Moonblood (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #3)

Moonblood (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #3) Where Heartless was not exactly my cup a tea, and Veiled Rose good but a little confusing, Moonblood was utterly breathtakingly beautiful and heart wrenching This book has so much faith filled themes and Christian allegories that were just so beautiful and inspiring Lionheart who grated my nerves to no end in the last book won me over completely I loved his redemption story The story of the unicorn was so good too, and there was this theme of still in pain, I will bless your name that brought tears to my eyes And Rose Red sobs she s my favourite character Best of all though was Eanrin HE gets the cake, no doubt about that So I loved Moonblood I cried hard in the Night of the Moonblood song scene Rose Red and Leo s story continued to enchant and sadden and thrill me I love those two to bits Please, can we have of them in tales to come Anne Elisabeth Stengl combines Christian allegories and spiritual truths with fantasy, adventure, a touch of romance, and mystical tales to create an enchanting series you won t want to miss I get wrapped up in her stories of Una, Lionheart, Rose Red, the Prince, and all the others time and time again as I read her books Moonblood was no exception, and I long for yet another one of the TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD. Desperate To Regain The Trust Of His Kingdom, Prince Lionheart Reluctantly Banishes His Faithful Servant And Only Friend, Rose Red Now She Is Lost In The Hidden Realm Of Arpiar, Held Captive By Her Evil Goblin Father, King Vahe Vowing To Redeem Himself, Lionheart Plunges Into The Mysterious Goldstone Wood, Seeking Rose Red In Strange Other Worlds, Lionheart Must Face A Lyrical Yet Lethal Tiger, A Fallen Unicorn, And A Goblin Horde On His Quest To Rescue The Girl He Betrayed With The Night Of Moonblood Fast Approaching When King Vahe Seeks To Wake The Dragon S Sleeping Children Lionheart Must Discover Whether Or Not His Heart Contains Courage Before It S Too Late For Rose Redand All Those He Loves Updated review We bless the name of he who sits Enthroned beyond the Highlands.We bless his name and sing in answerTo the song he gave The Night of Moonblood poem, page 244.Having now read this book for a second time, my positive opinion of it still stands The themes of redemption, forgiveness, unconditional love, true beauty, and keeping faith even when it s difficult, all shine through as brilliantly as Hymlume s children sparkling in the night sky And yes, I did cry multiple times AGAIN, even though I knew what happens Actual footage of me re reading the end of the story Original review 4 5 2015 Beautiful story Made me cry multiple times I truly loved it and I can t wait to keep reading the Tales of Goldstone Wood series so I can see what happens next and learn about these wonderful characters and the complex worlds in which they live. I don t feel like writing an actual review, BUT I did kind of spill all my thoughts in the readalong thread when I read this, so I may as well just post that here as my review In brief I LOVE THIS BOOK SO SO MUCH AND IT S MY FAVE GOLDSTONE WOOD YET AND I M ADDICTED AND IT S SO FAE AND PERILOUS AND BEAUTIFUL AND WELL WRITTEN AND WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR ME TO READ IT Also Oeric And Eanrin And Beana They my faves and I loveth them 3Begin spoilery thought dumpPlease forgive fangirling or incoherency cough I was just kind of excitedview spoiler ALL THE CHARACTERS So I feel like I FINALLY got to really and truly meet Eanrin and Imraldera squeaking I mean, they were kinda in Heartless, buuut we see a lot of them and this is the first time I feel like I really met them Eanrin is awesome flailing I d always heard about how awesome he is from all the fans and fan art contests and stuff, but never really knew for sure until now XD Am I the only one who loves how he covers up all sorts of deeper darker sadder emotions with his bright smile AWK He s like a slightly tragic fellow who pretends he s not, and that does stuff to my heart 3 Plus, he and Imraldera DEFINITELY have a thing, and they re both pretending they don t, and he s using Gleamdren as his secret weapon, pretending he still loves her AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT HA, but he doesn t and it s just a cover up for Imraldera and to make her jealous, and and and THAT SCENE BY THE FROZEN LAKE MUCH CUTE D And Imraldera s very cool, and I like her library o.oThen there s BEANA I absolutely LOVE Beana She s so no nonsense and just fabulous And Oeric O So, it was super amazing when I started piecing together that he was a missing goblin prince etc THAT WAS SO EXCITING And then he was Vahe s TWIN BROTHER AND JUST flailing around That whole plot was so so awesome And I love how he and Beana are a thing, and how that ties in with Rose Red, and Vahe, and and and ALL THE THINGS So much epic Oeric is like one of my favorites too D And he and Beana are so cute halp Of