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From The Author Of Wildflower Hill, This Breathtaking Novel Travels Than A Century Between Two Love Stories Set In The Australian Seaside Town Of Lighthouse BayIn , A Ship Sinks Off The Coast Of Queensland, Australia The Only Survivor Is Isabella Winterbourne, Who Clutches A Priceless Gift Meant For The Australian Parliament This Gift Could Be Her Ticket To A New Life, Free From The Bonds Of Her Husband And His Overbearing Family But Whom Can She Trust In Lighthouse Bay Fast Forward To After Losing Her Lover, Libby Slater Leaves Her Life In Paris To Return To Her Hometown Of Lighthouse Bay, Hoping To Gain Some Perspective And Grieve Her Recent Loss Libby Also Attempts To Reconcile With Her Sister, Juliet, To Whom She Hasn T Spoken In Twenty Years Libby Did Something So Unforgivable, Juliet Is Unsure If She Can Ever Trust Her Sister AgainIn These Two Adventurous Love Stories, Both Isabella And Libby Must Learn That Letting Go Of The Past Is The Only Way To Move Into The Future The Answers They Seek Lie In Lighthouse Bay Lighthouse Bay is a beautiful book about how two women who lived a century apart found love and forgiveness In 1901 Isabella Winterbourne travelled to Australia with her husband when their ship sank near LightHouse Bay Libby Slater came back to Lighthouse Bay after her boyfriend, Mark Winterbourne died Libby Slater and Damien Allbright came across diaries of Matthew Seaward that started them on a hunt for treasure and finding out who is Isabella Winterhouse The readers of Lighthouse Bay will continue to follow Libby Slater and Damien Allbright treasure hunt and their investigation into Winterbourne family mystery Lighthouse Bay is the first book I have read of Kimberley Freeman, and I did enjoy reading it I became engaged with the story from the beginning of Lighthouse Bay I love the way, Kimberley Freeman, entwine the 1901 and 1911 plots throughout Lighthouse Bay Lighthouse Bay is well written and researched by Kimberley Freeman I like Kimberley Freeman description of Lighthouse Bay Kimberley Freeman did an excellent job of portraying her characters Lighthouse Bay highlights that family is essential and you should never undervalue your sisters and brothers The readers of Lighthouse Bay will learn about producing a Jewellery Catalogue Also, readers of Lighthouse Bay will determine what people will do to get land they want for development large resorts I recommend this book 1901 ,. Libby Slater is in mourning Her lover of 12 years has died but she can t really openly mourn because she was the other woman, his mistress Realising that she needed to make some changes to her life, she decides to return to the small town that she grew up in Her lover, Mark Winterbourne, had bought a home in the town years before but Libby had always been reluctant to visit, mainly due to her fractured family relationships Now there is just her sister left but after Libby left the small town 20 years before to live in France following a terrible tragedy and only minimal contact during that time, the two women barely have a relationship to speak of.On returning to the small coastal town, Libby needs to establish a new life but she is also initially keen to hold onto her links with Mark, even if that means working closely with his widow on the new season s catalogue for Mark s family jewellery company The company has been around for generations, and there is a mystery in the family s past Back in the early 1900 s Arthur Winterbourne travelled to Australia along with his wife Isabel In his possession was a jewel encrusted mace which had been commissioned by Queen Victoria in honour of the federation of Australia as an independent country.To read of my thoughts head tohttp 2013 Libby Slater returns to Lighthouse Bay on Queensland s Sunshine Coast after years of living in Paris With the death of her married lover she has given up her high powered job and returned to the town where her estranged sister, Julia, runs a Bed and Breakfast Libby moves into the house she owns on the beach near the old deserted lighthouse Only, as she discovers, it isn t quite as deserted as she thinks.Over a hundred years earlier a ship was wrecked off the coast of Queensland On board was a very precious cargo a gift from the British Crown to the Australian Government in celebration of Federation The ship and its cargo are lost with all hands or so everyone thinks.Kimberley Freeman s latest novel, Lighthouse Bay tells the parallel stories of Isabella in 1901 and Libby in 2011 Both are haunted by past tragedies both are looking for ways to fill the holes in their hearts.Having enjoyed Freeman s previous novel Wildflower Hill I approached this new one with expectations for the same undemanding enjoyment I wasn t disappointed While this kind of escapist women s fiction is relatively lightweight, it can also be thoroughly entertaining Lighthouse Bay succeeds in being exactly that. Kimberley Freeman , 2011 , Freeman Freeman Freeman ,. .

Kim Wilkins.Kimberley was born in London and her family moved back to Australia when she was three years old She grew up in Queensland where she currently lives.Kimberley has written for as long as she can remember and she is proud to write in many genres She is an award winning writer in children s, historical and speculative fiction under her birth name Kim Wilkins She adopted the pen name Kimberley Freeman for her commercial women s fiction novels Duet and Gold Dust to honour her maternal grandmother and to try and capture the spirit of the page turning novels she has always loved to read Kim has an Honours degree, a Masters degree and a PhD from The University of Queensland where she is also a lecturer She lives in Brisbane with her young family.

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