The Salbine Sisters

The Salbine Sisters She Gave Up Everything To Become A Salbine Sister, Member Of A Religious Order Of Powerful Female Mages But When Maddy Nearly Dies While Trying To Draw Forth Elemental Fire, She Learns That Salbine Has Withdrawn From Her The Gifts Every Sister Works To Master On Her Journey To Another Monastery To Research Her Condition, Maddy S Faith In Both Herself And Salbine Are Tested To Their Limits

Sarah Ettritch writes stories featuring strong female characters Her protagonists are often lesbian.

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  • The Salbine Sisters
  • Sarah Ettritch
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  • 22 April 2019
  • 9780981332031

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    Gosh, I loved this read I ve seen this book around for awhile but always passed it up and now I wish I hadn t.The book mainly centers around the character of Maddy, a sister in a monastery, that worships a female goddess that is known for giving the gift of drawing on the elements of water, air, fire, and earth to her chosen ones Maddy s been chosen but when it comes to her gifts they re not what she expected nor what anyone in recent memory has ever seen.I read a lot of lesfic and lament about the overdone tropes a couple that doesn t communicate, a couple that fights with each other instead of joining forces to overcome obstacles, too much angst, forced drama, predictability, and so on I m happy to say this book didn t have any of those, making it a fresh read.The book takes place in a medieval type world with paranormal aspects Though it has a fantasy world vibe which often implies action and adventure, this book isn t about that The journey is about Maddy s internal struggles and finding her way after she doubts her purpose She s a great character and I really loved following her path.What s also refreshing is that the book starts off with Maddy already in a relationship and we get to see it grow stronger as she and her girlfriend become closer And who is she in a relationship with An older woman that is described as plump and pleasing looking but not pretty Unfortunately, we don t get details on Maddy or Lillian outside of that but we definitely don t get the perfect and unrealistic supermodels we so often see And, where other authors take pleasure in inserting angst and dragging it out to increase the drama, that also didn t happen There were so many instances in this book where a problem was dropped into the story and instead of us having to agonize chapter upon chapter to get a resolution, Ettritch got straight to the point I would hug this author alone for that if I could.I found the entire narrative to be engaging and I was completely transported to another world There was also something about the read I can only describe as warm This one really got to the heart of me and, in a rare feat, it actually got me teary but in a good way.This is another indie author that managed to give us a high quality read in both editing and story line I m lucky to have found a plethora of Sarah Ettritch books on Scribd and I ll be reading every one of them.I definitely recommend this.

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    Well I don t say this often but I m glad this one is done I don t think I could have managed much of this oldey timey road trip with two nuns and an orphan I had a total disconnect with the characters or their romantic feelings for each other and the plot couldn t save it from being a tedious affair Another inn, another torch bearing mob, another internal whine fest from Maddy on why Salbine had forsaken her who is Salbine anyway I know not many share my experience, so maybe it s my mood or just the wrong book at the wrong time Onwards f fThemes nuns, fireballs, unwashed peasants, street urchins, this was not my bag, meh.2.5 stars

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    What a wonderful book I enjoyed it so much, that as soon as I finished reading it, I immediately started to read it again Sarah has built a new and interesting world where young girls can find themselves called to serve as Sisters of Salbine When they enter the order, they learn how to draw on and use the elements The book follows Maddy, who has left her family and all she knew to become a Sister of Salbine, who is sure in the knowledge that she s where she s meant to be Her relationship with the outwardly irascible, yet inwardly shy Lillian, an older Mistress of the order, is bringing her joy Especially when, after a few stumbles, they work out that they both want from the other than just a bed partner All this changes however, when she suffers a crisis of faith after she discovers she can t draw on the elements, which sets her apart from all other Sisters This prompts her to travel to another monastery to research her condition and hopefully gain an understanding of her place in the world Little does she know how life changing the journey will be Maddy and Lillian are wonderfully written, their budding romance is wonderful, as is the way Maddy can see right past Lillian s gruff exterior Sarah has given us a wonderful cast of supporting characters and a story that engrosses you from the start I really like the way Sarah writes, she doesn t bombard you with huge passages of facts and data in setting up this new world, but masterfully weaves snippets of important history and information throughout the story The Salbine Sisters has everything you would want, at heart a romance but liberally laced with adventure, humour and character growth that has you cheering them on It s a complete story with no threads left hanging, yet there are some intriguing elements of the story that call out for another book, I d love to read in the story of Maddy and Lillian and the Salbine Sisters.