course I love Leo and Rosie, even when they re stubborn idiots, but I love them anyway Their story is SO SWEET 3 And I love that Leo did end up going on a quest to find her He s not ALL bad Also, at the end when it was saying that certain poets would be furious at them, I was imagining Eanrin eavesdropping on them XD Buuut if he actually was, I suspect he might have jumped out and done something about it, so maybe not.Poor empty headed Felix a.k.a the Boy was SO SAD OO But he s okay now and I M SO RELIEVED 3 I do really like Felix Although I was sliiiightly disappointed he was the one to kill the Bane of Corrilond instead of Leo partly because I was reading that whole ending part WAY TOO FAST and accidentally read it wrong where I thought he who was fighting the dragon WAS Leo, not Felix, so yeah Oops But yay for the Prince and fixing things and yes I absolutely LOVE Leo and Eanrin having to travel around together and their bickering and stuff and how they don t get along IT S THE BEST 3 Of course they would end up with each other when they dislike each other so much XD And them traveling through Faerie etc and the Wood Between was SO AWESOME Ragniprava, too XDThe unicorn is terrifying and heartbreaking but YES at the end and just ALL THE MEEP OOAlso, everything about Anahid and about Diarmid and about both of them is HEARTBREAKING STAHP D Ahem.Vahe is INSANE and creepy and No OO He was actually a fascinating villain to read about XDBut the picture of the Gold Stone etc It s the Dragon and Oeric and Vahe and who s the third lookalike And Beana O I M SO CURIOUS Do we get the story of that in Golden Daughter or not XD I mean, you don t have to answer that because spoilers, but Anyway Also, all the Night of Moonblood stuff, with the poem and the legend and all of it was SOOO AMAZING AND EPIC AND TRAGIC AND EMOTIONAL EEP.One of my favorite things, besides the awesome characters I love, is how absolutely GORGEOUS and PERILOUS and FAE this book is Just I m blown away by the incredible writing and the Faerie ness and all the peril but beauty and just otherworldliness It s SO amazingly done 3 And the plot and characters and everything are just interwoven so brilliantly, with everything just working out in these oh so fitting ways, and I don t even know how to explain it, but this story of traveling in different Fae worlds and the prince and the goblin princess and the various star crossed love stories around with Eanrin and Imraldera and Oeric and Beana and Anahid and Diarmid and all the intrigue and subplots and just the sheer EPICNESS of these interweaving plots and how they feel RIGHT and steeped in deepness and rich tapestries of story And I can t even explain it, but THIS BOOK IS JUST SO GOOD AND I LOVE IT Sorry if that was vague XDSo There are some thoughts from me as the new reader of Goldstone Wood for these readalongs XD But I m totally hooked now on this series and I love it Moonblood is definitely my favorite so far D hide spoiler Oh my goodness, what can I say about this book I guess we will start off with this Anne Elisabeth Stengl is a phenomenal author Her books have such an extremely intricate plot, and it s amazing how she weaves everything together.There were so many times that I felt like throwing the book at the wall This is because of how masterfully imperfect the characters are seriously they defy all stereotypes As vexing as it was, all the flaws and mistakes made by the characters are so refreshing and realistic For example, Lionheart being the anti hero I have never seen this happen, but everything about him from the ending of Veiled Rose throughout this book left no question to it Also, there is Rose Red who is the most sweet and heartbreaking character ever, but nothing ever goes right for her.I am so tired of every main character I read being breathtakingly beautiful and not knowing it Rose Red shatters that stereotype with her goblin face and all her veils All of the anguish she suffered because of her looks was agonizing, but sent such a wonderful message because of her personality She makes a good contrast to Lionheart.And then, of course, there is Eanrin His wit is so alluring I started reading his banter and immediately was like Seriously, Eanrin is amazing And strangely, he is even enticing because he is blind.This book had so many positive messages The symbolism and tones were all very powerful and intriguingly placed A well deserved 5 stars Beautiful That s Moonblood in one word Beautiful So fantastic and merry and full of vibrant, rich color, while at the same time, mysterious, mythical and solemn It truly holds the meaning of Fantasy Stengl has a hilarious way of writing that just kept me smiling, and sometimes laughing But at the same time the story is perfectly serious and believable and real than the pages I kept turning so quickly.It is also epic Moonblood is a sweeping epic adventure, filled with mystery, magic and marvelous characters.Just how many books can be epic, hilarious and beautiful at the same time It is also one of THE greatest works Christian