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Chosen: A House of Night Novel Dark Forces Are At Work At The House Of Night And Zoey Redbird S Adventures At The School Take A Mysterious Turn Her Best Friend, Stevie Rae, Is Undead And Struggling To Maintain A Grip On Her Humanity Zoey Finds Herself In The Very Unexpected And Rare Situation Of Having Three Boyfriends Mix A Little Bloodlust Into The Equation And The Situation Has The Potential To Spell Social Disaster Just When It Seems Things Couldn T Get Any Tougher, Vampyres Start Turning Up Dead Really Dead It Looks Like The People Of Faith Are Tired Of Living Side By Side With Vampyres But, As Zoey And Her Friends So Often Find Out, How Things Appear Rarely Affects The Truth

PC was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back and forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology at about the same time After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing After her tour in the USAF, she taught high school for 15 years before retiring to write full time PC is a 1

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  • 14 August 2019
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    I have to say I became addicted to these books when I started them and I had nothing to do over the past few days, but now they re really starting to irritate me I have started the fourth book but put it down because I can t just stand the horrid writing any The author is extremely repetitive, starting with her introduction to the books She thinks random people would start reading at the 3rd book without reading the previous ones, and in the process of her introductions she pisses her actual readers off I feel like throwing up, seriously every time I read the Twins talking It s like this author is starved of ideas for their dialogue They, Damien, Jack, Zoey have all failed to develop in the slightest Their banter is really getting on my nerves I ve read other reviews on this site and many are saying the same thing Why not try some different dialogue for a change Recognize that your readers, since they ve been reading a book with the F word in it and sexual content, they aren t little children who can t take big vocabulary words and who have to have repetition thrown at them, as well as stupid pop culture references every few seconds Zoey, the main character, could use a bit of maturing It doesn t help that the first three books progress over the time span of only a few months and she is still a freshman third year former in her school Since she has such wonderful powers you would think she would learn a bit of responsibility and sense As for her three boyfriends, you would think she would have a bit of sense and compassion to not cheat around But noo, hormones took over This did add some much needed conflict to the story, but the whole concept was just ugh since she was fooling around with three guys at once great message for little girls there The characters I have to compliment are Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, and Neferet.They have developed and Stevie Rae s change into an undead creature was interesting, as well as Aphrodite s character development A good thing about this series possibly the only reason I kept on reading is the action It happens too fast in places, but the whole concept of the Priestess, blood drinking imprinting, etc is very good I also enjoyed many of the action scenes, but as the books went on they became less and less It s a shame the good in this book is overridden by the bad writing and characterization as well as the author s laziness in thinking up new plots and character development I ll keep on reading them, but I won t stop wishing that there was an improvement.

