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Everything I need to know in life I learned from children s literature Growing up in Woodstock, Ontario I was a big library kid, burning through the spinner racks and entering every writing contest I was eligible for My work ranges from contemporary middle grade fiction to magical, storytime ready picture books I am currently living in Toronto where I work in children s publishing in addition t

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  • Love Is A Four Letter Word
  • Vikki VanSickle
  • 04 January 2019
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    One of my lucky literature related discoveries of last year was VanSickle s first novel, Words That Start With B After reading that and Susin Nielsen s Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom, I was left thinking that Canada really does have some amazing new children s authors.But I digress Love Is a Four Letter Word picks up one year after Words That Start With B Clarissa is as feisty and sort of lovably ornery as ever still best friends with Benji reluctantly close friends with boy crazy Mattie and still waiting and wishing for her mother s cancer to be in remission.Clarissa throws herself into preparing to audition for a local theatre production of The Wizard of Oz She plans to try out and win the part of Dorothy Benji comes along only for the promise of getting to show his costume and design sketches off Lo and behold, after auditioning and forgetting to show his designs Benji gets a major ACTING part in the play Clarissa does not get even a callback, much to her dismay Now here is what I adore about Clarissa Louise Delaney she is such a real heroine and kudos to the author for getting the emotions of a young teen so right She reacts like I think the rest us of would she feels hurt, angry, jealous, you name it But she also loves Benji, acknowledges her feeling crappy about the situation, and is totally there for him, despite all else Clarissa may be prickly and awkward about emotions and feelings, but she loves and protects those around her very fiercely.Further complications come into Clarissa s life by way of boys Micheal, her classmate who is not quite a crush, and Doug, her mother s new boyfriend Clarissa s mixed up and nervous reactions to Micheal s interest in her are all too relatable their interactions are awkward, unfamiliar, yet so lovely but never saccharine The majority of Clarissa s reactions to Doug, however, err on the side of disdain Doug seems like such a nice man, and appears to so genuinely adore Annie, Clarissa s mom, that you start to really wish Clarissa would just hurry up and warm to him But that wouldn t be Clarissa s way now, would it Verdict Excellent highly recommended reading Funny, heart warming and contemporary Loved it If you enjoyed Shug by Jenny Han, or enjoyed the Anastasia Krupnik series by Lois Lowry, or have enjoyed the work of Susin Nielsen, I think you will love this.

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    My daughter and I were so excited to read this follow up book to VanSickle s Words That Start with B My daughter said she liked this one as much as the first and I liked it even better It was funny, down to earth and tackled topics any tween could embrace friendships, first crushes, and parental illness.Clarissa is a smart spunky girl who continues to experience changes in her life Her mom has survived cancer but is still not out of the loop What s , she starts dating her personal trainer and this is all new to Clarissa whose mom never dated before Her best friend Benji passes the audition for a musical and spends time with his new theatre buddies Clarissa s friend Mattie is a romantic and dreams of falling in love, whereas none of this has ever crossed Clarissa s mind until Michael, her new friend seems to want than friendship.First off, I love the way VanSickle handles the topic of love among thirteen year olds Clarissa is not boy crazy, yet she is in the process of discovering about love especially since her mom has fallen in love, which is a big deal for a single child in a single parent family As a mom I appreciated that VanSickle handled this topic well, unlike the plethora of middle grade books that have thirteen year olds dating as if they are responsible adults.VanSickle s writing and dialogue is great, pulling us in from the very start so that it was so hard to stop reading once we started My daughter and I loved reading this book together There were things she could relate to and things I could relate to Once again, the cast of characters was great Seeing things from Clarissa s point of view was priceless, and VanSickle captured the voice of an opinionated and outspoken girl right on My daughter and I thought the ending was perfect, too.We highly recommend this book for mother and daughter book clubs It can be read as a stand alone but we recommend reading the first book as well VanSickle has made it on out list of favorite authors and we eagerly await her next novel

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    Oh, MG 3 I m pretty sure the highest compliment I can give a middle grade novel is that it made me want to relive middle school over again, and Love is a Four Letter Word did The birthday party at an Asian restaurant, the auditioning for the local theatre, even the cluelessness with which Mattie picked her crushes all are middle school incarnate.Then there s Clarissa, who s retained her delightful sass and sense of righteousness to make for dozens of hilarious situations that spur the storyline forward almost effortlessly The encounters involving her and her mother s new boyfriend, the jealousy she feels towards Benji getting into the play without her and the confusion around her relationship with Michael are all so real and down to earth that you can t help but say, This IS how it is Though the plot does coast along at a fairly snappy pace, it isn t anything spectacularly original In the end, Love is a Four Letter Word is a novel that relates just how a fourteen year old girl in the middle of the biggest transition of her life feels.

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    A lot of the kids I work with were fans of the author s first book, Words that Start with B I recently picked this one up, and ended up reading it all in one go.Clarissa is an eerily believable character with an appealingly sharp perspective, struggling to balance it against those uniquely intense emotions that crop up on either side of adolescence The stakes are reasonably high throughout, but her personal growth never feels contrived the author s world is thoughtfully drawn to gradually tease out the character s better angels And I think that s what sets this book apart, that beneath it all is an honest but optimistic message about the importance of our communities.I wouldn t hesitate to pass this one along It s well written, and I just couldn t stop smiling at the end Highly recommended.

