Beauty What S It Like To Be The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Molly Desperately Wants To Be Beautiful And That S What She Tells Dharma, The Mysterious Portrait Artist Who Sketches Her Face At The Town Fair Just Minutes After She S Humiliated In Front Of Hudson, The Guy Of Her Dreams When Molly Wakes Up The Following Morning, She S The Most Beautiful Girl In Miracle, Ohio Babies Coo In Her Arms, Her House Fills With Flowers From Dozens Of Drooling Boys, And She S Chosen To Be A Model For The Hottest Store In Town Best Of All, Hudson Finally Falls For Her But Molly Soon Discovers That Beauty And Her Wish Comes With A Price She S Faced With An Impossible Choice Will Reclaiming Her True Identity Mean Letting Go Of Hudson For Good

I ve been writing for a long time, since third grade actually, when I wrote a romance serial starring everybody s favorite hunky science teacher, Mr G Every day the girls would gather under the slide to hear the latest installment of Mr G s feats of romance and bravery, which involved things like giving only the third grade girls cupcakes, or riding up on the playground on a white horse to save

[Reading] ➼ Beauty  By Lisa Daily –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Beauty
  • Lisa Daily
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781595143808

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    Imagine waking up in one morning and finding out that you are the most beautiful girl in town.Molly, like average teenagers, doesn t like the way she looks She is too self conscious about her appearance, and it doesn t help that she has the biggest crush to a boy in her neighborhood, Hudson, who isn t even aware of her existence After a humiliating incident involving a stuffed monkey, the prettiest girl in her school, and a country fair went wrong, all Molly wants is just to curl up and die When she s looking for a spot in the fair to hide herself away, she meets Dharma, a mysterious artist who offered to draw a sketch of Molly She also offers to listen to Molly s problem, and Molly agrees It s just it s unfair I wish I could be like that, you know Like Ashley I picked at a blade of grass, watching the water roll over my toes I wish I could be the most beautiful girl in Miracle In a town named Miracle, miracle happens for real The day after, Molly wakes up and finds out that the distance between her eyes has shortened, her cheekbones become higher, and in result, she has the most beautiful face in Miracle Now Hudson finally notices her, and the popular crowd wants Molly to join their exclusive group But what if that s not what Molly really wants I ve read books with similar plot to Beauty, but it s still a very entertaining read It was very easy to get lost in the story I found myself giggling and squealing along with Molly when everyone in school starts fawning at her feet It was pretty fun to read the good parts when people worshiped her The writing, although not amazing, is great and very easy to follow Beauty, although extremely predictable, is such a cute read Sure, there are plot holes and unrealistic parts that bugged me a little, but I just brushed them off and enjoyed Molly s story I found the story refreshing after reading too much books with stories that I have to analyze I think most readers can relate to Molly s story easily There is always a time when we wish that we were prettier, that we were as beautiful as girls in magazines Although in the end, just like Molly, we realize that what matters is the inside, not the outside Beauty is a short and cute read, and I d recommend this for younger readers or for those who are looking for a light read This book is something that you can finish in one sitting, and even though the story is not exactly something new or exceptionally amazing, it s a fun book to read in your spare time And it wasn t just my features It was something else too a certain je ne sais quoi as my dad would say something that drew my eyes to the mirror and made them never want to look away Something that seemed to emanate out of me, warm and alluring, like a fire on a freezing night Something that made me want to step closer, look closer, like there was this magnetic pull to me I was captivating I was enchanting I was beautiful.This was not possible.Read other reviews in my blog Catch the Lune

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    I don t think there s a single girl unless you are one of the 5% of the population gifted with natural beauty , who doesn t wish they could magically become the IT girl Maybe not the most stunning girl around, but we all have flaws and imperfections especially as girls that make us unsure, self conscious, and awkward.In Beauty, Lisa Daily brings all those internal issues that I know I faced as a teenager, and even as a woman today, to the foreground Molly is just your average girl She has zits and frizzy hair and occasionally falls over her own two feet She s awkward and gangly and tripped her way right into my heart When she is given this incredible gift of beauty at a carnival, I cheered for her.I ll admit it I have wished for the exact same thing I see a girl with shiny, straight hair and look at my own curly, occasionally frizzed out mess and glower internally Seeing Molly get something I had so fervently wished for as a teen made my heart happy Only, then it wasn t so happy With this beauty came a new boy, new friends, and a new attitude which honestly started to suck Pretty soon Molly was not only blowing off her old friends, but maliciously making fun of them with the popular girls While I get that the message is be careful what you wish for, one of my only complaints is that I felt Daily took Molly s transformation a bit too far The things she did to people turned my stomach.This book is very predictable The most obvious ending is the correct one, but there s still a deeply rooted message here that I think is vital for girls and women today Do I think all beautiful girls are cruel monsters No, but if you place beauty on a pedestal above all else, then you ll lose that special spark that sets you apart from everyone else.