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    I think if the bookgroup had not recommended this book it would never have made it to my to read list and then I would have missed out on a well written and interesting story.I have no idea what century this story was based in but it has horses, swords, magic, and women who are intelligent, strong and capable the last bit being the most important for me personally Here s the thing with this book, I don t think you have to be someone who reads fantasy type books to enjoy this one The magic or elemental portion of the story is an important factor but it s not the main factor Ultimately, the story revolves around Maddy and the fact that her faith has been shaken and her struggle to figure out her place in the world and her struggle with her religious beliefs Within that is the relationships between the characters of Maddy, Lillian, and eventually Emmey.I really enjoyed these characters and the author s process for making the characters grow and in my opinion to each be brave.My only disappointment is that that it appears there is no sequel for this story.

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    This is one of the slightly fantastic novels that made me read it in only two days, simply couldn t put it down Easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable In a way it s an old fashioned adventure story which I love

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    Would have been 5 star but there were so many things I wanted to know I wanted to know or anything about Salbine The world was not really developed.The characters were nicely developed I liked the way Maddy and Lillian s characters grew over the course of the book and how you really got to know them, this was how a romance should be written although I must admit I was expecting fantasy and less romance Would like a sequel with Rose and her consort as the MCsA solid 4 star book

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    Sarah Ettritch s new novel is one of those stories that sneaks up on you, snuggles in close, and seduces you into reading just a few pages before you put it down The words flow so easily and so sweetly on the page that you re halfway through it before you realise the house is quiet, the news is muted on TV, and everybody else has long since gone to bed.This is lesbian romance at its finest, with characters who are so wonderfully alive that you can t help but fall in love with them from the very first page Rarely do I come across a character who so completely, so instantaneously, and so effortlessly makes such a lasting connection with me as I found myself enjoying with Maddy She s honest and genuine, both a loving friend and a friendly lover Even though she s involved in a May December romance with Lillian, their love never feels cliched or tenuous.The Salbine Sisters themselves are a psudeo religious Order of sorceresses Organized in a convent like setting, these women are called to the service of Salbine, and come to learn the art of drawing the elements as part of their faith Many of the women are lesbians, but this is neither remarkable nor a point of controversy the joining of two women as concubines is just as special, just as much a cause for celebration, and just as common place as the joining of a man and woman in marriage As such, Sarah is free to explore the love of Maddy and Lillian without having to deal with feelings of angst or anxiety regarding their sexual orientation.In terms of storyline, this is a simple novel, but a powerful one and one where, upon reflection, it s easy to discern the deeper meaning so subtly woven into the plot While her sexuality does not make her an outsider, the fact that Maddy is malflowed attempting to draw the elements causes her crippling pain does Lost, confused, and questioning her place, she begs the Abbess for permission to travel to another Order to research the journals of another long deceased malflowed sister Along the way, a lack of understanding about her condition causes others to misunderstand her, to judge her wrongly, and to imprison her simply for being who she is.It s at this point that the simple romance becomes a far complex drama of love and courage Without giving away the key turning points of the story, Maddy suffers both emotionally and physically for the misunderstandings of others, but she remains true to herself through it all, finding a renewed purpose in the care of a young girl, abandoned by her mother, and cruelly imprisoned as a thief Again, I don t want to spoil the ending, but it s a safe bet that love and Lillian will truly conquer all.As much as I enjoed this novel, the ending bothered me at first I felt like there was no resolution to Maddy s quest to understand being malflowed no tidy explanation of how and why she came to be that way It was then, of course, that the pieces came together and the deeper meaning emerged Quite cleverly, Sarah uses Maddy to explore what it means to be an outsider, even as she fools us with a world where that quality which should make Maddy an obvious outsider her sexual orientation is embraced and accepted.There s no resolution because, ultimately, it s no important to understand why Maddy is malflowed than than it is to understand how she came be a lesbian Instead, the story is about simply accepting that which makes us different, recognizing what is truly important, and in learning how to live happily ever after It s an interesting way of making the reader ask those very same questions, even as we enjoy the ride of a thoroughly rewarding love story.

