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Rhett Butler's PeopleFully Authorized By The Margaret Mitchell Estate, Rhett Butler S People Is The Astonishing And Long Awaited Novel That Parallels The Great American Novel, Gone With The Wind Twelve Years In The Making, The Publication Of Rhett Butler S People Marks A Major And Historic Cultural Event Through The Storytelling Mastery Of Award Winning Writer Donald McCaig, The Life And Times Of The Dashing Rhett Butler Unfolds Through Rhett S Eyes We Meet The People Who Shaped His Larger Than Life Personality As It Sprang From Margaret Mitchell S Unforgettable Pages Langston Butler, Rhett S Unyielding Father Rosemary His Steadfast Sister Tunis Bonneau, Rhett S Best Friend And A Onetime Slave Belle Watling, The Woman For Whom Rhett Cared Long Before He Met Scarlett O Hara At Twelve Oaks Plantation, On The Fateful Eve Of The Civil War Of Course There Is Scarlett Katie Scarlett O Hara, The Headstrong, Passionate Woman Whose Life Is Inextricably Entwined With Rhett S Like Him Than She Cares To Admit In Love With Him Than She Ll Ever Know Brought To Vivid And Authentic Life By The Hand Of A Master, Rhett Butler S People Fulfills The Dreams Of Those Whose Imaginations Have Been Indelibly Marked By Gone With The Wind

Donald McCaig was the award winning author of Jacob s Ladder, designated the best civil war novel ever written by The Virginia Quarterly People magazine raved Think Gone With the Wind, think Cold Mountain It won the Michael Sharra Award for Civil War Fiction and the Library of Virginia Award for Fiction Donald McCaig wrote about rural American life, sheepdogs, and the Civil War He also wro

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  • Hardcover
  • 500 pages
  • Rhett Butler's People
  • Donald McCaig
  • English
  • 18 August 2017
  • 9780230703957

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    Can you picture Miss Melly as a gossiping complainer Rosemary Butler marrying Ashley Wilkes Scarlett and Belle Watling friends Rhett mooning over a woman I love Gone With the Wind, hell I even loved Scarlett and that was considered a travesty against GWTW, but this book ruins Margaret Mitchell s well crafted world and makes kittens cry I am not sure how a person can spend 12 years working on a novel that is supposed to be an accompaniment to one of the best loved books of all time and have it seem like he never even read the original The glaring inconsistencies McCaig had Rhett s mother dying before Bonnie Blue and GWTW cleary states that the stately Mrs Butler was present Ashley ended up with brown eyes, Scarlett had a 15 inch waist, she sold her mills to Ashley long before his doomed birthday party, Charles and Melanie are buried in Twelve Oak s burial ground instead of Atlanta and Twelve Oaks never went for taxes I could go on, but I won t in themselves make it nearly unreadable but the way the character s themselves are written makes it sacrilege McCraig seems like he is attempting to make Scarlett in to a gentile southern woman with no gumption or brain having her forget her vow to never go hungry again and then investing all her money on the stock market and losing it, effectively putting her back in the fields at Tara and Rhett is a morose, depressing man with none of the wit or ravishing charm that Mitchell wrote him with.And then to cap it all off the idiot burns Tara down A building which withstood the ravages of war and still stood proudly in that red Georgia ground and he has a mad old man torch it.Please, for the love of all that is good if you loved Gone with the Wind stay far, far away from this monstrosity.

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    Dear Estate of Margaret Mitchell I m writing to request that you stop authorizing crappy prequels and sequels to Ms Mitchell s book Those of us who have a special fondness for the characters of Gone With the Wind find ourselves compelled to read them because of our interest in these well developed and complex personalities We then find ourselves appalled at how modern authors take liberties to turn her story into an implausible, uncharacteristic mess, and invariably try and put a smiley face on a novel that really ended the way it should have.The latest version, Rhett Butler s People, tries to cast Rhett in the role of a misunderstood saint, when really the most interesting thing about him in Gone With the Wind is his mystery The people Mr McCaig has decided to surround Rhett with are stereotypical and predictable, and in case their motives weren t obvious enough, they feel compelled to write near constant letters to each other expressing their every thought, so at no point is there any doubt about how they re feeling Illustrative of my complaints the implausibility, the destruction of characters, and the constant reiteration of the characters obvious feeling is a 6 page letter Melanie Wilkes writes to Rhett s sister Rosemary, telling her how badly she wants to have marital relations with her husband I nearly threw the book down in disgust.I understand that the royalties from Gone with the Wind are not what they once were Heck, the copyright s probably running out soon if it hasn t already But please, for all of our sake, I implore you to think twice before attempting to make a penny by throwing Gone with the Wind to the dogs again.

