A Brief History of the Future

A Brief History of the Future What If Teleportation Was Really Possible Englishman Richie Fisher Is About To Find Out Richie And His Wife Clara Have Won A Weekend In New York In A Newspaper Competition While Clara Is Off Blowing Their Spending Money, Richie Wanders Aimlessly, Chewing On A Veggie Burger, Ending Up In A Gift Shop Where He Finds Himself Standing In Front Of An Instant Transporter Machine It Looks Nothing Like The Open Plan Teleporter On Captain Kirk S Starship Enterprise In Fact, It Seems Like A Glorified Microwave OvenRichie Places His Burger Inside, Hits The Return Key On The Linked Up Computer And The Burger Disappears But If He Can Teleport A Half Eaten Veggie Burger, What Else Could You Do With The Machine For Criminals, The Possibilities Are Endless Who Could Catch You If You Beamed Drugs Into Nostrils A Hundred Miles Away And How Much Would Illegal Immigrants Pay To Be Teleported Into The Rich Host Country Of Their Choice Richie Buys A Teleporter And Takes It Back To England, Where The Chaos Begins Linksma, nuotaikinga istorija Vaikinas ra o ne pras iau u Dan Brown I m sorry to do this because I like Stephen Clarke and 1000 yrs of annoying the French was a big, fat, enjoyable book, but this one was such a bore I couldn t get past the first quarter. This book was a really interesting idea and really brushed up against the idea of the Bootstrap paradox, which I wish was explored further by the book though I m not sure if that idea had been around when this book was written The writing style felt a littlejuvenile than I would have preferred but it helped make this a very easy, casual read Some of the plot felt a little unexplained and some of the details seemed to be missing Definitely an interesting read but could have done with better andsophisticated execution.

Stephen Clarke is the bestselling author of seven books of fiction and nonfiction that satirize the peculiarities of French culture In 2004, he self published A Year in the Merde, a comic novel skewering contemporary French society The novel was an instant success and has led to numerous follow ups, including Dial M for Merde 2008 , 1,000 Years of Annoying the French 2010 , and Paris Revealed

➫ A Brief History of the Future  Read ➳ Author Stephen Clarke – Stockbag.info
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • A Brief History of the Future
  • Stephen Clarke
  • English
  • 28 January 2018
  • 9780552777575

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