Three Sisters

Three Sisters In This Heartwarming And Celebrated Blackberry Island Novel, New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Mallery Introduces Us To Three Women Whose Friendship Is About To Change Their Lives Forever After Andi Gordon Is Jilted At The Altar, She Makes An Impetuous Decision Buying One Of The Famed Three Sisters On Blackberry Island Now The Proudish Owner Of The Ugly Duckling Of The Trio Of Queen Anne Houses, Her Life Is Just As Badly In Need Of A Major Renovation As Her New Home When Deanna Phillips Confronts Her Husband About A Suspected Affair, She Opens Up A Pandora S Box Of Unhappiness In Her Quest To Be The Perfect Woman, She S Lost Herself And Could Lose Her Entire Family If Things Don T Change Next Door, Artist Boston King Thought She And Her College Sweetheart Would Be Married Forever But After Tragedy Strikes, She S Not So Sure Now It S Time For Them To Move Forward, With Or Without One Another Thrown Together By Fate And Geography, And Bound By The Strongest Of Friendships, These Three Women Will Discover What They Re Truly Made Of Laughter, Tears And Love

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    After just finishing Barefoot Season, I was quite skeptical and even a little upset when I found out that this book was only continuing about Blackberry Island and didn t include Michelle and Carly, the main characters of the first book in this series I was also a little aloof reading the description wondering what could possibly be so great about a book about three houses called the Three Sisters Let me be the first to say that I was sorely WRONG about everything Immediately upon beginning the story, I found myself excited to learn about Andi, Boston, and Deanna I think that Susan Mallery has such a wonderful gift when it comes to opening up a story and just being able to draw the reading in from the first few words I have read some complaints about the layout of the story, but I am actually quite fond and think I would almost rather read a book in the layout such as the one Mallery chose for this book I find that it keeps my interest peaked so than just reading one whole book about one or two characters For those of you that may not know what I mean, Mallery chose to break this story down into three sets of relationships couples There seems to be a bit about each set of characters in each chapter, and I loved that I thought that this writing technique kept the book flowing smoothly.I found that the characters were so real and in depth, with true life problems and situations that many readers may identify with, and I truly admired that about this book That is mostly what kept me reading, was the fact that even though it was a story, I felt like it could be a real story Of course everybody wants a fairytale life, but the reality is, that most of the time, such a life doesn t exist, and I truly believe that Mallery depicts that with her writing I felt myself being able to identify and empathize with the characters, all the while each of them growing on me and with each page that I turned Once I had forgotten about the characters of the first book and began becoming entralled with the characters of this book, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mallery nonchalently reintroduces the first books characters and provides a quick little update on the progress of their lives I look forward to see what s going to happen next on Blackberry Island and also look forward to continuing to get a glimpse in the lives of each character that Mallery has built in Blackberry Island.This book did deal with real life intense issues and I felt that Mallery wrote about them beautifully I like the fact that even though she provides you with romance, it is real and heartfelt, not something cheesy that you could never dream of happening I have certainly found a new favorite author of mine.I have to give Ms Mallery and her publishing team the greatest thanks for allowing me to be a part of her Review Crew and providing me with an advance copy of this amazingly spectacular book in return for my honest and unbiased review Bring on some Blackberry Island

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    Mein erstes Buch von Susan Mallery und ich bin restlos begeistert 3 Wundersch n

