True of Blood (Witch Fairy, #1)

True of Blood (Witch Fairy, #1) This was a free Kindle read, and I m glad I finally read it The heroine is a home schooled teen with ghosts for parents and who lives in the mountains of Colorado She turns 17 and some strange things happen It turns out that she has a unique heritage that has been hidden from her At first she is in denial, and the young man who she meets doesn t make her want to accept her heritage However, she realizes that to keep her family safe she must learn certain skills and so reluctantly moves on I really liked the heroine She was smart and fun and cares about her family She has dreams, but is not mean or resentful The hero is a bit of a prig, especially at first but she holds her own with him And it really is too bad that she has some really nasty people she ll have to deal with in her life. I got this book for 0.99 for my kindle from I thought for that price I can t go wrong I didn t I was pleasantly surprized and an now hooked on the series It is a very nice, faced paced story The main character is very realistic I also appreciate that even though it is classified as paranormal roamance, it is not as so many other paranormal romances are, ie., paranormal soft porn The characters are real and they handle what comes in a realistic, human way This is not a wishy washy story either It is well suited for young adults and older adults like me There is a real story that is not bogged down by the romance but enhanced by it You will read it and smile, and sometimes, laugh out loud All the while you will begin to root for these two realm crossed lovers I am trying hard not to give any spoilers so I will end my review But I enjoyed the book enough to now be on book 4 and I can say, so far, they just get better I Have A Television So I Know What A Family Is Supposed To Look Like But Mine Is Nothing Like That To Begin With, Both My Parents Are Dead Not The Kind Of Dead Where You Bury Them In The Ground, Say Some Nice Words, Cry A Lot And Then Never See Them Again Nope, When They Died They Refused To Go Into The Light Or Whatever It Is You Re Supposed To Do When You Die Instead, They Came Back Home As Ghosts Have You Ever Been Sent To Your Room By A Parent Who Has No Corporeal Form I Have And It Sucks Xandra Illuminata Smith Has Lived For The Last Three Years With Ghosts As Parents But Her Life Gets Even Stranger After Her Seventeenth Birthday When She Finds Out That Her Mother Is Actually A Witch In Hiding And Her Biological Father, Whom She Knew Nothing About, Is A Fairy And King Of The Fae Realm Xandra Is The First Witch Fairy To Be Born In Thousands Of Years For Very Good Reason No One Should Be Able To Control That Much Magic And Xandra Was Never Meant To Be Born At All But Her Mother Has Manged To Keep Her Hidden Away Until NowThe Witches Want Her Dead And The Fairies Want Her Blood, For Only Her Blood Will Reopen The Gateway To The Fae Realm And Allow Them Back Into This Realm To Take Revenge On Humans And Witches Alike For Having Banished Them Hundreds Of Years AgoXandra Has Very Little Time To Learn How To Use Her Powerful Witch And Fairy Magic That Has Been Bound Since Her Birth While Running From The Fairies Who Managed To Jump Realms And Want To Take Her Blood To Set The Others Free She Needs Someone To Teach Her And Her Parents Enlist The Help Of One Powerful Fairy Who Claims To Want To Keep The Realms Closed To Each Other He Will Help Keep Her Safe And Alive As She Learns, At Least That S What He SaysContact Author At Or I came across this ebook for.99 cents I thought, What a steal Not only did I feel no guilt about the cost, but from what I ve read, the story seemed promising However, my expectations for this book was too high I felt like my.99 cents was terribly wasted.The story starts out with Xandra, a teenage girl approaching her 17th birthday Her and her family parents, younger brother, and Aunt Barb live isolated among snowy mountains with rare, but huge trips to the grocery store and home schooling Pretty normal family except for the fact that her parents are ghosts They perished in a terrible car accident on icy roads, but her mother was able to bring them both back How It is revealed that her mother is a Witch princess She slept with a mysterious Fairy king when she was younger, causing her to become pregnant with a half breed Xandra She had to flee from her parents, for the child was to be killed because she would be powerful and able to open the gateway between the fairy realm and the Cowan human realm Fairies and humans do not get along As soon as Xandra turned 17, her magic became unsealed Fairies were now able to sense her Her world gets turned upside down She is unable to believe the fairy tale her mom has told her, that she is capable of magic, and now that fairies are chasing her to open the realms In a rage, she escaped from her room into the woods and runs into 3 fairies 2 Cowan Fairies and 1 fairy named Kellen who promises to protect her.This book was alright for a while, but it only became worse and worse It was predictable, corny, and the characters only annoyed me Xandra, particularly, annoyed me to no end From her refusing to believe she was a Witch Fairy for half the book to constantly switching from love hate for Kellen Her dialogue made me cringe I understand that she is a teenager who gets handed a huge responsibility, but that is no reason to act like a b tch all the time One sentence she is like, I can t believe I am here I hate that fairy and the next is I want to put my hands through his hair It was like a romantic comedy mixed with an occasional drop in from dangerous fairies My advice keep your 99 cents TRUE OF BLOODWow Funny, witty characters, an interesting plot and a heroine who is not afraid to stand up for herself This book was good because it didnt try to cram in as much action and adventure as possible per page Instead, things that should take a while to develop do take a while and in that time the story is carried very nicely by the complex and unique relatonship between the two main charactors.So, whats