Fifth Son

Fifth Son Accident Or Suicide That S The Simple Question Put To Inspector Michael Green When A Derelict Stranger Falls To His Death From An Abandoned Church Tower In A Quiet River Village At The Edge Of His Jurisdiction But When The Victim Turns Out Be A Long Lost Son Of A Local Farm Family Cursed In Recent Years By Tragedy, Madness And Death, Green Begins To Suspect Something Far Sinister Is At Work Probing The Family S Past, He Uncovers A Toxic Mix Of Rigid Fundamentalism, Teenage Rebellion And A Family Secret So Horrific That Twenty Years Later, Someone Is Still Desperate To Prevent The Truth From Coming To Light

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[EPUB] ✼ Fifth Son Author Barbara Fradkin –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Fifth Son
  • Barbara Fradkin
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9781894917131

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    I admit freely that I got this book on ITunes because it was 3.95 or something Worth the money for a few entertaining commutes, but nothing special This is the first book I ve read listened to by this author Other reviews have noted that as this volume doesn t delve into the growth of the protagonists, one would need to come in to this book with prior knowledge of Sullivan and Green and others besides to really get it Fradkin lays everything out well enough to where you CAN read this one by itself, though However, the characters seemed very caricature ish to me, probably because I haven t read the other books The plot was a little convoluted, and I don t like characters who annoy everyone around them Green seemed to be carving a swathe of pissed off people through the whole town Several of the plot elements were explained with coincidents, which seems a little lazy Many of the main decisions that affected the book didn t make any damn sense, like view spoiler the family not seeking justice for Derrick s death WTF hide spoiler

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    I really like the Inspector Green Set in Ashley Landing believe Metcalfe and area A good mystery starts with a body found outside of a closed Church This results in the research into the Pettigrew family A lot of twists and turns and you think it could be X or Y who murder Only at the very end Liked it also as it was local.

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    A man jumped or was he pushed out of the church tower This sets off a signature Inspector Green investigation He comes up with several different theories, all of which turn out to be wrong or incomplete Following his progress to the end was very interesting I can t wait to read the next book in the series to see how he deals with his new boss.

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    Good book, bad language

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    Pretty good, but initially a bit confusing with all the brothers Not who you expected at the end.

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    Fifth Son, by Barbara Fradkin, opens with the discovery of the body of a man, by his clothing and physical state a homeless person, at the foot of a crumbled disused church in a small farming village in Ontario, not far from Ottawa As part of an expansion of the duties of the Ottawa Police, Inspector Michael Green is called out to the scene, and right away he finds anomalies that are difficult to reconcile with the prevailing theory of suicide for example, the man s body is facing the wrong way As he investigates, he starts to uncover the past of a tragic family in the area, and crimes long thought past and buried But can he determine the culprit before said person strikes again This is the fourth in Barbara Fradkin s Inspector Green series, and unusually takes place mostly outside of the city of Ottawa There is an emphasis on the mindsets of rural people as contrasted with that of the extremely urban Green, and we also learn a bit about Green s relationships, particularly with his wife and with his former partner, Sergeant Sullivan, who has yet again been passed over for promotion I very much enjoy this series, not least because the author, a trained psychologist, takes the time to delve into the mental states of her characters this story is almost as much a psychological novel as it is crime fiction I also find that it s not absolutely necessary to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy any given novel in it, although as always once one starts to read and enjoy the series, the pleasure of reading is enhanced by having the complete picture Recommended.

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    I don t know if I would rate this as the best in this series, so far,because they all been pretty darned good but it sure must rank right up near the top It is obvious why this book won the Arthur Ellis award for Best Novel If the story has any faults at all it is that there are a lot of characters and sub plots woven in and it sometimes was hard to keep track of who s who and what s happening but that s another of Barbara s famous attributes the ability to bring all these sub plots together and tie up all the loose ends at the usually spectacular conclusion and this one was not an exception to that either I love Barbara s locales and settings and having been born and raised in Belleville my oldest sister was born in Madoc and roamed all over Hastings county in my youth I sure knew exactly where the action was I went to a few Boy Scout camps awfully close to Cordova and visited Cordova Lake and the old Cordova gold mine when we were there I still am not overly in love with Mike Green as a detective but he came across a little acceptable in this book and he sure is persistent and a good person but I still like Brian Sullivan a lot However the character that almost stole the show in this book is Hannah She s marvellous and I sure hope she get s even bigger roles in subsequent books in this great series Modo s kind of a pretty good character, too

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    FIFTH SON Police Procedural Ottawa, Canada Cont OkayFradkin, Barbara 4th in seriesRendezvous Press, 2004 Trade PaperbackInspector Michael Green decides to go for a ride along with Sergeant Brian Sullivan to Ashford Landing where a man has been found dead at the bottom of a church tower The death is a suspected suicide, but Green isn t so certain The body is, at first, unidentified but later believed to be one of the Pettigrew boys, a strange, dysfunctional family who used to live on a farm in the town Figuring out which Pettigrew he is and why he dies proves harder than anyone imagined This is not my favorite of Fradkin s books There were a lot of characters and very little character development I felt you d have had to read previous books even to understand the protagonists The plot was convoluted, overly complicated and relied heavily on a couple of coincidences The dialogue was fine but very little sense of place was conveyed It wasn t a terrible read I did get through it in a day, but that is the sense of it I had simply getting through it.

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    An engrossing mystery, fourth in the Inspector Green series, again a case where events in the past affect the present Main elements are a seemingly cursed rural Ottawa family and a developmentally delayed boy who may have witnessed a man s fall from a church tower But was it an accident, suicide or murder

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    Canadien mystery set in Ottowa Good writing

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