Fiction ever written A inspiring novel would be hard to find Inspiring, moving and uplifting, Moonblood currently takes the place of best Christian book I ve ever read, save one.The characters were also great I love Lionheart Rose Red is extremely likeable The new characters were all great too Eanrin was just fantastic And it was so fun to see Felix again.The worlds were just amazing Faerie is so otherworldy, beautiful but dangerous.Moonblood is practically perfect.EDIT after first re read I m leaving the below complaint because it was part of my original review, but it is no longer valid Because of the comments way down there, and the fact that I just re read it and it felt better I now don t mind and think the ending is wonderful It IS still a bit sad, but it s a beautiful sad Unfortunately no book is really perfect The ending was not exactly Happily Ever After Though I felt it was fitting and how it really happened, I was not satisfied view spoiler I felt that after two whole books with Lionheart and Rose Red they should have a happily ever after Though the ending left room for them to get together again someday it isn t certain and they didn t even say they loved each other I might not be complaining if I knew there would be books with them, but for all I know, their story is over in the sense that we won t see them again in future books hide spoiler Well, that may have been the most painful book I ve read in a while.It took me nearly two weeks two weeks to read this book Normally, I finish a book in about 2 to 4 days sooooyeah That says a lot about how interested I was in this PI still can t quite figure out what it is about the series that isn t clicking with me Because with every successive book in the series, my interest wanes and my desire to read the book diminishes The writing is gorgeous, the allegory exquisitely done, and the worldbuilding a masterpiece SO WHY THE HECK DON T I LIKE IT I honestly don t know I don t have an answer But for some unbeknownst reason, I dreaded reading this book than any book I can remember.Now, I will say there are a few things I loved about Moonblood1 Eanrin Imraldera The best part of the book, by far 2 The Tiger scenes don t ask me why I guess they just reminded me of the Jungle Book, but they were really cool nods 3 The last 50 pages they were just gahhhhhh the most beautiful thing ever 3333 I LOVED HOW IT FINISHED So all this to say, the fault does not lie with the author Because gosh, this author is skilled This series just doesn t click with me, and for that, I m deeply saddened I had hoped to enjoy it, and so far, that has not been the case 2.5 stars This book was so amazing and powerful I cannot put into words how beautiful it was Y all just need to read it for yourselves You will not regret it Don t you love it when you find that book or series that you absolutely feel the need to gush about I definitely feel the need to gush about The Tales of Goldstone Wood series My first instinct is to say that Moonblood has been my favorite book so far In actuality, all the books are sort of one long story, though There s never been a huge cliffhanger, which I greatly appreciate As much as I ve loved the series after reading the first two books, it s with the addition of Moonblood that my opinion of the series has been drastically raised I can easily see this series achieving Classic status It has became one of my all time favorite series EVER, and I can t wait to re read each of these books to discover of the hidden meanings As all the little details and characters keep coming together, I can see the brilliance of the story Once again, I HIGHLY recommend you read these in publication order.Amazingly, I m even excited about Starflower, because it appears it will go back in time for us to read Eanrin s background story As much as I adore most of the characters in this series, Eanrin is by far my favorite, despite his arrogant nature I simply adore Eanrin s character In Heartless, he only had a somewhat small part, and I don t recall him being in Veiled Rose at all In Moonblood, we really get to know him better Lord willing, I m thankful I only have to wait until October, instead of a whole year to pick it up, which would break my heart I do want to point out that The Goldstone Wood Series is definitely Christian in nature, but it can be read completely separate from Christian thoughts if that is what you d prefer I d say if you really and truly like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Goldstone Series should be right up your alley.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl makes her home in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Rohan, a passel of cats, and one long suffering dog When she s not writing, she enjoys Shakespeare, opera, and tea, and studies piano, painting, and pastry baking She studied illustration at Grace College and English literature at Campbell University She is the author of the TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOO

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