Morgans Hunter (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County, #1)

Morgans Hunter (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County, #1) Morgan Taylor, DC Socialite And Wildlife Biologist, Leads A Charmed Life Until Everything Changes With A Phone Call Her Research Team Has Been Found Dead Slaughtered In Backcountry MontanaAs The Case Grows Cold, Morgan Is Determined To Unravel The Mystery Behind Her Friends Gruesome Deaths Despite The Dangers Of A Murderer Still Free, Nothing Will Stand In Her Way, Not Even The Bodyguard Her Father Hires, LA S Top Close Protection Agent, Hunter PhillipsSparks Fly From The Start When No Nonsense Hunter Clashes With Morgan S Strong Willed Independence Their Endless Search For Answers Proves Hopeless Until Hunter Discovers The Truth On The Run And At The Mercy Of A Madman, Morgan And Hunter Must Outsmart A Killer To Save Their Own Lives

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  • Paperback
  • 375 pages
  • Morgans Hunter (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County, #1)
  • Cate Beauman
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9781480031326

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    OK, but I hate TSTL actions and behaviour, thus the 3 stars The story id interesting and action packed, but I didn t like neither Morgan nor Hunter Why Let me explain.Morgan comes from a very rich family, but she s a working woman, a biologist tracking rare and endangered animals for a Federal agency And even if her father is the CEO she s hard working and dedicated.When part of her team is killed, apparently by a poacher, she becomes comitted to discovering what really happened She feels a heavy reponsibility for their death because she think she should have been there to help them.Her father is very worried about her going where the murders took place by herself and impose on her a bodyguard Hunter.Hunter suffers from PTSD after a mission in Afghanistan where a large part of his team died in an ambush He feels responsible for those deaths and tortures himself with recriminations He put his life on hold and refuses to go on and live when so many people died due to his actions.Obviously both have misconception about each other Morgan thinks Hunter will be a hindrance to her work, while Hunter thinks her a spoilt, rich daddy s girl.Both are mistaken And both are hugely attarcted by each pther, even if they do everything to deny it This could have been such a great book, because the promise was there butMorgan has many TSTL moments view spoiler when they go near the mine, instead of following Hunters instructions and runiing away from it, she stubbornly run towards it and strait into danger But that s not the only one She uses the radio to contact the rangers while still on the run from the mine She constantly challenges Hunter s authority even when it s obvious that the order is given for a very good reason hide spoiler

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    Quick summaryHunter Phillips is a former Marine gunnery sergeant now working as private security for Ethan Cooke Security Morgan Taylor is a wildlife biologist for the Parks and Conservation Bureau heading up a six member research team When part of her team is murdered on a research trip in Montana, she decides to go there to find out what happened Hunter is hired by her father to be a resistant Morgan s bodyguard.The issuesHunter is suffering from PTSD after a horrific final mission in Afghanistan that also left him guilt ridden when most of his team died Morgan is fiercely independent and resents having a bodyguard, let alone the gruff Hunter There s lots to be cautious about but Morgan doesn t appreciate his skills in protecting them both What I likedThe tension level in this story is high as the investigation in Montana turns really dangerous It s extremely suspenseful with lots of twists, subterfuge and intrigue When things get really dicey, my nerves could hardly stand it Hunter and Morgan s relationship didn t happen quickly and developed appropriately, IMO, with the course of the storyromantic and steamy at times and explosive at others I liked their conflicts as it was completely in keeping with the natures of both Bothersome momentsAs much as I liked Morgan, she drove me crazy Hunter proved time and again that he had skills but she repeatedly defaulted to her own judgment and ended up putting them both in peril And, Hunterhe repeatedly withheld information from Morgan when it made no sense to do so This undermined both characters, enough so I lowered my rating a half star The bottom lineDespite my bothersome moments, this is a well written story and Beauman gets the mystery and suspense right It was downright scary at times and the twists caught me off guard The romance works even with my issues I m definitely continuing this series, which I ve heard gets even better 3.5 stars

