The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice3.5 starsMy least favorite out of the whole series so far It felt like this one dragged on a lot and I don t like Shadowman and at all It sucked that most of the chapters were in his POV I m not a fan of the whole plague happening from some parasite coming from space or whatever Sounds like it s been over done so many times in these type of books.I hope the next book has the Holloway kids in it cause I miss them like crazy And I need Ed and Brooke to reunite. This series keeps being one of the best zombie series I ve read Madd Matt creeps me the fuck out But it s all so realistic of how people would cope in a situation as messed up as this On to the next The Sickness Destroyed Everyone Over The Age Of Fourteen All Across London Diseased Adults Are Waiting, Hungry Predators With Rotten Flesh And Ravaged Minds Small Sam And His Unlikely Ally, The Kid, Have Survived They Re Safe With Ed And His Friends At The Tower Of London, But Sam Is Desperate To Find His Sister Their Search For Ella Means Sam And The Kid Must Cross The Forbidden Zone And What Awaits Them There Is Terrifying Than Any Of The Horror They Ve Suffered So Far Spoiler Free I started reading Charlie Higson shortly after i began reading Michael Grant s Gone series in 2010 because i waiting for the next Gone book Plague and wanted something to hold me over I expected a generic zombie book with The Enemy and I got so muchthan that and Higson has quickly become my favorite author along with Grant.Let s start this review off with the Cons..In my opinion, this book series is near perfect Unlike Gone, which I do love, I don t outright hate any of the characters in the enemy series like i do in gone I hate astrid and i hated sam for 4 books and unlike Gone this book series doesn t have one definitive lead character Sam Caine who make stupid decisions.However, this book series biggest strength is also it s biggest weakness There are SO MANY CHARACTERS to keep up with in this series Book one starts off with one set of characters and you don t see those characters until Book three.Book two goes back to the beginning of the zombie outbreak introducingcharacters and new settings so you need to learn their names and their personalities Book Three manages to bring Book 1 and Book 2 characters together but of course introducescharacters.Book 4, the sacrifice manages once again to connect all three books and then there are even MORE CHARACTERS to learn I honestly sometimes find it hard to remember characters simply because there are so many character to keep up with.It s a strength because you have the opportunity to see the story through many povs but at the same time character s who are important lack character development that makes it harder to connect with them sometimes.1 Characters Ed is back in this book and Ed is definitely one of my favorites We met him in The Dead where he was slightly cowardly and grew into aaggressive, killer who struggles with maintaining his humanity and morality as he fights against the zombies Without giving much away, I feel like Ed is one of Higson s strongest characters simply because his cowardice caused a lot of problems in Book 2 and in The Sacrifice you see him trying to save everyone that he possibly can save to make up for the fact that he failed his best friend, Jack who was the hero for most of Book 2 He is strong but flawed and I love Ed Small Sam The Kid.This book does revolve around them and I have to say that The Kid is simply a fun character He has this sense of intelligence not expected of a boy his age while at the same time he maintains a childish and immature side that just makes him lovable He has such a hard time in this book and my heart ached for him as he is definitely my favorite of the two.Sam just like Sam in Gone is someone that took me sometime to get used to He was introduced book one but i always felt like he was sort of just there and a bit of a whiner I like the fact that in this book Sam finally took charge and being only nine years old he didn t give up as easily and he was strong despite being so small and young While i feel like The kid is a stronger character, I do find Sam finally getting much needed development.Secondary Characters such as Jordan are there but we really don t get a lot of jordan in this book He is in the beginning and he almost commits a heinous act to punish one of the kids for a crime We see a bit of brutality in himWe don t see him much till towards the end but out of all the leaders, I feel as if Jordan while a bit hard is the sanest of all the leaders.We also get a glimpse of Nicola and David the other leaders from the other books though it was basically a few pages for Nicola and david literally appears at the end of the book, which i sort of found pointless as it contributed nothing We of course meet a new leader who issavage and blood thirsty and his people who have the same mindset.But the biggest character of all who is the cause of the book s plot reappears in this book, after long being thought to be dead and if you think of the title it shouldn t be hard to figure out who