TrembleThis is just getting worse It makes no sense why any of this is happening I don t think I m going to make it through this series.I really dislike the main character Skyla She is rude, selfish, impulsive, violent, hateful, obtuse, refuses to listen to any smart advice, constantly makes stupid choices and never thinks anything through How is it a good idea to time travel without knowing how to return, what the ramifications are and still try to change the past Stupid How many times will you wander off in the woods by yourself and be attacked before you stop How many times will you randomly trust someone you know dislikes you only to have it backfire Be alone with someone who doesn t like you and get hurt Not analyze anyone s ulterior motives ever Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid She does not learn, she is a terrible main character.Logan, Gage Marshall Everyone loves them but not me How many times have you each said you will protect Skyla because she is CLUELESS about her angelic world Too many to count Then each of you continually leave her alone in the woods around Fems and what not where she gets attacked You all suck She should choose none of you You all say you love her, but no one is willing to get her the hell out of Paragon and far away from the ridiculously violent, terrible life she is in the middle of Not one of you help her to be a better person I don t like you at all.Chloeoh Skyla, when you see a suspiciously evil look in the eyes of someone you don t know, have just met, and have no way if knowing if they are a good person please take the time to analyze the look, look for clues about their character and DON T automatically trust them Your dad seems like he was smart and a great parent, don t discount things he taught you Grow some common sense Chloe seems like bad news Ugh Please read all the way through that stupid diary at once and don t visit that girl any You need some read friends, but apparently they don t exist on this stupid island.I m going to read the third book, but I m not really thrilled about it Also I HATE books that have no resolution and cliff hangers at the end of every installment I consider it poor writing if your book has to have one for your audience to continue reading, it s a crappy book. All I have to say about this book is WOW I was drawn in from the first page and finished this book in one sitting Luckily my 1 year old was at the babysitter s for the day so I could have some mommy time The plot to this book builds on the previous book with Skyla trying to survive know that she knows what she is and others are finding out.There are so many surprises in this book that I simply did not see coming Addison really outdid herself with this book I spent half the book in shock as things that were extremely subtly hinted happen After you have read the plot twist you see that it was setup early on but very quietly The relationship between Lucas, Gage and Skyla become much complicated as Skyla pretends to date Gage Personally, I find myself on Gage s side I find any guy that would suggest dating someone else and convincing people a bit of a coward So I am currently in Gage s corner rooting for him to win Skyla s heart He seems the type that would truly care about her and respect her instead of attempting to control her Fair warning, when you get to the end of the book you have the distinct feeling that if it was a paperback you would be looking for hidden pages I remember thinking where s the rest While the book doesn t stop in a major event there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end Luckily shows that book 3 will be out this summer so you won t have to wait long I give this book a 5 5 It was incredibly well written and the plot was amazing I am definitely looking forward to seeing how Skyla survives in the next installment with the shocking knowledge she gets in this book I would also like to give Addison some recognition for choosing an amazing cover I absolutely love the cover for this book and think she did a great job choosing it with whomever designed it. Sixteen Year Old, Skyla Messenger Is Determined To Bring Back The DeadFor Skyla, Being An Angel From The Coveted Celestra Faction Hasn T Been Easy An Entire Band Of Wicked Angels Is After Her Blood, A Sector Is After Something Far Sinister, And Her Newfound Powers Lead Her On A Quest To Save Her Dead Father Skyla And Her Boyfriend Logan Try To Piece Together A Plan To Take Down The Countenance In Order To Maintain Their Relationship, But Will Skyla S Burgeoning Feelings For Gage Get In The Way And When Skyla Decides To Use Her Powerful Blood To Change The Fate Of Another Deceased Soul, Just Who Is Going To Stop Her This Book Also Works As A Stand Alone Novel I ll start off with what I like about this book It has a cool cover I have the kindle version, so the cover doesn t matter, but I still like it.Now on to the bad The writing is very juvenile and the editing is awful There are so many awkward sentences and misspelled words rouge instead of rogue, heard instead of herd, etc One line that is used way too many times throughout these books is I pulled a face I don t even know what that means I read this book and the third book back to back, and now when I am trying to think of particulars from Tremble I can t because the two books are basically the same There s no originality between them to make either one unique