Fern A Man Of Culture, Lawyer James Madison Randolph Enjoys A Refined Life In Boston, Far Away From The Ramshackle Ranch He Grew Up On And The Secrets That Haunted Him There Forced To Return To The Hated Frontier When His Brother Is Accused Of Murder, He Still Has No Use For Anything It Has To Offer Not The Backbreaking Work, Not The Barren Wastelands, And Especially Not The Sharp Tongued Vixen Named Fern Who Wants To Gun Down His Entire Family

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fern book, this is one of the most wanted Leigh Greenwood author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 444 pages
  • Fern
  • Leigh Greenwood
  • English
  • 01 June 2017
  • 9780843944099

10 thoughts on “Fern

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    Madison is the black sheep of his family He went off to the North and became a citified lawyer You can guess he and Jeff who fought for the South don t get along Yet, even though he doesn t care for his brothers, he loves them and comes to town to defend his brother from a murder change Madison was a interesting contrast to his rough and tumble cowboy brothers with the exception of Jeff, who is a businessman, and Zac, who is a gambler He would have been called a metrosexual if he was around in the modern age, although he s all man It s really interesting that he meets and falls for serious tomboy Fern He is very offended at her loud talking, uncouth, and boyish ways Probably too offended, as in he doth protest too much.Madison and Fern had great chemistry, along the lines of Jeff and Violet, and Monty and Iris although mostly they fought like cats and dogs This also had some good old fashion western action which I love.I enjoyed this story, although I wish Madison was less snooty and judgmental about Fern s humble origins He comes around though Boy those brothers do fight like cats and dogs reminding me of my mother s family I do have to hand it to Mr Greenwood He s not afraid to give his characters human traits and frailties, even if they made the characters less sympathetic at times.

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    I m a sucker for a good romance with stubborn couples and this is no exception I have also discovered that I am a sucker for a good smutty book ahah I love the West and the dangerous and rebellious people that inhabit it Well I inhabit it too so that would explain my rebelliousness haha I loved the plot, characters, and story in all Planning on reading the rest of the series One thing I didn t like I could not put the book down I have such a crick in my neck AWESOME BOOK

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    Even though I found the heroine a little irritating, it was understandable, considering her past The hero was intriguing, especially since he was only mentioned in the first book of this series Some aspects of the story felt a little loosebut for the most part, I really liked it.

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    Leigh Greenwood is a man and his imagniation is absolutely wonderful I m over 1 2 way through the series and each book is great With the exception of the first book all seven brothers show up in each book so far.

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    I liked this one just as much as the first one I know I liked Madison than George and I liked Fern almost as much as Rose On to Monty

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    I never thought I would say this than once on one of my favorite author s book, but this book is a mess for me Hero and heroine seems like never cease to fight They constantly arguing which really exhausted me both my patience and energy There are like few pages when the hero and heroine don t argue Then there s the hero kissing another woman, his explanation and defense towards his action didn t satisfy me I feel cheated, and I agree with Fern I can t imagine my man kissing another woman just because they are friends and he is thankful, spare me, Fern have feelings and has the right to get hurt and I am amaze that she had forgave him easily I am not saying she should hate him eternally, but he should have mindful of his actions toward other woman women.

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    Fern Sproull s cousin has been murdered and Hen Randolph, one of 7 brothers from a well known Texas ranching family is accused of the murder His long estranged brother, a Boston lawyer, come to Abilene to defend him Madison and Fern have several run ins, but eventually fall in love, overcome the obstacles of her near rape 8 years earlier and solve the murder In the process, Madison re establishes his family ties Good story, but too long at 440 pages Mostly clean with one love scene towards the end.

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    Fern una mujer diferente para Madison

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    Fern una mujer diferente para Madison

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    FernThis book was very good Poor Fern was mistreated by life But she is a tough lady You have to love the ending I did

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