Wizards: Magical Tales From the Masters of Modern Fantasy

Wizards: Magical Tales From the Masters of Modern FantasyNever Before Published Stories By Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer, Garth Nix, And A Magical Lineup Of WritersThroughout The Ages, The Wizard Has Claimed A Spot In Human Culture From The Shadowy Spiritual Leaders Of Early Man To Precocious Characters In Blockbuster Films Gone Are The Cartoon Images Of Wizened Gray Haired Men In Pointy Caps Creating Magic With A Wave Of Their Wands Today S Wizards Are Subtle In Their Powers, Discerning In Their Ways, And In The Hands Of Modern Fantasists Likely Than Ever To Capture Readers ImaginationsIn Neil Gaiman S The Witch S Headstone, A Piece Taken From His Much Anticipated Novel In Progress, An Eight Year Old Boy Learns The Power Of Kindness From A Long Dead Sorceress Only One Woman Possesses Two Kinds Of Magic Enough To Unite Two Kingdoms In Garth Nix S Holly And Iron Patricia A McKillip S Naming Day Gives A Sorcery Student A Lesson In Breaking The Rules And A Famished Dove Spins A Tale Worthy Of A Meal, But Perhaps Not The Truth, In A Fowl Tale By Eoin Colfer Contentsix Preface Wizards Magical Tales From The Masters Of Modern Fantasy Essay By Jack Dann And Gardner Dozois The Witch S HeadstoneNovelette By Neil Gaiman Holly And IronNovelette By Garth Nix Color VisionShortstory By Mary Rosenblum The Ruby Incomparable Anvil Of The World UniverseShortstory By Kage Baker A Fowl TaleShortstory By Eoin Colfer Slipping Sideways Through EternityShortstory By Jane Yolen The Stranger S HandsShortstory By Tad Williams Naming DayShortstory By Patricia A McKillip Winter S WifeNovelette By Elizabeth Hand A Diorama Of The Infernal Regions, Or The Devil S Ninth Question Pearleen SundayNovelette By Andy Duncan Barrens Dance World Of The Innkeeper S SongShortstory By Peter S Beagle Stone ManShortstory By Nancy Kress The Manticore SpellShortstory By Jeffrey Ford ZinderShortstory By Tanith Lee Billy And The Wizard BillyShortstory By Terry Bisson The MagikkersShortstory By Terry Dowling The Magic AnimalNovelette By Gene Wolfe Stonefather Mither Mages Novella By Orson Scott Card

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wizards: Magical Tales From the Masters of Modern Fantasy book, this is one of the most wanted Jack Dann author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Wizards: Magical Tales From the Masters of Modern Fantasy
  • Jack Dann
  • English
  • 24 November 2017
  • 9780425215180

