The Skies of Pern

The Skies of PernThe Long Awaited New Dragonriders Of Pern Novel From Bestselling Author Anne McCaffreyIt Is A Time Of Hope And Regret, Of Endings And Beginnings The Red Star, That Celestial Curse Whose Eccentric Orbit Was Responsible For Thread, Has Been Shifted To A Harmless Orbit, And The Current Threadfall Will Be The Last Technological Marvels Are Changing The Face Of Life On Pern, And The Dragonriders, Led By F Lessan, Son Of F Lar And Lessa And Rider Of Bronze Golanth, And Tia, Rider Of Green Zaranth, Must Forge A New Place For Themselves In A World That May No Longer Need ThemBut Change Is Not Easy For Everyone There Are Those Who Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Pern And Its People Pure And Now A Brand New Danger Looms From The Skies And Threatens A Catastrophe Of Unimaginable Proportions Once Again, The World Looks To The Dragons And Their Riders To Save The World But Now, As The Friendship Of F Lessan And Tia Begins To Bloom Into Something , Unforeseen Tragedy Strikes A Tragedy Destined To Forever Change The Future Not Just Of The Two Young Lovers, But Of Every Human And Dragon On Pern


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  • Paperback
  • 456 pages
  • The Skies of Pern
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9780345434692

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    This was the final book in the my reading of the Dragonriders of Pern series in chronological order I did enjoy reading the books this way from the settling of Pern until the last which gives you a glimpse of what they plan for the future This was a pretty good ending, but there are some things left without much of a conclusion That was a bit frustrating as there is one character that I wanted to know his end Other than those little things, the characters in this final book were fantastic There is always a lot going on in each of these books, so following the story line was intriguing and I definitely had characters that I bonded with throughout It was a good mix of what was currently happening and of them looking to the future and what will become of them as people of Pern and mostly as Dragonriders now that thread will no longer fall This is such a great series and I am really happy I chose to read them chronologically this time around.

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    A solid end to the series It did a good job of wrapping a lot of stuff up without feeling too pat Plus it tells its own action filled by McCaffrey s standard tale.

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    The Skies of Pern flies off straight after the previous book with the Dragonriders facing the last falls of Thread and starting to put real plans into motion about what the Dragonriders will be doing after the last of Thread has fallen D The story rocks along at an incredible pace with disasters and triumphs coming all the time D The Skies of Pern does a great job of turning what on the face of it would seem to be the simplest thing into a totally dramatic edge of the seat storyline D The book takes place on a global setting with the action taking place all over the place D This work brilliantly with the locations and POV changing at a great pace really keeping the events taking place in your minds eye so you will find yourself reckoning on how that effects something on the other side of the planet D This puts the book on epic world building level as we revisit old locations but at the same time new ones are introduced and are as pivotable to events DThe book has the tale of the Abominator s runs through the storyline neatly keeping the Dragonriders on their toes but at the same time really ramming home the progress the people of Pern have made in recapturing their heritage D The Abominator s themselves are are a troublesome bunch and are a collection of people who know enough to reckon they are right but not enough to know they are wrong D They are led by the former escaped criminal known as five who may be actually being manipulated by the slippery holder Toric D This adds tension throughout the books as you never know where the Abominator s make stick their destructive heads up D This gives us a chance to see all the Dragonriders and Holders working together and you realise how far all the characters have come as they would the noticeable of exception of Toric, who is up to good in the neighbourhood, gel to together in order to deal with everything that is popping up DThe action scenes are frenetic and dramatic throughout D The commentary fragment that strikes Pern and causes Tsunami is dramatically done an the Dragonriders response is perfectly handled D Real edge of the seat stuff abounds throughout the from F lessan and Golanth threatening to become a Bronze shaped smear on a rock face while rescue a coastal hold to Tai and Zaranth having to bail F lessan and Golanth out again when cats turn up D F lar and Lessa get to their thing again as they take command of the rescue efforts D The way that the characters over time have adapted to the Aivas information makes the book feel like the characters have caught up with the ancestors and this forms the focus of the book as the Dragonriders realise that they are not out a job and far from it D We also throughout get appearances from characters ranging form Menolly, Sebell, Jayge, Arimina etc and this works brilliantly really showing Pern as a working thriving world D The Dragons get to do their thing as well and Mnementh and Ramoth s attempts to take on Golanth and Zaranth is hilarious and brilliant for example D Dragons certainly show throughout the books that they can extremely sly D The Skies of Pern is full of character and humour throughout D This works perfectly with action throughout D From F lessan encounters with a certain headwoman to Lessa keeping F lar jumping you will find your ribs hurting throughout D The book flies along with great pacing and switching point of views D The dragons new abilities is a great extension of their abilities and really works well and adds to the humour throughout D The ongoing war with Trundlebugs for example is hilarious throughout DThe Skies of Pern of Pern set it s flag to an epic level and never once lowers it D The story roams across Pern and beyond it really exploring the issues that have been raised up in previous books and at the same time setting up new plotlines D Of course these plotlines could be explored in the future D The Skies of Pern feels like a catch up with the characters but at the same time pins it colours to the mast and treads brilliant new ground throughout D The Skies of Pern is full of action, character you will love to hate, characters that you will find yourself cheering for, world building, adventure, humour and action throughout D Brilliant and highly recommended D

