Animals: Their past and future : the classic theological treatise on animal rights

Animals: Their past and future : the classic theological treatise on animal rightsIn This Essay George Hawkins Pember Opens Up The Realm Of The Fantastic Imagine A World In Which Animals Are Endowed With Speech And They Do Not Stalk One Another For Food Imagine A Time When Humans And Animals Alike Will Be Redeemed By Examining Scriptural References To Animals, Including An Extensive Look At The Four Headed Cherubim, Pember Helps Uncover The History And Destiny Of Animals In The Kingdom Of GodThis Essay By Eminent Nineteenth Century British Scholar And Bible Expositor Was Originally Issued By Hodder And Stoughton Of London As A Pamphlet With No Publication Date Its Few Pages And Narrow Focus Set It Apart From The Imposing Volumes That Comprise The Body Of Pember S WorkIts Brevity Notwithstanding, This Remarkable Treatise Stands As A Model Of The Author S Unassailable Scholarship And Courageous Determination To Examine Social Issues In The Light Of Biblical TruthPember Does Not Preach Here He Simply Investigates God S Word And Allows His Readers To Draw Conclusions About Their Dominion Over God S Living Creatures

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Animals: Their past and future : the classic theological treatise on animal rights book, this is one of the most wanted G.H. Pember author readers around the world.

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  • Animals: Their past and future : the classic theological treatise on animal rights
  • G.H. Pember
  • 22 October 2019
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    I have had so many profound instructions from animals in my life that when I heard of the import of Pember s Animals instantly got a copy As he says in the last chapter, all have to obey and all, in some way or another, to rule 62 For there are two things we must do, willingly submit to lawful authority from God downward and exercise perfect self restraint with whatever power is given to us I admit to the difficulty of submitting to lawful authority, but that is because we have seen so much outright unlawful authority exercised that we are really duty bound to resist What about the hirelings all over the SW highways who want you to unlawfully declare whether you are a citizen If we all resisted we would not be prisoners in our own land Such a simple thing but the principle extends into the collective dimensions that build profiles of individuals from their purchases, travels, and extort this information from the unknowing under the guise of being their digital assistant You cannot walk the sidewalk without being solicited from every store as you go by to come in and indulge your virtual appetite That this is so deeply unlawful, even if it is not perceived so, is cause for every form of resistance against what Mr Pember assays in his well known work, Earth s Earliest Ages.If only the animals have minds untrammeled from skynet it might seem almost an inversion that we should rule them, but so we do They supply us with opportunities to show that we have not consented to the selfish maxim that might is right, whatever interests or passions are concerned 63 The child with a pet, the man and his dog, or horse should be learning lessons of justice, kindness and self restraint 64 And in case any of us are anti vivisectionists, opposed to the animal torture and Mengelian tactics of science to improve the human race he says, nor is it less incumbent upon the man of science to admit the claims of other sentient creatures, and to confess that it is not lawful to pluck the fruit from every tree of knowledge 65 One has to enjoy the way he says it as much as what he says I feel this deeply too, having worked in science and seen the dutiful obedient lab techs at their most ghastly, see Pity at 21 Stars Review p 200 Richard Adams, Plague Dogs, and Franz Kafka s of the mouse, the dog and the ape, or Barry Lopez Apologia Come to think of it I have an entire website dedicated to this at Excess of Biological Extinction So many entries there Pit Pony Paradise but to list a few Tortoise Mirror, Blake s Wilderness, Bear, Badger, The Tree Became a Goat, Black Carp Symbolic Snail.He holds to account those who do act with justice, kindness and self restraint, reminding us that with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again which indeed is always being done, even as we speak, for none of us can escape the burden of our own thoughts and acts They affront us in every circumstance If you doubt it just change your thoughts for one day and go around thinking and saying that you love all people everywhere, are concerned for their welfare, pray for them, and bear their agonies Which does not mean by the way that you forfeit justice and discrimination at all, but that you see in their distress yourself and than that Just for one day When that comes back upon you you will know with what measure you mete you will be measured again.

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