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    I had a crazy idea last night I decided that I would go to the library and read Hush, Hush, House of Night, Fallen, Ever and its sequels, and Shiver After hearing several bad reviews for each of these books, I avoided them But curiousity got the better of me and I couldn t very well complain about how much the standards for YA novels have fallen without reading some of the alleged best sellers My plan was foiled and the only book they had available was the third book in the House of Night series, Chosen Maybe I should be grateful If the quality of those other books are anything like Chosen, I fear for my sanity I have not read the first two books in the House of Night series, but I could gather what was going on Zoey s best friend Stevie Ray is undead or something and she tried to kill Zoey s boyfriend Imprint, Heath Zoey s rival Aphrodite who is much likeable than Zoey despite being her rival saved him All this is told to me within two pages The book starts off by Zoey trying to see how many times she can say suck while complaining about her awful birthday Her birthday is near Christmas, which means that everyone does the cliche thing and gives her Christmas themed gifts Zoey whines to her kitten about how she ll have to put on a fake smile while people give her lame presents she doesn t like She makes a few stereotypical remarks regarding her gay friend Damien while she opens her presents There s a notable scene when Zoey s boyfriend Erik gives her a really pretty necklace and she s estastic until she sees it has snowmen on it That just ruins the present Then Zoey s first boyfriend Heath gives her a bracelet and she s happy Erik and her friends get mad that Zoey acted like an ungrateful bitch, and she has the audacity to say that it s not her fault Zoey, it is your fault, sweetie You didn t tell your friends you didn t like Christmas themed gifts for your birthday You were too busy whining about having sucky birthdays to mention this fact Just say casually, I don t like Christmas themed things for my birthday Make light of the fact There s no need for you to make it into a scene where you confessed you were abused So Chosen follows Zoey s struggle to help her best friend Stevie Ray regain her humanity I can tell Zoey just misses Stevie Ray so much Without Stevie Ray, Zoey has to have bad birthday presents You see why she needs Stevie Ray in her life Saving your best friend from a bad birthday that s a real friend The whole thing with Stevie Ray goes back and forth Zoey insists that she hasn t changed, Stevie Ray says she isn t human any, blah,blah,blah What s Zoey s reason for Stevie Ray to be human The clothes are better That s right Never mind that her best friend is losing her humanity and chomping down on humans the important thing is that Stevie Ray looks gross as a feral vampire and her victims might have lice Teenage priorites Gotta love them There s also tension with Zoey s rival Aphrodite joining Zoey s group of friends because she has an affinity for earth I liked Aphrodite.I liked how she was trying to make up for past mistakes I liked her bitchy attitude, her insults towards Zoey showing not everyone worshipped her, and the fact that she gave Zoey a dose of reality Not every girl who has sexual desire is a ho Now, that brings me to my next issue Zoey is fond of using the word ho The words ho and slut are tossed around a lot these days, and not in the right context Zoey seems to think that having any sexual desire whatsoever makes you a ho Zoey is a filthy hypocrite One of her other problems is that she has three boyfriends There s her old boyfriend Heath who she imprinted on and now shares some sort of sexual bond There s her current boyfriend, Erik, who understands her There s her Professor Blake, or Loren, who is a man that makes her feel like a woman For a good bit of the book Zoey goes around kissing Loren and then feeling guilty and whining about it Of course she never does anything to stop it Then she still has feelings for Heath as proven when she basically humps him in public But she s not a ho Just saying But the clincher comes at the end of the book Zoey s crying because Erik s been Changed and it reminds her of when Stevie Ray died I m not too sure on the details, at that point I only had thirty pages to go Anyway, Zoey runs into Loren and he comforts her He takes her to his dorms apartments I don t know, nor do I care The main thing is that they form an Imprint, which overrides Heath s imprint Imprints make you feel sexual desire and she and Loren have sex Zoey wakes up the next morning and describes herself in the most vain way ever The little issue of Erik crops up, not to mention that she still hasn t dumped Heath, but Loren goes all possessive and says Zoey belongs to him That s what I like to see Possessive boyfriends If I wanted to read this you belong to me crap, I d go read fanfiction There s plenty of that possessive mates bond crap floating about But oh no, Erik comes and see Zoey naked with their Professor What follows is my favorite moment of the book and Erik s crowning moment of awesome to me He calls Zoey a slut, accusing her of playing all innocent and virginal while she s been seducing her Professor He calls her out on being a hypocrite and then says what a fool he was to have fallen in love with her Then Zoey finds out that Loren was using her and he s in love with the baddie, Neferet Who didn t see this coming I ve read the same plot in countless fanfictions Some shit happens, something about Stevie Ray and some people who are supposed to combat the threat of religious fanatics Zoey s friends find out that she cheated on Erik Do they reprimand her for it No, they just talk about how fiine Loren is When Erik is still understandably upset, Aphrodite makes a remark that people take an incredibly long time to get over things that happened before Yes, Erik, how dare you not forgive your girlfriend for cheating on you within an hour She can get away with that shit she s a main character Stevie Ray comes, it s a trap, I don t know At this point I just wanted the fucking book to end Stevie Ray is back to normal which means she can plan decent birthday parties for Zoey, yay and Aphrodite is human The stereotypical religious group that Zoey s stepfather runs, kills Loren, so the vampires are declaring war I was going to go into a mini rant about how parents are the worst thing ever next to Christians, but I don t have the energy There s a wonderful scene when Neferet tells Zoey how much she sucks I hope Neferet kills her But since this series is twelve books as far as I m aware, nothing can kill Zoey To quote Yugioh the Abridged Series she s a main character Everyone else can go right ahead and die This book sucks I suppose I could write down some creative similies, but I don t have the energy My brain still has to recover I will say that I couldn t believe that this is a bestseller But after reading an informative book on the publishing world, now I can Best seller does not mean quality It just means that the publishers haven t lost any money on this book I don t know whether to weep for the future of YA books, or feel confident that my novel might have a fair shot.

