Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity (Sound Matters)

Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity (Sound Matters) Roy Orbison S Music Whether Heard In His Own Recordings Or In Cover Versions Of His Songs Is A Significant Part Of Contemporary American Culture Despite The Fact That He Died Almost A Generation Ago Few Of Today S Listeners Know Or Remember How Startlingly Unique He Seemed At The Height Of His Career In The Early S In This Book, Peter Lehman Looks At The Long Span Of Orbison S Career And Probes Into The Uniqueness Of His Songs, Singing, And Performance Style, Arguing That Singer Songwriters No Less Than Filmmakers Can Be Considered As Auteurs Unlike Other Pop Stars, Orbison Was A Constant Presence On The Top , But Virtually Invisible In The Media During His Heyday Ignoring The Conventions Of Pop Music, He Wrote Complex Songs And Sang Them With A Startling Vocal Range And Power Wearing Black Clothes And Glasses And Standing Motionless On Stage, He Rejected The Macho Self Confidence And Strutting That Characterized The Male Rockers Of His Time He Sang About A Man Lost In A World Of Loneliness And Fear, One Who Cried In The Dark Or Escaped Into A Dream World, The Only Place His Desires Could Be Fulfilled This Was A Man Who Reveled In Passivity, Pain, And Loss Lehman Traces Orbison S Development Of This Alternative Masculinity And The Use Of His Music In Films By Wim Wenders And David Lynch Widely Admired By Fellow Musicians From Elvis To Jagger, Springsteen And Bono, Orbison Still Attracts New Listeners As A Devoted Fan And Insightful Scholar, Lehman Gives Us A Fascinating Account Of The Greatest White Singer On The Planet, And A New Approach To Understanding Individual Singer Songwriters

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[PDF / Epub] ★ Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity (Sound Matters) By Peter Lehman –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Roy Orbison: Invention Of An Alternative Rock Masculinity (Sound Matters)
  • Peter Lehman
  • English
  • 03 June 2017
  • 9781592130375

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    Another dry leaden several mentions of Lacan migraine inducing PhD thesis about pop music turned into a book, yes, but these things can be interesting and this is an unusual subject.I checked Prof Lehman s Rate My Professor page over at the University of Arizona uh oh Half the class falls asleep when he speaks.His lectures are very boring as hellHis lectures are dull, to the point where I fell asleep almost every timeUnless you absolutely have to take this class, avoid it.Horrible teacher Horrible person Old man who is completely obsessed with the male genitaliaWell, moving swiftly on, let s talk about Roy Roy Orbison is one of those giant figures in popular music whose fame comes from a tiny number of songs ten, in fact You would have to be a minor hits trainspotter or an Orbifan to name any OK, without looking it up, let s tryOnly the LonelyOh Pretty womanIt s OverIn DreamsCryin Er.Blue Bayou, was that one Yes Hmmm Ok, gimme a clue what Puff puff pant pant Oh, oh Runnin Scared OK I give up, what are the others FallingBlue AngelDream BabyPretty PaperHuh, I guess I never really heard those much He had a multi octave range which meant that his songs couldn t be covered by other singers He contrived a bizarre persona all black clothes, dark glasses, and on stage he never moved almost, his lips didn t move but out came this vast voice And all the songs were as gloomy and broke down as could be, and all ended in bel canto howls of psychological torment By not creating and circulating sexually desirable images of himself in fan magazines and on record albums, by minimising the sexual display of his body in performance and hiding behind impenetrable dark glasses, by singing in an eerie high range, and most of all by writing explicitly about male anxiety and excessive emotion, Roy Orbison created a significant alternative to the sexual image of traditional male rock stars So that s the thesis and it s true, except the prof does not say that this was a case of making of virtue out of a necessity, since Roy minus dark glasses was this And with was thisProf Lehman likes to write like this At the literal level, Orbison s music frequently centers on the lack of powerful, traditional masculinity, and on the loss of the woman he loves Symbolically, and in psychoanalytic terms, he lacks the phallus and consequently has trouble occupying the position of the Father, while at the same time he has lost the mother and the unification with her that precedes the infant s experience of separation and ego formation So that s what goes across at the U of Arizona Contemplate that next time you re singing along to Dream Baby I think it s a good thing Roy s dead so he doesn t have to read this stuff about him not having a phallus Now I begin to understand his students comments Although they are very rude, don t you think It is true that Roy Orbison sang masochistic songs Crawling Back is one title which says it all Runnin Scared is two minutes thirty of the exquisitest paranoia and so on But it s Roy s intensity which separates him from the pack male singers all over the 50s and 60s used to cry buckets, and sometimes right there on stage as in the case of Johnny Ray The kind of braggadocio of Rip it Up or King Creole or Mannish Boy or Good Morning Little Schoolgirl was only one half of the picture Early rock and pop singers liked the passive aspect of masculinity too If you ve found another guyWho satisfies you than I doRun to him, I ll step asideSang Bobby Vee in 1962 Every time the telephone rings I hold my breath Hoping that it s you, I m scared to death Phone went ring, my crippled heart cried Let it be you on the lineSang Aaron Neville, 1961And I was all right for a whileI could smile for a whileBut I saw you last nightYou held my hand so tightAs you stopped to say helloOh, you wished me wellYou couldn t tellThat I d been crying over youSang Roy Orbison, 1961Well, there are a number of interesting points raised in this often tiresome book such as the categorisation of white pop singers into white black singers and white white singers Roy was a white white, you can t discern any black traces in such a song as In Dreams And the fun involved when 2 Live Crew released a parody of Oh Pretty Woman in 1989 is something to behold, I had no idea They got sued and the judges had to decide exactly what a parody was, legally, and if the original writers or their estate could stop you doing your parody and, indeed, whether Oh Pretty Woman itself was originally an ironic song about a romantic idiot s encounter with a hooker, you know, after he sings Yeahhhh she s walkin back to me, oh oh pretty woman that maybe the next line would be Hello darling, are you looking for a good time Well this is my kind of thing than yours, I d guess But I can t resist quoting this gem The recorded pop voice is a complex aesthetic text, and it is what should be compared to the dense notational text of classical music, or the dense language of a Shakespeare play.Nice one, professor I think I would agree with that.

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    What I realized from reading this book is that every other person walking the earth is obsessed with something A good academic book about pop music even though I disagree with the author s assumed motivations and meanings of songwriters I don t think, I Drove All Night is a stalker song or in any way creepy There is a lot of well researched history on the meaning of wearing black, tragic personas, recording technique, vocal performance and musicology This is a very interesting book for Rock musicians to read.As an artist myself, I think it s insightful and sometimes amusing to read what critics and academics interpret from your art Reading an artist s biography can get you to thinking about the difference between the music and the musician, because they can be quite far apart in reality.

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    Great academic insightsThis comprehensive academic work gives wonderful insights into the nature of Roy Orbison s songs and a unique contribution to modern pop music It s a great read apart from going into almost too much detail about a copyright trial involving the song Pretty Woman but then as an academic Lehman is expected to be justifiably pedantic Generally, a pleasure to read.

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