I apologize in advance if I mix up some things that happened in the two books spoilers below CLICK SPOILER LINK TO READ view spoiler This book is basically a repeat of book one Skyla makes out with Logan and Gage a lot She claims to be madly in love with Logan, soul mates, yada yada yada then the very next page she ll be making out with Gage and stating that she and Gage are going to have a real relationship I am all about a good love triangle, but Skyla seems to want to have both boys She has no qualms about making out with one, then the other The characters emotions are also all over the place It s common for Skyla to get insanely jealous angry over Logan flirting with another girl which he always has some stupidly contrived reason for doing , but then on the next page without any conflict resolution, Skyla and Logan are making out and confessing their undying love for each other Where s the segue Some of the makeout scenes are decent, but most are so terrible I nearly gave myself a concussion with all the facepalming We get steamy, romantic lines like, I lay it all out on the line, slobbering over Gage like a rabid Saint Bernard Imagining massive amounts of drool dripping off of Gage s face really gets me going In this book a THIRD boy shows up for Skyla to make out with Marshall He is a super angel masquerading as her TEACHER and desperately wants to have sex with Skyla and marry her No one seems to think it s weird that the teacher is banging half the female students at the school Skyla walks in on Marshall having sex with one of her classmates AT THE SCHOOL No one seems to have a problem with the teacher calling a student rude names in front of the entire class No one seems to think it s weird that the teacher wants Skyla to model almost nude on his horse in fact, Skyla s mother pretty much forces her to do it.Marshall also has the ability to show Skyla visions of the future, but only if she makes out with him So she often makes out with him to see these visions, not caring that she s supposedly in love with Logan and having a real relationship with Gage She says sweet things like Yeah, I m into Gage, but only when I m with him Time travel is another big part of the book, though mostly Skyla time travels aka light drives to get pot with her friend Ellis and visit dead Chloe She and Chloe act like they hate each other, but then call themselves best friends sisters Chloe is always grinning wickedly, looking evil, acting crazy but Skyla keeps on visiting her.The time travel parts I actually enjoyed were when she visited her father and tried to change the past I found this to be very realistic and interesting something a girl who desperately misses her father would actually do if she had the ability to time travel Of course, Skyla can t change the past and no matter what she does her father still dies that day.Skyla also gets seriously injured during these books a lot, but it doesn t really seem to bother her In this book, she gets her ARM CUT OFF But it s all good, Gage and Logan go take dead Chloe s decomposed arm and they attach it to her no biggie Within hours she is fully healed and feeling great She s a Celestra, she has super healing and regenerative powers Realizing that she has uber regenerative powers, Skyla decides that the best way to stop Marshall aka her TEACHER from constantly making out with her is to use her blood to bring Chloe back from the dead because SURELY Marshall will fall in love with Chloe and leave Skyla to only have two boys to slobber over every other page hide spoiler Not much character improvement from the first book Unless you count Skyla being selfish and doesn t make any sense is some kind of improvement.I try to talk myself to like Skyla and understand the reason behind her awful decisions, but no I can t help it Skyla is just petty and selfish and think that the world just revolves around her and only her she s with Logan, but at the same time can t resist the urge to be with Gage As if TWO boys isn t enough She s going around with Marshall and do a LOT of stupid things.I know people makes mistake and all,but really It doesn t make sense when someone make those many mistakes at exactly the same time She has to make some decision about something in the past,and big surpriseee she wrecked everything in the process.This book can get so much better if Skyla spend some time to stop and think just STOP AND THINK.As a main character it s something like a code to make mistakes and learn from it I know that But it doesn t explain how or why some character has to be that selfish.I know i use the word selfish than once, and this review is pretty much about Skyla and her pettiness But that s just show how much this book disappoint me sigh well, maybe I ll give another shot for the next book or maybe not. This was a little better than the first one in the series, Ethereal It wasn t good, though.I have a few issues with this book For starters, the girl on girl hate view spoiler the main character Skyla immediately hates Carlee because she flirts with her boyfriend Logan which in itself would be perfectly fine because they had to pretend they weren t together , calling her a slut and saying she s all over him when she does exactly the same thing with Logan in the first book Skyla hates her even though she s nice with everyone and everybody else likes her This is then justified because Carlee is shown to be a bad person