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    While reading this book, I just came across this article s pretty unusual that an anthology ever gets than 3 stars from me after all, tastes differ, and in any random selection, there s bound to be a few stories I think are great, and a few that don t do much for me However, this anthology was, really, really good I d say 4.5 stars.Contents Neil Gaiman The Witch s Headstone 2008 Locus Award winner for best Novelette The story later turned out to be a chapter in The Graveyard Book, so I d already read it But it was worth reading again.Garth Nix Holly and Iron A female Robin Hood in an alternate history Ingland is shaken when her poor tactics lead to her sister s death Will she be able to find a way to unite a divided country Mary Rosenblum Color Vision I ve read Rosenblum s first two novels because they were part of the Del Rey Discovery series, which featured a bunch of great new authors but apparently she s published 8 books since then I might have to try some catching up This story is a teen sci fi piece, about how a young girl s synaesthesia turns out to be a lifesaver, when the new school principal turns out to be a villain from another world.Kage Baker The Ruby Incomparable Kage Baker is truly missed I only have a few books by her to read, and I ve sort of been saving them, since I know no are coming Here, she tells the tale of a fairy tale marriage between Pure good and Pure evil The story is available for free online Colfer s The Fowl s Tale I m not a huge Colfer fan didn t like Artemis Fowl , but this story s only 5 pages long, so it doesn t grate Amusing tale of a greedy parrot who shows up at court with a tale to tell Jane Yolen Slipping Sideways Through Eternity A modern Jewish girl meets the Prophet Elijah, who takes her on a trip through time, helps her understand her heritage, and inspires her for the future.Tad Williams The Stranger s Hands A village takes in two wanderers a man who seems to have lost his wits in an injury, and his caretaker Soon, it is discovered that some who touch the disabled man s hands have their heart s desire magically granted Soon, the needy flock to the town in hopes of having their wishes granted But with greater exposure comes the revelation that the village s miracle man is or was actually one of the most powerful, dangerous, and evil wizards around Is there some trick here A well crafted and thought provoking tale.Patricia A McKillip Naming Day A young woman eagerly anticipates her naming day, when her magical academy conducts a ceremony in which the students choose their magical name But her mother has a lesson about values to teach her daughter.Elizabeth Hand Winter s Wife Hand is really good at short stories, and this in no exception This was probably my favorite in the book about a mountain man from Maine, who marries a bride from Iceland that he met on the Internet When a developer starts destroying ancient trees, something must be done Andy Duncan A Diorama of the Infernal Regions, or The Devil s Ninth Question I d read this Southern Gothic piece before in Fantasy The Best of the Year, 2008 but again, it was worth re reading Basically, a girl runs away from working in a sideshow, ends up living in a witch s house full of ghosts, and meets the devil but there s to it than that.Peter S Beagle Barrens Dance The reason I got this book I was looking for from Peter Beagle This story is redolent of ancient myth, as it tells the story of what a woman must do to escape an evil wizard s unwanted advances.Nancy Kress Stone Man Under stress, a boy discovers he has heretofore unknown magical powers it loses him a friend, but gains him a new group of friends and a mission in life Not Kress best, but not bad.Jeffrey Ford The Manticore Spell A monster might be dangerous but also sublime endangered and strangely beautiful Should every monster be killed Tanith Lee Zinder By day, Zinder is a deformed dwarf who lives in an impoverished village, tormented by ignorant bullies But by night he is a powerful wizard, who travels the world, dispensing advice and magical boons amid glittering courts, and doing good deeds for the needy Kind of a retelling of the Biblical tale that Jesus may be disguised as any lowly beggar written with Lee s own poetic language and lovely imagery Terry Bisson Billy and the Wizard Short, surreal tale of a boy who finds a wizard in his garage Not my favorite, but I can see why others would like it.Terry Dowling The Magikkers If someone told you you had only enough magic for one true spell and then asked you to give away that magic, would you Gene Wolfe The Magic Animal Sometimes I love Gene Wolfe, and at other times I feel that his stories go off track due to their ambition This Arthurian tale verges toward the latter, but there are still some lovely aspects to it.Orson Scott Card Stonefather This novella is apparently in the world of Card s Mithermages series 2 books published so far haven t read either yet However, I probably will this is a good if a bit typical high fantasy story, with an original take on earth water magic and an interesting setup.

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    Fantasy stories ignite the imagination in ways that realistic fiction can not Characters are larger than life Conflicts mean life and death often for an entire race or culture.In this collection, editors Dann and Dozois, have collected unpublished short stories from a variety of well known fantasy authors Each story is about a wizard, but rarely do they appear in the pointed hat and starry cape like the one on the cover of the book Orson Scott Card introduces us to the mages of the elements, who draw their power and their forms from nature.Mary Rosenblum creates a magical world of colorful auras and a mysterious villain, threatened with oblivion by the real mask they wear.Terry Dowling takes us to a special school, where students make choices that affect not only their own magical power and abilities, but those around them as well.Journey through hell and talk to the devil with stories from Andy Duncan and from Terry Bisson.There is no way to give proper accolades to every story and author represented in this book Pick up the book and choose one of the excellently crafted stories to embark on a magical mini vacation today There are 18 destinations to choose from a little something to suit every fantasy reader.

