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Runaway Girl Riveting A Genuinely Important Book That Casts The Problem Of Sex Trafficking In America Into Stunning, Heartbreaking Relief Kirkus Reviews A School Library Journal Best Adult Book For TeensA Joan F Kaywell Award Finalist From The Florida Council Of Teachers Of English Carissa Phelps Was A Runner By The Time She Was Twelve, She Had Run Away From Home, Dropped Out Of School, And Fled Blindly Into The Arms Of A Brutal Pimp Even When She Escaped Him, She Could Not Outrun The Crushing Inner Pain Of Abuse, Neglect, And Abandonment With Little To Hope For, She Expected To End Up In Prison, Or Worse But Then Her Life Was Transformed Through The Unexpected Kindness Of A Teacher And A Counselor Through Small Miracles, Carissa Accomplished The Unimaginable, Graduating From UCLA With Both A Law Degree And An MBA She Left The Streets Behind, Yet Found Herself Back, This Time Working To Help Homeless And At Risk Youth Discover Their Own Paths To A Better Life Like The Multimillion Copy Bestseller The Glass Castle, This Memoir Moves Us Through The Power Of Its Unflinching Candor And Generosity

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[Epub] ➞ Runaway Girl  ➟ Carissa Phelps –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Runaway Girl
  • Carissa Phelps
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780670023721

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    I like reading about when the underdog wins This is exactly how I would describe Carissa s story Carissa had a lot of odds stacked aganist her but in the end she came out on top and is now a successful attorney and motivational speaker Of course, the path to get where Carissa is now was not easy To be honest, Carissa did not help the situation any by running away as much as she did The situations where Carissa was used by men, I don t blame her for She was only twelve A time when young girls should be thinking about makeup and preparing for their teen years Instead Carissa was hanging out with pimps, crack heads, and selling her body for sex Of course, during those times, the men took advantage of Carissa and even threatened her with guns I thought when Carissa went to talk to the boys correctional facility and the one boy asked Carissa if she had forgiven her mother for dropping her off, that this was a really good question I was suprised when Carissa said that no one had asked her that question yet I honesty do not blame Carissa for her response that she can t and does not know if she will be able to Your mother is suppose to have your back and love you and support you Instead, Carissa s mother had her new husband s back and did not want to rock the boat of a good thing she had Seeing Carisa s point of view, I could see why she ran away but it is still hard to read what she had to endure I am glad that she met the right people who helped her get her life straight This was really Carissa s story and Larkin Warren just helped to put it into words.

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    This is a must read for many reasons One is gripping, horrifying, exultant with bravery, and a deep portrayal of young kids on the streets, lots, desperate and painful It s about sex trafficing in America and what happens to the thousands of kids every year in the United States who are forced to leave home It should be in the schools, read by everyone It was written by Carissa Phelps and Larkin Warren, and the book has pages of resources such as www.saving,,,,, www.gems,, and over 15 pages of additional resources for Adults and examples of model programs.If you are conscious, and want to be aware of 1,000s who are hurting, maybe if read this book, you ll have an opportunity to help someone

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    Runaway Girl provides a real life account of one woman s journey from a girl on the streets, to a successful attorney, motivational speaker, and youth advocate The book begins with a flashback, to her first week of the second grade and her abusive stepfather, and from there the story follows Carissa s journey, as she struggles to find her place in the world By the time she s twelve she s between couches, escaping from group homes, and has done time in juvenile hall Her struggles are brought to a new level when she s introduced into the sex industry by a drug addict named Icey, who became her pimp, and raped her Eventually, she escapes, and spends time going between juvenile hall and the group homes they assign her to, until the law catches up to her, which turns out to be her first big break At Wakefield, an alternative school she meets Ron, who opens new doors for her in the world of education and her views on people as a whole In her memoir Carissa proves that life goes on, and that no matter how many awful things have happened to you that there will always be good people to help you along the way Carissa portrays herself with weaknesses, she doesn t start her life as an empowered woman, she starts as a street kid, who grows into a strong, independent, and empowered woman There is no prince charming in her story, there are platonic role models that helped her get where she needed to be Women reading this are proud of Carissa, she doesn t hold anything against men, despite the number of horrifying encounters she s had, she recognizes the individuals for their actions, not the gender as a whole She inspires anyone with a past that they have a future, whether that past involves the sex industry, drugs, alcoholism, or abuse, she gives the message that a positive life is always possible I really appreciate that Carissa gives credit to the people that helped her along the way, she understands that the help she accepted made her the person she is today, and I liked that she didn t write as if she was a one woman show However, she skips large chunks of time in her adult life, and switches gears to her work as an activist fairly abruptly While there is no doubt that I enjoyed her book, I often found myself reading the same things over again, though because this is non fiction that may have been unavoidable Despite the repetition, Carissa s writing style makes the reader feel for her, you feel her fear, but you also see how rebellious she was, and you have to determine her best course of action from the point as you turn each page.