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    The first two books in this series were pretty good Definitely not phenomenal, but a good guilty pleasure series, like cotton candy in the world of literature But Chosen was just too much It starts off a month after Betrayed left off Zooey is juggling three boyfriends, trying to keep the fact that Stevie Rae is a monster a secret, and struggling with the fact that her former mentor, Neferet, is an evil vampyre creating an undead army.First off, the thing that bothered me most about the book was the racism P.C and Kristin Cast are always writing about characters skin color, but ONLY WHEN THEY RE BLACK If a character is black the authors always mention it in great detail, but if the character is white or anything else, they leave discussions of their ethnicity alone The most offensive and racist part of the book was when Zooey was innappropriately grinding one of her boyfriends, Heath, in public The line, two black guys were just a few feet away wearing the stereotypical ridiculous sagging pants, was used This line pretty much sums the scene up The authors stereotype black people, making these black guys vulgar, wannabe hoods And then Zooey kills these guys for talking trash to her, and nothing much is made of it later on in the book It s as if the authors are saying it is somehow okay to murder blacks, and that if you do there won t be any consequences This made me really mad Revealing the race of two characters who were only in the story for two pages was completely unnecessary The scene could have worked regardless of the two guys ethnicity, and the Casts identifying the two men as black sent a loud and clear message black peoples lives are meaningless The character Zooey is a horrible role model She and her friends constantly bully a girl on campus, their only reason being they deem her a slut The girl, Aphrodite s, only crime was sleeping with a boy she d been in a long time relationship with Then Zooey turns around, has three boyfriends, lies to all of them, and sleeps with a teacher The fact that Zooey, the main character and supposed heroine of this series, sleeps with a teacher is disgusting beyond words It shows her complete lack of good judgement and her willingness to betray her perfectly nice, loyal boyfriend Erik I hate how Zooey manipulates the boys in her life and has no regard for anyone s feelings but her own She lies to all her friends throughout the book and tries to have three boyfriends at once instead of doing the responsible thing and breaking up with two of them Besides the fact that the main character is an obnoxious slut and the book is blatantly racist, the story just suffers from poor writing The authors waste a lot of time giving us long summaries about what happened in the previous books, and sometimes review things that just happened a few chapters ago There were also a lot of little typos throughout the book, which detracted from the story becuase it was like they were in such a rush to get the book published they didn t leave time for editing Most of the characters are not fully drawn, and all Zooey s friends are stereotypes There s Erin and Shaunee, two loud mouthed girls who are tough as hell, but love to shop for shoes There s Damien, who is the smart gay guy who holds them all together In truth, the only thing this book had going for it was the suspense Every chapter ended in a cliffhanger and the storyline of teachers at the House of Night showing up murdered compelled me to read on But not even mediocre plotting can save a sinking ship To conclude don t waste your money buying this Don t waste your time reading it.

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    Ugh, I don t even know why I m bothering with this I really wanted to slap a one star on it which I don t do unless I ve actually finished the book but, yanno what I m gonna do it anyway.Apart from being a very poorly written account of the life of the single worst female protagonist I have ever, ever read about, this booked is rampant with stereotypes, derogatory terms, slut shaming and the weirdest paragraph ever written about a gay character Usually he isn t so overtly gay Not that the fabulous Damien Maslin isn t actually gay He totally is But he s also a tall, brown haired, big eyed cutie who looks like he d be excellent boyfriend material which he is if you re a boy He s not a fluttery acting gay kid, but get the boy talking about shopping and he definitely shows some girlish tendenciesWhat in the literal fuck does that even mean WHAT IN THE LITERAL FUCK IS THAT PARAGRAPH If you re not offended enough by that alone, there s also casual use of the word retarded and a horrifying scene where Zoey treats a homeless person like they are actually the scum of the earth.Ugh Burn this book BURN THIS BOOK.

