Vengeful Bride

Vengeful Bride Marry In Haste Emma Had A Secret In Her Past A Secret That Meant She Mustn T Fall In Love With Dominick Fleetwood She Had Behaved Recklessly With Him Once, And Now He Was Back In Her Life Asking Her To Marry Him Emma Found, To Her Surprise, That Time Had Not Made Her Immune To Dominick S Brand Of Dangerous Charm And She Soon Found Herself Hoping That Love Might One Day Take The Place Of Revenge In Their Marriage Bed

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  • ebook
  • Vengeful Bride
  • Rosalie Ash
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780263142099

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    And we continue with highly emotional angsty feely books with the bride and groom on the cover Yet again, we have a misunderstanding on the say so of the OW and h tripping down the stairs while preggos thankfully no baby was harmed during the recording of this process Things which save it somewhat some dialog which was funny when it was meant to be funny It s annoying when authors say he had amusement in his eyes but don t show anything to indicate why that amusement is present.Things which make it a dud The h thought the H might be her half brother and yet still kept on kissing him letting him kiss her She didn t even tell him what she suspected I found that icky then she married the H after knowing his father got the vasectomy after he was born Yet, IIRC, I think sometimes Vasectomy fails too someone correct me on this, if I m wrong so she still could have been the H s half sissy THEN she gets to know from a third party that the H s dad didn t dilly dally with h s mom I mean, how could that person be sure, honestly Typical H feeding h s paranoia about the OW by not telling her he loved the h and or that the OW was lying Wanting the h s trust w o giving her any reason to do so Meh for me, may be nice for people who like alpha heroes and OW and angsty reads

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    Emma our heroine wants to work for Dominick Fleetwood The real reason she wants this job is to get vengeance for her mother s seduction by the hero s father But things don t go as planned She falls in love with Dominick and he with her He asks her to marry him and Emma happily accepts But Emma s secret and an evil OW try to ruin their fragile hasty marriage by putting doubts in Emma s head about the reasons Dominick wanted this marriage so badly.Awesome read Heroine got on my nerves lots of times but hero was swoon worthy, mature and a wonderful romantic hero He was never cruel or mean to Emma not even when he found out she was out for revenge All he wanted was to make his wife trust him and make her see how much he loved her and how the past should remain in the past Love scenes were very sweet and tender as well

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    Bien lo primero a decir es que las cosas no son como dice el argumento lo segundo es que son mejores que el argumento El misterioso secreto ya es conocido del lector desde el comienzo de la narrativa, y as puedes acompa ar todas las reflexiones de Emma Con Dominick es distinto, tienes dudas sobre sus intenciones y llegas a compartir los miedos de Emma No es un libro estupendo, pero te atrapa hasta que llegues al fin.

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