Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage

Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage Takes Us Behind The Paneled Doors Of The Titanic S Elegant Private Suites To Present Compelling, Memorable Portraits Of Her Most Notable Passengers The Intimate Atmosphere Onboard History S Most Famous Ship Is Recreated As Never Before The Titanic Has Often Been Called An Exquisite Microcosm Of The Edwardian Era, But Until Now, Her Story Has Not Been Presented As Such In Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage, Historian Hugh Brewster Seamlessly Interweaves Personal Narratives Of The Lost Liner S Most Fascinating People With A Haunting Account Of The Fateful Maiden Crossing Employing Scrupulous Research And FeaturingRarely Seen Photographs, He Accurately Depicts The Ship S Brief Life And Tragic Denouement, Presenting The Very Latest Thinking On Everything From When And How The Lifeboats Were Loaded To The Last Tune Played By The Orchestra Yet Here Too Is A Convincing Evocation Of The Table Talk At The Famous Widener Dinner Party Held In The Ritz Restaurant On The Last Night And Here We Also Experience The Rustle Of Elegant Undergarments As First Class Ladies Proceed Down The Grand Staircase In Their Soign Evening Gowns, Some Of Them Designed By Lady Duff Gordon, The Celebrated Couteri Re, Who Was Also On Board Another Well Known Passenger Was The Artist Frank Millet, Who Led An Astonishing Life That Seemed To Encapsulate America S Gilded Age From Serving As A Drummer Boy In The Civil War To Being The Man Who Made Chicago S White City White For TheWorld Exposition His Traveling Companion Major Archibald Butt Was President Taft S Closest Aide And Was Returning Home For A Grueling Fall Election Campaign That His Boss Was Expected To Lose Today, Both Of These Once Famous Men Are Almost Forgotten, But Their Ship Mate Margaret Tobin Brown Lives On As The Unsinkable Molly Brown, A Name That She Was Never Called During Her Lifetime Millionaires John Jacob Astor And Benjamin Guggenheim, Writer Helen Churchill Candee, Movie Actress Dorothy Gibson, Aristocrat Noelle, The Countess Of Rothes, And A Host Of Other Travelers On This Fateful Crossing Are Also Vividly Brought To Life Within These Pages Through Them, We Gain Insight Into The Arts, Politics, Culture, And Sexual S Of A World Both Distant And Near To Our Own And With Them, We Gather On The Titanic S Sloping Deck On That Cold, Starlit Night And Observe Their All Too Human Reactions As The Disaster Unfolds More Than Ever, We Ask Ourselves, What Would We Have Done

Being able to create books about history is a dream job for me since I ve always been enthralled by history When I was growing up in Georgetown, Ontario, our house was just around the corner from the town library And I haunted its children s section reading sometimes four or five books a week Historical fiction titles by writers like Geoffrey Trease and Rosemary Sutcliffe were particular favour

[Read] ➵ Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage  ➼ Hugh Brewster –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage
  • Hugh Brewster
  • English
  • 17 August 2018
  • 9780307984708

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    Not since Walter Lord s classic A Night to Remember, have I been so captivated by a book on the fabled Titanic This book focuses on the first class passengers and their lives prior to and after the disaster Sort of Downton Abbey meets the Titanic You will meet John Jacob Astor and his young teen bride and many others from the elite wealthy that traveled in first class on the doomed ship I was fascinated to read that many of the survivors were so traumatized by the sinking that it signicantly impacted their post Titanic lives Several survivors committed suicide One young child rescued from the Titanic died at the age of 18 of ptomaine poisoning I would highly recommend this well written and fascinating book to those interested in the Titanic A good book to feature as we approach the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

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    In February of 1912, twenty four year old Alice Fortune had her palms read while vacationing in Egypt with her family While gazing at her palms the fortune teller proclaimed, You are in danger every time you travel on the sea, for I see you adrift on the ocean on an open boat You will lose everything but your life You will be saved but others will be lost Two months later Alice, her two sisters and mother would live to tell the story of that fateful night but her father and brother would not survive the icy waters of the North Atlantic.This and hundreds of other stories like it are retold in Hugh Brewster s Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage The Titanic s First Class Passengers and Their World While I knew the ending before ever reading the first word, this book was an amazing read that I couldn t put down In fact,last Sunday, I found myself clutching the book and reading in the car on the way to church With a great deal of reluctance I left the book in the car to continue reading on my way home I must admit, I was tempted to sneak the book into the pew in case I got bored with the pastor s sermon And no.I was not READING while DRIVING