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    I read the Pern series ages ago, but I think I missed this one so it was the last book on my list for 2007 It was a great read I had forgotten how much I love McCaffrey s telepathic dragons and their riders Her story figured on two dragon riders, one shy and new rider and one the lead dragon rider with a history of bravery and leadership Their slow courtship also brought their dragons into their own courtship also Pern is going through its own sort of domestice terrorism with drastic consequences A new wrinkle develops though to the tale of Pern when dragons are discovered quite by accident to have an additional power soon to have a direct effect on Pern and its people.A great, fast read to those of us who love dragons and their riders.Premise Pern series a planet where Thread falls from the sky destroying crops, life and people until dragons and their riders flame out the thread that falls during certain times of the planet s revolution around a star Dragons when hatched choose their riders and a lifelong relationship beginschokengtitik

    titikchokengs when i was on a plane that was going through a violent thunderstorm, i kept my sanity by visualizing that i was fighting thread atop a big dragon called Bella hey, it kept me from screaming, we re all going to die

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    Originally published on my blog here in December 2001.This latest Pern novel reads as though it is meant to round off the series It is one of the most successful series of novels in science fiction, both long running and consistently high selling The general trend has been for the novels to become like soap opera episodes as time passes a trend matched by the way that all of McCaffrey s output has become homogeneous and unchallengingly predictable.There are two main aspects to the story The major dramatic event is a comet impact in Pern s oceans, a massive disaster This is of course something inspired by the Schumacher Levy impact on Jupiter, and is a dramatic yet extremely unlikely event McCaffrey cites impressive technical assistance with the impact description, including oceanographic analysis of tsunami patterns based on the geography of Pern The sort of panic this event can generate is shown by the way that governments have financed research to try to prevent it happening on Earth, while less dramatic but far likely scenarios are much less sexy ways to spend money To be fair, it is relatively easy to see how to attack the problem of astronomical impacts, compared to, say, making the world s roads safe, or persuading Americans that spending a few minutes going through airport security is a worthwhile precaution The other theme, continued from.The Masterharper of Pern, is the attacks of the Abominators, violent opponents of the changes brought by the information stored in Aivas, the computer which had survived from the original colonisation of Pern People oppose technological advances for all kinds of reasons, but in her simplistic depiction of these Luddites as not too bright traditionalists, McCaffrey is going against the trends of the modern world Rather than feeling that all advances are, by definition, evil, current unease about technology is partly due to the perception of past failures to correctly forecast and allow for the results of new applications of science such as the link between increased burning of fossil fuels and global warning , and also apprehension at the dangers inherent in what we can do now or will soon be able to do, given the human race s past lack of restraint I m thinking of nuclear weapons and developments in genetics and biotechnology It seems to me that fear for the future is a perfectly reasonable and, indeed, intelligent emotion to feel, especially as the sort of leaders the world has are not really such as to inspire much confidence.This is, of course unlike the situation on Pern There, rather unrealistically, de facto world rulers F lar and Lessa have managed to be right in every crisis through the entire series of novels their opponents have always turned out to be too wedded to tradition or to have their own agendas which are usually about personal power rather than the good of people generally, the motive of the two dragonriders This is the sort of thing which makes this series less significant than it might be easy to read, but not very deep

