Bodily Harm

Bodily HarmOK, this is definitely not the type of book I would normally pick up even at a library where it s free So how did I come to read this book, you ask Well, we d been digging around our place and found a hidden cache of books in the basement gasp Books I hadn t looked at in years or even remembered I had Don t even remember how I obtained some of them, and I assume I had this because I had read The Handmaid s Tale and thought I d read something else by Atwood I ve been cranky about figuring out what mood I am in I couldn t figure out what to read next, so I said, Fine I ll read this then So the main character has just had surgery lumpectomy for breast cancer and having troubles with her boyfriend, so she goes off to some obscure Caribbean island with the intention of writing a travel piece for a magazine She ends up enmeshed with the local politics and it s mostly not good But apparently through it all she ends up healed somehow possibly a shot in the arm at reality I ended up reading it very quickly and had a hard time putting it down, which is always a good sign It was satisfying and had some cool symbolism with the hands that I liked.I know my reviews are stinky, but I m not getting paid for them, now am I Margaret Atwood has been my most favorite writer since I was sixteen There s maybe ten authors in second place, many of whom especially Cort zar regularly rear their heads in my imagination to try to supplant Atwood s place for first, but every time I go back to Margaret, I seriously fall in love again More than anything, I love the way that her language shifts my actual thought patterns, or at least my constantly streaming internal monologue, until it sounds like she s the one inside my head, narrating me Is that crazy Maybe I m crazy But reading even a page of Atwood s prose makes my thoughtselegant,intense,literary for days at a time Anyway, Bodily Harm is great, of course It covers most of her preferred themes proto and post feminism, strong and complex female and male characters, lush settings, everything described with an accompanying and often multi layered smell, sexy sex anticipated and actual , complicated plot involving the intersection of the personal with the political or is it the immersion of one into the other Or the amplification by same Whatever This book actually got a lotviolent and dark at the end than I remembered this is at least my fifth read, probably, but it s Atwood Atwood Atwood, and I love herthan anyone else. Rennie Wilford Is A Freelance Journalist Who Takes An Assignment In The Caribbean In The Hopes Of Recuperating From Her Recently Shattered Life On The Tiny Island Of St Antoine, She Tumbles Into A Corrupt World Where No One Is What They Seem, Where Her Rules For Survival No Longer Apply This Is A Thoroughly Gripping Novel Of Intrigue And Betrayal, Which Explores Human Defensiveness, The Lust For Power Both Sexual And Political, And The Need For A Compassion That Goes Beyond What We Ordinarily Mean By Love The Enigma Unfolds As It Would For Any Innocent Bystander Swept Up By Events, Bringing Along The Scruples, And The Fears, Of The Past From The Hardcover Edition almost nobody here is who they say they are at first They aren t even who somebody else thinks they are In this place you get at least three versions of everything, and if you re lucky one of them is true That s if you re luckyBodily Harm tells the story of Rennie Wilford, a young journalist specializing in fashion and lifestyle pieces who accepts a fun in the sun type assignment on the Caribbean island of St Antoine Having struggled in recent months to cope through a difficult spell, including a life shattering experience that is still at the forefront of her mind, she hopes a working holiday will allow her to make a break from her past and recuperate in a peaceful and stress free environment.It unfortunately takes little time for the naive Rennie to find herself embroiled in a deadly world of corruption, treachery and brutality where nobody is who they claim to be From the fishy politician Dr Minnow who tells her blood is news , to the over friendly Laura, and the burnt out Yankee Paul, whom she suspects of smuggling dope, everyone she meets appears to be implicated in something unsavoury, and they all have an opinion about her real reasons for being there St Antoine, it seems, isabode of the damned than tropical paradise.As we have come to expect, Atwood writes with wit, irony and intelligence Rennie s story is delivered in fragments, some of which advance the plot while others are flashbacks to her past Although, in my opinion, Bodily Harm isn t one of her great novels, it is nevertheless a well crafted, highly readable exploration of lust for sexual and political power and the ending, despite a certain ambiguity, is far from dissatisfying.You can readof my reviews and other literary features at Book Jotter. This falls into the What in the heck did I just read category So no stars I enjoyed the writing of this book but it turned me sideways. Perhaps the most notable element in this book for me, though it may be strange to admit, is the use of different tenses It s written mostly in the present tense and then switches to the past tense when the main character, Rennie, thinks back, and then to the past perfect tense when there s a flashback within the past sections Perhaps I merely liked it because I felt justified over the times I ve written that way and editors have told me it was confusing Not that I consider myself a writer anywhere near Atwood s ability, so I also like that I can learn from her But the reason I like it the most is because when the future tense is employed for the first time, nine pages from the end, it s a stylistic choice that serves the story well.While reading, I was first reminded of Valerie Martin s Italian Fever and then, as one of the blurbs on the back says, Graham Greene there is certainly humor, through irony and satire, in all these authors works, not to mention their stories of an innocent in a foreign country, with their themes of both cultural and sexual politics Then near the end I was reminded of Northanger Abbey Though Rennie is not nearly as innocent as Catherine Morland, this is said of her as she s reading murder mysteries to distract herself She doesn t have much patience for the intricacies of clues and deductions Like Catherine and the rest of us, what Rennie sees is colored by her past experiences or lack thereof When the comparison popped into my head, I wondered if it was actually a correct one but now that I see I referenced Northanger Abbey in my review of Italian Fever too, I mconfident of that conclusion.It wasn t till I was finished reading that I realized how angry Atwood is in this book It s definitely a controlled anger, but after the black humor and satire of the beginning and middle, it does comes through at the end, and there is no doubt as to what she is angry about. Trochu osobnej dr my, trochu l sky, trochu trag die, trochu trilleru, trochu ak nosti, ale pokope to nedr , netu m, o je vlastne stredn mot v e mala by astn , e pre ila rakovinu e si vyberala zvl tnych mu ov Zauj mav , e je tu mot v ostrova, spom nania aj ur it ho znovuzrodenia ako vo Surfacing, ale spracovanie je ove a slab ie. Atwoods writing style is really the only thing that made this book half decent The plot line was dull and I never felt any kind of connection to any of the characters I guess I was so uninterested that by the end of the book, I was only half paying attention prior to the climax so I ended up being confused, but not really caring to go back and short out the mess so I just went with the flow I was extremely disappointed when I think that this author wrote Handmaid s tale and while not as good, Oryx and Crake Wait, I HATED HATE HATED The Blind Assassin so maybe I shouldn t be disappointed At least now I can check this off my list because its been siting on my bookshelf rather pathetically it only has half a cover for quite some time now. The first Margaret Atwood book I ve ever read and really not liked She has definitely grown as an author her imagination, the scope of her stories, and her character development have grown exponentially in herrecent books If you re new to Atwood, I d pass on this one and go straight to the Handmaid s Tale, Oryx and Crake, the Year of the Flood, and the Penolopiad in that Order Anther stinker, I m afraid This book is about a Canadian freelance writer who goes to the Caribbean to do a fluff travel piece after dealing with a partial mastectomy and a break up with her boyfriend She gets mixed up with local politics and things go from bad to worse as the country slips into chaos after a coup Although the premise sounds interesting, the book is dreadful not a good read

Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master s degree from Radcliffe College.Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry, childr

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