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    Author Hugh Brewster met Dr Robert Ballard in 1984 when Mr Brewster was the Editorial Director and Publisher of Madison Press Books in Toronto He began working with Ballard to produce the international bestseller The Discovery of the Titanic and subsequently oversaw the creation of Titanic An Illustrated History which inspired James Cameron s epic movie While working on these books and others about the Titanic, he became acquainted with the many dedicated, knowledgeable Titanic historians and researchers After twenty five years, Brewster decided to write Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage.Drawing on the information, suggestions, and photos provided by experts, as well as letters and diaries of the passengers, this meticulously researched and documented book gives the reader a fascinating close up view of the lives, thoughts, relationships, culture, and last days of the first class passengers who sailed on the ill fated Titanic The decor and accommodations of the Titanic reflected the lifestyles that the wealthy passengers expected during the Edwardian Age Secrets and scandals are revealed as the reader is drawn into this rarified world Many people have expressed thoughts that the tragedy of the Titanic signaled the beginning of the end of the Gilded Age World War I followed, and the world of wealth and privilege was forever changed.This book was hard to put down Aside from a few famous names, the reader does not know who will survive the sinking until the very end Mr Brewster s postscript provides additional information about what happened to the survivors in the years following the tragedy The book includes some never before published photos that were provided by families of the passengers Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage is an absorbing book for anyone who enjoys reading about the social history of the early 20th Century and about the doomed Titanic.

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    A review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher upon my request It has been almost 100 years since the Titanic s ill fated maiden voyage that took the lives of over 1,500 people Since that fateful night, the story of the Titanic has been told again and again and again through books and film and even a successful Broadway musical The question on many people s minds as the anniversary of the Titanic disaster looms is Do we really need books about Titanic Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage The Titanic s First Class Passengers and Their World by Hugh Brewster answers this question with a resounding yes Although hundreds of studies have been published on the Titanic disaster, Hugh Brewster s newest book is not a rehashing of the same old Titanic story that we have heard time and time again In many books, the story of the Titanic is the story of the ship itself how big she was, how many people were aboard her, how she struck the iceberg and ultimately, how she sank Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage avoids making the Titanic center stage and instead thrusts the reader into the world of the most famous and noteworthy of Titanic s passengers The story of the Titanic presented here is not a cold tally of the dead or a countdown of her lifeboats, but a human story about real people who lived and died and made human decisions that night, allowing the reader to place ourselves on that sloping deck and ask, What would we do It s clear from the outset that Brewster has done his research, not only on the Titanic he has published previous works about the ship but on the world of its first class passengers and most remarkably, their personal lives After all, it is one thing to read about the disaster and see an offhand remark about Lucile Duff Gordan, a popular designer, or Frank Millet, a popular artist and writer, who survived and did not survive the disaster, respectively It is quite another to be presented a history of their lives their loves, their losses, their passions and their personality while eventually learning of their actions during the voyage and the impact that their life or death had on their world Some readers may notice that Brewster sometimes has to rely on speculation, such as remarking that perhaps Lucille Duff Gordon wore a certain dress on a particular evening Most of his speculations are based on research in the previous example, Brewster is referring to a dress which was included in Lucille s cargo inventory and, in my opinion, are simply a necessity of writing about what is ultimately a human story.Brewster s writing is always engaging, always clear, and a pleasure to read There are black and white photos related to the narrative included throughout the book, including some uncommon photos of the passengers and first class rooms Included in the postscript of the book is a concise guide to the passengers mentioned in the book, with basic information about their lives, whether or not they survived the sinking, and when applicable their fate after the Titanic disaster.I highly recommended Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage to anyone who has an interest in the Titanic, whether they are picking up their very first books about the incident or have been studying the ship for years It is definitely a worthy addition to the long list of Titanic studies, and I would say it s one of the most interesting and important newer Titanic books to come out in recent years I would also recommend this to anyone with an interest in the end of the Edwardian age, especially early 20th century American politics, Edwardian fashion and social history.

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    I appreciated the author s attempt to focus on one social level traveling aboard the Titanic but he seemed to have little idea of what to do with the story beyond the initial concept I picked up Lives hoping to learn reams of details about Edwardian food, fashion, parties and travel I wanted to lose myself in a book that would make me feel like a privileged passenger on the Titanic.Unfortunately, I finished the book without any new understanding of what upper class passengers talked about on their journeys, the etiquette and dress involved It all proceeded as most Titanic stories do take a range of characters, give short intros to their lives before the disaster and then keep their stories running as the clock ticks down to the inevitable sinking I felt that Brewster missed a golden opportunity to examine the last moments of a legendary means of travel and a time that was about to disappear with the first guns firing in World War One.I was particularly confused by his odd digressions speculating on passengers sexual orientation I think Brewster was trying to make the point about how much moral values have changed in the time since the sinking but that point ultimately had little to do with the sinking or Edwardian society and ended up diluting the power and interest of the book s main focus.While I enjoyed this quick read, I remain unsure of who would be interested in reading Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage The dedicated Titanic fan will already be familiar with the scandal of John Jacob Astor s marriage, the devotion of the Strauss couple and the dignity of Captain Smith Downton Abbey types looking for glamour and scandal will not find much to chew on here and very little detail.There are a limited number of people and angles you take on the Titanic tragedy and given the depth of media coverage any author would be hard pressed to come up with something new I respect the fact that Brewster was already working from a disadvantage but this book could have been so much If you re interested, the author s fluid writing style makes this the kind of book you can pick up one day, devote minimal amounts of time and attention and have it easily finished a few days later.