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    After finishing both of Vikki VanSickle s Clarissa Delaney Books I don t know if she has a name for this series or not I m truly enchanted by the small town vibe she s created, the characters and am sorry to leave them behind Clarissa is a simply delightful character She s smart, slightly over dramatic and loyal to a fault The voice is hilarious and authentic and I laughed out loud a number of times particularly during a Pizza Hut date scene which included a waitress named Melanie so how could I not love it She totally gets the Middle School Junior High vibe of friends and relationships and the confusions of love I highly recommend this book and the first one in the series, Words that Start with B I cannot wait for the next book I hope that there is one.

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    This is a well written, believable novel for Young Adults Clarissa is a realistic, endearing thirteen year old I especially enjoyed reliving the woes of having crushes in junior high Enjoyable for all ages I hope there are Clarissa Louise Delaney books Great work Ms Vansickle

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    In Love Is a Four Letter Word, we pick up almost from where we leave off in the first novel Clarissa and Benji are still in the throes of battling seventh grade, but a few wrenches have been thrown into their plans For one thing, auditions for a production of The Wizard of Oz yield unexpected results, and the once steady and predictable relationship between the two friends is put to the test For another, there are two new additions to their little group in the form of Mattie and Michael.I didn t mention it in my review of Words that Start with B, but I think VanSickle created such a lovely and enviable friendship between Clarissa and Benjamin Benji is so sensitive and thoughtful He s always honest with Clarissa, but he knows how to read her and understand her needs without being told Clarissa, on the other hand, is protective and understanding of Benji s idiosyncrasies and how his life at home influences the mask he wears at school Both are fiercely loyal to one another, neither willing to hurt the other except in extreme cases where an ugly truth must be faced They are both so secure in their friendship that they can take each other for granted in the best way possible I wish I had had a Clarissa or Benji when I was growing up VanSickle s development of their friendship is nothing short of admirable.I also love the way Mattie s character develops throughout this story I ll be honest I find her a little annoying when she is first introduced, even when she s helping Clarissa out on something or other It s great that Clarissa does recognize the impact that Mattie has on their lives, actually admitting though a little begrudgingly that she has become one of their group Mattie is a good person and friend, and of all the characters in the story, I think I identify with her the most I, like she, can be overbearing and irritating, despite having the best of intentions It s definitely not easy to always look beyond a person s perfectionism and or prickliness to appreciate the good he she also has to offer, which is an aspect of Mattie s character that resonates with me a lot Mattie is also good for Clarissa because although Benji is a great BFF, there is just something different about having a girl BFF to talk to about certain topics In many ways, Mattie mirrors as well as complements Clarissa s life Through her relationship with her mother, sense of justice, desire to shine, willingness to try new things, speak confidently, and optimistic outlook, Mattie really brings out the best in Clarissa s character, and as a fan of Clarissa, I really enjoy seeing her develop VanSickle is so good at lending voices to the oft misunderstood but very valuable characters in our lives Perhaps you re wondering how Michael fits into a novel with the word love in it Well, VanSickle does a great job depicting the ups and downs of love in elementary school She shows how love is hard to define and ALWAYS emotional In short, VanSickle gives us the wonderful and crazy world of tweenage love.My class loved this second book, which totally did not fall under the curse that many sequels and middle of trilogies do VanSickle s writing, as always, is smart and funny and sarcastic appealing to those sardonic kindred spirits And we really loved the deliciously awkward moments that were scattered throughout Wait til you get to the ice cream parlour scene If I didn t already enjoy VanSickle s writing, this novel would have done it for me We couldn t wait to dive into Days that End in Y as soon as we were done with this one The original version of this review can be found at

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    This is the second book to Words that Start With B Clarissa has gotten closer with Mattie, but is starting to drift apart with Benji It started when they both auditioned for a musical, and Clarissa did not qualify Now, Benji is hanging out with these musical theatre nerds, and soon after Mattie becomes distracted by a crush Along with all the trouble going on with her life, her mom still has cancer and is dating her personal trainer, Doug Clarissa finds out a sport she s good at and finds out the Michael likes her.One day, I was just looking through books, finding a book to read Looking at book covers, pulling them out from the shelves, putting them back in, then all of sudden the front cover of this book just stood out to me The font of the title and the drawing also seemed familiar it struck me It has to be the second book to A is for Angst or Words that Start with B, I said to myself I found out it was the second book the Words that Start with B and I thought the ending for it sucked, so I just had to read what was going to happen next.I finished this book because I wanted to find out why didn t Michael call her, and why he wasn t talking to her after the moment they had I also wanted to know how Clarissa was going to accept Benji s friends because when I imagined myself in Clarissa position, I d be pretty annoyed also.I recommend this book to teenage girls who likes books with drama and romance This is because it has a bit of romance, but the ending isn t really romantic, instead it has a moral for young relationships, which is still good.

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    Loved this one The dialogue is spot on for grade 7 8 and Clarissa s feelings really ring true This is a great friendship coming of age middle grade which leans towards YA I feel fairly good about recommending this one to grades 6 7 8, especially girls who aren t quite ready for YA It s a fantastic friendship story which also involves first crushes swoon It just feels very genuine Can t wait to get the third one tomorrow

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    J ai ador ce livre plus que le premier, C comme Catastrophe Clarissa est vraiment en train de grandir sur moi J adore sa personalit Et je trouve que les sujets qui ont t parl dans ce livre touchent vraiment la soci t comme une pleine.

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