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    I only read about half of this book, so my rating is only based on that much of it, plus my impression of the book as a whole This seemed like a great collection of short stories by some excellent authors, some of whom I have read, others new to me Those stories I read were good I think I especially liked the one by Garth Nix The problem is that I really don t like short stories They are too short I like to really sink my teeth into a book and short stories are just over far too soon for my liking So if you like short stories, this book is highly recommended.

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    Some of the stories I really loved, some I liked and some I found pointless Some of them had a deeper meaning that touched me deeply and some of them were adventurous and just fun to read Overall, I consider this book a very nice collection of short stories It reminded me of how exciting fantasy books are, which I hadn t read for years The witch s headstone , The Ruby Incomparable , Winter s wife and Zinder Favorites The stranger s hands , The Manticore Spell , Billy and the wizard I could do without readingI am going to write something about each one of them, so if you don t feel like reading, just go on to the next review The witch s headstone I liked a lot It was the first piece I read of Neil Gaiman and the reason I m starting the Graveyard Book soon Really well written and it made me feel I was there He manages to create a really nice atmosphere I really don t think that if you read it you can resist The Graveyard Book Holly and Iron was an interesting story as well I liked it a lot, but it was not my kind of story Meaning that I am not the person who will read a whole book on this particular theme I liked the characters a lot, and the way they were described A story worth reading Color vision I also liked a lot Nice, moving ending But it was enough as it was The Ruby Incomparable is definitely one of my favorites As soon as I finished it I felt the urge of reading about it, about that world and about Svnae s life I really liked the deeper meaning of this one A story that got me thinking Also, the story that got me searching of Kage Baker remember, I am a fantasy rookie A Fowl Tale was very fun to read Easy read and very imaginable Slipping sideways through eternity was nice, interesting how it got connected to real historical facts But not something I would read again The stranger s hands I didn t really get It didn t catch my attention I finished it just because I can t leave a book with a part unfinished Naming Day was really fun to read Really caught my attention, light writing and light reading A perfect short story Winter s wife , also one of my favorites Really liked the characters, the setting, it was all easy to imagine And I also liked what it really meant And I loved Winter s wife, the person A Diorama of the Infernal Regions didn t excite me It reminded me of strangely dark movies with puppets and strings and fake smiles and lots of red backround A story I won t miss Barrens Dance I expected better Maybe because of some reviews that listed it as one of the best and my sister that kept asking me if I read it yet, with excitement and sparks all over her eyes Don t get me wrong, it was a really nice story, moving and all, but not my favorite of this selection Stone Man is one of my favorites Something between About a boy and Harry Potter I would love to read about the battle of the good ones and the Other Side I love the fact that it s connected to the real world I would definitely read The Manticore Spell I didn t like that one Couldn t imagine the characters, nor the settings It wasn t interesting for me at all Zinder on the other side, was a very sweet story Full of wisdom and kindness It reminds us of the goodness and generosity hidden in all of us I really enjoyed reading it, I would read it again and I surely recommend it Billy and the wizard was a stupid, meaningless story It just left me with the impression that the author was asked to write a story for this collection and he remembered it an hour before the deadline and came up with this It really discouraged me on finding out about Terry Bisson The Maggikers was alright Didn t find a serious meaning to it It was a nice read though But just for once The Magic Animal Hmmmm I can t say that I didn t enjoy it But it was one of the stories that just couldn t get me hooked and I left it every two pages and got back to it again later I loved the fact that Merlin is involved and all the time traveling was interesting, but that s all The Stonefather was very long for a short story and the first half was a bit dull and flat for my taste It reminded me of The perfume by Patrick Suskind After that, it got really interesting, but it was kinda like reading two different stories I liked how it envolved nature s elements It was nice overall.