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    Three Sisters by Susan Mallery is women s fiction romance novel This book is scheduled for release in early February and is published by Harlequin Mira.Three Sisters the beautiful, Queen Anne style Victorian homes on Blackberry Island house, three completely different women and families at various stages in their lives As the story opens all three residents are going through very rough periods of their lives.Andi had her life all mapped out She lived in Seattle, had her career as a doctor and was about to marry Matt, the man she had spent the last decade with Then Matt jilts her at the alter in front of 300 friends and family, and leaves her to deal with the aftermath Andi also has to deal with her over achieving family when she suddenly leaves Seattle and buys a two hundred year old Victorian home that will have be completely renovated But, Andi needs a fresh start She wants to be a pediatrician and the island is in desperate need of one So, Andi is determined to put men, sex, and romance out of her life forever and focus on helping kids But, her sexy contractor,Wade, keeps distracting her from her no men policy.The home on Andi s right was beautifully restored, with a perfect garden and landscape Deanna and Colin live here with their five daughters On the outside it looks like the perfect home and the perfect family But, looks can be deceiving Deanna believes her husband has been having an affair When she confronts him, Colin takes the opportunity to let loose on Deanna about how unhappy he is with their marriage and how miserable she makes their children How dare he Deanna works hard to be the perfect mother No regular TV PBS only, no sugar, no seconds at dinner, etc Her rules are strangling her marriage and her children Suddenly, Deanna feels like the outsider in her own home Not to mention the fact that she has put off most of people on the island and has no friends or family to turn to for a shoulder to cry on.The house on on the left is also restored Zeke and Boston have lived on the island all their lives It was love at first sight for Zeke and Boston They had been in love and very happy until a horribly sad tragedy upended their lives Now the once strong and happy home is crumbling rapidly and it looks like it may implode permanently unless they can both find a way to cope with, then accept what has happened and move forward with their lives.This is an emotional story of how three women are coping with difficult and overwhelming situations It is also a story of how these women forge a friendship despite their differences and first impressions Some of the women bonded from the start, but other got off to a very rocky start As they began to confide in each other, they learned to lean on each other and support each other through the good moments and the bad.The subject matter was hard to deal with at times, especially with one of the stories being so very, very sad In each of the stories the men were often a bit too selfish or not supportive enough One obviously could have helped by addressing the need for medical intervention, but these men were also suffering as well and were doing what they could to cope, even if it wasn t always the right way to cope None of these characters were without their flaws, which is of course what makes the story real and believable.The only weak story line, for me personally, was with Andi s guy, Wade Wade had some reason to feel like he did, but I thought he took it way too far and wouldn t listen to Andi when I thought she was being quite honest about everything He was too cautious and too sensitive about their differences.Even though the situations these women faced were monumental, in the end we are filled with hope and encouragement We feel the power of love and friendship and community and come away with the knowledge that these three couples are on their way to the next chapter of their lives with the worst behind them and bright future in the front of them.Adult subject matter, sexual situations content, mild language Overall this one gets an A.I got this book from Edelweiss for an honest review.

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    When you stay up late to finish a book becasue you can t put it down, it is a pretty good indication that you liked the book The three sisters are three houses, but the three women who live in them are the story Their lives were each very different, but they all had their own problems As each women reaches a crisis in her life, they find that family isn t necessarily those we are related to, but who is there for you Believable situations and characters, with a nice balance of humor and romance to balance the bittersweet I have not read any other books in the Blackberry Island series, but it did not make any difference to my enjoyment of the book.

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    Andi, a pediatric doctor, makes a rash decision after being left at the altar by her boyfriend of ten years and buys a worn down house on Blackberry Island Renovating the house into both her new practice and her new home should provide just the distraction she needs to get over her broken heart Next door neighbor Deanna has what looks to be the perfect life An amazing husband and five beautiful daughters, she does everything right Only problem is she is so wrapped up in appearances and rules that she fails to see that her husband is ready to bolt and her kids alternate between hating her and being scared of her On the other side of Andi is Boston, who married her high school sweetheart and had the perfect marriage until the day they lost their 6 month old son and they both fell apart Brought together by fate, the three soon become fast friends as they each try to find their way to their personal happily ever after Sigh There is nothing wrong with this book There are well developed characters and the life affirming themes of love conquers all and friendship gets you through everything is splattered everywhere There were parts that were very repetitive The author wanted the reader to know, over and over again, how things went down The exact details of being left at the altar or Boston sketching her son to find a connection to him beyond death were important but after the fifth time of it, it grew thin To me, this book has been written several times over by a group of regular writers for their fans The names and places change, but the theme remains the same Debbie Macomber fans will enjoy.

