Vex Celestra Series OPTIONED For FILM By Th CENTURY FOX From The New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author, Addison MooreSeventeen Year Old, Skyla Messenger Finds Herself Lying On An Altar As A Sacrifice To The EnemyBeing An Angel Of The Highest Nephilim Order Hasn T Been Easy Her First Love Has Cast His Allegiance To The Countenance, The Sectors And The Fems See Her As Nothing Than A Celestial Pawn, And The Dead Girl She Helped Bring Back To Life Has Blackmailed Her Into Relinquishing Her Boyfriend Skyla Is Determined To Change All That She S Decided To Never Trust Logan Again, To Turn The Tables On The Sectors And The Fems, And Get Dirt On Chloe To Blackmail Her Into Leaving Gage Alone But, When One Obstacle After Another Gets In Her Way, Skyla Can Hardly Find The Strength To Carry On The Only Solution Seems To Be To Sacrifice Herself To The Sector In Her Life And Put Everything In Order While Losing Everything She Values Most Books By Addison MooreEthereal Celestra Series Book Tremble Celestra Series Book Burn Celestra Series Book Wicked Celestra Series Book Vex Celestra Series Book Expel Celestra Series Book Toxic Part One Celestra Series Book Toxic Part Two Celestra Series Book Ethereal Knights Celestra Knights Ephemeral The Countenance Trilogy Evanescent The Countenance Trilogy Someone To Love Someone To Love

Addison Moore is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of mystery and romance Her new book Yule Log Eulogy comes out July 11th.

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    Okkkkkkkkkaaaaaay Well for one Chloe didn t die, tantrum stomps feet not faire I was so ready to read about her funeral being arranged and all that.So yeah could say that was a set back, but that s ok because there s always book 6 right Yeah I m still as much in love with Gage as ever But Marshall is definitely growing on me and might have won a piece of my heart, cute.

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    I didn t realize this series could get any worse, but this book proved me wrong Then again, I am the sucker who keeps giving this author my money to read books that I know are awful I have no idea why I am doing it, other than that I am a masochist who has to finish series that I start SPOILERS BELOW view spoiler This book starts off awful and gets worse from there At the start, Skyla is about to get sacrificed by the evil angels called Counts, one of which is her ex boyfriend Logan She s spinning around on a slab of rock and manages teleport herself to MARSHALL of all people He traps her somewhere and forces her to work with some creepy lady named Ezrina and Skyla has to sit around chopping up dead bodies for several weeks before Marshall finally lets her go back home She arrives home and everyone is gathered at her house for a Christmas party Their daughter is missing, but they re all partying THEN, her ex boyfriend Logan immediately grabs her and starts french kissing her in front of her family for some reason Who cares that this makes no sense and would never happen IRL ever Let s not forget that Skyla is dating Logan s brother or cousin or whatever he is Gage The plot makes almost no sense The whole body cutting up thing, never amounted to anything other than a few mentions as Skyla internally remembers it Skyla still parties all the time Skyla still runs around making out with all three boys She also talks nonstop about sex and tries to lose her virginity about a million times in this book Marshall is still a creepy teacher that no one thinks is bad There is a party at Ellis house where all the teenagers are drinking and doing drugs Marshall comes up and kisses Skyla in front of everyone nothing inappropriate about that right They then walk around holding hands, despite her BOYFRIEND being at the party Then again, her boyfriend Gage is sorta dating Chloe for absolutely no reason that makes any sense at all We do get some awesome lines like He fondles my fingers, molests them with an intensity WHY DOES THAT MAKE ME THINK OF CHILD MOLESTATION AND DISGUSTING THINGS Not much actually happens in the book Skyla makes out and parties and wants to get laid but doesn t Her parents act like idiots as usual They think Skyla is pregnant and instead of going to the store or local doctor to get a pregnancy test, they go on a road trip and stay in a 400 night hotel and go to a super expensive doctor only to get told she s not pregnant Skyla s step dad, who constantly calls her a slut and bitches that she is allowed to be alone with Gage, says that he s not wasting a 400 night room without getting laid himself, so he allows Skyla and Gage to room together while he bangs Skyla s mom in the other room Yeah, that makes a ton of sense This does get the awesome line the ATM that lives in Tad s ass just hunkered down and closed up shop for the night Later on, Skyla and friends are all on a ski trip Skyla and Gage are alone in the room and decide they want to have sex During this totally hot scene, we get the line Should I grab onto it with both hands like a fire hose Yes, she is talking about exactly what you think she s talking about Also on the ski trip, Skyla is on the lift with Gage Somehow the ski lift malfunctions and starts dropping everyone on top of each other Skyla then decides to use her Celestra strength to knock a girl s head completely off I HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE DID THIS I read the scene multiple times and it makes NO SENSE So she decapitates someone and it s no biggie They all finish their trip and head home on the bus While on the bus, teacher Marshall sits with Skyla and basically says Since everyone thinks we re a couple already and I m the only teacher here, it s okay if we make out on the bus in front of everyone I guess no one in Paragon has camera phones Then again, Marshall has previous banged Michelle AT SCHOOL, so his behavior is okay When they return, there is some of the shoddiest and stupidest police work ever The cops sit ALL OF THE KIDS in a room together and they each get to say a two sentence statement about how the girl got decapitated No one preserved a crime scene at the time of the incident No one separated witnesses immediately and talked to them about what happened right away No, we re going to let random people remove the body and do a half ass investigation later THIS BOOK IS SO FREAKING BAD Skyla later decides she s going to give Marshall her virginity in exchange for him getting Chloe transferred to another school She does this because she supposedly can t kill Chloe because of a necklace that is soldered on WHAT DOES THAT MEAN Why can t she yank it off Why can t she light drive aka time travel back to before Chloe got the necklace and kill her then Oh yeah, she can only time travel to get drugs for her friend Ellis and at other random times when it suits the awful plot Speaking of getting drugs, Skyla decides to carry around some pot as a bribe to get some information She of course gets caught by the police with this pot These cops take pot VERY SERIOUSLY because a teenager with marijuana is way important to investigate than a MURDER Skyla gets like 500 hours of community service and jail time and a stern talking to for the pot As we get closer to the end, Skyla tells Gage, Logan and Marshall that she loves them She tries to have sex a few times with Gage, also tries to have sex with Marshall, and makes out and ends up with her skirt pulled above her waist with Logan She s not a slut at all At the end the author HAS to leave us with a cliffhanger that I can t even bring myself to care about hide spoiler