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    This is a suitable ending for this incredible series It s sad to know that you ve reached the last book but it s by no means their end, it s a new beginning This book just keeps throwing out the perfect amount of action and build throughout It opens nicely and introduces some fresh new perspectives on top of our usual favourite characters It keeps the action rolling and builds fantastically on top of the previous book and story lines I love the curveballs thrown and how they actually help the dragonriders find their calling, and what a calling they decide upon The new ability is nicely added and I really like how a green dragon finally gets a little recognition and Zaranth is lovely The big events in this book are so wonderfully handled and set up There is just the right amount of heartache so much , happiness and victory thrown in to keep the pace and motivation up There s also quite a bit dragon talk in this one which I like The dragons are what makes these books and it s nice to have some of their unique characteristics and personality traits come in.The Abominator issue builds nicely from the last couple of books and though there are a few loose ends that, sadly, have no resolution the big questions are answered The Toric situation is a bit annoying as you really get sick of the guy s over ambitious nature but it s pale in comparison to the dragons new ability and purpose The ending has it s moments of heartwrench and it really is breaking to see a proud rider and dragon so crippled but it won t, and doesn t, keep them down It s so sad to reach the end of this series but I ve no doubt I ll read these books again and again, they are amazing The ending is suitably positive and full of potential, there will always be dragons needed on Pern

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    Three starsIt has been a long time since I ve read anything by Anne McCaffery may she rest in peace and so perhaps this later book in the Pern series was not the best choice for me to use as a means to jump back into her series The last McCaffery book I read was Dragonsong Harper Hall of Pern series and I remember it fondly as an interesting and well written work I was in high school then, so I may have had different standards then, but it tantalized me and made me want to go back to the series again eventually Now, almost fifteen years later, I ve just finished my read through of Skies of Pern, and though McCaffery s universe is just as beautiful, detailed and interesting as I remember, the rest of the book the other elements, her wordcraft, editing and dialog choices leave something to be desired The two, almost distinctively different storylines in this work the abominators and the discovery of the dragons new ability seem to hit each other at disjointed angles as if they were two short stories jammed together to make a book and neither really end in a satisfying way especially the abominator arc In truth, this book reads like fan fiction of the original Pern books than it does like an actual contribution to the series, and that makes me sad.Hardcore fans of the Pern series should read this book because it continues the tale of Pern and gives hope for the future of the Rukbat system, but newbies to McCaffery s work should probably start with Dragonflight instead of jumping to a random book in the franchise as I did.

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    Well onto the current path F lar and Lessa lead Pern s Dragonriders into an unknown future one in which Dragons might not be needed In the meantime the rest of the population is enjoying the advance products as a by product of AIVAS plan to shift the Red planet s orbit There are exceptions of course and these band together to again revive the Abominators simply put terrorist who wish to destroy everything AIVAS introduced.After a meteorite crashes into the Western ocean and creates a gigantic tsunami the Dragonriders and their ability to time it comes in handy as they evacuate the holds and halls in danger They accomplish almost a miracle by saving all or almost all It is then questioned if Dragonriders can do something to prevent falling large objects It is F lessan and Tai who provide the answer by demonstrating Telekinesis by the Dragons Their ability to move things just by thinking it All in all a rally enjoyable novel from one of my all time favorite series.

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    There were scenes in this book that I remember as vividly as if I had read them recently, but I didn t remember the overall plot And I didn t remember the plan I think I liked it a lot better this time.

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    Another good bookThis is another book in the amazing Pern series It once again has some adult themed parts but overall I love the story of Pern that Ane McCaffrey has woven.

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