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    So, I finished Rhett Butler s People last night.I d seen a lot of negative reviews while I was reading but I vowed to keep an open mind, and I m glad I did I really enjoyed this book It s one of the better ones I ve read in awhile and one I know I will read again someday.It s NOT Gone With the Wind there will never be another It s not even the same caliber as GWTW I think a lot of people went into reading it expecting and hoping it would be and came out sorely disappointed on the other end.My personal expectation was that it was going to be about Rhett, and it was, in a sense but it was about the people that made up his life hence the title , some of which that are mentioned only rarely or not at all in GWTW People he grew up with, his sister Rosemary A look at his parents A mistress he had in New Orleans before he met Scarlett There was of Belle in this book, and her son.I wish there had been Scarlett.The author could have done so much with exploring Rhett s feelings scenes standing out in my mind are when Bonnie Blue died and Scarlett fell down the stairs and miscarried, but instead he basically did nothing, only using a letter from Melanie to Rosemary to reference Bonnie s death and completely not mentioning Scarlett s fall I was really disappointed that he didn t go there.Even though I found it lacking, it was a good read It was well written, interesting, and nice to have new material on one of my most favorite books ever.

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    What was the last book that brought tears to your eyes as you finished the last page Not due to the hero heroine s tragic death, but simply because you have finished the story That s how I felt after finishing Rhett Butler s People tonight.Rhett Butler s People is set around Margaret Mitchell s classic novel You meet Rhett before that fateful meeting at a Twelve Oaks picnic and the book continues to weave in and out of the well known events of GWTW The author then takes you beyond Rhett s dramatic exit and continues the story Granted, he continues it for all of 90 pages, but it just feels right where the story goes after Yes, I ve read Scarlett, but I prefer Mr McCaig s version of the events I will also admit that there were a few places in the story that I would have loved to smack Ms O Hara and that I can t recall having that urge in her story Rhett Butler s People is true to the original novel Scarlett has three children, Suellen marries after the War and other characters left out of the movie are here That s definitely a plus for me

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    Takes Gone with the Wind and poops on it.Rhett Butler is one of the best romantic heroes, both in literature and cinema He deserves a good companion novel or sequel or prequel told from his point of view This aint it.Mr Darcy has a kazillion books recently, and I hope Rhetty gets another shot.This book sucks For reals.

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    I really enjoyed Gone With the Wind so when I heard of this new take on my beloved story I figured I d take a shot and read it Unlike most people, I didn t hate Scarlett so I was hoping to like this one as well However I was very dissapointed.The novel begins and you feel like you ve been dropped into some odd fan fiction creation There is barely any lead up to the story and where you are Suddenly you are on the field with Rhett and that s that The story or less moves along in a chronological order from before Rhett met Scarlett to about a year or so after he leaves her in GWTW The story is told from various point of views and I think that s the ultimate downfall of this novel The readers already know what Scarlett thought and did why did we have to revisit her pov I would have rather stayed mainly with Rhett and perhaps two other vital people I did enjoy having Melanie s pov however I feel that this author did a disservice to her character towards the end The other downfall in this novel is the fact that it completely skips over major storylines from GWTW The most glaring would be Bonnie Blue s death Her death and Rhett s sorrow is mentioned in passing in a letter from Melanie to Rhett s sister Rosemary but that s about it That is a huge turning point for Rhett in GWTW and his character and I can t imagine why this author felt that it didn t need to be explored from Rhett s eyes Finally the fluidity in this novel is just not there There are so many fits and starts to this novel it will make your head spin There s not much of a rhyme or reason to a lot that is going on For the avid GWTW fan this is sure to dissapoint, even than Scarlett I don t really see much of a reason for any fan to read this novel I am sorry to say.