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    4.5 starsI laughed, I cried, I loved it After enjoying Barefoot Season I was surprised to be drawn so quickly to new characters but Three Sisters is an emotional story I immediately connected with Really shouldn t have come as a surprise, Mallery s poignant writing real women with heartaches, insecurities, strengths and flaws and I identified in some way with each of them.Andi seeking a fresh start on Blackberry Island but toting baggage She buys the run down middle house of the well known Three Sisters Queen Anne houses Deanna brittle, controlling, bitchy but when she cracks and reveals her vulnerabilities I just wanted to give her a hug Boston drowning in the pain of her baby son s death, Boston s story brought me to tears than once, close to home and my own heart.The strength and security that true friendship brings is a beautiful thing, I loved the interaction between Andi, Boston and Deanna and their honesty Don t take this wrong, but I really didn t like you much when I first met you Don t worry about it, no one does But you re really nice and funny Maybe you could write a letter of recommendation to my family Andi drew back and Boston took her place Her touch was less sure, but no less comforting I m here too, her neighbour said For you and for Andi It s really okay you re a bitch You re a good bitch I kind of wish I lived next door, I d fit right in, we would have been friends And just in case you re wondering, Three Sisters is book 2 in the Blackberry Island series but it can definitely be read as a stand a lone The connection is only loose but late in the novel there s a little update on Michelle and Carly and the Blackberry Island Inn from Barefoot Season and of course recipes.Recommend Without hesitation

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    Looking at the cover of this book and the title you might think the novel is about three sisters The three sisters are in fact old neighbouring houses on Blackberry Island The story concerns Andi, who after being jilted at the altar, buys one of the houses planning to open her paediatric surgery and also live in the house After her disastrous ten years spent with Matt, Andi has sworn off men Will the hunky contractor working on her house change her mind Deanna, a neighbour, is one who strives to have the perfect home and family But the reality is very different Then there is Boston, an artist whose baby died in her arms Now all she does is paint and sketch baby Liam When I picked this book up I thought it would be a light chick lit type novel but it also covers issues about parenting, obsessive compulsive disorder, different ways of handling grief, expectations of others, believing in yourself and friendship There are some gentle words of wisdom like, by hanging on too tight, she was losing the very thing she sought to keep What annoyed me in this novel was the reference to girl parts, which is used several times when it came to sexual responses and reactions It sounded coy and false I could also have done with just letting the readier imagine the sex scenes We know how it s done, without the detailed description I also thought the three women fell into the friendship too easily and that the ending was rather rushed Those quibbles aside, I mostly enjoyed the story and was engaged in the characters and their problems.

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    This was my first Susan Mallery novel, and overall, I enjoyed it Following three women at different stages in their lives ensures the story moves forward while giving readers the chance to see the characters from different points of view.My few quibbles mainly concern Andi s storyline She was left at the altar by her boyfriend of 10 years, something we hear about again and again and again as she oh so slowly gains perspective on that relationship She has, rather predictably, sworn off men Enter Wade King who makes her girly bits tingle Yes, it s a phrase we read often and in my case, at least, with less amusement each time Andi s a pediatrician, though, and Wade s a contractor so misunderstandings ensue because apparently there s some kind of class structure on Blackberry Island that prevents them from having their happily ever after without the prerequisite conflict, drama and tension.Deanna and Boston s stories had depth and tension Both characters grew through the course of the book I wouldn t have minded Andi s quite so much if it hadn t been the primary focus of the three While Andi buying the house was the catalyst for the book, there was nothing fresh about her story.I ll read Susan Mallery in the future Her writing is fluid, and it s easy to get lost in the characters and the setting I wish I d seen a little of Blackberry Island, but I look forward to my next visit.

