A Dead Red Oleander (A Dead Red, #3)

A Dead Red Oleander (A Dead Red, #3) Lalla Bains is back in this third book of the Lalla Bains mystery series A Dead Red Oleander by R.P Dahlke is a fun, fast paced mystery, that keeps you guessing, with fun along the way Someone has killed Dewey Treat and Lalla is determined to find out who and why Solving the murder is not easy Twists and turns keep you guessing In this third book of the series we meet Lalla s Aunt Mae and Cousin Perlie from Texas Do they help or hinder the investigation I loved this addition of characters and hope they join Lalla again in number four of the series I highly recommend A Dead Red Oleander by R.P Dahlke, a writer who tells a great story and leaves you wanting to readWhat will happen tomorrow next Do Aunt Mae and Cousin Perlie return Will Lalla and Caleb tie the knot Now that s a good writer and a five star book.FTC Full Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from the author and chose it for review. This book is the third book in the series The author has created a wonderful crime mystery that will make readers laugh I know I did several times while reading this book.The characters Lalla Bains and her fianc Caleb are at it again Lalla is trying to end the season of crop dusting in the black and the business will be sold Caleb is just trying to keep Lalla out of trouble It seems like Lalla always has trouble following her around is always in trouble If she is not trying to solve a mystery she is getting chased on the highway Then her family is a little nuts so maybe Lalla just keeps the trouble around so nothing ever get boring.Even though this is the third book in the series it can be read as a stand alone I have not read the other books in the series, however, I will read them now The writing style of R.P Dahlke is fresh with a witty spark that leaves the reader wondering where this author has been hiding.In this book Lalla s extended family members arrive to help get everything ready for the wedding However, trouble jump up and Lalla has to solve the problems while still trying to get everything ready.I live on a farm We have never used a crop duster before so I do not know much about this However, as much as I love the beautiful Oleander flower, I do not have them in my yard due to them being poisonous.If you are looking for a crime mystery to read this week then check out this book However this is a great weekend read This book is under 200 pages So if you are a fast reader then you could probably finish this in about 1 day.Thanks for an amazing read R.P.The Bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.I was gifted by book by the author for an honest review. What If Quitting Your Boring Job Put You In Line For Murder Her Beloved Great Aunt Wants To Bar B Que Dad S Side Kick, Bruce The Goat, And Her Man Hungry Cousin Has Her Sights Set On Her Number One Pilot What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong Oh Yeah, Her New Pilot Is Really A CPA Hiding From A Vicious Las Vegas Hitman R.P Dahlke, you know all about er The Red Dead sleuther series writer She s kinda like er gutsy gal Lalla, she who be the wannabe investigator, When she hits er groove, she too is highly over active, that R P s a real go getter She cranks em out like pure Con Ag butter, Not creamy, sliding, like that kind of butter Heck no She keeps em threaded tight together Kinda like white gloves worn by an ole grandmother.And funny Gram s big ole dimpled belly it be shakin up all n down, like jelly They crazy, these two California chicks Lalla and R P Dahlke. But in any case, Caleb and I will stay the night He s armed and, as he likes to say, I m dangerous LallaSassy, suddenly, sleuthing gals abound all around, Tho not many are found OFF the ground, Dusting California crops by the pound To prosper is to drench the vermin down. me, Lalla Bains, Aero Ag pilot, sometime busy body, meddling where I shouldn t again I m dirt smeared and sweaty thinking if I get out of this alive, if the killer doesn t return to finish me off, I ll foreswear all future sleuthing My dad, Caleb, Roxanne and half of Stanislaus County will be pleased to hear that promise come true I will, this time Really I will LallaSo yeah, she got the edge, the hook to her series of books, if you will Hook s alone don t carry a sleuth as she fulfills her deal Shooting words not meant to kill.Hook s alone don t guarantee that sustaining, ever lasting love, not even for a lovely and gutsy sleuther, such as Lalla is Here s the deal She s not out seeking some kind a thrill, she s a lover, hey, lets keep it real.Lalla Baine s is one tall, blonde, drink of cool water, having been THAT former NYC top model She s came home to California, took to dusting flying, getting nose all deep in er beau s business Oh yeah, he s The Sheriff At first Caleb, the dutiful, diligent, ever vigilant one, near bouts had of Lalla, and yes, of her antics, MORE than his fill Now, accepted, she s partaking in the sleuthing out these scum who slink back to their shadows mere seconds post kill And all this my friends, takes some kind of skill, which R P Dahkle has, double or tripling THAT deal Lalla s not only got her days full, dusting down the