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    You really need to read Gone With the Wind first in order to really appreciate this book The author was commissioned by the estate of Margaret Mitchell to write this parallel sequel to GWTW, and he has kept faithful to her style In it, we get background about Rhett s youth, his family, and many characters who are just briefly mentioned in GWTW The story is told through Rhett s eyes It goes through his youth, his relationship with Scarlett, and takes it past where GWTW ends and on to the conclusion which I will not give away I thoroughly enjoyed this book could not put it down It was like visiting old friends again I will read it again and again, just like I have read Gone With the Wind so many times.

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    I first heard about RBP by browsing through this site, and I was very excited to find a copy My excitement started to fizzle as soon as I began reading it.McCaig spent 12 years writing this authorized prequel, but chose time and again to alter or blatantly ignore key events from not only GWTW, but also from the also authorized sequel Scarlett Apparently, he felt that disregarding Scarlett was prefectly acceptable, stating that I think the trust wanted to expunge Scarlett they were genuinely embarrassed by it, says McCaig Be that as it may, it was authorized and part of the GWTW canon, whether the Mitchell Estate or fans were pleased with it or not, and should not have been disregarded A great deal of the story is wasted fleshing out characters connected to Rhett that were previously unknown, that in my opinion readers were better off not knowing in the first place His childhood friends were uninteresting for the most part, as were most details about his relationships with his parents The one interesting new character was that of Tazewell Watling, son of the notorious Belle and presumably, by all who know him Rhett I was bored senseless through it 99% of it, and hoped the story would be greatly improved once Scarlett, Ashley, Melanie, et al entered the story But that didn t happen.Instead, I was horrified to see beloved characters acting completely unlike themselves Melanie eavesdropping and finding out Scarlett didn t love Charles Ashley actually loving Scarlett Melanie always being aware of how Scarlett and Ashley felt about each other, and expecting them to have an affair, ultimately seducing her own husband for fear that their forced celibacy would send him into Scarlett s arms Not to mention writing letters to Rosemary Butler Ravanel detailing how much she hated the celibacy As if Melanie, proper Southern lady that she was, would ever put such a thing in writing Pffft And since when is Ella epileptic The one thing that might have redeemed this atrocity somewhat would have been knowing Rhett s private thoughts about Scarlett s miscarriage and the death of Bonnie The miscarriage was ignored as though it never happened Bonnie s death and the days following it were not told from Rhett s perspective at all, but Melanie s via a letter to Rosemary Two of the most wrenching moments in Rhett s married life, and we are given nothing from Rhett s point of view Both played a major role in his later decision to leave Scarlett, so why are we not privy to his feelings about these events The story continues past GWTW s ending Rhett digs Melanie s grave at Twelve Oaks wasn t that lost due to unpaid taxes and rides away immediately after Scarlett and the children including Beau come home to Tara, along with Rosemary and her son Louis Valentine Ridiculous name Ashley sells the sawmills, and moves back to the ruins of Twelve Oaks Vandals strike Tara Scarlett s home in Atlanta is burned by an arsonist Even though they are paid well, field workers refuse to come to Tara, leaving the family to manage on their own, and once again Scarlett who now has no money must struggle to keep Tara and feed her family So much for As God is my witness, I ll never be hungry again , eh Finally, in desperation, Scarlett telegraphs Rhett and asks him to come home, and he does.And where has Rhett been London Paris Still not giving a damn about anything, much less himself, trying his best to forget Scarlett Seeing the dashing Rhett Butler reduced to a lovelorn man who doesn t care if he lives or dies is well, disgusting Yes, love hurts sometimes, and the pain of loss can be overwhelming Still, it seems implausible that Rhett would allow himself to wallow in grief or self pity for very long I also find it unfathomable that he would come home the instant he is beckoned Grieving and unhappy as he may be, you would think there would be a small spark of his former self intact that would not allow him to come running the moment Scarlett crooked her finger at him As Rhett makes his journey home, Belle Watling alerts Scarlett and Rosemary that her father Isaiah, the former overseer of the Butler plantation along with two others have been terrorizing Tara, hoping for Scarlett to send for Rhett so that Isaiah could kill him in retaliation for the death of his son, killed in a duel with Rhett when Rhett was assumed to have fathered her baby The women devise a plan to put an end to things and save Rhett from being killed, but Ashley and Will Benteen Sue Ellen s husband intervene, resulting in the death of Will Ashley as the dashing hero out to save the day was humorous, to say the least Rhett returns safely , pays off all the debts, and things are looking bright for the couple A much wanted reconciliation is taking place between the couple, and a happy ending is in sight when a grand barbeque takes place at Tara But now we come to the final disgrace of this ill written thing Isaiah Watling returns and sets fire to Tara If I hadn t been so angry, I might have wept Throughout everything Scarlett went through in her life, Tara was the one mainstay in her life, her one safe haven I suppose it wasn t enough to ruin the characters and have them do things they would never have done, or to completely ignore details both big and small in the writing of this shameful travesty In order to put the final nail in the coffin of all the beloved aspects of GWTW, he had to get rid of Tara, too Rather than enhancing the classic novel, RBP all but destroys all the things readers held dear about Mitchell s wonderfully complex group of characters Alexandra Ripley s Scarlett did not, in my opinion, keep these characters true to form throughout that novel either, but the majority of it was enjoyable to read, and the writing style much in line with Mitchell s than McCaig s managed to be I can t understand why he was chosen to write this I guess my first clue that this was to be a bad book should have been the fact that I ve never heard of him.What a terrible, terrible disappointment this book turned out to be.