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    This will also appear at in November ebook from NetGalley much thanks IntroductionMaddie entered into the monastery of Salbine Sisters, a religious order of offensive mages that draw on the elements to defend their country She begins her lessons with a mistress that she has taken as her lover, and discovers that she cannot draw on the first element, fire With the news that there is something different about her, she travels to another monastery to find her answers StoryIt takes too long to establish how this world works, and I still have questions Most of all, I want to know about their religion At one point we get a run down about Lina from a tapestry, but what about Salbine It s the name of their God Goddess, a central aspect to this story, and I know nothing about Her The story was supposed to be about Maddie travelling and researching her condition The story takes another turn and in the end I was left asking BUT WHAT ABOUT HER CONDITION Nope, we have just forgotten about that The book ends Thanks, Book, for disregarding what you set out to do.With this said, it was not a terrible story It meandered all over the place, and it presented itself as fantasy It s really a romance Straight up romances usually aren t my cup of tea, but this story had me wondering about Lillian and Maddie s relationship How can it survive the awful conclusion that she cannot draw on the elements So much happens consecutively after that, it made me anxious to read what would happen next in their relationship There are many instances of dialogue that had me smiling or sad the book was exceptionally moving to me, at times Aside from a romance, the story accomplishes very little CharactersThere are a ton of characters For the most part, they are terribly flat Because the story is concerned with an order of women, the characters that the reader is concerned with are women It s too bad that none of them have a convincing personality the author populates the covenant with people whose only traits are that they are women Gwendolyn is evil for about 10 minutes, and she has to most personality out of all the women Message The author s website says that this is A story about faith and love The faith, the religious kind, was alright until I felt like I was being hit in the face with everyone has a purpose set forth by a higher being That became old quickly Because I don t want to spoil it here, Maddie s purpose is the kind of thing I rail against with a feminist fervor VerdictYes, it has two women as lovers, labeled lesbians though the term is not used in the text , so some people will gasp, cover their mouths, and be offended In this instance, it would be best to know a person s sensibilities before you recommend this book I recommend this book as a love story, not a fantasy Because there is no fighting against a society that wants them to conform, I don t even recommend it for people looking for LGBT literature that is about breaking free from society s rigid structure.

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    The Salbine Sisters is a strong character story about love and overcoming adversity The Salbine Sisters is a religious order of magi who reside together in a monestary We are introduced to Maddy, an initiate in the order who is having difficulty calling the elements and as such has been receiving tutelage from one of the most powerful mages in the order, Lillian By the time the story starts, the two have also formed a relationship beyond that of Mistress and student.The problems start, not because of the lesbian relationship nor the age difference although that does concern Lillian nor the difference in rank but the fact that despite receiving a calling to serve the order it transpires that Maddy is what the Sisters term malflowed which is an inability to wield elements or perform magic Whilst those around Maddy attempt to convince her that performing magic is not the only thing there is to being a sister in the service of Salbine it s not long before Maddy sets out on a journey to another monestary to research the journals of another who suffered from the same problem.Unfortunately, she never arrives and it turns out that the general populace also shares the view that wielding magic is part and parcel of being a sister and Maddy is viewed a fraud and sent to prison It is there where she meets Emmey and suffers hardship and learns what it is to be in the service of Salbine.I can t express how wonderful, sweet and romantic this love story is All three of the main characters, Maddy, Lillian and Emmey go through a personal journey and by the end of the book are where they need to be Maddy s journey is especially harrowing and heart rending As I ve stated, this is very much a character story so there is little to no world building to detract from the story For example, we don t know where the order came from, the name of the world or country it is set in, why those called have markings appear on their hands And you know what It doesn t need it either.Another review of mine slated authors who ended their books in a cliff hanger and I admonished that a good story is sufficient to make a reader want further books by the author The Salbine Sisters is a self contained novel where every major thread is resolved but is such a great story that I would love to see a sequel set perhaps five years in the characters future I m racking my brains but I would also have to say that this is the first lesbian romance that I ve read and I wonder if there are similar ilk of such a high standard

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    Sarah Ettrich gives us a wonderful tale of Maddy who becomes a Salbine Sister after she was called in the Monastery to serve and learn the Salbine ways The Salbine Sisters are a group of female that are given the gift to call the elements to help and protect people around them As Maddy undergoes her training, she becomes involve with her tutor Lillian who is the best mage in the monastery As their Maddy s training and love with Lillian progress, she discovers that she cannot draw the elements which is a rare case As Maddy becomes malflowed, this is what the condition is called, Maddy tries to rethink her priorities and purpose in life.Maddy looses her will and purpose as a Salbine Sister which results to her adventure to know how to cope with her condition and have peace in her life.You can also fall in love with the story of Lillain and Maddy with each other to think that they are ages apart They both grew to understand and compliment one another which is a great factor in ones relationship in my point of view I loved how Ettrich wrote this element of the story Emmey was also a great character, so young but vibrant Ettrich gave us a wonderful story in this novel I loved the characters which are independent in their own but I later looses interest in Maddy because loosing her gift made her pessimistic which is really irritating to read but that is also what makes the novel good Another thing that might have added to the greatness of the novel is if Ettrich added of the fantasy side, of magic in the story But besides that, it was a great read I never wanted to put the book down until I finish the novel Every time I wanted to stop reading, the story seems to get me hooked.Although this is lesbian fiction, I think that reader will enjoy reading The Salbine Sisters A little sexual content and violence but nothing that can be too alarming You ll love reading The Salbine Sisters if you enjoy a great adventure, a little action and books with moral lessons.The Salbine SistersSarah Ettritch

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