it is I have to say that he she definitely brought a sense of urgency in this book because while the Zombies were the antagonist, this book was drivenby human nature and fear.2 PlotIn each Gone book, there s a definitive plot that correlates to the books name You basically have a plot and a problem and itor less is solved or at least dealt with mostly.With The Enemy, Books one and 2 literally are only meant as introductions You get introduce to the characters, the zombs but there is not a complete plot as it isof a set up Book Three begins to introduce a plot while still setting up the foundation.But this isn t a bad thing With Gone, the books are mostly driven by plot and character actions With the enemy, the first few books are action driven I have to remember to breathe reading the first one because it was all some action sequence in the first few books What i love about Higson is that he is not afraid to kill a character off We know in Gone that Sam, Caine or Astrid or Diana won t die because they are the leads.Hell, Drake was brought back to life lol.Higson will kill a character off in a heartbeat and that always gives a sense of urgency in the plot But i finally got what i ve always wanted in Book 4 A solid plot that doesn t solely rely on action It s a bit different going into Book 4 because while action is still there and it s gross.We finally get major character development.A good chunk of the sacrifice deals with the Lamb The goat plot as well as character s fears and need to believe in something Do you go against your instinct of what is right and wrong to force yourself to believe what s wrong is right With all the killing around you and loss, do you let go of the last of your humanity to become like the zombies Can a boy who is so small overcome such big odds and adversity Do you defend and protect others whose stupidity will lead to their downfall and your own Charlie Higson established his foundation in the first 3 books and he definitely exploresof the character s mindsets and even the zombie s mindset and this book separates itself from the first 3 because it engages you not through the action sequences but through the character s 3 ZombiesWithout giving much away, a lot happens with the evolution of the zombies.Book 1 and 2 they essentially were stupid as hell.Book 3 introduces us to amethodical and aggressive type of zombies.Book 4 builds on that and we definitely see just how dangerous these zombies are and we even meet a unique sicko who is different from all the rest and is a big part of the plot.I don t want to give much away but this zombie relates to a good 70 percent of the plot and he she is so unique that you find yourself confused by it yet wanting to knowabout it and how it is different from the zombies we re used to.Of course St George is still there as he seems to be the leader of the sickos but we also begin to see new behaviors in the zombies and discover a communication that they seem to have developed Definite improvement and higson has not let us down just yet with these zombies.4 Overall Conclusion Odds Ends There were a few things that did sort of annoy me about the book and characters.For starters, the waitrose kids from Book one are NOT in this book and they are basically mentioned briefly by Sam remembering his time there with them.While I love Ed and his crew and Jordan s crew..Being that I met Maxxie, Blue, David and all those characters first I careabout them and I actually enjoyed The Fear over the sacrifice simply because we finally learn what happens to them.Yes David is in this book but there really isn t anything to clue you in about his events from Book 3..Another thing about the mass amount of characters is that certain characters seem to be carbon copies of earlier characters.I forgot the boy s name but there was one boy in Book one who was a killer and loved to fight and had no problems fightingin this book we have Kyle who is the same way In book 3 we also had a boy like that.With so many characters, I feel Higson spread himself thin and it s hard to create individual and unique characters to the point it s like waiti ve read about this character before Now what i love is that we as readers are actually ahead andknowledgeable than the characters.Ed doesn t know that dognut was killed in Book 3.He seems to think he may still be alive Dognut is mentioned a bit in this book.Ed also thinks of Brooke who of course is dead as well Sam has been separate from the Waitrose kids for so long that he has no idea that he thinks many of them are still alive I love that Higson manages to still connect fallen characters to the present characters.Overall, I d rate the books as thisThe Sacrifice 9.5 out of 10The Fear 9.8 out of 10The Dead 8.9 out of 10The Enemy 9.1 out of 10The Sacrifice is not my favorite book of the series but it is close I love the development we get with the zombies and characters and that the plot is not reliant on it s action Sequence With this, it shows that Charlie is capable of not only describing gross and sick depictions in battles but he isthan capable of making you feel, relate and downright pity some of the