a 17 year old girl supposed to do when she finds out that shes a witch fairy, not supposed to exist and that her own Father, the King of the Fairys, is trying to kill her Even her parents, whom are both ghosts, are at a loss as to how to protect and train her What to do, what to do Well, duh She runs for it, learning and training with her pure blooded fairy teacher gorgeous but annoying mostly protector but possible enemy in disguise love interest on the way I enjoyed the Heroine because she had the brains and the guts to stand up for herself, despite being young, inexperienced and completely out of her element She is not afraid to kick butt to protect what she loves She has courage and determination, plus a mind of her own.The love story develops gradually and I really didn t expect to like the Hero at all But I did, with time This was a good read and I am totally going to read the next book in the series, just because the charactors were THAT good. i absolutely loved this book pretty much read it in one read happy my friend recommended the series to me cant wait to read the next one The Witch Fairy series is a light, fun teen paranormal fantasy romance It is written from the first person perspective of Xandra, an intelligent, talented, yet delightfully snarky teenage girl whose magical powers are unlocked on her 17th birthday Unlike the typical works in this genre, Xandra is both protagonist and heroine and in her, the author has created a strong, independent female character who, beneath the layers of the fantasy and paranormal, is a regular teenage girl dealing with many of the typical teenage issues.The dialogue is entertaining and the background mythology is consistent yet not overdeveloped.The series does include some sexuality It is done in a very tasteful, even innocent manner, but parents of tweens and younger teens may want to read it first, depending on your child you know best what they can handle Were I to classify it in movie terms, I would say PG 13 but what there is in the series is not gratuitous and is incorporated in a moral context. Great new series, great value for the price and definitely a new twist on the fey Really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading from this author Xandra is part witch and part fairy with a little something else thrown in for good measure She is snarky, whiny at times but very kick arse which I enjoy and very powerful Kallen is sent to destroy her but finds much than what he bargained for as does everyone else hell bent on killing her off to avoid the prophecy Her parents are ghosts, her little brother is human and don t get me started on the grandparents Plenty of action and twists and turns and this book kept me guessing, predictable it is not Don t want to give too much away but I am looking forward to the next book in the series to see who Xandra can annoy next, it is definitely an art form for her. Review True of Blood Witch Fairy Series 1 Bonnie Lamer April 2011For Xandra the last three years have been pretty different , you see her family isn t like any other ordinary family , in fact there is only two people in her family that are simply normal in human means That s her guardian Aunt Barb a scientist and her eight year old brother Zaccheaus aka Zac Three years ago, her parents died in a car accident and then instead of staying buried , they came back as ghosts or spirits since Zac, Aunt Barb and Xandra can see them Fast Forward to present times , it is Xandra s seventeenth birthday and on her birthday she is about to discover that her whole life has been a lie and not just a little lie but a huge one It seems that Xandra s mum Juilenne aka Quillian is in fact a Witch and a powerful one too as her parents were the King and Queen of the Witches As Xandra has just turned seventeen it is the coming of her powers , however Xandra isn t just a half witch , her biological father was Fairy so she discovers that that s the reason she doesn t look like her so called father Born Half witch half faerie has left consequences though , as she is the only one with the power to open the portal between the fairy world and earth and unfortunately for Xandra everybody wants a piece of her and the majority of them want her dead as a doornail Though as we discover, Xandra isn t just any odd Half witch, Half fairy it is discovered that her powers are beyond what anyone thought could be imagined Over the next main body of the novel , we see Xandra team up with Kallen the only fairy we can semi trust to protect her as she goes on the run to keep her family safe as well as her from those who want to cause them harm However, if Xandra was looking for a nice family reunion with her grandfather and real father it s not going to happen as they want her dead also The number one target on a few hitlists Can Xandra save herself with Kallen s help or will it be too much for her and Xandra give up her self as a sacrifice Find out all this and in a new series by Bonnie Lamer The Witch Fairy Series filled with Witches, Ghosts, Cowans Humans, Pooka and Fairies. WTF did I just read Or try to read seeing as I didn t finish it I should have known from the first page that I wouldn t like it, but I like to give the benefit of the doubt How the HECK did this get over 4 stars The main character is an idiot You can believe in ghosts but not in faeries Even after you ve seen them transform from animals back into faeries Are you stupid I hate main characters who refuse to see what s right in front of them It gets tedious and annoying and makes them seem hideously ignorant and unintelligent So, in other words, there s no way I m finishing this book.

Loves 1 People who read my books.2 My children Please don t tell my kids I listed fans before them You may cause a riot in my home They re pretty feisty kids 3 My cats and dogs when they re not making me sniffle, sneeze, rub my eyes or irritating my asthma Scratch that, they always do and I love them anyway 4 Writing I would have listed this first, but it would have looked bad Worse

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