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    What a smashing read You might think the topic of The Titanic has been overdone I did before reading this book But I love books like this that are impeccably researched down to all the intimate, juicy, fascinating details I have a special soft spot for authors who painstakingly research the beejuzzus out of an historical event, person or era, and then manage to present you with all these details in a fascinating and compelling manner.Brewster does just this You will learn a lot that you didn t know about the Titanic And you will be enthralled in the process The details on the lives of the first class passengers, their foibles, accommodations on the ship etc., are just fascinating I bet you didn t know about the two wealthy female passengers who devoted their time after the sinking to the welfare of the immigrant passengers and continued this involvement throughout their lives Interesting stuff Many fascinating details are revealed.Highly recommend.

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    Very interesting book I knew most of the material from other sources, except for the details about the first class passengers I know most had privileged lives, but I can understand why the author concentrated on them, especially since material could be found as opposed to those of the third class.As tragic as the sinking of the TITANIC was, it palls in comparison to the tremendous losses of the 1914 1918 war Still, I m sure there are many people who know about the great ship as a result of movies and books than the Great War.

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    There are hundreds of books about the Titanic disaster but this one touches on the personal lives of the rich, famous, and not so famous first class passengers on the ill fated liner It is a different approach from most of the Titanic books I have read and it makes for fascinating reading.The author has done an amazing amount of research and never attempts to insert fiction into the actions of the passengers.instead he uses terms such as it may have then happened that Mrs Astor left the room but he lets the reader know that it is only a surmise on his part since it cannot be proven that certain things were said and done I appreciated that approach.The characters are complex, not always likable, sometimes extremely brave, but always human in their responses and actions They could not grasp that the unsinkable was indeed sinking and many waited too long to react Others chose to go down with the ship, believing in the women and children first credo or the fact that women would not leave their husbands It is a heartbreaking story which does not try to answer the question of how did it happen but rather how do humans who have lived in the lap of luxury all their lives respond to a situation over which they have no control Recommended.

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    It has been a long time since I have read a Titanic book, but even so I think this one is a little different than the ones I remember reading One can tell a great amount of research has gone into this very readable and informative book, centering on the many of the people on board the Titanic and their backs stories The usual descriptions of the dinners and the luxury found on the boat is there as well, but it also covers what many of the people did while on the boat Somehow or another getting to know a little about these people made the evacuation and the sinking even personal and tragic This is a good albeit chilling read.

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    I question why I read things like this since I find them upsetting and know going into them, I will find it upsetting This is the stuff from which my nightmares are made I have suffered all my life from intense nightmares but they are never about vampires, zombies, ghosts, the supernatural in general I love reading the horror genre and watching horror movies and never have nightmares based on any of that Mine are always rooted in reality of some horrible sort I wouldn t be surprised if my nightmares in the next few days are based on ships, icebergs, the ocean, drowning I think I am highly empathetic and reading about tragedies like this pierce the armor I surround myself in and make me feel so sad for all those whose fate was so wretched I learned a great deal about the passengers that were on the Titanic There are some great pictures in this book as well How inconceivable that a ship of its size and opulence could sink within a couple of hours of hitting an iceberg How incompetent to only have 16 life boats for a ship that held several thousand people And, the pi ce de r sistance, as far as I m concerned, was that the telegraph operator on the ship closest to the Titanic that could have saved everyone on board had gone to bed and did not receive the SOS messages sent out If you are interested in the sinking of the Titanic, this book focuses on the first class passengers There were many prominent names on board and all the money in the world which some of them almost had by any standard doesn t make one any less vulnerable to the fancies of fate Human error and over confidence as usual by men who should have known better were the cause of this tragedy Recklessly, speeding through an ocean full of icebergs is about as safe as driving 100 mph on ice covered streets Awful than an irresponsible captain and crew members took so many innocents along with them to the bottom of the ocean.

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