Iris A Tarnished Past Rough And Ready As Any Of The Randolph Boys, Monty Bristled Under His Eldest Brother S Tight Rein All He Wanted To Do Was Light Out From Texas For A New Beginning But A Spiritied Beautywas Hot On His Trail, Bringing With Her A Blazing Passion He Couldn T Deny And Painful Memories He Couldn T ForgetA Shining Future An Orphan With Nothing To Her Name Except A Herd Of Cattle, Iris Richmond Had To Get Her Livestock To Wyoming S Open Ranges Before Rustlers Wiped Her Out As Luck Would Have It, Monty Was Heading That Way, But The Bullheaded Wrangler Flat Out Refused To Help Her Nver One To Take No For An Answer, Iris Saddled Up To Coax, Rope, And Tame The Ornery Cowboy She D Always Desired

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Iris book, this is one of the most wanted Leigh Greenwood author readers around the world.

[Read] ➯ Iris By Leigh Greenwood –
  • Paperback
  • 443 pages
  • Iris
  • Leigh Greenwood
  • English
  • 21 June 2019
  • 9780843941753

10 thoughts on “Iris

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    This was a good book, but I got so sick of Iris and Monty fighting all the time They either made out or made love or fought No middle ground It was like sparks were always flying, sometimes not in a good way I certainly wouldn t want to be stuck on a cattle drive with them.Iris was spoiled, and Monty is a self serving kind of guy The good news was that her flirting didn t allow her to get her way like it did with most other guys Since Monty didn t fall under her spell, that made her hate him, yet find him irresistible These two are not the most likeable characters Yet, this is a very readable book I am not one to stop reading a book unless I really dislike it, but I didn t feel the urge to stop First of all, it s a really good western You could enjoy this book on that basis alone, even if you don t like romance If the sexy scenes bother you, just skip over them On the positive side, you would like the sexy scenes if you enjoy romance Although this wasn t my favorite in the series, it s a very good book, and kept my interest Would I want to be around Iris or Monty and the combination of the two in real life No way.

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    Considering the fact that Iris starts out the spoiled darling of society, I couldn t help but find her incredibly irritating at times However, she redeems herself in the end by becoming determined to be the kind of wife she thinks the hero, Monty Randolph, wants needsso I can respect her now Especially since he is of the same mind making himself and his life over into what he thinks Iris wants needs At times, this story was truly touching At others, everybody and their brother especially Iris s needed slapped.

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    My least favorite book in the series thus far , I got tired of the wishy washy heroine Never did understand the attraction between the characters, that being said, I still like the Randolph brothers and their struggle to rise from the ashes.

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    One of the most annoying heroines I ve ever read More than half way through the book and there is nothing redeeming about her still She s spoiled and a know it all Questions Monty and people who s given her no reason to question but when people like Frank and or her illegitimate brother start doing questionable things, she wants to be sure they re not false accusations and she gets mad when Monty fires them Almost wished she was trampled into a coma until they reached Wyoming already Lol DNF

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    Argue here, argue there, argue almost everywhere, The hero and heroine are both stubborn.

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    La tercera novela de la serie me ha gustado bastante, aunque despu s de leer estos tres libros empiezo a ver que en todos hay cierta adoraci n excesiva entre las parejas que empieza a hacerse agotadora Por otro lado, ofrece una gran descripci n de como los arrieros y vaqueros llevaban el ganado por todo el estado y como viv an de eso.Monty era un personaje del que ten a ganas de leer, aunque no es igual al que conocimos en el primer libro, se parece bastante y mantiene su esencia, sin embargo debo admitir que me esperaba otra cosa de Iris y no que fuese tan consentida, al menos en un principio Su relaci n no es la que m s me ha gustado, pero sus aventuras han estado bien.Sigo recomendado la serie a los lectores que disfruten de la novela rom ntica hist rica de western.

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    While formulaic, I enjoyed this book than I expected The progression, of Iris, from a spoiled, snobbish child who though only of herself and what she wanted, She starts out proud that she doesn t know how to work or cook or clean a house to a woman who enjoys the frontier, the freedom and open spaces A woman who realizes when her demands create burdens on others and who has learned to appreciate what others teach her and what they do for her In other words, Iris progresses from a caricature to a person who thinks and feels on her own, not following what someone else tells her to think and feel.

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    Iris made me so discussed She was spoiled and it showed I m surprised she learned to ride a horse She only seemed to know how to flirt She didn t appear to even want to learn to cook or keep house But in the end she did learn these things and about cows Monty was not a kind person to her If he liked or loved her you would think he would be caring towards her Well guess that s what makes this a romance.

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    Great book, had me laughing through the whole thing.

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