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    Nineteen authors come together to form a collection of stories filled with wizards, and magical worlds in both ancient and modern times The anthology kicks off with Neil Gaiman s The Witch s Headstone staring Bod, a boy being raised in a cemetery and ends with Stonefather by Orson Scott Card about a boy born in poverty with nothing but his abilities to survive in a hostile world The main theme is, of course, wizards and how in every age and culture there seems to be different or maybe not that different, after all versions of them, whether they re evil or good and sometimes both I had a really hard time reading this book, it just seemed like the same thing over and over again and after a while, I was terrible bored I think they overdid it with nineteen so so stories when several strong ones would have made this anthology a lot better There were a few stories that I really liked, like Garth Nix s Holly and Iron about two princesses trying to take their home back and Patricia A McKillip s Naming Day which was a lovely story about a young witch learning what s important in life There were a few really interesting ones and I felt those were the ones that truly seemed magical to me Some of the stories seemed superficial and just a filler for the book, there didn t seemed to be any point to them Unfortunately, the overall theme seemed very cheesy to me and mediocre at best I thought this book had the potential of being well, magical, but I was really disappointed.

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    This book was crazily difficult to find in the goodreads system Too many books named Dark Alchemy, and apparently not linked up well to any of the authors But we found it by ISBN so it does exist, and a thousand other people found it too.I liked a few of these stories, some of them I d read before as they re excerpts from longer works But the new author I liked was Kage Baker I m not sure I d choose to read a long story in that style but as a short story about wizards it was pretty adorable.Mostly I really need to stop picking up short stories I feel at the end of it like I ve run a marathon, where nothing was particularly bad, nothing long enough to be satisfying, and I feel like I ve read 12 books and need a holiday.

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    I never really loved short story format, but I ve been warming up to it since I ve been trying to plow through books that have been sitting on my shelf for FOREVER This compilation had some GREAT entries, all centering around the idea of wizards Ones I loved the most were by Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Garth Nix and Kage Baker who I have only read a few things by, must remedy A few were a little simplistic and young adultish in tone, but still enjoyable It s a fine line with fantasy folktale, and these tales proved to be engrossing sometimes as a full length series Very enjoyable

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    I enjoy short story anthologies, and this one was no exception I m mentioned before that anthologies are always a mixed bag Some of the stories really appeal, and others fall flat It is a matter of taste.Standouts for me in this collection Neil Gaiman The Witch s Headstone Nice little tale of risk and reward and doing the right thing.Garth Nix Holly and Iron A neat mash up of Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone that deals with grief and, again, doing the right thing.Mary Rosenblum Color Vision I really liked the ability of the protagonist It was unlike anything I ve read.Eoin Colfer The Fowl s Tale Never trust a talking bird Tad Williams The Stranger s Hands If I were to pick my three favorite stories in the book, this would be one of them If you could be granted your heart s desire, would you be willing to pay the price Patricia McKillip Naming Day Another of the three A great mother daughter story with a fun twist.Tanith Lee Zinder The final of the three, and probably my favorite There is to this town outcast and pariah than his outward appearance shows A good reminder to not to judge by appearances.

