Belinda CassettesHoursRead By Al Mohrmann Belinda Is The Ultimate Fantasy A Golden Haired Object Of Desire, Fresh And Uninhibited But To Jeremy Walker, A Handsome And FamousYear Old Illustrator Of Children S Books, Belinda Is A Forbidden Passion She S Sweet Sixteen And The Most Seductive Woman He S Ever Known Ann Rice writes erotica with the same intensity as she does with her Vampire Novels Jeremy Walker, a handsome and famous 44 year old illustrator of children s books becomes totally obsessed withBelinda the ultimate fantasy A golden haired object of desire, fresh and uninhibited A forbidden passion, both beguiling and bewitching and someone he cannot keep his mind nor hands off of. So I learned two things about Anne Rice reading this she s a shit writer with a cult following, and a disgusting excuse for a human being The vampire books seem to be her niche, and when she strays from that, you can see just how remedial her skills are It s like with E.L James People say, Anyone could write this crap I could write it Yeah, maybe you could, but you didn t If James would ve attempted to write a serious work of literary fiction, she never would ve had a bestseller among the competition But she wrote Twilight fanfic with almost BDSM and a sadistic billionaire She did it before everyone else would try to profit from such a thing Similarly, Anne Rice created a voluminous world of vampires before it was trendy, making her a popular author This book, Belinda, is slightly above the prose of E.L James, but not as good as V.C Andrews at her best The narrator is Jeremy Walker, a 44 year old children s author and illustrator who is wildly popular He writes and illustrates these gothic children s books about little girls in gauzy nightgowns, wandering the dark stairwells of haunted mansions His entire house is dedicated to his work He photographs child models from agencies, develops the film in his basement, and paints pictures of them in his attic Each room of his home is staged, with antique dolls and toy trains, an old canopy bed These props end up in his book illustrations He s at a book signing when he spots a teenager in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit who looks 15, definitely nothan 16 Jeremy tells us he has a history of fucking street kids underage prostitutes that he pays generously, knowing he won t face consequences But this one, this Belinda, seems well educated, worldly, and wealthy, like she comes from a good home, so he s nervous But he still invites her to an after party and sleeps with her right away.Then she comes to his house and chain smokes foreign cigarettes and downs a bunch of scotch like its water, and he finds out she s a runaway who is in fact 16 But she refuses to talk about her family or her past So he ends up asking her to model for him, saying he ll pay her like he does the little girls from the agency He has her wash her makeup off and model with a dollhouse in a little girl nightgown, and notes that she looks like a 6 year old in the face, which gets him hard He compares her to Becky Thatcher She says she knew he always wanted to reach up under the little girls nightgowns and how his work with children is erotic He denies this, but still has sex with her in the little girl bed he has for illustrations I m so confused at what Anne Rice was going for when she wrote this It seems like she wanted us to know Belinda is an adult, not a child And okay, I could accept that Honestly, I didn t look or act different at 18 than at 16 It s an arbitrary age, and most places in Europe consider 16 to be the age of consent anyways I agree, if you re old enough to operate a car on the freeway without supervision, you re old enough to decide what you will or won t do with your body So why all the overt pedophilia references if Belinda is a grown woman Belinda is described as having a tan, slender body with a little boy butt and no hips, but big tits, so basically a Barbie doll with a JonBenet Ramsey head, making her a woman child sex Minotaur from hell She s described as having tight skin around the eyes like a youngster, and it s continuously mentioned that she has a babymouth babylips Jeremy calls her darling baby and my little girl He acts paternal with her, adopting her and buying her little girl clothes in a pre adolescent style He photographs her naked on a carousel horse, naked with dolls, and naked in a brass bed that looks like a crib before fucking her in it He then dresses her to look like she s going to First Communion and builds a set in his home for the erotic photographs If you don t know, First Communion is for girls who are 7 8 years old He paints pictures of her in all these age play scenarios.It reminds me of when Britney Spears was 16 and did those David LaChapelle shots for Rolling Stone In one, she s in her bedroom with all her dolls, in a push up bra top In another, she s laying on a silk sheet in lingerie holding a stuffed animal There is one of her pushing her little sister s tricycle, bent over in booty shorts that say baby on the ass Of course Christina Aguilera