verminous weevils, planning a wedding, loving her honey and appeasing her batty, extended family, they being gun toting, lip licking gals, who think nothing of serving, with tasty chipolte dip, straight off the grill, Lalla s Dad s pet goat Bruce All the while ducking hails of crossfire, trips to lowly bars with lower patrons and dealing with murderous folk not very wary of the lovely Lalla Their bad R P gets you going from the get go She s got you cruising thru layers of mass most times confusion served up right well and good by that classic ole stand by, the crafty red herrings not to mention her clever use in spewing out so many miscues, which serve only to skew ones perception to that of one brimming with multitudes of misconceptions Yep, you keep on cruising right down to that final page Sad, closing a good book I ve really only just gotten warm, but yes, she deals, she deals in spades, in the utter scribiliciousness of alla it She, R P is fluent in it Lalla, like her creator, is coming into her own Lalla s could be hero, the dutiful, do anything to catch em, Reacher Has he crossed your radar He being that former M P whose rather like Lalla, feeling that calling binded with honor He too, like Lalla, knows the pits to peaks of being taller Wall flower to power So, just how does Reacher from nowhere fit with sunny Calfornian Lalla Simply cuz no sleuther has said any better You do not mess with the special investigators Ain t no body the same kinda special as Lalla and R P Dahlke, the sleuther and the scribe What A Team I was sent a pre lease of A Dead Red Oleander by the author It did not cloud my judgement.And, no silly Bruce never got grilled Not on Lalla s watch The opening of the book absolutely hooks youa gorgeous blonde handcuffed to the bottom of a vehicle on the side of the highway in 100 degree weather What a wonderful read this was If you are going to the beach, the pool or even just staying home and avoiding the heat, this is a great read for you Both my husband and I loved A Dead Red Oleander although I wouldn t go so far as to say that it is my favorite in the series That would be tantamount to having a favorite child just wrong Each book stands alone and I really appreciate Rebecca Dahlke s skill in introducing you to the characters in every book without boring those of us who have followed them from the first That takes a deft touch Lalla Bains is a hoot, gorgeous, crazy as heck, a woman that can manage well in the world of modeling or in a man s world of crop dusting I hope that lots of return readers caught that Lalla shares not only her real name with her aunt Eula Mae but also a huge heart and an outrageous character I love Lalla s now steady relationship with Caleb and watching her curmudgeon of a father starting to demonstrate his love for his daughter though walking his pet Bruce the goat would be really weird in any family but the Bains s The addition of her zany cousin Pearlie to the cast was wonderful and I believe that we may be seeing a lotof her in the future Of course, there is a murder, some unofficial investigation by Lalla and Pearlie and plenty of twists and turns to keep you moving through the book without thinking about putting it down As usual, another Bains bash Bravo Lalla Bains is back, and this time she s not alone Her nuptials only days away, and the newest pilot for the crop dusting company dies at a prewedding party The authorities arrest the man s wife Lalla insists the wife is not guilty, but her fianc Caleb is not so sure and warns her not to meddle in the case We know that would be impossible for Lalla She s off to track down the real killer accompanied by her cousin Pearlie, a little pistol packin Texas gal who is oftenof a hindrance than a help.The reader can t help but be hooked by the opening pages Lalla handcuffed to the bottom of a truck in the middle of a field in 100 degree heat, and there s no let up in action when the reader turns the page to find out how she got there The characters are sympathetic, the kind of folks you d want as next door neighbors The cousin and aunt provide Lalla with the fire power and the laughs necessary to keep this story moving at the speed of a bullet Caleb might be disgusted at Lalla s snooping, but while she fears he might dump her before the wedding, we know he will not Her conflict between wanting to please Caleb and her need to discover the killer is basic Lalla We expect nothing less than for her to put herself into difficult spots, and then get out of them It s part of what moves the story along and makes Lalla the kind of gal we want to pair up with Pearlie proves to be just the right buddy in sleuthing for Lalla, and we hope to seeof her in the future With the crop dusting business about to be sold, the reader looks forward to what tricky situations Ms Dahlke will present to her able sleuth in the next Dead Red installment But I really hate to wait I gave it five stars and a planet.Lesley A Diehl A Dead Red Oleander by Rebecca Dahlke was light reading, entertaining, and most enjoyable.Lalla Bains, an aero ag pilot, is about to go through some life changing events, including an upcoming wedding Waking up to find herself handcuffed to the bumper of a