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Just for FinsWhen Lily Sanderson Decided To Remain Crown Princess Waterlily Of The Mermaid Kingdom Thalassinia, She Knew She Couldn T Just Coast Along In The Current But Since She S Spent The Last Couple Of Years On Land With Gorgeous Human Quince By Her Side Lily S Not Sure She Has The Fins To Lead A Kingdom Even Her Maddeningly Pretentious Cousin Dosinia Seems To Know About Ruling Than She DoesBut Lily Has To Dive In Deep To Keep Her Promise To Tellin, Her Mer Bond In Name Only, Whose Kingdom Is Suffering In The Changing Ocean Climate Lily Knows This Is A Seven Seas Sized Problem From Sea Animals Dying To Oil Spills And Threats To Humans They Ll Need To Create Some Serious Waves To Make The Mer Community Aware And Get It To Join Together To Make Things Right Even If That Means Facing One Of The Iciest Queens In The Mer KingdomsJust When Lily Thinks Her Double Life On Land And Sea Can T Get Any Complicated, An Ancient Mer Law Might Separate Lily And Quince After All It Feels As If The Pair Is Up Against A Solid Tsunami Wave In This Third Installment In The Series That Began With Forgive My Fins And Fins Are Forever, Lily Will Have To Find A Way To Balance Safety And Justice For The Mer People As Well As For The Humans She Loves

Oh My Gods series, the

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  • Hardcover
  • 246 pages
  • Just for Fins
  • Tera Lynn Childs
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780062192158

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    This review is also available over at my blog.___________________________This is my go to cotton candy mermaid series, for sure I love Lily I love how she s just so grown now Like, she s so over that ridiculous obsession with Brody from book one, and she s completely devoted to Quince now I bet any other YA heroine out there would still be torn over different guys in a series, but not Lily Only Quince is on her mind, and I m glad about that.What I love most about this book though is that it s not focused on the romance It focuses on Lily dealing with royal life and trying to help the underwater kingdoms It all started with her wanting to help her friend Prince Tellin s kingdom, Acropora, but after a disastrous meeting with all the kings and queens, she discovers that a lot of kingdoms are facing similar problems, mainly caused by humans In this book, we see a lot of Lily planning to make all the kingdoms work together to solve all these problems.Dosinia, Lily s cousin, also changed a lot in this book I saw a different side of her and was touched by how her and Lily s relationship grew near the end And we see some of Doe s relationship with Brody as well and I guess they re pretty cute.This book wasn t exactly climactic, but I enjoyed it a lot because of the characters, and it was nice to see of the underwater kingdoms besides Thalassinia I also liked seeing the Terrible Trio come to their senses xD It was so awesome when Lily just completely told them off I was dying.The ending kind of scared me Because it seemed quite last book ish, if you know what I mean Like an ending you would see in the last book of a series I m a little scared, because I love this series and I don t want it to end so soon D But the author did tell me on Twitter that there might be of Quince and Lily s story, but she was awfully cryptic about it _ I do hope a fourth book is in the works, though Or maybe even a spin off with a different main character That would also be fun DAll in all this series is so fluffy and fun, definitely one of my favorite mermaid series out there If you have yet to read the first book, Forgive My Fins, I strongly suggest you do

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    Well I had my hopes set really high for this novel Sadly, I felt the first was the best in the series and the second and final book just didn t match up to it Now, perhaps its because the first solely focused on Quince and Lily, and the second faded to the welfare of the mer kingdoms, and the finale was almost solely about the future of the mer kingdoms I guess there just was not enough love in it for me I thought there should be seeing as that was what started the series afterall Not, that there wasn t any romance Oh, no I have no lost my love for Quince He definitely proves himself in this book, and even Dosinia is growing on me I also found that in this book there wasn t as much humour as I was use to I guess the books began transitioning into a serious nature throughout the series, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it felt like some key elements were missing that were in the first one Throughout the series the author did leave me questioning how everything was going to work out and I m glad to fine her ending fit the series, characters, and situation rather well Good Lily Still the same klutzy, frizzy haired, worried Mer girl that she was from the beginning Quince Top notch I love Quince I love the way he loves Lily I love love love him.Dosinia You are growing on me Brody You are growing on me too.Bad The story line was not what I expected and sadly I had high hopes for this book It was highly focused on politics and Lily defining her position in the mer world which was a good, but at some points made the read not so interesting.Overall Writing style, story line, and general Overall the writing was done very well I was never confused and there were some moments when I laughed out loud I just wish there were There were some moments when I put the book down and I found I was not as captured with this book as I was with the first two Although this one, I will have to say, was disappointing for the ending I still love the Tera Lynn Childs as an author and I plan on reading her other series just as soon as I can get my hands on them.View of my review and others at my blog www.mynotsovacantshelf.blogspot.com