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    I HATED this book than I think I ever hated any other book in my life Zoey is an annoying slut The Twins are dumb bitches Don t get me started with the love interests Zoey thinks that anybody who has even a small dose of sexual desire is a hoe bag, but yet throughout the series she had seven boyfriends I kid you not Talk about hypocritical, bitch I strongly disliked Erik, Heath, and Loren But Erik won me over at the scene when he called Zoey a stupid slut and a filthy hypocrite, among a bunch of other things At this point in the book, I m rooting for Erik to dumb her sorry ass and find someone who might actually treat him right The one good thing about this shit was Aphrodite I loved her sarcastic bitchy self, but unfortuanately, she was shamed by Zoey as a slutty hoe And yet, in the first 3 books, APHRODITE WAS NEVER REALLY DATING ANYONE That was enough to make me want to barf out my lunch I am not, in any way, joking when I say that Zoey is the most hypocritical, stupid, irritating, slutty, bitchy protagonist I have had ever had the misfortune to read about Hell, she makes Bella, Luce, Nora, and Ever look like beautiful, amazing, well thought out characters If I ever see Zoey on the streets, I won t think twice to wring her neck, because I have never heard of a useless, retarded character before.

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    CHOSEN was a long drawn out account of Zoey Redbird dealing with in her own words her ho ish existence All we read about is Zoey s hormones getting pulled every which way with a Human imprinted partner, Heath who she intends breaking up with but instead has a hot n heavy make out session with b Erik, her handsome fledgling boyfriend who she wants to come clean with about her roaming eye but instead ends up having hot n heavy make out sessions with c Loren Blake, temporary teacher who she wants to break up with but as he apparently makes her feel like a woman , she inevitably ends upyepyou got ithaving hot n heavy make out sessions with So in the midst of all this mind numbing drama, Zoey is also trying to find a way to restore some semblance of normality into the life of her friend Stevie Rae, who died and changed into a snarling, undead creature Along the way she has to keep secrets from her nerd herd and rely on the reluctant assistance of foe turned friend, Aphrodite A Series filler with minimal truly gripping moments.

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    Mini ReviewI really hate giving bad reviews but this book truly disgusted me I am really disappointed in P.C and Kristin Cast I mean honestly, do they think that all teenagers act like this because if they do, they need a reality check Love triangles are overused but I can admit, that some writers can really do it well This love square thing Zoey had going on was ridiculous I mean, come on When I read about the teacher suddenly popping up in the picture, I was so grossed out I mean, usually, older guys are sexy and they really get me going but this guy just grossed me out Plus, I had no idea why Zoey would even be looking at another man when she HAD a boyfriend What happened to being faithful What happened to loyalty Don t Read on unless you Have Read the Book or You Will Not Be ContinuingFinally, the one moment that pissed me off like never before Zoey slept with a teacher who was using her How freaking stupid could she be It was so obvious he had ulterior motives, so why oh why would she just sleep with him without considering her boyfriend, her protection, and her pride For godsakes, she gave up her virginity to some pervert and expected her boyfriend and friends to like her afterwards for keeping secrets What is wrong with her God, its characters like her that put me off It sickens me to think that there people like this out there Its like no one respects themselves in books any Its disgusting Zoey needs to get herself some self respect because her behavior is awful Thank god I don t act like her because if I did, then I d owe my parents a huge apology, along with the rest of the world.Rating 1 out of 5 Stars

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    This series just keeps getting better and better The Casts are fearless about adding new dimensions to their beloved characters I admire the creativity of their world it s extremely well thought out and cohesive while blazing new paths in the vampiric realm I really can t praise this series enough.

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    This book has the worst grammar of any published novel I have ever read Whoever edited this should be ashamed Besides that, the authors do write a story that is fairly interesting Authors are pretty good, but the editors can t possibly speak English.Down points of the novel are that every guy is described as being exactly the same They re all perfectly gorgeous without a flaw or even different personalities The homosexual characters are flat stereotypes And, having a young adult book in which a teenage character makes out with a teacher is just plain wrong The incident is described as being exciting and not bad at all Huh Why encourage pedophilia The story didn t need this twist as the lead character is already dating several different guys at the same time Why not put forth a stronger female character who puts her time into a healthy relationship Could ve been much better without the ridiculous relationship with a teacher, some editing, and better character development The plot itself holds the reader s interest despite these flaws.

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    Zoey is probably the sluttiest heroine out there e_e God.

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