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    REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKOkay so here is what my reaction is after reading this book image error

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    Rating 3.5 5 WHAT I DISLIKED 1 From the moment Molly becomes beautiful there is no question as to where this book is heading There were no twists or turns, just a straightforward narrative that didn t surprise me 2 This reminded me A LOT of Mean Girls So in terms of originality it was lacking and the storylines were nothing new WHAT I LIKED 1 This book is still an enjoyable read even though originality is lacking I had fun from page one and it was a pleasant reading experience Great beach read 2 The romance is so cute and I LOVE cute, fluffy romances Hudson was such a great guy and loved Molly for her, not just her looks I was such a giggly mess when those two were on the page 3 Molly s friend Kemper who reminds me of Janice from Mean Girls haha is so awesome She knows who she is and she embraces it She s one of those girls whose confident and happy in their own skin 4 Beauty really does come with an important message and Molly learns this lesson through the tough trials she faces I m glad it didn t try to force the message down my throat, it was obvious and I loved that the story did it in a nice, light way OVERALL RATING

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    Taking certain elements from Tom Hanks s movie Big, Beauty is a yet another story of being careful what you wish for a phrase actually spoken by one of the characters in the book.Wishes are devious things and wish givers commonly tricksters, demons or simply the odd fairy trying to get human beings to understand that magical shortcuts are rarely if ever the boon they re made out to be The protagonist is yet another loner teenager moping because of her off kilter looks these girls or boys are rarely ugly, per se, merely the victims of typical adolescent growth too gangly, too bony, too fat, too skinny, too tall, limp hair, frizzy hair, dull hair, acne, freckles, etc One day she decides to wish that she be the most beautiful girl in her hometown Oops.While many of the usual basics are here beautiful mean girl s , handsome guy oblivious to ordinary girl s charm, best friends who are also outsiders, unseeing parents, e.g there are a few mild twists But the ending is as expected magicked girl realizes she was better off as she was, gets wish reversed, etc., etc., etc.Beauty isn t a bad book It s just simply mundane with a sprinkling of magical elements much like its central character.

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    What if you could be stunningly beautiful Would you make the wish regardless of the costs Molly did not realize that her melancholy wish for beauty at the town fair would be granted by the kind, but rather odd sketch artist drawing her portrait After waking up the next day dreamily beautiful, Molly s life changes in many ways Everyone wants to be her friend, her crush takes an interest in her, and she is voted into the homecoming court Molly quickly realizes that with her beauty, comes power Molly is able to dictate fashion, ditch class, and determine her classmates popularity Over the course of a week, Molly s looks are not the only part of her that changes Can she recover her true goodness and looks Lisa Daily s first novel is a definite success Readers will cheer for Molly as she succeeds and worry about her when she begins to slip Molly is a funny narrator with a great sense of humor Reading from her perspective was never boring This novel is perfect for teen girls, but adult readers would have fun reading as well Most women and girls have been in situations like those described in the book and can relate to Molly as a friend and empathize with her I give Beauty five out of five stars.

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    I had previously read this sometime in 2012 but after recommending it to a friend hi Gabrielle I thought it would be fun to re read it I m so glad I did because this time around I enjoyed it so much I had forgotten how much I loved the aspect of the fair and how much it made me jealous my city never had awesome summer fairs like that I understand that some might find this book shallow but i thought it was a lot of fun and fluffy But this was really entertaining and I m glad I re read it

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    What if you could be transformed from a gawky, awkward teen into the most beautiful girl in town It sounds like a dream come true, but in Daily s spot on YA debut there are drawbacks Teens will love this modern day fairytale I did and I hope Daily continues to write fantastic YA

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    actual rating 3.5

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