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    I ve been a fan of Susan for years now after reading several of her Buchanan family books I ve continued to read her old Silhouette Special Editions and her wonderful Fool s Gold books over the years because her romances are like Mac n Cheese to me I know when I open one I m going to meet a friend I m going to laugh a little I m going to cry a little And I m going to close the book at the end feeling warm and fuzzy and probably smiling like a loon.With Three Sisters I got all of that and .What shined most for me had to be the 3 women Andi, Deanna and Boston are as real to me as my best friend Hands down these women are some of the best characters Susan has ever created She has an uncanny ability to write that one character who is a total witch no one including yourself can stand through a good portion of the book and turn them around in a way we readers cheer them on by the end Oh yes, she certainly did that here Totally made me want to drive my happy butt to Blackberry Island and give Deanna a hug I m really looking forward to reading in the Blackberry Island series and I hope Susan continues on with them for a long time.

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    Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerSource a review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalley.Remember how I decided to quit the Fool s Gold books That decision stands, but Ms Mallery s Women s Fiction novels are a different story altogether I really enjoyed the previous two and I had high hopes for this one, and although things were a bit touch and go there for a second, overall I enjoyed it a lot.Three Sisters is the nickname of three neighboring houses You can probably guess that three houses means that we get three main characters, each quite different from the other and with a unique set of problems to solve.The first house is in shambles and was recently acquired by Andi, whose fianc left her at the altar Brokenhearted and humiliated, she decided to take all her money, move to the island, buy the practice from the local pediatrician and restore the dilapidated house But unlike what the blurb says, Andi has her act together and only needs a bit of courage to rebuild her life, her new home and maybe her love life.Next we have the house that belongs to Deanna She is perfect and wants everyone to know and notice it her house is gorgeous, her daughters beautiful and her husband is having an affair Well, that s not entirely true, but Deanna s perfection doesn t reflect the reality that s her life, her relationship with her family and her own mental health.Finally we have Boston s house This one is all quirky just like its owner Boston married the love of her life, but tragedy brought a tremendous grief that they don t know how to deal with and is destroying their relationship.It doesn t get Women s Fiction than that.Andi s part of the story is mostly a Romance Someone breaks her heart which causes her to realize she isn t happy with her life, so she leaves the big city for the small town and finds love in the arms of the hunky contractor remodeling her new house This means that she s also the character in charge of being the voice of reason and bringing the group together It was the least interesting heroine of the bunch, but considering how angsty and convoluted the other two stories were, I was glad to get a respite with Andi.Boston s story was the saddest, mostly because of the circumstances, and I liked that she and her husband had to work at getting better, both as individuals and as a couple They were very sympathetic, likeable characters, and even though I can t say that I enjoyed their story, I was very glad to see them overcome the obstacles I m leaving Deanna s story for last, because this was both the most interesting and the most infuriating of the three Deanna is all about looking perfect her house, her family and her life all must appear golden She s so obsessed with perfection that she s almost unrecognizable from the woman her husband marries Her daughters hate and are afraid of her, and her husband has become distant Everything that comes out of her mouth is criticisms And when the book starts, she confronts her husband with what she thinks is proof of his infidelity, but when he tells her that no, he s not cheating, but that he s thinking of leaving her because he can t stand her, she breaks.Sounds like an awful woman, right She isn t And it broke my heart to read her story and to see her portrayed as the one and only culprit of what was going on with her family and marriage This is a woman who clearly has psychological issues that go as far back as her childhood something we learn later in the story when we get a glimpse into her past and that now have been exacerbated and transformed into what looks like OCD And she s completely and utterly alone Now, I m not saying that she s without fault, but the story makes it look as if she s the only one to blame The husband gives her an ultimatum and that s it She has to work at it alone And she does it she goes to therapy and finds friendship in the two other women of the story But I thought it was a twisted message to send This woman almost crumbles under the pressure produced by trauma, social conventions and expectations, but because she turns into an unbearable bitch, she doesn t get any type of compassion or even the benefit of the doubt from anyone, but especially from the man who s been enjoying the life she s helped create I liked that she finds friendship and the inner strength to get help, but I hated seeing her portrayed as the villain It felt judgmental and wrong The best part of the book is that it revolves around the friendship that slowly develops between the three women, and that their friendship is what gives them the strength to move forward and heal It s also readable, melodramatic, sappy and very entertaining Before I wrap this up, Three Sister is the second book in the Blackberry Island series I reviewed the first book here but they stand alone perfectly well.

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