truck out in the middle of nowhere is only the beginning or is it the end The new pilot she s hired for the crop dusting business is murdered during an end of the season party at Lalla s home, and his wife, Nancy, is the chief suspect Murder by oleander not a new concept, but different in this case Think barbequed oleander Lalla knows in her heart that Nancy is innocent and she risks everything to prove it, including her relationship with her intended, Caleb.From eccentric Texas relatives who ve come to help prepare for Lalla s wedding, to a father who treats a goat like a pet dog, this story will grab you and it won t let go The characters are memorable and enjoyable, and the story is pure fun I m hoping Aunt Mae and cousin Pearlie will reappear in future books I think, and hope, it s possible.I highly recommend this book to mystery lovers and anyone who wants to be entertained Thanks to A Dead Red Oleander, I m now a fan of Rebecca Dahlke and Lalla Bains. Don t start a novel like this expecting exquisite cuisine with a fine wine thinkalong the lines of a kickass cheeseburger at an old school truck stop, and as long as you don t pay attention to the grease stains or find the clientele around you an issue, you ll do fine.The writing was sometimes sloppy, and the dialogues trite but the plot advancement was rollicking and the central character, a feisty, crop dusting thrice divorced woman from Fresno who gets involved in solving murders, supported by equally tough and entertaining secondary female characters in the form of her 90 year old grannie and her man hungry cousin, both visiting from Texas, won me over It s not great literature, but I found it diverting, and after some very busy days traveling, a relaxing indulgence It s clearly aimed at a female audience, but as a guy reading it, I actually found the way the author reveals strategies women use against each other when competing for a man s attention to be instructive as well as amusing. Naturally I read it I wrote it Here re what reviewers are saying I m so happy that Lalla Bains is back This is was my favourite book of the three and it s all there crime, mystery, suspense and great characters I really liked the glimpses into Lalla s thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories Her dad completely lost in a house full of women as Lalla s great aunt and her cousin Pearlie come from Texas for her wedding is hilarious I Matos,review This author is an exceptional talent bringing her characters to life you feel like you ve met them before My only regret I am finished reading and have to wait who knows how long for my next fix from this author Read it and enjoy Tech Teacher,Review Kindle 2.99 I won a copy of A Dead Red Oleander after entering a contest on a blog I have no affiliation with the author or publisher and have not received payment for my review A Dead Red Oleander starts off with a bang Why is this woman Lalla handcuffed beneath a truck What did she do Who left her there Is someone coming back to finish her off The prologue did an excellent job of drawing the reader in wanting to readChapter one begins stating 6 weeks earlier Lalla hires a temporary pilot for her crop dusting business that she and her father are in the process of shutting down at the end of the season in a few weeks Dewey Treat comes well recommended and she gives him the job Unfortunately he drops dead at a BBQ Lalla and her father are hosting at their ranch Due to the suspicious nature of his death the police arrest his wife Nancy Lalla is convinced her new friend has been set up and starts an investigation to find the real killer, who leaves a fewbodies in his wake before he is finally captured.A Dead Red Oleander was well written, good plot, good dialogue, fast moving story line, well developed, likeable characters, the kind of book that is a real page turner I liked the book and I would recommend it to others to read.Unfortunately this wonderful book was a victim of formatting and editing errors Punctuation errors, words spelled correctly that would not be caught in a computer spell check but used incorrectly, and extra words that messed up sentences He was a really was a fast learner I also had my doubts that 6 weeks passed between the prologue and first chapter The book moved along really quickly with no explained time lapses It seemed like only a few days passed between chapter one and the handcuffed under the truck scene I won t use the editing as an excuse to give a snarky review or lowball rating the novel because I really did like this book I was able to get past the sloppy editing to enjoy the well written story but I want to be honest in my review and give potential readers a heads up because not everyone wants to read a book with errors in each chapter I was tempted to give a 5 star review but I don t think it would be fair to potential readers who are expecting a good, clean copy I definitely recommend A Dead Red Oleander for people who love fast moving cozy mysteries.But I don t recommend it for readers who get really bugged by sloppy editing Will Lalla ever get married I have to know I definitely will be readingof this author s books.

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