The Wild Side of Christmas

The Wild Side of Christmas It S Christmas Eve, And The Boys From The Wild Side Are Seriously Partying First They Re At Home, Where Paddy Gets A Festive Treat His Master And Two Slaves Working Him Over In A Torrent Of Bondage Sex Then They Move On To The Club Where Sven And Marco Get To Play, Enjoying An Old Friend And An Old Enemy As Well Finally In His Office, The Owner Of The The Wild Side, Big Bad Angus McCloud, Takes Mighty Offence With A Treacherous Master It S Another Christmas Treat As Angus And Paddy Give The Man A Lesson He Ll Never ForgetThree Seasonal Scenes From The Wild Side

Jack Brighton is a British author who specialises in gay erotica with a BDSM slant His books are widely available on all major e book and specialist erotica sites, published by his company Firm Hand Books.Jack was born and raised in the west of Scotland then moved to the south of England after graduating from university, living first in London before moving to the sanity of Brighton Having for

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10 thoughts on “The Wild Side of Christmas

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    Certainly wild A Christmas with some bad boys who play hard and rough Three scenes to this tale first, is a sublime menage a quatre with some alpha males one so than the others, second, mischief and play on the club floor is observed not for the timid with watersports featured, and finally a dubcon finale in the boss s office Entertaining for those who like it rough It is really only a cursory sweep of the characters and the club, The Wild Side, but it does make me interested in following up on the story of these men.

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    This is a first for me from Mr Brighton Oh boy I like his writing style It s down and dirty gritty and hot This elite club of his contains an ass row How funny is this Or rather, how FUN is this We are treated to several scenes of hot m m The punishment of an offender was hot I want to read I m going to have to break down and buy of his books Not for the sugarkink group.

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    This was a blast, I am so hooked

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    Basically a short about a Christmas orgy at a new BDSM club One Dom and three subs but nothing to write home about.

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    This one pushed some boundaries for me, but it was very well written I just had issues with the second and third scenes in the book, and the lack of protection that was used in the book as a whole This was definitely a rather extreme m m bdsm read for me, but to each their own.

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    Man oh man Brighton is really good at this type of story I feel like these are men stories like guys would like these a lot No sappy romance here although there are romantic elements it is all inside of he man men LOVE Paddy and Angus and am so happy I started reading Brighton by reading Paddy s story it really set the stage well for me to be than a little in love with Angus What I love is the fact Angus is a man s man and is not really interested in a full time slave who is not man enough to take him on It s two full sized and I mean that in every way lol men who get together and it s raw, edgy, elemental, gritty, and freakin ass fun Enjoyed this one the only downside is I wanted descriptions sorry but I like to experience it not have it mentioned in a paragraph Especially Lee and his pictures Ooo laaa laaa.

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    This was one smutty, hot read and I plan to read from this author One Christmas Eve adventures of Angus McCloud, the owner of the Wild Side, a gay BDSM club and his slaves, Paddy, Sven and Marco.

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    This free short story was basically an orgy of four men on Christmas There is one Dominant, Angus, and four submissives Angus s favourite submissive is Paddy He favours him out of the other two They all listen and obey to everything their Master says It was pretty good but I think it should have ended after the first chapter It goes on after that which took me by surprise Angus, the Master got a phone call and had to go down to his club It is an all male D s club There was a man who broke the privacy code and started taking some pictures with his phone He was punished by Paddy and Angus This story kind of made me miss Christmas a little Not because of all that was going on I just miss the giving season I would recommend this book for someone who is looking for a little bit too much guy on guy.

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    I read that last year and was rather not taken with anything in it the characters are unlikeable, the BDSM is fantasy non con, people get tortured, extorted and all but lynched all of which is justified by the perps as some just consequence or what , the sex is barebacking tied up subs anonymously to boot and none of it is in any way erotic There s gay porn I can enjoy, Christopher Pierce or Jeff Mann for example, but not this.

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    I like personalities and relationships to go with my m m BDSM As this book a sits squarely in the gay erotica genre rather than m m romance and b is a short about characters previously established in a longer book, I clearly made a poor choice picking it, and hence I will not rate.

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