many years since I was a teenager But Harris writing took me back I m a male and Layla Stone, the protagonist is a sixteen year old girl Still it seems there is some similarity between the genders Maybe Harris has captured a small,lovely human truth.Here s Layla upon meeting the gorgeous and somewhat mysterious seventeen year old, Stuart I was dizzy with discomfort, embarrassed for feeling so giddy, my stomach was doing synchronized double back flipsMy throat closed up and the room felt hotPull it together Layered over this hormonally based issue is another Layla Stone can hear other people s thoughts At least she could until she moved from her home in Seattle to a school in London In London her gift of hearing falters At first there is no discernible pattern among the people she can and can t read But boys seem unreadable psychically and in the earthy way, does he like me But as the story moves, it s clear certain boys can block her psychic intrusions and these boys seem if only by desire for her But the book doesn t stay in the cute to an adult adolescent traumas Layla and Stewart run into some very serious international criminals, an ancient malevolent order and past lives.This is an adventure story, no matter how adorable the protagonists Kudos to Harris She maintains the teenage sweetness a Layla is dragged into a world of thugs, spies and geo political conspiracy Can t wait for the sequels.

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    One thing that grab me about this book is the setting Now while the setting was now, some went back to the past I love time travel And I guess I love it so much because I wish I can do it myself I loved to be immersed in a book where I can feel the past and the characters The plot was also great Not only did it entertain me all the way through, but it brought so much to the story The way the past was intertwined with the future really pulled me into the book I enjoyed watching both the characters past and future come together The romance was a major swoon And I am such a sucker for romance Give me a guy who says heart stopping things and you have me at hello This love was intense It was a type of love the had been longing since the past of the characters Its was great seeing them come together and love one another.I love the paranormal twist to the book It was definitely a refreshment to see something new for once Don t get me wrong cause I love other paranormal elements, but this one I haven t seen around I love reading new twist to an classic.Vision is a great one of kind book Filled with a love from the past that comes to a future, it is something you can t resist The book was dynamic in the storyline and it flowed really well I look forward to reading about adventures about Layla and her ever enduring love for Stuart.

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    Layla is every bit a 21st century girl, or so she thought Okay, so she gets these vivid nightmares, and excruciating headaches, and has some ability to read minds But nothing out of the ordinary, right Layla receives a cryptic message and heads to England as an exchange student and immediately becomes the object of contention between two magnetic and handsome men Her life as an exchange student, worried about labs and tests, quickly turns to the surreal when she visits a remote island off the coast of Scotland An unseen enemy seeks her Another entity guards her Does Layla even know who she is or who she has been Beth Harris turns time travel upside down Instead of spiriting her feisty smart mouthed 21st century heroine back in time to experience all the indignities of latrines, candlelight and fleas, she brings the past to the present, interweaving sinister plots with world events In a book filled with magic, legend, intrigue, and betrayal, a thin thread of hope persists, that a love so rich will finally be fulfilled I only dream of a love so rich Harris, Beth Elisa 2011 Vision Kindle Location 66 eInteractive Media Kindle Edition Contact author at visionseries

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    Love it surpasses all obstacles even time itself This is a beautifully written story of love, blended perfectly with paranormal abilities, legend and history When I read the description of this book, I thought interesting it piqued my curiosity From the first line I was captivated by the vivid imagery and powerful emotion, and by the end of the prologue I was already deeply immersed into the story and found myself picking up the book all day just to see what happened next I love when a book is written in such a natural way that when you finish it you feel as though you have known the characters for years Like they re old friends and you re re telling stories of their past Even those characters we only see for short moments in the story are familiar and comforting Especially Abbey, who I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to learn of her in later stories I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to the next in the series 4.5 stars for this one

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    Vision is an easy book to get lost in It was a well developed story that I devoured in one day The author has impeccable skills when it comes to wording, I kept finding myself smiling at the way she chose to describe things For example the mixed signals he had sent ricocheted between my left and right brain like a ping pong match , The atmosphere was a schizophrenic mix of stillness and intense vibration , The aristocratic Shakespearean theatrical inflexions dripped with subtle sarcasm Just a few Harris wording is a perfect example of showing and not just telling The characters were all great, Stuart being my favorite, but Layla was a close second followed by Sienna All lovable A little weary about the 2nd book from the sneak peeks I have seen, but I m still interested to see what will unfold.

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    Author Beth Elisa Harris spins a fantastic tale with her YA story, Vision It truly touched my heart to read the story that unfolded around Stuart and Layla and it was easy to see and feel the love and passion the two felt for one another through the crafty writing of the author An excellent first book of the series, I look forward to

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