Der weiße Dominikaner. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Unsichtbaren

Der weiße Dominikaner. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Unsichtbaren Dedalus S Gustav Meyrink Programme Was Praised By The European S Literary Editor, Kathy O Shaughessy, As One Of The Most Important Publishing Events Of The Last Few Years The Publication Of The White Dominican Means That All Meyrink S Five Novels Are Now Available In English From Dedalus The White Dominican Is Meyrink S Most Esoteric Novel, And Draws Upon The Wisdom Of A Number Of Mystical Traditions, The Most Important Of Which Is Tao It Is Set In A Mystical Version Of The Bavarian Town Of Wasserburg, Which Sits Upon A Promontory Surrounded On Three Sides By The River InnThe Novel Describes The Spiritual Journey Of The Simple Hero, Who, Guided By A Number Of Figures, His Eccentric Father, The Spirit Of A Distant Ancestor, The Protecting Presence Of His Dead Lover And The Mysterious Figure Of The White Dominican , Escapes The Medusa S Head Of The World To A Transfiguration, Through Which He Joins The Living Chain That Stretches To Infinity This Is The Novel Which Has Been Eagerly Awaited By Those Who See Meyrink As Not Just A Novelist, But As A Mystic Visionary Who Can Tell Them What Lies On The Other Side

The illegitimate child of a baron and an actress, Meyrinck spent his childhood in Germany, then moving to today s Czech Republic where he lived for 20 years The city of Prague is present in most of his work along with various religious, occult and fantastic themes Meyrinck practiced yoga all his life Curious facts He unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide at the age of 24 His son committed su

➮ [Ebook] ➩ Der weiße Dominikaner. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Unsichtbaren By Gustav Meyrink ➺ –
  • Paperback
  • 165 pages
  • Der weiße Dominikaner. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Unsichtbaren
  • Gustav Meyrink
  • English
  • 20 May 2018
  • 9781873982556

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    Gone the dense urban menace of his first two novels, replaced by a bucolic seeming small city setting I kept thinking Bavaria with a river winding through, and the river by some weird twist passing between the houses of the two principle characters, Christopher Ophelia, who will throughout the novel enact, consciously and unconsciously, a transcendent union Yes, Ophelia drowns, but that s no obstacle to Christopher s continuing relationship with her as Meyrink here is concerned almost entirely with his bricolage of esoteric theories of soul growth and ultimate Gnostic like surmounting of gross predatory physicality, with most action taking place internally as related by his typically didactic characters, though the talkiness is much tolerable and fitting here Reviews synopses squibs of the book invariably mention the Medusa s head of the world as the foe antagonist in this book, but this Medusa s head is not only the gross predatory physicality of the world but also the whole spiritualist subculture that brings unsavory spirits into contact with the living Meyrink clearly aspired to some sort of complicated purity as a path to self realization, and in The White Dominican he offers his clearest description of his spiritual philosophical monstrosity yet Apparently there are people who treat him as a teacher, but I d like to see them actually put into practice his weirdness, which involves long dead ancestors speaking to you through your root to complete the circle, simultaneous with an inner reunion with your dead feminine half paving the way for a hermaphroditic apotheosis.

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    This novel was the perfect blend of occult fiction and a Hermann Hesse style Bildungsroman.

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    No s si es que sea demasiado occidental y mi desconocimiento casi absoluto de las filosof as orientales influy , pero ten a tiempo sin aburrirme tanto con un libro Herman Hesse tambi n tiene novelas profundamente metaf sicas, pero no son tan sopor feras como El dominico blanco Ya ni ganas tengo de leer El Golem, que es un eterno pendiente tras haber visto la pel cula muda y haberla disfrutado tanto.

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    Los libros de Meyrink te transportan a pocas antiguas, a ciudades perdidas y barrios estrechos y magicos donde habitan personas extra as y espirituales con conocimientos fuera de este mundo Sus novelas siempre son una mezcla de muchas doctrinas esot ricas.

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    Me agrado esta obra de Meyrink para ser el primer trabajo que abordo de este escritor, es un texto facil y la lectura de dicha novela es fluida ademas de entretenida Sin duda tomare en cuenta otros titulos de G.Meyrink para leer.

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    Me cost horrores los mismos que sufre el protagonista, por momentos terminar esta sopor fera historia Creo que ya no estoy para este tipo de literarura Me pas con Lovecraft y me sucedi nuevamente con Meyrink, de quien esperaba otra cosa.

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