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    Carissa Phelps memoir is a heart pounding, cautionary, painful tale of life on the streets at the tender age of twelve This beautiful woman was repeatedly raped and abused as a girl Yet, with the love of some incredible people, she managed to not only survive, but make something pretty incredible out of her life With a degree in business and law, Carissa Phelps is now trying to make a difference for others.Phelps reveals an America many of us never see It s important for our eyes to be open We never know when it s possible to have a positive impact on others It just takes one, and that power can change the world.Simply and honestly written, I highly recommend this novel for those who enjoy memoirs or want to understand another aspect of life in America I am in awe of Phelps s personal strength Without a doubt, this book only scratched the surface of some of the pain she endured My hope for her is that goodness comes back five hundred fold It won t change the past, but it will enable Phelps to continue to help other children who are suffering now Thanks for being their voice.

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    A brilliant and riveting account of the triumph of the human spirit For her courage, her integrity and her strength, Carissa Phelps is someone to be admired.Runaway Girl had this reader runaway with her as she I could not stop reading once I started.Larkin Warren does an amazing job of telling Carissa s story, utilizing an active voice to make it seem like it s happening now, thereby injecting a sense of urgency into the prose.This is a must read for parents and for teachers Ms Phelps story demonstrates Shakespeare s contention that honor and beauty in the owner s arms are weakly fortress d in a world of harms Ms Phelps navigates through this world of harms while keeping her sense of honor, beauty and namely, her selfhood intact.

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    PLEASE READ THIS BOOK It is written by my dear friend, Carissa Phelps, who has survived the tragedy of human trafficking and has rebounded back into life and prepared to help others This is a story of resilience and faith.

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    Carissa lived a lifetime before age 14 She was saved from a hellish life or certain death because a couple of people she met took an interest in her life Her mom was incapable of loving or caring for her children and as a result Carissa was left on her own Somehow against all odds, she graduated from high school and law school She is honest in her book and some parts will break your heart and I just had to skip some passages on how she was raped by strangers Carissa is an amazing woman and she had a story to tell Roman 8 28

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    It is very obvious that the author is not a writer, and that s part of the beauty of this book You can tell that this is her story, from her words, with very little assist from the helper writer Sure, it s choppy in parts, but I can t help but be amazed at someone who is the same age as me yet has overcome so much Truly inspiring This woman has a lot of resilience The resource index of organizations for runaways at the end of the book is a great added tool for librarians.

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    Dang, this was a hard read Unflinchingly graphic at parts, I had to skip a couple chapters in the beginning I ve met Carissa and we show her documentary to our students and engage in conversations about her life and the systemic issues surrounding her story powerful A reality check about how life in America is for some on the margins.

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    Overall, the narrative in this is pretty well covered considering what Carissa went through, it s unfair to judge her on her inability to remember details from her life It s interesting, going through the lower rated reviews of this bookpeople seem ready to judge this book based on how they felt the author handled her situation And, I guess, it s hard to judge an autobiography differently than that, but it s still pretty fascinating and disturbing that people are SO ready to victim blame The author HERSELF touches on the fact that she thought this was all her fault She was a child Again, as this is my profession, I know about trauma bonding, so it s frustrating to see people want to learn about these stories and STILL find a way to brush them off or not believe them or hold in their empathy because she made bad decisions.

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