Quitters, Inc.

Quitters, Inc.This is a short story by Stephen King, which was recently been released in audio format The story was dramatized in the movie Cat s Eye back in 1985, which featured three of King s short stories It is a typical King story dark and twisted with a bit of dark humour about a man who is a chain smoker who runs into an old college friend who gives him the business card of a firm called Quitters, Inc who he says helped him to kick the habit The main character, Dick Morrison, decides to contact the firm,out of curiosity than a true desire to quitand the results are not quite what he expects I enjoyed it It was narrated by Eric Roberts I found the jazz music playing at the beginning of the book to be a little distracting, making it difficult to hear Eric s narration until the music faded into the background and then finally ceased. This is one of the four stories in Night Shift I was looking forward to the most the others being The Mangler, Trucks, and Children of the Corn This one delivered.The Quitters, Inc segment of Cat s Eye was always my favorite because it s so ridiculous Basically a guy unwittingly hires the mob to help him quit smoking, and their tactics fall into the category of strong arming After the tenth transgression, you become one of the unregenerate two percent, but even they never smoke again We guarantee it One thing missing from the story is the party scene where Dick is jonesing for a fix so bad that he starts seeing all kinds of psychedelic shit related to cigarettes This is what you see with nicotine withdrawals, so if you currently smoke, don t quit I ve been smoke free for six and a half years myself, but I did it with Chantix which gives you some great dreams I m glad I didn t have to resort to consulting this crew because they also monitor your weight If you gain too much, unpleasant things are done to your loved ones I gained 80 pounds over the course of those first six years, 30 of them in the first month alone I ve since lost 50 in the past six months So, if you smoke, don t quit you get fat 80 pounds is way over the limit Quitters, Inc finds acceptable, so I m sure I would ve become one of the unregenerate obese had I commissioned their assistance.And here s Mark Twain with some thoughts on smoking in general When they used to tell me I would shorten my life ten years by smoking, they little knew the devotee they were wasting their puerile words upon they little knew how trivial valueless I would regard a decade that had no smoking in it Yeah, there s that I do miss my coffin nails sometimes I enjoyed them, and there was the cool factor I know, I know, they re not cool, they re stupid, and dorky, derpa derr, derrrr Perhaps suave is a better word Cool and suave are in the eye of the beholder, and some smokers were damn smooth In spite of my overall clumsiness in general, I was smooth and graceful in all of my carcinogenic inhalation related activities I could light a zippo faster with one hand than almost anyone else ever could with two, then have it tucked back out of sight before you could begin to wonder how I had managed to light my fag My butt discard was impressive Ah, those were the days.I quit for several reasons A major part was money I was unemployed at the time Part of it was health They put so many chemicals in those things nowadays that didn t used to be there And another major part was to get the smug, self righteous, anti smoking crowd to just shut the fuck up It took a few years, but I guess they wore me down, though I don t think I would ve quit had cigarettes still beenaffordable And I m referring to people in my own life such as relatives and friends I guess you could call them friends, but they weren t very good ones if they couldn t accept me for who I was after I politely, but firmly, suggested they let it go Still, they werethan mere acquaintances or coworkers Some were the people who would bring it up if you had a cold, coughed, or anything Any ailment, even a hangnail, was linked back to smoking, and thrown in my face It was nice to ask them Weren t you sick just last week sometimes But no, I was assured that we didn t have the same cold that was going around Mine was smoking related according to these experts And an expert is any jackass with a briefcase who s 100 miles from home.Pshaw And the anti cigarette campaign in society actually has the opposite affect on me Every time I see a truth.com commercial, I consider picking up the habit again out of spite Hmmm I still seem to be pretty bitter about some of this I better work on that At least the warnings on Canadian cigarette packages make me laugh I seem to have strayed away from the story I thought it was awesome and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good yarn with some slight terror elements in it. Read By Eric Roberts Dick Morrison S Life Has Become A Nightmare Of Addictions, Filling His Days With Overeating, Overworking, And Smoking Way Too Much When An Old Friend Tells Him About A Surefire Way To Quit, He S Than Willing To Give It A Shot But What Dick Doesn T Know Is That Quitters, Inc Demands A High Price From Anyone Who Strays From Their Rigid Rules Like A Few Volts Of Electricity For The Nearest And Dearestor Maybe A Missing Thumb Forced To Choose Between His Desperate Need For Cigarettes And The Dire Consequences Of Giving In To His Addiction, Dick Must Decide Just How Important Another Drag Really Is I m glad I was able to quit on my own A story that inspired the 2007 Anurag Kashyap directed Hindi film No Smoking , is one hell of a tale that I had been wanting to re read since the last few years and at long last it came This one s one of my ultimate favourites, amongst the lovely bizarre ideas that King ever put forth within his books D No one does creepy better than Stephen King How far would you go to quit an addiction What happens when the stakes are upped so much that there is no other alternative but to quit Are you ready to face the consequences of your lack of dedication to a cause Initially, I wasn t a big fan of the kind of horror Stephen King writes But he drew me in eventually It s like I hate the man for writing such gruesome stories and love him for the kind of effect he has on his readers, including me His skillful narration pulls you in when you are least expecting it and suddenly you are under his spell, unable to get away of your own volition Stephen King books are dark, dreary, depressing and every shade of grisly there is King has the uncanny ability of invading the farthest nooks and corners of your mind, where your most basic fears reside in a state of hibernation And then poking and prodding them till they awake and raise their seemingly innocuous heads, transform into menacing monsters and threaten to engulf you as a whole That is what his works do to me, at least Quitter s Inc is no different A short story but the impact created is no less terrifying than any of the standard Stephen King novels And the horror bit aside, it gives out a very strong message on addiction, the significance of quitting and having the strength to choose what s good for you Cause if you don t quit, Lord help you sinister smile Always good with Stephen King I wish it was a little longer of a story though. Gosh This was creepy as hell, but somehow made a lot of sense Rather than asking how far one can go to quit smoking this book asks how much you love your loved ones to quit it Amazing concept First published in 1978, QUITTER S, INC will make you think twice about seeking help for a tobacco addiction.Very Short.Very Dark.Very Stephen King Enjoyed the audioNOTE DO NOT READ BOOK SUMMARY.GIVES TOO MUCH AWAY 4.5 I thought I rated this one I ll have to look.this is the most effective way to quit, for life I m quite sure..try to think of a better one when you finish this Only King would come up with this one And for goodness sakes, I totally agree with Carol.who in the world thought the should give away that much of a short story in a synopsis..I think they need a STOP WRITING SYNOPSES program for writers like this designed by King himself Just watched the 1985 version of this short story in Cat s Eye this story is the first of three shorts, two from the Night shift book the third made just for the film that s where I thought I had rated itbut I haven t finished ALL the stories in it, only about 5 so far I haven t watched the other two, because I need to finish the book first It was pretty good, I didn t even feel that I wanted to try the newer version but I felt it missed out on the perfect ending the story had Though the movie s ending was good, I think they could have added another 30 seconds to include the one from the book Naturally, the cat, who had the tiniest role in the story, has a much bigger one in the movie and Drew Barry , which I think ties the stories together for the movie, but are not really in the book An interesting tidbit the beginning of this movie includes a red 1958 Plymouth Fury.just a little fun for Constant Readers to catch

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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