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    WOW.This book was amazing It was kind of all fan friendly, because it seemed to have the perfect mix of Logan and Gage SOO glad Logan isnt evil after all, and still same old Logan Really awesome installment to the Celestra series, cant wait for the next one Already craving for teasers from Ethereal s FB page

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    I have never been a huge fan of the Celestra series, but I have noticed that each book has gotten consistently better The story line has interested me a bit, and I ve wanted to unlock the mystery of exactly how everyone on this crazy island relates to one another and will ultimately stand in the big final battle that has been hinted at along the way So I have continued reading in this series All I can say is what happened in this latest book All of the growth in writing that I noticed with the previous books was completely gone, and this book fell apart from the very beginning I don t know where to begin So many things in this book didn t just fall flat They irritated me to the highest degree I hardly ever feel this way while reading any book, but I have to say that this one was almost a chore for me to finish I hate to be so negative, but there it is.So, what went wrong First of all, I had absolutely no idea what was going on for at least the first quarter of the book When we last left Skyla and her wacky world at the end of book 4 she was lying across an altar, just about ready to be sacrificed in some bizarre Count ritual by her once trusted boy friend, Logan She was surrounded by people in her world who should have been protecting her, her friends and family But instead they involved themselves in this crazy ritual that seemed to be leading to her death Okay, that makes sense Skyla, of course, was going to get herself out of this crisis and would leave with lots of anger directed toward those people who had turned against her, especially Logan I would completely understand if these new events were to rock Skyla s world and lead her to remove herself from their lives and question her trust in any of them But for some ridiculous reason it seemed as if Skyla pulls herself away from them for a couple of weeks while she is in a safer place, but then she returns right into her old life in her old home with her old family, with her same friends despite the fact that they were there at the ritual, and with some interaction with Logan Why would she do this Supposedly these people were involved in practically killing her Why would she return to them And why did none of them seem to act like it had been a big deal No one even mentions the ordeal at all Why It made absolutely no sense When Brielle finally talks to Skyla about it she makes it seem as if it was no big deal I don t know what to say about all of this Nothing was explained to satisfy me that I understood what was motivating anyone Then there is Skyla s relationship with Logan It is understandable that she is angry with him and does not trust him any longer I get that I really do But as he tries to explain what really was going on that evening I thought that perhaps she needed to listen to him a bit She treats him horribly not because she doesn t trust him, but because she continues to find herself kissing him and thinking of him She kids herself that she is over him, and she is being a royal jerk of a girl to push against him in anger while pulling him to her whenever the fancy grabs her I have no idea why Logan puts up with her at all His love for her makes absolutely no sense unless he is truly just a half insane teenager with no logical bone in his body.I ll say what really made this book an absolute chore to read it was Skyla, the first person narrator I absolutely cannot stand her You know that girl in high school who was impossible to like because of her actions toward others That s Skyla She is manipulative, whiny, self centered, hateful, selfish, and I could go on and on It seems like this entire book was about her quest to turn in her v card as she so inappropriately named it Her CONSTANT waxing on about her eternal love for Gage how they were made for each other for all eternity and would live in love and happiness forever and ever and ever, etc was so taxing to read She sounded like some lovesick teenager who really has no idea what love really is There is not one ounce of maturity in this girl She goes on ad nauseum about her love for Gage, but then she finds herself constantly in situations where she passionately is kissing Logan and Marshall What sort of love is that She needed some bff to give her a good swift kick in the pants about her disturbing obsessing about doing the deed with Gage When he whipped out a condom, and she mistook it for candy, having no idea what the thing was, I was screaming that she had absolutely no reason to be in that situation at all She was a naive little girl living out her fantasy of what it meant to be in a loving relationship It is only because she happens to be attracted to two guys, Logan and Gage, who have a bit of maturity