Deception (LS, #2)

Deception (LS, #2) Deception is a good sequel to this series It had been a while since I had read the first one so I was trying to remember what had already happened This one picks up where The Beginning left off Stephen and Lisa are back together as a couple While they are still trying to figure things out with their relationship they are also working on their powers Lisa has grown really strong in her powers, there is so much that she can do Then Stephen gets another house guest, another cousin There was something about her throughout the book that I just couldn t put my finger on Some things were answered from the previous book but this one created a lot questions The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that the characters are just so nice I know this may sound strange but even when they were mad they were still like super nice and friendly It just seemed a bit fake to me Otherwise I enjoyed it I think this is a good, fun series The author has left us with another cliffhanger ending It sounds like it s going to get interesting and hopefully we ll learn about the characters and their powers I m looking forward to reading the next book and see what happens next This e book was provided to me by the author for review This did not affect my review in any way. I really enjoyed reading this book I feel the author has grown better in his writing skills I loved the twist in this book, the action and the romance I could hardly put my nook down throughout the read When reading The Beginning , I thought it was all paranormal Now, i m seeing a bit of magic in this book It s just awesome I can t wait to read the next book of the series Loved it Loved it Loved it. This was a really interesting read The characters have developed since the last book, and I could feel most bits of the adventure and romance and a bit of deceit Stephen has a new cousin in town, and there s to her than admits the eyes I don t wanna dish out any spoilers It s just a great series. Kelvin s writing had tremendously improved in this second book Reading Deception was actually much smoother and pleasant than reading The Beginning I even couldn t remember feeling annoyed by unpolished and amateurish narration, as I have felt when reading The Beginning It was as if the author had finally find his rhythm and style, stepped out of his comfort zone and delivered the story that is truly worth reading As a result, Deception came out so well put together and jam packed with thrills, action, romance and not forgets to mention, tragedy.I do anticipate the last installment, The Final Battle and find out what s become of Lisa and Stephen.full review at I actually give this novel 2.5 stars.Deception picks up right after the ending of The Beginning In this book Lisa s powers expand until she is doing really awesome things such as teleportation, telekinesis and mind control The questions is why are her powers expanding and what is she going to use them for I was a little disappointed in Lisa in this novel I felt she took advantage of her brother and abused her powers against others I m sure if I had cool powers like these I d want to test them out, but I felt like she didn t really have a problem invading others personal space or thoughts Stephen is one of those guys who are considered the nice guy He s thoughtful, considerate, and quite a catch I m glad he s around to keep Lisa in line at times I think he really understands the need to balance his powers with respecting others There is a lot action in this novel and we get to learn some about Stephen and Lisa s powers As with The Beginning, Deception leaves us with another cliffhanger, but this time we ll have to wait until the next novel comes out to find out the rest of the story. Woo, this was intense I had to read it twice to understand about these two characters Lisa and Stephen Kelvin answered some questions from the prequel, LS The Beginning In this book, we see Lisa and Stephen face so many obstacles Some mystical, others natural My best chapter was when they had their first kiss Sadly, I won t disclose any further You need to read the first book to clearly understand this I hope this book gets transformed into a movie Can t wait for The Final Battle. I love the story line, the growth of the characters, and the story line is very original I do think it should have been prof read a little There are places in the book that don t make sense, like spelling Catherine with a C and the a K on a couple pages, calling Rachel Lucy on a few pages and when Sharon and Stephan go out to dinner he orders one thing but is served and eats something else Other wise I love read the series and can t wait for the next one thank you again kelvin for giving me the opportunity to read your writing and I hope I haven t upset you by my review. Lisa And Stephen Are Back Together As A New School Year Kicks Off This Time, They Re Much Stronger Than They Ve Ever Been, Plus Their Love Life Gears To The Next Stage Everything Seems Perfect As They Learn About Lisa S New Abilities, Until Lisa S Father, Ben Morgan Is Attacked While Receiving An Award In This Instalment Of LS, The Two Lovers Face What Seems To Be Their Greatest Challenge As They Uncover The Mystery Behind The Attacks On Their Lives, They Are Left To Make A Final Decision It S Time To Fight Back Twitter KelvinORalph Facebook Kelvin O Ralph

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  • Deception (LS, #2)
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  • 19 October 2017
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