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Song to Wake to Sixteen Year Old Maddy Bride Starts At A New School In The Countryside She Knows She Ll Have To Deal With Sports Obsessed Rich Kids, Cliques, And Pressure She Doesn T Expect Myths From The Shadowy Past To Be Taking Place Around Her Not Only Are The Legends Unfinished They Re Starting All Over AgainHer New Classmate, Eddy Moon, Is Awkward, And Shy, And Has Lived A Life Of Hardship And Loneliness As His Strength And Sense Of Purpose Become And Striking, Maddy Comes To Believe That He May Have A Place In The Stories At The Same Time She Realises That The Place She Wants Is By His SideCloseness To Eddy Brings Maddy Another Shocking Realisation Not Only Is He A Mythic Hero Returned To Life In The Countryside, But Maybe She Too Has A Place In The Legends Torn Between Normality And Her Attraction To The Magnificent Eddy Moon, Maddy Has To Decide Who She Is, Who She Is Going To Be, And Whether Stories Must End The Same Way Twice

I love travelling especially in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Romania I believe that Dawsons Creek is deeply underated If it was allowed I would eat bacon three times a day.I like to invent silly dances and embarrass my friends Basketball is good, as are whales.If any of this needs clarification, please ask.

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Song to Wake to By J.D. Field –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 312 pages
  • Song to Wake to
  • J.D. Field
  • English
  • 02 January 2018

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    Okay, first off, I have to say I m biased, cos I wrote this But I wrote it for a purpose I wanted to write a book full of story elements I love to read about.It has mystery, paranormal secrets that slowly unfold It s set in a school, and it has a hero and heroine that are different and new They re flawed, but not wimps She s fickle, bright, and knows her own mind He s well you ll just have to read to find out exactly how special Eddy Moon is

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    Perhaps I m being too harsh in only giving this two stars Two and a half Who knows, by the time I m done writing this review, I may have upgraded it to a full three stars I don t feel it warrants much than that, however As inventive and imaginative as the story was, it was too hard to really connect with any of the characters, especially the main protagonist, Maddy Sympathetic characters are a must for me and, try as I might, I just couldn t bring myself to really like Maddy at all Conversely, I didn t really dislike Maddy, either She flitted about the story wavering between different personalities, changing them deliberately to fit a given situation, but there wasn t much difference between any single one of the personalities, and they all shared a common thread they were all boring and flat Her idea of changing from Regular Maddy to Party Maddy was to put on a dress and attend a party I don t know how old J.D Field is, but if I had to guess, I would say she s still a teenager herself It would help explain the inability to convey any kind of serious emotion Aside from Maddy s bizarre habit of reinventing herself every five minutes, she wasn t the brightest of heroines, either Things that I saw coming five chapters away would take her a literary eternity to piece together, and I found myself on than one occasion wanting to reach through the book and slap her Now we come to Eddy Poor, sweet Eddy Was I the only one who found his story rather unbelievable I m not referencing the mythical part of it, I m talking about the Adonis in exile because he doesn t wear cool clothes aspect of the whole thing He s 6 4 , ripped, devastatingly handsome, shy and quiet, kindyet he was shunned because he was an orphaned charity case with bad fashion sense I don t care if there were viral videos of him flaying kittens, it s difficult to imagine a guy like that ever being an outcast I tried, though And here s where it got me wondering how suddenly all of the kids in Levels who previously shunned Mr Fantastic suddenly change their ways and become his cheerleaders I m not kidding, he gives a speech and quite literally overnight BAM everyone loves him Even The Four Horsemen , the school s uber clique of athletic gods who once set out to ruin Eddy, now do his bidding with unwavering loyalty.I tried to like Eddy since I couldn t really get there with Maddy, but again, there s hardly anything there He presents a rather varied mask of one cliched emotion after another during every scene he s in, then tends to either walk off rudely while Maddy is trying to talk to him, or else just mumble an awkward goodbye and exit gracelessly I just realized what this book is like Reading it was like watching one of those awful student films where no one can act so every line is delivered flatly while the actor fidgets uncomfortably There were lots of pretty references, though Frilly mentions of Martin Luther King, Jr., The Beatles, Elvis, Motorhead, Abba, etc A few place descriptions But that s about it No one is really there and the story moves along at a rather schizophrenic pace, oozing along like a slug until I wanted to scream, Get ON with it , or hurtled through time like Doc Brown had the runs and a raging case of OCD and was desperately searching for a clean bathroom There s a rather important aspect to the story at the very end and, in the space of a page and a half, we go from Maddy asking her mother what happened to a Rugby match three or four days later As you might have noticed, the two star rating remains This book just wasn t good enough for me to say, with conviction, that I liked it But it wasn t horrible I think J.D Field shows potential, however, and with a little maturation and some work on character development and pacing, perhaps one day she ll amaze even cold hearted me.