and self restraint, that she hasn t gotten into a situation she shouldn t be in in the first place And why, oh why, are these two intelligent, attractive young men constantly pining for this selfish girl She treats them both like dirt I don t care how many times a girl says that she loves you if she keeps finding herself kissing other guys on a regular basis, I would hazard a guess that she may not be the right girl for you Logan continues to go after her, even after Skyla throws him under the bus, figuratively It makes no sense, and I can t root for any of these boys because I am convinced that they could do better without her.Then there is the whole situation with Marshall I have no patience for this drama at all He is her teacher, for goodness sake Why does he seem to be involved with any number of girls in this town and not raise any concerns from the populace Why is Skyla so obscenely obtuse that she would agree to sleep with this creepizoid just because he promised to keep Chloe away from Gage What kind of bizarre brain inhabits her head I m glad that Logan, at least, seems to be looking out for Skyla s best interest, and he is willing to sacrifice something so that she can be protected from Marshall, even though it possibly means that he will face reprisals from Marshall ultimately.The whole hatred of Chloe thing is getting super old These girls who are constantly arguing with Skyla are pretty hard core angry young women, but Skyla is not any better I think I am meant to root for her against these mean girls, but I m not feeling it I think Skyla is just as brutal toward others in other ways And then, what is this crazy obsession with cheer practice You have a court date, and your first response is, I have cheer practice Or you are scheduled to meet with some celestial bigwigs, and yet again, you worry that you ll be missing cheer practice What is going on in this girl s head The pacing of the book was awful This was a problem in the first two books, but it has gotten better with the last two books, but in this book it fell apart again There were so many times when a chapter would end on a cliff hangar event that seemed to show some new angle in the story, but then I would turn the page and see Skyla interacting in exactly the same way with everyone Frustrating Shouldn t there be some growth shown throughout the series The entire plot is becoming lost in extraneous details and activity I feel like when I read a series there should be two types of things to expect Either each book involves the same characters but has completely separate and unrelated stories that exist independently from one another Or it should be a series that contains a story arc where mysteries are gradually revealed and characters grow as they experience the events of the books This series is falling apart, however I feel like I was thrown into a tossed salad of mysteries, but as Skyla traipses through her life only and ingredients are thrown into the salad, and some of them have no business even being in the mix Nothing is getting revealed Each book only adds mystery I could deal with that if I saw any growth in the characters, but they all seem to be slogging through the plot as well, not getting any smarter or kinder or anything The relationships haven t grown They just get confusing The world seems and complicated, and it is getting to the point where there is so much confusion that I am not sure that I even care about the outcome or would even understand what would be needed in order to feel like I found a happy ending.The story itself is becoming too confusing to follow Perhaps I should have re read the last book before I began this one, but it was only a month ago that I read it, so I shouldn t be so confused about exactly who each of the characters are and how they relate to one another Unfortunately, the alliances and powers of each person have been twisted so often, that I m not sure where anyone stands Because no one is really sharing anything with Skyla I feel like as a reader I am kept out of the loop as well That doesn t work so well when reading a story with complicated angles thrown in with each new chapter.Just one sentence for this complaint, but Why, oh why, does the future of this world depend on such an immature, selfish young woman She had better grow up quick or the people are going to be in big trouble They ll find that their world was destroyed while their heroine was making plans for passionate trysts with Gage or will it be Logan or maybe Marshall in the next book.This story should have been told in three or four books instead of the five already published with at least one on the way I could have really done without a book half filled with Skyla s plans for schtupping her boyfriend It is time to get this story well on the way to resolution I think I ll give the series one chance to redeem itself, but if the next book ends up like this one, I m afraid I ll have to leave without finding out how this whole thing resolves itself It hurts me to award a one star rating to any book, but I just have to say that I didn t like this one at all.

