Salaam, Paris

Salaam, Paris Tanaya Shah Longs For The Wonderful World Of Paris, The World That She Fell In Love With While Watching Audrey Hepburn In Sabrina So When A Proposal Comes Along For An Arranged Marriage With A Man Who Is Living In Paris, Tanaya Seizes The Chance But Once She Lands In The City, She Shuns The Match A Stroke Of Luck Turns Tanaya Into A Supermodel, And Soon The Traditional Girl Is Cavorting With Rock Stars And Is Disowned By Her FamilyIn Her New Whirlwind Life, She Is Reintroduced To The Man She Was Supposed To Marry, The Man She Now Realizes She Should Have Never Walked Away From, The Man Who Is Her Only Connection To The Family She Longs To Reconcile With, If Only It S Not Too Late

Kavita Daswani is an American author who started her career as a journalist for South China Morning Post when she only seventeen She lived in Hong Kong before moving to Los Angeles.Now in her thirties, she has written several novels for grown ups and young adults that represent her passion and love for the Indian culture In her books, we see how young Indian girls are trying to break away from t

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  • 19 July 2019
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    This is a fast read, very much in the chicklit genre but at its core has the problem of how far an Indian Muslim girl should determine her own life and how much she should remain true to the traditional way her family are trying to enforce The problem is compounded by the fact she becomes a top model and although the supposed baggage of lovers, drugs and a wild life are not true in her case, who would believe that, especially not her family What is also interesting in the book is the very obvious branding involved in building up a model to be a star None of these issues are dealt with in any depth but needless to say, I really enjoyed the book.

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    Salaam Paris is about a 19 year old Indian Muslim girl, Tanaya Shah, from a conservative family She leaves Mumbai to go to Paris under the guise of meeting the man she has been promised to Once in Paris, she breaks away from her family Ignoring the gnawing guilt of behaving unlike a good Muslim and to find the her individual freedom that she romantically links with Paris, having dreamed of achieving Zen like satisfaction a la Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.She goes on to become one of the most sought after models in the Paris fashion industry The book follows her rise and super stardom and her time amongst the rich, beautiful and famous in Paris and New York Sounds promising for a quick fun read, doesn t it I thought so I was wrong Its an absolute bore.For a book with so much to play around with, there is no flavor or pizazz to it It gives no insight into the orthodox Muslim world than the 2 words themselves orthodox Muslim The same goes for the fashion industry.For a story that revolves around exciting and beautiful cities, Mumbai, Paris, New York, the book is a real drab I was hoping it would be full of insights into the fashion world, or maybe some tender thoughts of a young Muslim girl abandoned by her family for wanting to be an individual Instead it reads like a Women s Era story It may sound harsh but there was not a single line which made me laugh, enjoy the moments or cheer for her in her quest for freedom.Do I even have to say what happens in the end Like every unimaginative Hindi movie, this too ends with Tanaya leaving her pretty cool, I think job for a husband All that rebellion for nothing Don t get me wrong, I am not against her choice, just that somehow a lot of books movies tend to focus and preach on the struggle of a woman to prove herself and then show her ending up with the very life she was rebelling against As if a woman is only truly satisfied with a husband and kids The only thing I agreed with was when she slightly redeems herself in the end by trying to live her own life finally and not be bogged down by guilt passed on by her family.Kavita Daswani tries to pull off a compelling let me live my life book but it s very weak I think I had high expectations seeing that she had been a fashion editor.I would have been better off reading one of the raunchy Shoba De books.You ll find this and reviews at

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    Maybe because I m muslim, I loved the film Sabrina, I seemed to get the gist of the book s message Although it is very un realistic, the way was written does have heart It s not terrible, but not everyone can relate to it, or it s hard to relate to in some aspects of growing up and getting married.I still want to go to Paris one day and have my own adventure

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    I must confess, I have a weakness for this kind of book where a young girl discover a new world, getting completely out of the mold of what was expect of her I specially enjoy this kind of book when it comes label as chick lit.Tanaya, a Muslim girl from Mumbai, just wanted to be in Paris, she wanted to be Audry Hepburn in Sabrina, it was a dream for her, an imposible dream to accomplish, but when her grandfather arrange her a marriage she accept to go with it, stating as her only condition that she will meet her husband to be in Paris She travels to Paris and meet Tariq, the man with whom she had to marry, but of course the wedding didn t take place Instead, and by accident, Tanaya becames a super model while, of course, she is dead to her grandfather and mother for going against all the rules

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    This was a last minute, need for fluff read And it was ok But just that, ok The characters are lovely and you kinda sympathise with most of them, but the whole story was just too light Beautiful girl, runs away to foreign country, can t speak language, yet manages to become a top model, who still has ethic, morals and principles right Just a little too far fetched Oh and she ends up with the guy who was judging her and her choices only moments earlier Sigh.

