Winter Evenings

Winter Evenings Two Men Stuck In A Small Mountain Town Develop An Unlikely And Unspoken Friendship A Punctilious Bureaucrat Becomes Briefly Reckless At The End Of His Career A High Class Prostitute On Vacation Reads The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock To A Man Recovering From The End Of A Long Affair The Ghosts Of Partition Return InTo Destroy The Equilibrium Of A Tough Sikh Matriarch An Ageing Widow Finds Freedom And Peace In Poetry In Clean, Understated Prose Navtej Sarna S Stories Take Us Through The Landscapes Of Moscow, Geneva, Shimla, Paris, Delhi And Bombay, Where Everyday People Find Or Lose Their Way In Life Quietly, Almost By AccidentMarked By Rare Sensitivity And Compassion, This Collection By The Acclaimed Author Of The Exile And We Weren T Lovers Like That Is A Poignant Ode To The Human Spirit

Navtej Sarna is an Indian author columnist, and diplomat, who is the present Indian Ambassador to Israel.He was born in Jalandhar, India to noted writer in Punjabi, Mohinder Singh Sarna, and passed out of the 1980 Class of Indian Foreign Service Before holding this post, he was Joint Secretary for external publicity at the Ministry of External Affairs MEA , since October 2002, and holds the dis

[Reading] ➹ Winter Evenings By Navtej Sarna –
  • Hardcover
  • 148 pages
  • Winter Evenings
  • Navtej Sarna
  • English
  • 19 June 2017
  • 9788129120472

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    Below I have written a book summary in exactly the same format we had to follow during school time.Title of Book Winter EveningsAuthor Navtej SarnaHaving completed the reading and study of the above book on December 19, 2012 , I would like to make the following notes as a record It is a story concerning It is a collection of stories.The book describes poignant, realistic and literary work.The most interesting part is where In the story Barrier Beach , after the male protagonist has followed and interacted with the female protagonist, the reader has been made to believe that the two characters will fall in love The story takes a twist when he enquires if she is an artist poetess and she replies that she is a well read, elegant, high class prostitute on vacation.The character which appeals to me most is the author in the story Raya because after listening to Raya, a dying woman, on the other end of the phone, who was looking for a person with the same name as the author, he begins the search for the particular person, going from Delhi to Kalka to confirm if this was the person she seeked.The one I like least is Biswas in the story The Superintendent s Formula for in this case at the end of the story he accepts a bribe.Of the other characters I would mention 1.Madam Kitty story Madam Kitty , a former prostitute, who turns into a sincere, caring and hardworking nurse.2 Shekhar story Sunrise at Mashobra , a man who takes his new second wife, to the same honeymoon spots he had been to with his first wife, believing he needed to complete a acript that had been left halfway when the main character had simply disappeared 3.Mr Krishnan story On Official Duty , a close to retirement government employee, who after years of living an organized, disciplined life relives the recklessness of youth.4.Mrs Lal story A Golden Twilight , an elderly woman, who after shifting with her son to a hill station, begins reading and reliving her memories She also manages to find her zestful self and writes a book.My selection of the most striking example of good english in the book is the following Page 96 As I boarded the midday ferry to Martha s Vineyard, the vicious knot of hurt and despair I had carried in my heart for so long seemed to escape into the bowl of a grey overcast sky From there, once again, it descended upon me, the boat, the water and the two edges of land, like the collective sorrow of the whole world It seemed impossible to roll it back into myself again Remarks Apart from a few grammatical errors, the book makes for good literature with realistic stories.Signature Aashna GillAge

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    It was a good read Liked the writers style of discovering beauty in things which go unnoticed Beautiful descriptions which brought back memories of all my hill station visits Would like to read a full story from the same writer.

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