was the same age, and a sexy young woman, but for some reason Britney was marketed to appear muchchildlike than she was She even popularized that naughty schoolgirl thing with the Baby One More Time video It was a very different representation than the Genie in a Bottle video of Christina s which I can admit I found hot, because I was 16 17 myself when it came out Fans who preferred Brit over Christina lost interest when she started acting dressing age appropriate a few years later, even though she looked and sounded the exact same as an entertainer There was a backlash against her not being their sweet little girl any Christina didn t have a backlash, because she never played into that in the first place This novel seems very didactic, yet it s a mixed jumble of messages Belinda is not a child, she s a woman in control of her sexuality But she s also a child compared to Jeremy, and pedophilia is sexy Jeremy definitely does not view her as his equal The jacket sleeve says A contemporary Lolita, Belinda is the sensual story of a postmodern nymphet and her provocative relationship with her considerably older lover How is she a nymphet According to Humbert, who coined the phrase, a nymphet is a child aged 9 14, who has not yet began puberty He found breasts, hips, and body hair utterly disgusting Lo was a late bloomer, yet when she was 14 she was TOO OLD for him She blossomed into a teenager, and he was trying to think of a way to get rid of her But first he wanted to get her to Mexico and impregnate her, so he could start having incest with their daughter at age EIGHT, while he was still young enough to get an erection Humbert wouldn t touch buxom 16 17 year old Belinda, no matter what she dressed like That s like expecting lesbians to enjoy sex with pretty boys Pedophiles want kids, that s what pedophilia is Like how hard is that for Anne Rice to grasp She mentions Lolita three times, and Humbert on a handful of separate occasions, comparing them to Belinda and Jeremy At one point Belinda goes missing, and Jeremy s friend says And I don t care how many teen sex flicks they crank out every day down there in Tinseltown, you re forty five and you fucked a teenager and you won t say you re sorry, and your goddamn paintings are selling, that s what s making them mad They ve got to believe somebody s sorry, somebody s going to pay, so they just love the idea that she s dead.The link between sex and death, well, hell, it s as American as apple pie For years every movie they ever made about gay sex or any kind of weird sex for that matter always ended with suicide or somebody getting killed Look at Lolita Humbert Humbert shoots Quilty, then he and Lolita both end up dead America makes you pay that way when you break the rules So, she s equating gay sex with Humbert s pedophilia That s the same thing homophobes say They compare sexually abusing a helpless child to two consensual adults having gay sex, because they think gays are equally deviant and morally bankrupt And why would she keep drawing comparisons between her protagonist s romance and Humbert s kidnapping and raping of a child Well, apparently she thinks rape is A okay She makes a joke about Roman Polanski getting caught with an underage girl, like they were lovers having an affair Roman Polanski drugged a girl of THIRTEEN, and raped her He performed oral, vaginal, and anal sex on her with her crying and begging him to stop the entire time What the fuck is wrong with Anne Rice, seriously She then has Jeremy say to Belinda that she looks rapable which is not a word, but I m assuming she meant rape able and Belinda says thanks Then Belinda s stepfather tries to hold her down and rape her, but she gets away and they make up He couldn t help himself, you see She s such a hot piece of jail bait, what man could resist At this point, you re probably thinking, Tia, why did you read this Honestly, I thought it would be erotic, since it s written by a female I always loved older men Still do When I was a teenager, I wasn t interested in boys my age I ended up not having sex until I was in my 20 s, and quite a few of my boyfriends were old enough to be my dad But I was interested in men when I was a teen It was a taboo fantasy that I knew better than to act on I thought this would be a sensual story about a sexy older man, and I expected to be aroused by it.The problem is, Anne Rice is a male identified woman She tells the majority of the story from the male perspective, and objectifies the girl the entire time She goes on and on and on about Belinda s blond, blond hair, her white yellow gold ringlets of fairy princess hair Her candy pink nipples and her candy pink mouth and her tits and the peach pink flesh of her vulva and the texture, color, and shape of her pubic hair We have to slog through Jeremy s midlife crisis and artistic breakthrough and endless guilt about having sex with this nice girl who has a family somewhere, but we barely know what he looks like at all We never get descriptions of Belinda s pleasure We never get any dick stats on Jeremy He briefly notes