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    Fantastic A quick read with many emotional roller coasters..It s like watching a Bollywood movie but with substance

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    I picked up Salaam, Paris by Kavita Daswani as a sale book, so I didn t have big expectations It s about Tanaya, a young Muslim Indian woman who s always dreamed of living in Paris When her family wants her to marry a Muslim man living in Paris she agrees to go meet him, but instead turns her back on the arrangement and lives an independent life, eventually becoming a fashion model The usual conflicts arise feeling torn between her traditional upbringing and her bikini clad magazine spreads, as well as re meeting the man she was supposed to marry and finding herself falling in love with him.This book was so good, and so bad I didn t mind the fantasy setting, Tanaya s quick rise to fame etc., because other elements were realistic, such as the shocked reaction of her family, and her own torn feelings I liked that she maintained her moral standards throughout, and the book avoided a lot of overnight success story clich s I also liked that Tanaya missed her family, that she missed India, and she wasn t wholly enad of this new lifestyle she didn t turn overnight from a shy, obedient granddaughter to a Paris Hilton, or a western style feminist.BUT I still kept waiting for her to change The movie that makes Tanaya want to go to Paris is Sabrina, but surprisingly the author doesn t give her the same sort of transformation as Sabrina went through While I didn t expect Paris to fulfill Tanaya s fantasies, I thought it, or her new life, would fulfill her in some other, unexpected way How can someone go from living the life of a child, on an allowance, with a very narrow future ahead of her and she was never particularly rebellious to being extremely wealthy, with enough money to do whatever she d like with her life, and not experience Something Surely she would have changed in terms of confidence Feeling something new flower in her Wouldn t she find out something important about herself Instead, she felt like the exact same person throughout She didn t like other people telling her what to do, but never rebelled against them with one lame exception at the very end and it never really felt like she was enjoying herself Daswani never described Tanaya s experiences in Paris in a way that made me want to go to Paris And in fact, half the book takes place in New York, which was disappointing and seemed unnecessary to the plot.So while I loved the book for the first three quarters, my opinion crashed in the last quarter, when I realized there weren t going to be any interesting epiphanies This is also when the almost a fianc re enters the picture She falls instantly for him, though it s hard to understand why and he suddenly becomes the center of her universe She realizes she should have just married him in the first place, which is frankly the same thing I d wondered at the beginning of the book why wouldn t a conservative girl, who wants to live in Paris, not agree to an arranged marriage to a man who lives in Paris In other words, the author didn t convince me that this person, this character, had reason enough to rebel against this marriage The last quarter of the book is a flat out mess rushed, disingenuous, and finally clich d A book that could have been light yet subtly moving, instead turned out to be a 1980s Harlequin Color me Le Disappointed.

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    Salaam, Paris traces the journey of a young Muslim girl, Tanaya Shah, who hails from a conservative family in Mumbai All her life she had been expected to fit into the cliched role of a housewife, learning how to cook and look after her husband But Tanaya s secret dream is to achieve a zen like satisfaction like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.She finally gets a chance to leave Mumbai and go to Paris under the pretext of meeting the man she is promised to Once in Paris, Tanaya breaks away from her family to live her dream Although she has a rough start, life changes dramatically when Tanaya is spotted on the streets of Paris by a modelling agency Her life takes a turn when she is thrown into the world of fashion and glamour She goes on to become one of the most sought after models in Paris and soon moves to New York to get ahead in her career As expected, the usual Bollywoodish drama takes place with Tanaya s family disowning her and she falling in love with the man she was promised to Although this book seems to promise plenty of insights into the world of fashion and pizzazz, in reality, the book is quite dull Indeed, there are several instances where you cheer for Tanaya and applaud her decisions but the whole book is, unfortunately, not so good The end becomes quite predictable, with Tanaya eventually getting married to whom she had been promised to and giving up her glitzy modelling career to become a devoted wife this was her choice.Although the basic genre of this book is chick lit the book has a lot of depth and emotions Tanaya is portrayed as a strong woman except at the end where I felt that her character wavered The way Tanaya juggled her life and the multicultural aspect of this book is quite interesting making it a worthy read.

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    Now I did like for Matrimonial Purposes and Indie Girl, written by Kavita Daswani Neither is the though provoking depths of Vikram Seth, but they were enjoyable stories, with likable characters and a nice peek into the Indian culture for those who were knew to the culture.And while it was obvious from Indie Girl that the fashion world in relation to traditional Indian values is a favorite theme of Daswani, I have really no clue what this book was about At first from the prologue I thought it was going to be a look at how a Muslim girl balanced her traditions and religion against the debauchery and cut throat world of fashion and modeling.But then it simply started reading like small town girl big city chick lit book with a twist and taste of Muslim culture But it wasn t even that The story just meanders for the first 100 pages, and even when I skipped a head and skim read it seemed to be the same thing over and over The main character had no soul or presence Half the time I couldn t even remember her name Everyone is just an echo of archetypal characters without humanity to them.If you want to read about the clash of tradition and new world success I suggest Serving Crazy with Curry.I have to say, Fashion with Priyanka Chopra, the movie did a look at the fashion world much better with a much interesting plot and likable characters.

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    Well as the story began i thought the protagonist was living in a sexist patriarchal muslim society But then as the story progressed she wanted to do than be just a bride She becomes a model and achieves enormous name and fame But still, i guess, it had been instilled in her that the whole reason of her existence was to serve her husband So she just abruptly leaves her career for a male chauvinistic pig who at one point confesses his love and then the next moment his cowardly act of just desolating her for some weird reason I get that its important to listen to our elders But, when you are an adult and have lived 30 years of you life already don t you have a little bit of thinking power of your own At least to not agree when you know that someone is not right Then, trust his guts, he comes back to her and actually accuses her for going back to her career Like seriously And yet still the girl leaves her career, yet again The career that helped her be independent, the career that helped her to not be shattered the day some coward decided that he cannot be with her cause of what his grandfather thinks and says, the career that was well pretty much the entire book except the last 5 pages where it suddenly ends The ending pretty much sucked I had high expectations from this book and was honestly disappointed.

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