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    The Margaret Mitchell Estate should have left well enough alone I m not even sure where to start in putting my feelings about this book into words Gone With the Wind is one of my all time favorite books, and Rhett is right up there in my favorite, fascinating male characters in fiction and I was looking forward to a good meaty look into Rhett s life before Scarlett Boy was I ever wrong This book is called Rhett Butler s People for a reason it s not just about Rhett, it s about all the people in his life and there are WAY too many of them I totally agree with other reviewers on US that the story seemed to be told as snapshots in a person s life instead of true story telling, and the way he jumped back and forth from one person s point of view to another was very distracting to this reader, and I admit to giving up at 150 pages and from looking at some of the other one and two star reviews on US I am very glad I did so I was quite irritated at the way the author used scenes and characters from the original book and wrote his own version of them, and worse yet worked his new characters into those scenes This author even managed to ruin Prissy and Aunt Pitty Pat, and from reading the other reviews I see that he managed to rewrite history as Ashley, Melanie and even Scarlett are not what they were in GWTW For me, the mistake made was telling the story of Rhett and his people Rhett is a fascinating character who had a colorful past before he met Scarlett He traveled to burgeoning San Francisco and the California Gold fields a colorful period in U.S history and it s barely touched upon and only via letters Rhett wrote to his sister Letters, I might add that were destroyed by their father so she never read them, yet they are recreated in the book as if they were What s up with that I think if the MM Estate and taken the tact of writing Rhett s story totally from his viewpoint and given me a good strong meaty story about Rhett and his life before Scarlett, and not rewritten moments from GWTW they might have had a winner here instead of a bomb IMO, this book is not worth wasting time or money on, there are too many good books to be read and too little time in this world If you re dead set on reading the rest of the story, get it from the library and then if you love it, buy it.

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    I am embarrassed to include this as my first book of 2008, but there it is The fact that it took me six weeks to finish tells you how interesting it was.The plot was okay I m almost always okay with reworkings of classic plots from the viewpoint of a different character But the writing was unbearably poor If I hadn t cared very, very deeply about the characters a legacy entirely of Margaret Mitchell and having nothing to do with this book I would have been unable to finish it.By comparison, I liked _Scarlett_ very much As a purist I m not sure I can ever accept it as canon, and Scarlett s running around with a proto IRA is a bit silly But that book I couldn t put down and read cover to cover in 24 hours Again, I was invested because of my obsession with the original _GWTW_, but at least _Scarlett_ kept me entertained while it twisted characters all out of sorts This one Skip it.

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