and she attacks Skyla later in the book hide spoiler This book was better than the first book in this series The writing was a little bit polished, and the pacing was a little better I still felt like the chapters ended a little too abruptly not exactly like a cliff hanger type ending to the chapters that you find in books like The DaVinci Code, but instead as if the chapters abruptly ended without really finishing the story they were telling I would finish the chapter on edge and then quickly start reading the next chapter, only to find that Moore had moved on to another part of the story At times it could be frustrating That occurred in the first book also, and I will say that it didn t seem quite as choppy in this book, so I expect that this will happen less and less as I continue to read on in this series.The story itself for this book is pretty interesting I still feel as if there is much that still needs to be explained, and so some of the action doesn t always make sense to me That will improve as is explained in further books, I m sure Right now we only know as much as Skyla knows, so we still have much to learn I m not quite sure why everyone is so slow to let her into the loop since her role is so vital for so many people So many mistakes could have been avoided if Skyla would have just been taught about what is going on The whole time travel element of this story is troubling for me to read as a reader Maybe it is the Star Trek geek in me that is having a hard time, but it seems as if there should be some extremely horrible effects to going back in time and changing events I think that every story I have ever read or watched that involved possible time travel warns of the consequences of messing with time I think of the 1st Superman movie where he saves Lois Lane, or Back to the Future when the personalities of Marty s family change due to his changing of history In this story it seems as if the worst thing that happens is that Skyla develops a distaste of ice cream Lots of crazy things happen when she goes back in time, but it doesn t seem to really alter the future at all It was just confusing to me, but I m sure I was overthinking it.I think that the main thing in this book that is preventing me from giving it a higher rating is that I absolutely cannot stand Skyla, and this is a problem since this story is told in first person narration Skyla is selfish and immature on so many levels I think that she may not be as bad as she was in the first book, but she s not much better How many ways can I complain about her First of all, I think she is a whiny brat when she interacts with her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother I recognize that many teens have issues when their parents remarry, so this may be true to life, but I don t enjoy reading about it, nonetheless It was extremely annoying and unfair in my opinion There may be valid reasons for Skyla s behavior, but it isn t explained enough in the book to justify me having to read about it Secondly, the whole boyfriend boyfriend maybe boyfriend story line was aggravating to read I happen to think that Gage is a pretty sweet young man who treats Skyla well and obviously has fallen for her deeply Maybe that will be proven wrong in the future, but so far it doesn t seem like it But, Skyla treats him horribly She kisses him, holds his hand, writes poems for him, and believes she likes him, all while thinking about how much she loves Logan Even after she decided to go all in and devote herself to Gage, she sneaks off for romantic moments with Logan on the side Why do either of these boys put up with this What a horrible, horrible girlfriend she is The whole relationship with Logan seems to be a textbook case of what a dysfunctional relationship looks like Stay away from me Wait Stop holding hands with that other guy Wait I love you so much Wait You re a horrible, mean girl boy And on and on and on It s ridiculous I think I m supposed to be rooting for them, but I m not sure Logan seems like a royal jerk on his own, so who knows But, I do think that by the end of the book maybe things were starting to turn so that he is explained a little further so he doesn t seem quite so bad We ll see how that story line progresses However, I still think Skyla s treatment of both Logan and Gage is very self centered And then there is Marshall What is up with her relationship with him He seems like a glorified drug dealer for her, delivering her an intense euphoric feeling with his touch, but seeming to manipulate her every other time He runs off with what seems like every other female on this island, but tries to bribe Skyla to marry him so that they can create some sort of master race of children What the heck His whole angle is just plain bizarre But, I also think that I don t like reading about how Skyla interacts with the other kids on the island I understand that there are some mean spirited kids there, but why should I cheer her on as she defaces one of their cars and smashes out the windows That just smacks of wholly immature behavior Surely she will grow up enough in future books to handle her issues maturely I can only hope So, I believe that this is still a three star book Moore still seems to be getting better and better with each book, and this story is interesting enough to warrant me continuing on in this series It is an ebook, so the price for the book is better, and that