that he had sex with another man, but doesn t describe it He vividly paints with words what Belinda looks like in all his art, but in telling about the shots he took of them naked together, not a word for himself The sex scenes are so vague, except one that details him pouring wine into her vagina Sounds unenjoyable, and like a yeast infection waiting to happen Belinda is your basic manic pixie dream girl Jeremy spends the first 200 pages thinking about himself, then he finds out Belinda hasn t been honest with him So he beats her while she cries and begs him to stop The maid has to intervene, saying he ll kill her She s covered in bruises, and runs away Then she mails him a journal telling him the truth about everything.First of all, this journal goes on for 100 pages of my 400 page copy That s a fourth of the book To say what could ve been said in 5 7 pages It s SO dull that I couldn t wait for Jeremy to take over again And in describing her sexual history with men, she uses the same kind of detached language she describes her father with But when she talks about her lesbian affairs, she s very precise in describing the other women s beauty Interestingly, there are no masculine men in this entire book There are many stereotypically flamboyant gays a hairdresser with a sweet face, a guy who is slightly above five feet tall who wears lavender suits, sequin ties, and mink lined capes Even Jeremy, the hero, has a house full of girls toys and furniture and nightgowns In Belinda s journal, she reveals she got on birth control at age 12, and she d led a very promiscuous life with no repercussions At age 15, she had a nude sex scene in a European art film with a woman that was not acting but for real , had sex with that actress s girlfriend who was the director, and had an affair with her stepfather Everyone around her was into having sex with kids, or at least with her because she s so beautiful they can t help it I think this was Anne Rice s way of showing she was mature or not an innocent victim All it showed me was that Belinda was surrounded by perverts And at the end of the journal, Belinda forgives Jeremy not for beating her, which she never mentions, but for making her open up about herself.He releases the erotic nude paintings of the underage and missing Belinda, and mean old feminists just don t understand him, calling it exploitation But sweet baby Belinda marries him while she s still underage so her mother or uncle can t have custody of her basically, she becomes his property as if he were her father Jeremy often wrote in clipped sentence fragments like this Rain falling Great slanted sheets of rain Dark puddles creeping into the flowers of the rug Voices downstairs No.I was lying in bed with the scotch on the table next to me Next to the phone Been drunk since Rhinegold s visit, since I d finished the new Artist and Model Would be drunk until Saturday Then back to work again Saturday deadline for this madness Until then the scotch And the rain But short as those sentences were, the book was about 150 pages too long Anne just didn t know when or how to stop And it s unfortunate that she compares Jeremy to Humbert, because monster that he was, at least HH told his tale in a compelling manner. This is one of the lesser lesser known works by the authoress Anne Rice, written under her least common pen name On the surface, Belinda seems to resemble Nabakov s famous work Lolita, but the character dimension has Rice s typical sparkle, the intimate scenes arevivid and realistic, and themodern setting makes itaccessible for many This book is a shadecontroversial and patently sexual than most of the Vampire Chronicles, but less so than the Beauty Trilogy, so if you are coming from either series, don t expect the same style. I m not sure what I thought I was signing up for with this one I knew the author Anne Rice had penned this under a pseudonym and was intrigued as to what the result would be, when she veered from her expected supernatural writing.This is sold as romance and erotica It is neither I feel the need to add a disclaimer here that I do not even read romance or erotica and had I seen the genres this fell under then it is extremely doubtful I would ever have picked up the book no hate, they re just not for me The synopsis led me to believe this a Lolita esque story about the relationship between a grown male and his teenaged love interest.Lolita is dense and dark as it explores the taboo It does not make light of the subject matter yet still manages to illuminate it Nabakov charms his readers he is titillating and lyrical in his approach to the story He delivers a raw and unabashed account sweeping no crumbs from the counter top before serving it up Yet, in all of this, there is abundant grace and beauty to be found.This book, however, did none of the above This remained a messed up, perverted, and paedophilic story line with no redeeming qualities throughout and gave me nothing to root for and everything to sneer at in disgust A hard NOPE from me

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