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    I cannot imagine how our brave men and women feel as they dodge IED s and bullets in a foreign land, so When Hunter was at Jake s side in Afghanistan, as he lay dying, Jake made Hunter promise to take care of Sarah and the baby.Hunter had been injured himself and nightmares haunted his sleep.Morgan didn t hurt for money, but she worked hard anyway She and her friends were the six Musketeeers and committed to their environmental work until three are found murdered She seeks answers with a vengeance.She is a scientist doing wildlife research, not a fighter, so her dad s solution Ethan Cooke Security and Hunter is assigned to work with her.This is my favorite type of reading I do want a high degree of suspense and I feel it throughout waiting for the culprits to show themselves and the confrontation that will result Making this mystery even harder to solve, is their location, alone in the wilderness.Two strong personalities clash and the verbal foreplay begins Sparks are flying from their first meeting Of course, we knew this was coming After all, Morgan s Hunter is a romantic suspense, so I would be hugely disappointed if it didn t.Cate Beauman does a fabulous job of creating desire and painful denial, the characters not allowing themselves to act on their attraction Their denial creates it own suspense and anticipation as I wait for them to act on their feelings I keep waiting for them to drop their guard and get it on.I knew something would happen before they left the forest I hate the way it happened, but it had to be that way Sometimes Morgan acts like a spoiled brat and it makes me wonder about myself I can be obstinate and cantankerous when someone tries to boss me around Would I do that in her situation Greed, money, power who knows what will cause a person to corrupt themselves.The danger doesn t end when I thought it would I love that Cate kept me on pins and needles, sneaking in the last tidbits of goodness, choosing the time when I can take a breath and say, OMG, What s next This fabulous series stands alone and ranks high on my reading list I can hardly wait to read .I voluntarily reviewed Morgan s Hunter by Cate Beauman.To see visit fundinmental

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    A view weeks ago I started reading the Bodyguards of L.A County series And ever since I started, I haven t been able to stop reading these books And I was really curious about Morgan and Hunters story So when I got the opportunity to read another book in this series, this was the book I choice and I couldn t wait to start reading Morgan s Hunter is the fourth book in the Bodyguards of L.A County series I read and it s the first book in the series, but every book can also be read as a standalone And I ve been reading these books completely out of order Morgan s Hunter is definitely another great story Morgan is a wildlife biologist and her parents happen to be very rich Morgan is easily thought of as a privileged and sometimes spoiled woman But that is definitely not who Morgan is Morgan loves her job as a wildlife biologist, and loves spending time in the woods searching for wildlife I loved how Morgan definitely wasn t your average rich girl Hunter is scarred by his time in Afghanistan and the friends and colleagues he lost He now works as a bodyguard Hunter is very good at keeping people at a distance, but when he meets Morgan he soon realizes she is than meets the eye I sure loved reading about how these two fell in love Just like the other books in this series I read, I loved Morgan s Hunter I really enjoyed getting to know Morgan and Hunter And it was definitely fun to read about their adventures in backcountry Montana Their attraction to one other was obvious from the moment they met, but they both had a lot of prejudices It was a lot of fun to read about how they struggled with their growing feelings for one another Although the overall storyline is a little less than the other books in this series, I still give this book five stars I loved it and really enjoyed reading every single word But there was a little less suspense and action, than in the other books But as a first book in a series, this book would have definitely grabbed my attention and made me want to read and For me. I was already hooked to this series, and I definitely need to read them all

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    Good but not really suspense like I was hoping Book 2 was better Full review on the blog

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    This is Hunter a former Force Recon Marine He s quite a guy This is Morgan She s gorgeous She s one lady who knows how to take care of herself By the way, my name is Ian I read the book, which wasn t easy cause when they met it was horrendous I was tossing up whether to rate this 2 or 3 Stars In the end I settled on 3 Stars There were some good moments when I wasn t banging my head against a wall The author really needs to do a little research on bushcraft and on how weapons work and their limitations.