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    I m going to try and get this out without sounding too mean because I love Addison Moore She has such a great imagination and a way with words but this book was definitely my least favorite of the series and I m going to tell you why As with the other 4 books, this one was a little hard to follow at times and like other reviews have said, it was a little repetitive I felt like the story didn t really go anywhere and it only made me annoyed with Skyla She kept kissing Marshall and Logan and was even about to lose her virginity to Marshall because she s so caught up in getting rid of Chloe that she doesn t realize how big of a hole she s dug herself in And poor Gage I think she kissed her other two admirers than him in this book and he has no clue He s been nothing but wonderful to her and how does she repay him They get so close to having sex and every time it s not perfect enough for Skyla Please At this point, she doesn t deserve Gage Hell she doesn t even deserve Logan She just needs to take a step back and prioritize She needs to focus on winning the faction war and her love life and killing Chloe can wait Ugh Now usually I don t want a book or series to end but I m really wishing Addison would just wrap this up and finish it It s getting hard to keep up with everything and all the new details and even the cliffhangers at the end aren t doing it for me I actually almost rolled my eyes at the end of this one Not to be mean, but I just need closure at this point I just want know how it all ends and I hope the next book is the last, although I doubt it It sucks because I really loved this series but now it s just being dragged out and I want answers and a conclusion.

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    Why does this book have 4.5 stars This is yet another series that I have been coaxed into beginning based on one of s.99 cent Kindle book deals I even read a few reviews on Good Reads first, but did not heed the warnings, thinking But its only.99 cents How bad could it be for a buck Little did I know I was sealing my own fate, and forcing my hand to embark on a 5 book journey of frustration and annoyance My first mistake was thinking that if I read the first book, and found it shitty, I would have the power to say to myself I did not like this, I will not buy the next books, I do not need to know what happens, because I know that I am not going to like it and I am just going to be 12 bucks poorer and even pissed off I have no such will power I read in someone s review of the first book of the series, Ethereal, that it was written like bad fan fiction I find this to be an accurate description The main character and narrator, Skyla, is possibly one of the most irredeemable characters in the series She is shallow and entirely selfish, and lacks any sort of understanding for the consequences to her own actions Yet somehow the 2 most gorgeous guys in school are in love with her Go figure..To read the rest of this review and other reviews go to my blog at

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    I loved the 4 previous books and really looked forward to reading the fifth I must say, however, that I was pretty disappointed in this book I had a really hard time getting into it, which I thought was odd since I devoured the other 4 by reading them all within 2 days I found this book to be all over the place More Chloe drama that never ends So much lying to Gage it s sickening, Logan is a back stabbing maniac, and Marshall UGH And the end What the hell Not a big fan of this one Skyla is becoming a compulsive liar who seems willing to whore out her body to get her way Poor Gage.

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    Team Gage

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    Celeste s Review This story jumps immediately into action as it picks up where the cliff hanger ending of Wicked left off For that I was glad, but that situation got resolved and we were onto the next This book was of the same wild and crazy action Skyla and Gage continuously pledge their love to each other, but there is still some kind of a pull with Logan, and we also can t leave out our favorite sector, Marshall, who Skyla seems to trust less, which I was sad about I really like him although I m not sure why.For some reason I thought this was the last book and the next book would be a spin off , however I was wrong as I found out as I read the last page Yes, another massive cliffhanger I m not going to lie I was so disappointed I need to find out what happens The story never ends I felt as if this just went in circles I had read almost every scene it was just a little different each time around and barely took a step forward From the love scenes with Gage, to fights with Chloe I need this to be resolved I think if Skyla had chosen Gage, Logan, even Marshall and the story continued from there it would have been better for me The same with the Chloe storyline either kill her or move on She also does the dance with Tad and Lizbeth with no resolution either.So, if I could get closure on this story which has spanned 5 books I would be so very happy I really do want to find out who Skyla ends up with, if Chloe survives, does Tad ever suffer as well as an ending to the faction war and Skyla s relationship with her mother No matter what I will be reading the next book and would love to read the next series I love Addison s writing style and the world she has created This is a fun and quick read, but if you haven t started I would wait until all the books are done so you don t have to wait to find out what happens

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    One Down, Two Left StandingOne down and now there are two are left Between Gage and Logan, Skyla can only pick one to let live and has she made the choice already In this book, you will want to know what will happen next in her life Will she follow her heart and let true love in Her actions always speak louder than her words or thoughts She says yes she love one but her thoughts always turn to the other two She has always ran to one when she is in trouble and she will defend him even if it may cost her life and even if it against the person she says she loves One has always fulfilled her request she might have A simple desire such an eye, arm or a body and he has always came through for her even through the long term out come will not be in her best interest Two will help her prepare for the biggest battle for her life good verse evil One keeps a secret to protect her no matter how much she begs him for it He holds a deep secret which keeps her safe, even it if it the price he will paid is losing her love for him How will this love story end Now we are left with Chloe, who is consumed with jealously and power hunger as well as who wants to be ruler of all Will Chloe ever get the person who she is in love with and get him to love her back or has he started Will Lizbeth bring home something extra when she goes to see Skyla s father Must Read Book Please Addison, do not keep us waiting to long for the last two books.

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