Pax in the Land of Women (The Ginecean Chronicles, #2)

Pax in the Land of Women (The Ginecean Chronicles, #2) Love Doesn T Obey Preordained Rules Sometimes, Social Status And Gender Mean Nothing The Purest Of Affections Can Be Born Between Two People Living In Different Worlds In A Society Where Women Rule Over An Enslaved Race Of Men And Love Between A Woman And Man Is Considered A Perversion, Pax S And Prince S Union Is Destined For A Tragic End Coming From An Existence Of Privilege, Pax Has Never Endured Harshness She Has Never Had Any Reason To Doubt The Rules Ginecea Was Built On Everything Changes When She Is Sent To Spend Her Summer On A Desolate Farm And Is Exposed To The Ongoing Brutalities Against Defenseless Men A Wrong Turn Leads Her To Witness Prince S Thrashing At The Hands Of The Guards One Look From Him And Pax S Perfect Life Is Shattered, The Memory Of His Dark Eyes Haunting Her Night And Day As A Pure Breed, Born To One Of The Most Prestigious Family In Ginecea, She Would Have Never Thought It Possible To Fall In Love With A Man Marked As A Sinner, Pax Abjures Her Ancestry To Save Prince S Life She Hopes They Can Disappear Into The Desert, But Social Prejudice And Political Schemes Give Them No Respite The Priestess, The Ruler Of All Ginecea, Has Other Plans For Pax Layan And Her FamilySecond In The Ginecean Chronicles, Pax In The Land Of Women Is A Dystopian Tale Set On The Planet Ginecea I received a free copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.In a word Awesome The series of Ginecea is one of the best that I have read in a long time If it wasn t for minor things like work, or eating and sleeping, I would have devoured this book in one sitting.La Porta has created a world where men are slaves and women are in power The religion has women believing that men aren t necessary for conception and that women should only marry women They have facilitated this myth with strategically placed fertility clinics around Ginecea that keep only good male specimes for sperm donors Pure bred women have two mothers and the lower class of fathered women are kept around for maids and such The author has done a wonderful job of bringing this world to life along with its characters Pax, the granddaughter of Rosie from the first novel The Priest, who has been rich and spoiled, has her eyes opened to the real world when she is sent to a work farm for the summer Here she realizes the truth about how workers are treated and falls in love with Prince After escaping to the desert and the City of Men she learns the truth about her existence The series of Ginecea covers so many burning topics that our own society deals with And seeing them from an opposite perspective brings so much to light The world could definitely do with love regardless of the sexual preferences of those that are in love Who are we to say what is right for someone else Not to mention how easy it is for those in power to be corrupt in order to not only remain in power but to force their views on others Slavery of any race or gender for any reason is brutal and degrading Even if those being enslaved are provided for it is still demeaning But it is so hard to fight against a system that insists on keeping the public ignorant of the truth.Overall, I loved this book as well as the first one in this series This book had so much to offer love, fear, hate, and friendship just to begin I cried in several places and I rarely find a book good enough to make me cry The love between Rosie and Mauricio was just heartbreaking There was also the relationship between Pax and her mothers It was so complicated and you could tell they were all torn about what was best for each other The relationships between the characters was such an important part of this story and you could definitely understand how they felt I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind that loves a good alternate universe dystopia Awesome Born in a world ruled by women, Pax is the daughter to the prominent political figure, Maurice As part of the revered Layan family, Pax as a pure breed has led a privileged existence She had no reason to doubt the life of the Ginecean people A world where men are treated abysmally, being heterosexual is considered wrong and the love between a man and woman is considered immoral So it is a harsh reality when Pax comes face to face with not only the disturbing treatment of a slave Prince but finds that his black eyes have pierced her mind and she is lost to him Prince seeks her out and from that moment of escaping his dark and dank cell, ensues a saga of a young woman s determination to fight against the corrupt Ginecean ways and be with the man she loves.Following on from The Priest this story continues of the alternate world of Ginecea and with this book, it is an even engaging and absorbing, well thought out story.Meeting new captivating characters as well as catching up with some old ones creates a novel which is at its heart an epic love story Fraught with emotions, I was yet again caught up in the rights of the fathered women as well the slaves La Porta s simple expressions and descriptions of the landscape create a memorable picture The soldiers are horrid and the Priestess controlling and hateful The story flowed seamlessly and although told mainly from the veiwpoint of Pax, it was easy to understand what other characters were feeling The author has labelled this as the second book of the The Ginecean Chronicles I m certainly looking forward to how Pax can live up to the meaning of her name Peace A highly recommended read I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive critique. Another exciting adventure in the land of women After reading The Priest and Marie s Journey, Pax is an avalanche of a turning point for the few brave men and women who managed to escape the tyrannical rules of Ginecea and its sadistic priestess Pax and Prince s story takes place roughly fifty years after the events in The Priest, and it was exciting to revisit characters whose stories had seemingly ended, only to find adventure left in them yet I can t wait to dive into the next book, Prince at War Ginecea is in for it now

Monica La Porta landed in Seattle several years ago Despite popular feelings about the Northwest weather, she finds the mist and the rain the perfect conditions to write.

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  • Pax in the Land of Women (The Ginecean Chronicles, #2)
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