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    Wow This book was incredibly enchanting The author requested I read the book, so without even knowing the premise or genre, I dove right in It s a combination of modern day life and several beloved historical legends As it turns out, they are some of my favourite legends and I was immediately enraptured and submerged into an ethereal atmosphere which accompanied me throughout the story.I could physically feel the emotions and the action throughout its entirety The author does an amazing job of describing everything in such a way that you feel and sense it rather than just picture it in your mind While there is a love story mixed in, it s not the main premise of the book the legends are.Mr Field allows his characters to mature and realize their purpose at such a perfect pace The characters swirled around me right from the start I love the relationship between the female lead and her mother The female lead is such a strong and intelligent girl you really support her through every challenge she faces Truly, every character male and female alike is so powerful and their entwined relationships are so well delivered I was shocked at how interesting high school age kids could be I also love the England setting I could actually feel the rain and hear their accents While this is the first book in a series, and yes you are left with some questions, you never have the feeling that the characters are unsure about their fates They all have purpose and will follow it wherever it leads them We ve heard these legends many times in many ways, but NEVER like this I was left yearning to be back with my new friends as soon as I finished the book I can t WAIT to start on the second book in the series UPDATE The following is a review by my husband so you can get a 33 yr old male perspective He listens to kindle books text to speech while he works I started reading this book without having any idea what the premise was I was going in blind My wife said it was getting great reviews and that the author had asked for a review, so I gave it a shot I was concerned at first that I was getting into another young adult romance novel, but at about 20% into the book I realized the strong potential of the story Suddenly, I found myself completely understanding the main characters plight This surprised me than anything as the character is a 16 year old girl, and I m a 33 year old man The pacing and character development kept me glued to the book I literally couldn t put it down Having a degree in history really helped make this story appeal to me I love it when authors are able to take historical events and create historical fiction from it I highly recommend this book to all readers, men and women alike My wife is reading it now, so expect her review soon

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    This is the best first book of a series I ve ever read.It s amazing, and I m so excited that I read today there s going to be TWELVE books and the 2nd one is going to be out in like 3 days or something, so finally I can bear to officially stop reading it and post a review.REASONS WHY SONG TO WAKE TO IS AWESOME.1, The idea it s like Twilight, like the Mortal Instruments, like My Blood Approves, but the paranormal plot is different to all of those, and to anything else I ve read It also links to stories EVERYBODY knows, but in a way I ve NEVER seen before.2, The mystery this side of it is a bit like Harry Potter, there are awesome clues and real moments when you get it and like smack yourself in the forehead.3, The romance Forbidden, most of the time The best kind.4, The hero, Eddy Moon, is just so hot in a different kind of way I wish he was real.5, Maddy Bride, the heroine, is a bit like everybody, i think She s not a wuss, she s smart and knows her own mind and I love that about her.6, The setting It s in the UK, which always interests me, in a real town called Glastonbury, that sounds really cool, and in an awesome boarding school bit of Vampire Academy there.If you like any of the other books I ve mentioned in the review you ll love Song to Wake to It ll be the best 99cents you ever spend

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    A young adult book mixed with Arthurian legend made this quite intriguing to start with however once I began it I was hooked It has elements that are familiar and yet it has unique and different aspects as well As you get to know the characters there is a lot of mystery surrounding both them and in the story itself It leaves you with just the right amount of curiosity and anticipation for the sequel It s not a long and overwhelming read but satisfying.

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    It looks really good I love when the males aren t so outgoing The mysterious type but not bad boy Or atleast this is what it seems like.

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    Song to Wake to surprised me as a completely original, very well written young adult novel When I first read the description my thoughts were oh boy, another paranormal novel with some sort of supernatural legends I could not have been wrong.Maddy comes across as a very smart, realistic sixteen year old After moving away from London and to the countryside, she realizes that she can start over as exactly who she wants to be She is constantly trying to figure out who she really is, whether that is sensitive, diary writing Madelenie or jock Maddy , and when part of her true identity presents itself she takes her time thinking about what this means for her and her future I really liked how reflective she was, and how she rarely rushes into anything without having thought about the consequences first.Eddy is the typical mysterious guy He stands out from all the other guys at school, and even having been raised by a rich family as one of the most popular guys brother, nobody actually likes him I love how Eddy starts out completely insecure, with no idea who he really is, yet through the help of Maddy really comes into his own The one thing that bugged me about Eddy is how effortlessly he learns new things I m sorry, but it doesn t matter who you are were will become, nobody learns to drive a car perfectly in less than a minute.My favorite part of Song to Wake to were the old legends It s hard to say much about this without spoiling anything, so let me just say that we re not talking about werewolves or vampires, shifters or faeries here, it s something else that I ve never read about in young adult novels before, even if there s been plenty of movies and TV shows about these legends And original is always good I recommend Song to Wake to to anyone who likes old legends over newly invented supernatural species, who likes figuring out a good mystery, or who has a fascination with British boarding schools After Harry Potter, don t we all And for only 0,99 for Kindle, it s well worth the money

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    I had no idea what to expect from this book, only that it had great reviews and was compared to several other series I ve read Right away I had a good feeling about this book because it reminded me of a book that I read when I was actually in my teens Based on that feeling, I thought I knew what the main characters were I was so wrong I m leery of summarizing the book, because it wouldn t be fair to give anything away I love the setting, I love the characters, and I love that while there is a supernatural element it s something totally different I really enjoyed this and I m looking forward to the next installment.

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    Ok so I have to say I liked the premise of the story I liked that the Maddy and Eddy were opposite of what you usually read, liked the houses, liked most of the characters BUT felt the story lacked somethingdepth maybe I just didn t feel any connection with the characters The relationship between Maddy and Eddy was rushed and just plain awkward The story was rushed and not much was explained I think this story has a lot of potential and will give the next book a try.

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    This was such a good book I have never read a book like this and it was just so interesting I know some history about king Arthur and it was fun how all of that was woven into the book I really want to know what the four horsemen boys dudes have to do with this, what character they are It was such a good book, and I can t wait to start the next one

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