Three Novels in One: Lightning / Midnight / The Bad Place

Three Novels in One: Lightning / Midnight / The Bad Place Lightning The First Time The Lightning Strikes, Laura Shane Is Born Throughout Her Childhood She Is Plagued By Ever Terrifying Troubles, But She Is Protected By A Mysterious Stranger Who Acts As Her Guardian Then The Lightning Strikes Once And Shatters Her World The Adventure And The Terror Have Only Just Begun Midnight What Is The Dark And Fearful Secret That Haunts Moonlight Cove A String Of Inexplicable Deaths Has Occurred In This Idyllic, Picturesque Coastal Town, And Four People Are Drawn Together By Terrifying Circumstances As The Darkness Descends, These Four Must Confront The Chilling Nightmare Of Moonlight Cove The Bad Place Frank Pollard Awakens In An Alley, Knowing Nothing But His Name And That He Is In Great Danger Bobby And Julie Dakota Help Him To Solve This Mystery, But They Are Drawn Into Ever Darkening Realms Where They Encounter The Deadly, Hate Filled Figure Stalking Frank

Leigh Nichols,

❮EPUB❯ ✻ Three Novels in One: Lightning / Midnight / The Bad Place ✶ Author Dean Koontz –
  • Hardcover
  • 842 pages
  • Three Novels in One: Lightning / Midnight / The Bad Place
  • Dean Koontz
  • English
  • 05 May 2017
  • 9781851522149

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    LIGHTNING Review to come.MIDNIGHT I m really quite torn on this book, because I can t exactly say I LIKED it I thought it was scary, haunting, nicely written, and absolutely not to my taste.For a genre writer, Koontz is wonderfully diverse There are elements that a lot of his books share dogs and humans who are dedicated to each other delightfully precocious kids intelligent and feisty heroes and heroines with kooky senses of humour chilling villains heavy emphasis on individual responsibility and the need for humans to police our own behaviours and act with kindness and respect towards our fellow men but that s the end of the similarities, really Plot wise, you can never really know what you re getting A light tale with a happy ending and a lot of humour, or something dark and haunting Straightforward human evil, twisted science or supernatural horror Often, you can t tell until you re halfway through the book and on a few occasions, until you re at the end I love that about Koontz Forrest Gump s mama, and her box of chocolates metaphor, would probably have had a heyday with his books.I tend to gravitate to lighter books over darker ones, humor over angst, happy endings where everything is neatly wrapped up over open ended tales, so it s probably not surprising that Midnight doesn t make my list of my top ten Koontz tales It s very dark Around two thousand people die in it, including the heroine s sister, the second heroine s parents and the tragic antihero of a police chief A lot of the deaths are bloody and awful, with people being literally torn to pieces and eaten, although Koontz is at least somewhat restrained in his depiction of these I m glad this wasn t written by Stephen King or John Gideon or even R.L Stine, who would have maxed out every gory detail Even worse than the eviscerations and cannibalism at least worse to me was the sickening blending of man and machine At least the violence that the man creatures exhibited was akin to what you d find in the animal kingdom Loman s killing of his cyborg son, however, and the pain and fear that Denny felt while half alive and half dead, the shrieks and wails that come from his computer half after the death of his human body NO NO NO NO NOWHERE S THE REST OF ME WHERE S THE REST OF ME made me feel ill down to my soul, in a way that few things have before or since The unclean feelings engendered by this scene in particular, but also the book in general, will haunt me for quite a while.It s hard to rate this I ve gone for 4 stars, because I ve read it before and was prepared for a dark, depressing horror sci fi tale, and could judge it on those grounds.THE BAD PLACE Review to come.

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    LIGHTENING was the first dean koontz book I read, and i was hooked loved the bits of history weaved in, and am fascinated with time travel First chapter was enough to grab me and i couldn t stop.Midnight, I read, but can t remember much about itso prob only a few starsthe Bad Place was named correctly.very very bad place, made me want a bath when I finished.but it was a captivating story.

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    I liked Lightning the best

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    Lightning was the first time travel book I ever read I reread it just recently I loved it just as much this time around as I did the last time.

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    I read all three novels and they are all good reads.

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    I loved all 3 of these books Can t get into his odd thomas ones though.

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