characters I haven t managed to connect with the characters as much as I did in this book and Charlie s sense of direction writing it shows maturity not within the books and characters but the fact that he is also growing with these books.I docked points simply because I miss my Waitrose kids and i want to know where they are.You need to read this book Thanks Charlie for a good read. Please let Maxie and Blue be in this book And if they are, please don t kill Maxie and Blue Please, please, PLEASE. I really loved this book Once again, this series continues to grow and get better I can t quite explain what it is about this series that makes it so unique, seeing as it s just one zombie series in a list of many And admittedly I haven t read many zombie books But this series, these characters, even the zombies mothers fathers sickos, whatever you want to call them, they re so unique and strangely endearing Plus, this series is not a kids series I would only recommend it for the older YA readers, maybe 15 , as it s actually quite dark and very creepy at points Overall, it s really just a great book. Actually 4.5 stars No major spoilers Can someone please tell the grown ups to chill the f ck out They are bone chilling and creepy as hell I am so in love with this series Each book is just brilliant They are freaky and frantic and flippin fantastic I got warned that this one was a bit slower paced but I really didn t get that at all.A couple of things I really liked through this book are a beginning of a background for the cause of the illness in the first place, and how the adults are adapting Normally the zombie creatures in anything are shown to just be brainless, destructive and solely focused on eating people These adults however are getting smarter and starting to use weapons There are even a few who are like leaders, as if normal zombies aren t dangerous enough The reason I gave it half a star less is because while there are still quite a few deaths happening, it s not of anyone you are particularly attached to The characters who have a viewpoint all survive for now so it didn t hurt as much when others died since we weren t as attached Who detracts half a star for favourites not dying, what a weirdo There were also a couple of chapters at the end that just seemed pointless, as they were from the eyes of characters who were only in it for a couple of chapters and the chapters didn t really add anything.On the whole though, great book, and great characters. The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson is an action adventure novel This fourth installment in The Enemy follows primarily the three different plots that correspond and eventually joins together One plot follows Shadowman as he tracks The Fear and shows his compassion, becominghuman in his own right Another plot follow Sam and The Kid after they leave the tower The other plot follows Ed and his crew as they search for Sam and The Kid As the three plots intertwine it sets up for the next installment There are many things I enjoy about this book and it surely lived up to the previous three books Up to par with all the previous books, obviously the first thing I think of is the amazing action and description especially when describing the environment and the characters feelings being portrayed as they progressed The character development in this book was absolutely exquisite I witnessed Shadowman morph into entire new person along with Ed getting to the root of his actions and why he feels that he must save any and every one As I read, I noticed that everyone in the book sacrificed in some way and all the characters from present or past books started to connect Though such a great book it does has flaws The only issue I personally had was the ending The ending was compact and almost crammed Too many major changes in the course of the overall plot changed in such short of time, making the ending feel rushed This is a minor concern in the scope of the book as a whole Despite the very minor concerns with the ending, I would recommend this with any and all merit that I have The great description in all facets and the transcending character development would cause me to recommend this book as well Any fan of survival stories or just teen book will love this and I will be getting the next book in the Series. I m only doing a mini review of this book because I ve reviewed all the other books in the series and don t really have anything much extra to add so I ll just sum it up book series summary This book is basically about a apocalyptic version of London where a disease has turned all the adults into zombies It s basically Gone meets The Walking Dead Each book follows certain groups of kids and their quest mission which depends on which characters you re following This book follows The Kid and Small Sam after the events of The Dead and catches up with the Cathedral kids who haven t been in the series since book one Also Shadowman and Saint George feature heavily WHAT I LIKE zombies I love the zombies in this series because they actually have character arcs and change as the series progresses I like the way the zombies