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    This anthology contains never before published stories by masters of fantasy Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer, Garth Nix, and a magical lineup of writers.Throughout the ages, the wizard has claimed a spot in human culture from the shadowy spiritual leaders of early man to precocious characters in blockbuster films Today s wizards are subtle in their powers, discerning in their ways, and in the hands of modern fantasists likely than ever to capture readers imaginations.The Witch s Headstone by Neil Gaiman A story that ll be a part of Gaiman s soon to be released book The Graveyard about a boy who grew up in the graveyard He asks the question whether people who take their own lives become happier afterwards It s like the people who believe they ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, but who learn it doesn t work that way Wherever you go, you take yourself with you Holly and Iron by Garth Nix Only one woman possesses two kinds of magic enough to unite two kingdoms that have been at war for so long Running away from one s destiny is futile if it meant the unification of all Slightly reminiscent of the Arthurian legend of the sword in the stone Color Vision by Mary Rosenblum What if you could see colors in sounds How would you move about in the world A promising story but tended to get confusing towards at the end, with too many elements thrown in the mix The Ruby Incomparable by Kage Baker I loved this story of a headstrong daughter from the marriage of the purest evil and the purest Good I wish that the author would make a novel out of this story of Svnae of her various adventures and exploits Had a fantastic time reading it A Fowl Tale by Eoin Colfer A famished dove spins a tale worthy of a meal as was the custom in the old days , but perhaps not the exact truth What ll happen to him when he s found out Enjoyable short story on all accounts Slipping Sideways Through Eternity by Jane Yolen Millions of devout Jews set a place for the prophet Elijah at the family table every Passover what would happen if he does actually show up A shade too religious for my taste containing quite a narrative of the Holocaust and the Jewish Diaspora The Stranger s Hands by Tad Williams What if you could obtain your Heart s desire through the use of magic from the most evil wizard of the time, would you do so What if you yourself have no idea of your true Heart s desire, would you risk it anyways Naming Day by Patricia McKillip This provided a sorcery student a lesson in breaking the rules, and of putting your family first before anything else I so wanted to find out what was Averil s true name, but I guess that s a secret shared between mother daughter Winter s Wife by Elizabeth Hand An Icelandic bride in modern Maine makes elemental magic Hey, with a name like mine, where else you gonna find a wife Quite true, Mr Winter A Diorama of the Infernal Regions, or The Devil s Ninth Question by Andy Duncan A confusing tale about a blessed girl having had the opportunity to meeting the widow of Flatland House and her 473 dead friends, singing a duet with the Devil s son in law and earning a wizard s anger by setting the former free Barrens Dance by Peter Beagle A story about the intricacies of love and lust, obsession and devotion and of a wizard who performs his magic not by spells or wand waving, but by dancing Stone Man by Nancy Kress A story with a very cocky, modern tone to it populated by the brotherhood of wizards in a modern day city Not to my liking due to all the peppering of expletives and the abruptness of its ending The Manticore Spell by Jeffrey Ford What goes around, comes around even in the case of wizards and magical beasts The story gets to be long winded in its pacing so it might prove to be boring to some Zinder by Tanith Lee What begins as your ordinary, oft used Ugly Duckling story proves to be something else I love Zinder of the possibilities that are present with what he already possesses and of his conscious decision to use them for the good and never expecting anything in exchange Billy and the Wizard by Terry Bisson I can t make sense of this short story of a boy finding the Devil rummaging in his garage, looking for a wizard trapped in a magazine The Magikkers by Terry Dowling What is the difference between a magician and a magikker I never thought that there was a difference at first Better pick carefully if you can only perform one magical act your entire life as a magikker Now, if it were me, I d definitely be the predictable type The Magic Animal by Gene Wolfe If you had the gift of understanding the speech of animals, would you help the world to be a better place Take care of what you are prepared to sacrifice it may lead to a broken heart I liked the references to Merlin the Lady of the Lake Stonefather by Orson Scott Card A boy born in poverty who had to deal with contempt his entire life found himself relying on his natural abilities and wit to survive in a city populated by watermages.Book Details Title Wizards Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern FantasyAuthor Edited by Jack Dann and Gardner DozoisReviewed By Purplycookie

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    A collection of short stories is always a convenient and favoured medium for me Especially when it has contributions from various authors, like this book All the stories are equally gripping and intriguing They are suitable for readers across all ages Moreover, they all are basically hope giving stories, even if the title gives the impression of darkness or dismail mood I enjoyed all the stories Full of magic, hope and charm, this book is worth every last penny spent.

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