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Two for the Show Amy Perry S Dreams Have Come True She S The Starting First Baseman On A Major League Baseball Team Unfortunately, Not Everyone Accepts An Out And Proud Lesbian In The Macho World Of Men S Baseball In Addition To Adapting To Life In The Big Leagues, Amy Also Has To Learn To Cope With Harassment From Many Sources Thank Goodness She Can Count On Her Loving Relationship With Her Partner, Stacy McCrady, And The Friendship And Support Of Sportswriter Lisa Collins, Who Travels With The Team To Report On Every GameThen Personal Tragedy Strikes Amy S Game Suffers Badly, But Her Union With Stacy Bears The Real Damage Help Comes From Some Unexpected Sources, Including One Of Amy S Male Teammates And Her Former Coach, As Well As From Lisa, Who Has Just Been Through A Crisis Of Her Own With Her Partner, Frankie DunkinChris Paynter S Playing For First Introduced Amy Perry And Lisa Collins To Readers And Gave Them A Taste Of The Excitement That Could Come From A Female Athlete Breaking The Jockstrap Barrier And Making It Into A Sport That Only Men Have Played In Two For The Show, Ms Paynter Irrefutably Demonstrates That Baseball Is Really Just A Metaphor For The Game Of Life Step Up To The Plate And Take Your Best Swing Two For The Show Is Sure To Be A Hit With Long Time Baseball Fans And Newcomers Alike

Chris Paynter is the author of nine novels, including Survived by Her Longtime Companion, the winner of the 2013 Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and Finalist for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Romance Her latest release is Just a Touch Away, a romance set in Indiana about a grieving children s book author and the illustrator who captures her heart She

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    My second book by this author.Unless I m mistaken, and I could very well be, I see a pattern in this series First book had 1 point of view, Lisa Collins Second one, this book here, had two point of views Lisa Collins and Amy Perry Third one has three point of views Lisa Collins, Amy Perry, and Kat Benson.This is a rather enjoyable series, but this being the second and not the third in the series, I should focus on it and not on the whole series.Book one focused on Lisa Collins and her personal and professional life and her connection to Amy Perry Professionally, Collins, in that first book, followed Perry as she moved from a player on a professional female baseball team, to the MLB winter league, to minor league ball, and then a brief appearance in the majors Personally, Collins, very quickly in that first book, developed a friendship and romantic relationship with Perry By the second book actually, during the first , the friendship part remained, but only the friendship art.Book two focused on Amy Perry and her time in the majors Well, the book opened with her still in the minors, but very quickly she made it up to the majors in the second or third month of the season Collins, though, remained one of the points of view in the book, and some of the focus remained on her professional and relationship life In the second book, having Perry s point of view helped in one specific point though initially I was vaguely disappointed that we suddenly had her view The end of the first book had a rushed meet and become a couple deal involving Perry and another woman That other woman had been in the book previously, but barely at a level of being a background character She, and now that she actually matters I ll use her name Stacey came into her own, became a deeper character once someone with a point of view actually cared about her on a friend and romantic level But then, that s somewhat of a pattern itself Frankie seemed barely there until Collins affections switched to her Then she rounded out into a fuller character.These writing reviews long after I read a book are difficult Heh I m not really saying much here, eh There were two main couples in this book Frankie Dunkin 51, bar owner Lisa Collins 36, sports reporter Amy Perry 28, baseball player Stacey McCrady , bartender bar worker Both couples, against the background of a baseball season, goes through the ups and downs of medical and family issues.I enjoyed all three books in the series In terms of ratings, I d reverse them As in, I liked the third best of all, then second this book here , then the first Which, does not really mean anything since all three are at or around 5 star books.June 9 2016

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    Two for the Show is a great continuation of Playing for First Although it could be read as a stand alone book, I d recommend reading starting with Playing for First, as this story really flows from it.As I mentioned in my review of Playing for First, baseball provides an interesting context, but I found that it s not necessary to be a fan of the sport to enjoy the series The issues that arise for Amy as the first woman to play major league baseball are relevant broadly For example, I liked the way that this book considers the dynamics of being out or not out and in the public eye as an LGBTQ player on a professional sports team.While Two for the Show follows Amy s baseball career, it primarily deals with the personal and emotional struggles of the four main characters Frankie, Lisa, Amy, and Stacy I thought that Chris Paynter did a very good job of writing about the emotional aspects of issues such as loss and serious illness and how they affect individuals and their relationships I d recommend this book for those who are interested in reading about the dynamics of long term lesbian relationships beyond the early romance stage.

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    I think I enjoyed the first book but still an enjoyable read The ending felt pretty abrupt and some of the description of baseball games didn t read as very suspenseful but I really liked the final couple games.A little bit of everything in this book We ve still got the baseball and romance aspects from the first but also focus on illness and therapy, and all the emotions that come with those which I felt was dealt with really well.Amy has been a mostly likeable character but in this book and the last there s a lot of stuff she does that really annoys me and she tends to act immature so definitely not my favourite in the book.

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    I love sports so when Chris Paynter put a female baseball player into a novel I had to read it This is the second in the Playing for First series and continues the story of Amy Perry, the first female baseball player to make it to the Majors The actual process and dedication that this player shows to the game makes it a believe scenario and Paynter has to be complimented on her depth of understanding that just because a woman is athletic doesn t put her in the same category of competing with men making this a realistic idea and an incredible story to follow The writing made me think of reading a sports column which kept me in the moment, the characters trials and troubles made the connection between them stronger and the story itself made me sit down and finish it in a day If you love sports, the idea of a woman playing on the same level as men, and a great cast of characters then this is a must read

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    As always, Chris Paynter is great at building tension The gradual build up is wonderful and each one of the characters plays their part, with great intricacy Enjoyed every minute I m really getting to love this sport

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    omg lol good story cant wait for the third book hahahah i like billie hahahah and of course stacy wow shes great and so is amy and lisa i like all of your books cant wait for

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