helps me feel better about continuing to read on I don t think I would pay full price for these books in their current state, but I have no problem paying the 2.99 for the ebooks They are entertaining, and I m hoping that Skyla will continue to mature in future books, thus taking away my main complaints about the books so far I m heading off to start Book 3 and hoping for the best Well wow, theres alot to say about Tremble Right away this book got me frustrated And it got better near the end Everything in between was alot of me wanting to slap somebody.Lets start with Skyla, she just gets me so frustrated, she does things that leave you thinking, is she crazy or just dumb For example we know that Logan is pretending to be broken up with her and he starts talking to Carly, or at least we re hoping he s pretending, anyway, Skyla had to go and make a big scene and made her look pathetic to does around her, also after kicking Carly into the pool and having her mom go over to Carson s house and letting her parents know about the spiked lemonade, she still agrees to get in the car with them, I m over here yelling, whyyyyyyy would you do that, and of course she then gets her phone tossed off into the forest, gets domped there, and gets view spoiler her arms cut off hide spoiler This novel was a bit better than the first book in the series, but it still made me cringe I can see how this book would appeal to those who enjoy prime time drama, soap operas, and the like This novel is just not my style.First, I have trouble with the way the good characters treat each other and all the secrets these so called friends keep that just compound the issue This cast of characters seem to have no cohesiveness or chemistry with one another, and where are their morals Skyla makes a point of staying a virgin, and she isn t promiscuous unless you count kissing multiple partners , but her heart is NOT in the right place when it comes to these boys She has no issue tinkering with the past despite the obvious risks to the lives around her, and especially the boy s she supposedly loves I really dislike her I did like Gage at first, but now he seems weak minded and is a classic enabler He is supposed to protect her but just makes it easier for her to get into trouble Logan isn t much better He wants to protect Skyla but must alienate himself from her to do so which puts her at greater risk Not only does he tell them they have to break up in public, but he has to publically humiliate her too And when is it ok to befriend drug dealers, even if we are using them to further our agendas Is it bad that I like the drug dealing Count better than the protagonist At least he owns his vile selfishness, and doesn t hide it In all the cliff diving, limb removals, and pervert teacher scenarios in this SOAP OPERA style novel, I completely forgot what the whole book was supposed to be about Logan and Skyla fighting against all odds to be togetherum that can t be itSkyla trying to subvert time and space and bring her father back to life Oh wait that would undo the whole book because she would never have moved to Paragon in the first place Oh WAIT it s Skyla trying to resurrect the only girl who could rival her for the affection of her chosen or IS he mate You know, Chloe, her new best freind, the dead ex girl of her maybe boyfriend that she goes back in time to visit The girl who s bed is still warm from Logan s presence just as Skyla pops into the bedroom What a train wreck The world love doesn t even have a place in this novel.By all rights this should be a prime time soap, not a novel It would do inoordinately well Skyla would be awesome as the poor little rich girl we love to hate But right now I just hate her. The second installment of the Celestra series has me eager to continue into the third One of the things I like most so far about these books is how they keep flowing and progressing in a way that makes me feel like it s a television season Thus far the books lack an episodic tone but feels like minor story arcs that continuously lace the overall premise together.The characters are consistent but evolving at a respectable pace that reflects not only the small amount of time elapsing throughout each novel seemingly month by month but their maturity level Sixteen year olds most certainly possess a learning curve however, coping with supernatural trauma, functioning in daily life and dealing with romantic interests does become a juggling act That s why I m rarely surprised when Skyla drops a ball here or there Her circumstances are complicated on good days and dire on bad That s why I find her attitude problems and indecision almost tragically realistic Her black humor and sardonic reactions keep even the darkest parts of the story entertaining, which is no small accomplishment in a book that could easily grow disturbing or depressing if it took itself seriously Tremble is engrossing for its humor, gradually expanding mythos and knowledge of when to up the ante on both the reader and characters It s establishing a great pace and pitch for the rest of the series and I feel it could become an addictive read for those who like curmudgeon protagonists with comedic reactions to their own peril.

Addison Moore is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of mystery and romance Her new book Yule Log Eulogy comes out July 11th.

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