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    This series started off with a Big Bang Seriously I loved Quinn, and I loved the whole idea of princess of Thalassinia Unfortunately, as the series progressed, the things I seemed to like care about most disappeared First of all, things got mega lame One thing I absolutely positively cannot abide is lame names Well, let me give you an excerpt from this book What I ask, my voice softer Just tell me, Calliope It seems the ancient law requires your human to She shakes her head He must pass the Trial of Truth Doe gasps.I suck in a tight breath The Trial of Truth Are you fubbugintidgfd kidding me facepalm Also, the author used really bad speaking words All these tiny quirks throughout the book kind of got on my nerves The only thing that made this book a two star instead of a negative 4 was because of Quince Quince was still the same lovable and sexy guy he was in the first book Congrats to the author for managing that.

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    This was definitely the worst book in the series You cannot go from teen paranormal romance to teen attempts to save the ocean in a boring political way and the love interest is barely mentioned If I wanted to read about humans destroying the ocean I would ve picked out a nonfiction book I wanted a romantic mermaid story, and I was severely disappointed Tera Lynn Childs totally could ve stopped after the first book.

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    I was very pleased with the end to this series I felt like all the characters grew a lot during it This was one of the few series where the books got progressively better instead of progressively worse.

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    Now this is the story all about how Lily s life got flipped, turned upside downAnd I d like to take a minute just sit right thereI ll tell you about how she took on being princess of the seas Sorry Feeling a bit nostalgic about the 90s today.So this segment starts just two days after Fins Are Forever left off To be honest, I wasn t expecting much from this series conclusion The previous two hadn t left a lasting impression on me, so I was settling in for a quick, light read And though my lowered expectations were indeed met, Just for Fins surpassed its predecessors in some unexpected ways.After bonding to Tellin on her 18th, Lily officially claims the throne as Princess of Thalassinia Her first act as future queen is to call a meeting with the other ten kingdoms of the Western Atlantic in order to rally an aid team for the withering citizens of Acropora She naively anticipates everyone in attendance to automatically agree with her proposal and send relief to the floundering kingdom When her plea is instead met with outrage, Lily finds that there are other parts of the sea that are trying to grapple with changing environmental conditions Lily s main struggle is with a band of merpeople who think that violence is the answer to their problems believing that if they retaliate against the humans, the waters will be left alone You can correctly assume that our dear mermaid doesn t quite agree with their assessment of the situation.What I liked about this story were the details After finishing Forgive My Fins, I was left even confused than I started, having question upon question regarding the underwater community Most of these were answered in Just for Fins And though the story still had a perfect, clean cut solution quality to everything that the prior two novels also suffered from, Lily s attitude toward her troubles was a bit bearable That being said, I was once again disappointed in Lily and Quince s relationship There are books that concentrate solely on the romantic aspect of the story, which is often than not annoying to the point of no return aka, not finishing the book , but Quince was just so. vanilla What with the love triangle with Brody from the first book, readers were left with the obvious impression of Quince as the bad boy in comparison Because as we all know, these tortured souls usually come out as victors in the love triangle shenanigans But now. meh Not really feeling it for the poor boy I mean really, which self respecting guy names their motorcycle Princess Well There goes another conclusion of a mermaid tale Now if only I could find one that will answer my burning, age old question. view spoiler How in the world do merpeople use the bathroom hide spoiler

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    There was some very clever Mer political maneuvering in this book Loved Lily s solution to the problem My favorite thing is when the tail fins match the colors of the environment Can totally picture that Beautiful

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    So excited for this one One of the iciest queens in the mer kingdoms Maybe we ll get to see the Ant Arctic kingdoms in this one 11 13 11 Oh A cover already It s almost identical to the first book s, but I like it.

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    love this book

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    I really enjoyed this whole trilogy I loved the light hearted fun So many fantasies are super serious It was a nice change of pace.

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