A Crooked Kind of Perfect

A Crooked Kind of PerfectTen Year Old Zoe Elias Has Perfect Piano Dreams She Can Practically Feel The Keys Under Her Flying Fingers She Can Hear The Audience S Applause All She Needs Is A Baby Grand So She Can Start Her Lessons, And Then She Ll Be Well On Her Way To Carnegie HallBut When Dad Ventures To The Music Store And Ends Up With A Wheezy Organ Instead Of A Piano, Zoe S Dreams Hit A Sour Note Learning The Organ Versions Of Old TV Theme Songs Just Isn T The Same As Mastering Beethoven On The Piano And The Organ Isn T The Only Part Of Zoe S Life In Michigan That S Off Kilter, What With Mom Constantly At Work, Dad Afraid To Leave The House, And That Odd Boy, Wheeler Diggs, Following Her Home From School Every DayYet When Zoe Enters The Annual Perform O Rama Organ Competition, She Finds That Life Is Full Of Surprises And That Perfection May Be Even Better When It S Just A Little Off Center SPOILER ALERT Have you ever wished for something and got the completely opposite of what you actually wanted According to what I have read the genre is realistic fiction Its realistic fiction because most of this story can actually happen I like this book because its funny, and also sad.This book is about a young girl named Zoe A ten year old going on to eleven years who dreams of playing the piano and wishes playing at Carnegie Hall But her dad mistakenly picks up an old organ instead.Zoe s dreams are ruined,her new tutor makes her play old television theme songs and wishes to play Mozart Not only her dreams are ruined but her dad is afraid to leave her home alone while her mom is always at work.Also Zoe becomes very close with the class bully wheeler and spends almost all the time at Zoe s Zoe joins an organ competition and Zoe s dad over comes his fears and takes her to the competition Zoe ends up doing an awesome job, meeting a new friend and her mom actually makes it in time to watch her perform The point of view is first person First person because the narrator used words such as I , me and other words that talk about themselves The point of view affects the story because it lets me know how the character feels towards others or herself.It also kinda makes me feel like I am in the story and I can also relate to some of the things the character is facing For in example in the story it said that Zoe s dad fears on leaving her alone while her mom is working and I can relate to that.The title relates to the story because it helps the reader kinda understand how Zoe s life did not turn out how she wanted it to be but at the end she realizes that everything has flipped around and is actually going the right direction The authors tone is frustrated in the beginning and relieved at the end I say frustrated because things were not going as wished and at the end everything is way better.The major symbol in this story is to never lose hope and keep your head up because at the end some things she hoped for actually happened.In my opinion I was surprised when Zoe became friends with a bully because of how easily they got along I liked how the author started the the story going bad and unplanned at at the end it got better My favorite part is when Zoe s mom showed up because that is what Zoe was worried about,that she would not show up.I thought the ending of the book was good because Zoe ended up getting a piano A crooked kind of perfect is a good title for the book because it kinda explains Zoe s life because nothing went as planned and at the end they did because her dad faced his fear, her mom showed up for her performance and she also got a piano.In conclusion, I rate this book 4 5 stars because I liked it and it was funny and made me want to keep reading.I would recommend this to my friend because I always see her reading Linda Urban s books or she talks about them which can get annoying but I would like to hear what she liked or disliked about this book Now you know that you should never loose faith and always have hope because things will come your way. Humor is just so hard in children s books You either crash too hard on the adult side of the equation see The Manny Files or you end up going too far the other direction and end up ridiculously scatological see Out of Patience The balance has to be perfect and, if you want your book to be memorable, also work in some real emotion, heart, and God help us all learning Because this mix is so difficult, you rarely end up with a book quite as pleasant as Linda Urban s A Crooked Kind of Perfect First of all, it wins the 2007 Most Appropriate Title Award Second, it has a firm grasp on hitting just the right tone In a relatively blah year of realistic girl fiction, Urban s book is a cut above the rest.Zoe has dreams you know Dreams of owning a gorgeous piano, all shiny and black Of performing before vast adoring audiences Of being a prodigy and admired by people like her classically inclined mother So what does she get instead An organ A Perfectone D 60 if you want to be precise And it s not as if her school life is much of an improvement either Her former best friend Emma Dent has informed her that Joella Tinstella is now her best friend right now, and to top it all off that bully Wheeler Diggs has somehow managed to ingratiate himself into her family So when Zoe enters the Perform O Rama competition for organs she doesn t expect much Fortunately for her, she finds that people can surprise you when you least expect them to Sometimes for the bad, but also sometimes for the good.Correct me if I m wrong, but I m fairly certain that we haven t come up with a name for children s novels with short short chapters You know the kind I mean They look like verse novels at first, but a quick perusal shows that the author hasn t broken up the action into strategically separated tiny sentences I think the author chose this method because she prefers to keep things sharp and sweet Her storyline works best when she can leap from thought to memory to current event Some parents like to pooh pooh those children s books that eschew length for sure footed pacing I ll admit right here and now that due to its format A Crooked Kind of Perfect really does make for an enjoyably quick book You might want to consider handing it to those kids who like to read but are turned off by long wordy novels.If the book has a problem it probably concerns the lack of dramatic tension For example, one day Wheeler s mildly pissed about something and yet the next time Zoe sees him she says, I thought you might not come back here ever It s a rather extreme sentence considering the two of them never ever really fight There is some tension regarding Zoe s parents and their presence in her life, so that may make up for the lack of problems elsewhere in the book Yet as a former resident of Southwestern Michigan, I d have enjoyed a little clarification as to the location of this book The competition is in somewhere called Birch Valley Aw, make it Kalamazoo You could totally have a competition there.Tiny nibbles of complaints aside, it s a swell read Characters are crystal clear and their motivations make perfect sense Urban wields the infinitely difficult first person narrative with aplomb And, all that aside, it s about a kid who plays the organ That s just a good high concept idea right there One of the pleasant first time novelist surprises of the year. I adored this book Hilarious, sad, suspenseful, and definitely quirky odd good Loved Zoe s resilience She gets dumped by her best friend and is invited by former friend s mom, who doesn t know of the dumpage, in the way that moms of 11 year olds always know nothing to former friend s party, where she is dressed wrong and brings the wrong gift Ack Who hasn t been there The portrayal of hyper sophisticated, dismissive, clique y, Bratz wearing called Brat here, mistakenly but amusingly called Snot by another character is dead on I love that Zoe is true to her own geeky passions in the face of all kinds of challenges and rejection One parent is clearly mentally ill the other is a workaholic but doesn t she have to be, since she s married to someone who can barely leave the house The book s kind to their flaws, but still draws them sharply Zoe wants to be the next Vladimir Horowitz, but gets saddled with the Perfectone 60 cheeseball organ instead of a grand piano, and has to learn 70s TV theme songs and Neil Diamond numbers instead of Bach Loved the portrayal of the Perfect O Rama competitive organ scene, where one Perfect O Rama Mama snarks that at a kid s playing of Gettin Jiggy Wit It as insufficiently jiggy On the organ, people For me the only mild flaw was that the cool boy is too perfect If I were in fourth grade, this would SO not be a flaw Total five stars Can t wait for my six year old to be old enough for it Don t we want all our kids to cope with imperfection and follow the beat of their own, um, rhumba setting on the Perfectone RTC

This was from the About Me section at Linda Urban s website.I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in a suburban house that looked like all the others on my street Sometimes I liked that sameness It made me feel normal, when I worried I wasn t.Other times, though, I wanted to be different to shine, to have people see me as special I tried ballet dancing and singing and playing musical in

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  • A Crooked Kind of Perfect
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  • English
  • 25 August 2019
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