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    Morgan s Hunter1 StarWhen her research team is murdered in the remote Montana wilderness, wildlife biologist Morgan Taylor is determined to uncover the truth of what happened to them even if it means ditching Hunter Phillips, the personal bodyguard hired by her father who has the annoying habit of getting past her defenses in ways than one.A huge disappointment The book has such tremendous potential both in terms of the intriguing suspense story and the love hate relationship Unfortunately, the weak plotting, the tepid romance and the irritating hero and heroine turn a recipe for success into an unmitigated disaster.Let s start with the problematic writing style The opening chapter is excellent and ostensibly sets the scene for an action packed story and an emotionally tortured hero struggling with PTSD Alas, the rest of the book does not live up to this promising beginning as the author has a tendency toward telling rather than showing This leads to long drawn out descriptions of everything from the socialite heroine s hair treatments to the shower that the hero manages to jerry rig while on the run from gun toting baddies in the woods.Neither the hero nor the heroine are particularly appealing Their romance is tedious and their sexual tension feels forced Morgan is supposedly an intelligent and resilient woman, but comes across as spoiled, stubborn, headstrong and TSTL in the extreme Of course, it doesn t help that Hunter runs hot one minute and cold the next Moreover, his childish attempts to protect Morgan by keeping her in the dark about the dangers around them inevitably lead to several idiotic plot points that are even unrealistic than the cookie cutter villains The last few chapters epitomize all that is wrong with the book as the writing becomes even prolonged and drawn out with Hunter and Morgan wallowing in their annoying angst.In sum, definitely not a series that I plan on continuing.

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    First read 02 01 2013 4 Stars.Reading this the second time around I m still as impressed as I was the first time round but now I feel as if I can explain it better The plot of this book is superb, and the twists and turns that there are so if that alone I give this book 5 stars Morgan Taylor is a biologist and on a trip half of her group is murdered at Yellowstone while she was in Maine, both of them were trying to track a lynx For a D.C Socialite she knows her job and does it well She is stubborn, sassy and loyal to a fault She also is a bit dim when it comes to life or death situations The but comes in a minute Hunter has been back from Afghanistan for two years after he lost his best friend and almost brother Jake since then he has locked his emotions up tight and only lets, Kylee and Sarah in Jakes widow and daughter He works for Cooke Security and takes a job protecting Morgan I like him and here come the buts I didn t like them together most of the time He lied by omission and Morgan had a death wish besides he was mean actually they were both mean There is a fine line between love and hate Morgan gets 3 Stars and Hunter gets 3 Stars.Let s say about 3.5 Stars total for the book I really like this author Can be found at

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    3,75 starsMarch TBRchallenge theme is a recommended read I don t have many recommendations as I don t often actively ask for them My TBR is huge as it is and recommendations just add to it Still I did have one or two books on the TBR that qualified for this month s theme This one was recommended to me by Rhian Cahill I think over a year agowe were talking books and RS and she recommended this series to me Hunter Phillips is a former Marine turned bodyguard after being injured on duty He suffers from PTSD I grew to like him througout the story as he can be a bit judgemental but he s also caring and protective Morgan Taylor is wildlife biologist at the Parks and Conservation Bureau She s strong willed and short tempered, independent and really stubborn Sparks fly between Hunter and Morgan from the moment they meet and preconceived notions on both sides make for great tension and verbal sparring between them I loved that It bordered on outright animosity but Ms.Beauman was able to pull it back in time every time I d think it was going to hurt the believability of the romance The romance was built up nice and slow and was in balance with the suspense I really liked Cate Beauman s writing It was lively and fluent and filled with subtle humor It was descriptive but not overly so and without any lengthy info dumps I liked this book but it didn t blow me away Not unusual for RS there are a lot of characters introduced and this made for a start that was kinda slow after the emotionally gripping prologue and first chapter I also thought it fizzled out a bit in the middle and the suspense plot was a little predictable but it picked up in the final few chapters So it ended on a high for me and I hope to read the next book soon because this is a RS author I want to read of.

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    Overall rating 3.25 for story, 4.0 for narration.Some large spoilers contained, you have been warned wink Why so low The plot involved an element that drives me insane, no other word for it When characters don t disclose information because either they think they re protecting someone or don t think the other person can handle it, that drives me crazy Much of the danger in the plot had to do with the lack of trust both characters had in the other I don t like stupid decisions being the mainstay of any plot I understand one big miscommunication or one foolish decision but when it keeps happening I throw my hands up and want to shout give me a break.Still a 3 isn t horrible, but it s a book I would never recommend.Why even a 3, other than the major lack of trust each character harbored I liked the characters, I liked the plot with regards to gold mining in Yellowstone I liked PTSD being a major player in the plot, I liked how Morgan was strong yet ridden with guilt over her teams demise I liked how they handled it and fell in love.But for me it was spoiled by what I thought was just plain stupid decisions You are in danger hello, you need to share to make the other person safe You need to listen to each other.I will continue the series, hoping the next plot isn t based on communications trust issues But if that doesn t pan out that will be the end of the series for me.

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