function and how the lore surrounding them is pretty consistent world so I love the way the world is split up into different crews of kids The Tower of London crew is my favourite but I also really love the Natural History Museum kids Basically, every prominent building has a group of kids who have taken up residence there, and what is interesting is that each group has it s own rules, culture, laws and ideas about what to do in the world Some are looking for a cure, some are just living day to day lives, some are looking for power, some live in lowkey anarchy and the difference between each group is really interesting Also, PSA the kids living in IKEA had the smartest idea of everyone js narrative structure its kind of hard to explain, but the narrative structure is my favourite thing about this book and series and why it stands out as a genuinely way better series then most zombie books So basically, Book one follows a group called the Waitrose crew who are brought to Buckingam Palace by a kid called Jester Book two then skips back in time to explain how the Buckingham Palace crew ended up there Book three is set at the same time as book one, but follows a completely different set of characters This book is set right after the events of book two Why I love this structure is that the world feels really alive When you re following a group of characters, you know one of the other groups is also up to something we will get to later It feels less like a series moving forward andlike a series moving forward and outward It s kind of hard to explain but I love it I also love how this structure allows plotlines to weave together and overlap, and so we see different events from different perspectives and contexts I love the narrative strucutre and it s why this series stands out to me so much even in it s low points WHAT I DON T LIKE repetition this book was kind of boring to me because i ve already read it so it s not really the book fault , but also by this book it felt like a lot of the plot had been used and reused There s only so many times being chased by a zombie can freak me out This one felt a little out of ideas crew I love The Kid but I don t love the other characters this book follows Small Sam and Ed are okay but my real favourites from the Tower of London like Jordan Hordern and Dognut weren t in it as much I LOVED SHADOWMAN S ROLE IN T HIS BOOK THOUGH boring This particular book in the series isof a filler explanation book then the previous ones so it wasn t as thrilling as it s predecessorsWe was half stupid, a third lucky, and three quarters ferocious Anyway, overall I really enjoy this series and I will hopefully be finishing it this year Even though it s a seven book series it s plotted and crafted so well that never felt daunting I genuinely love some of the characters in this series and god the plot structure is just so freakin clever and good What keeps us going day to day How do we push through the monotony, exhaustion, hard times, and pain in life To be honest, some days I m really not sure I guess when you want to keep on living you can do things you couldn t do normally Charlie Higson s The Sacrifice holds all the scares, suspense, and gore of this bloody slaughter like series, but this story also shows readers that surviving may not be enough What we have to sacrifice day to day to survive in life plays a big part of this journey and a huge reason why I love Mr Higson so much GO, go, go Back and forth, round round through the streets of London, we find ourselves in a nonstop limping, dragging, panting, running scramble to live Things are changing among the ranks of the kids and grown ups aka sickos Kids are stepping out from behind their relatively safe walls to see and explore what is left of the world A year plus into the sickness and disaster, kids are starting to look around at what they have and wonder Is this it Is this what life is now Like any society, problems pop out and up all over the place Kids are getting into trouble, stealing from each other and hurting the group as a whole Law, rules, and order need to be established and enforced, but are these kids ready to punish other kids The answer to that question may just scare the bejesus out of you The use and abuse of power becomes a pivotal part of this battle and at times feels just as scary as the sickness actually As we start to tour around London, readers begin to meet different bands of kids and their brand of power Each group possesses a different way of controlling the chaos and keeping everyone happy and busy with a dictatorship, democracy, fear, arrogance, military might or spiritual enlightenment It can all be found here along with the Crazy Yes, crazy with a full on capital C I do love the crazies though DEd, Shadowman, Sam, and The Kid lead the charge down this trail of blood, goo, and guts trying to find answers, loved ones, and purpose in this dark, dark new world We first met Ed way back in book two, but readers truly get to see what he s made out of here He holds such a powerful mix of sweetness and cold brutality The way he folds Sam and The Kid into his heart warmed this whole bloodbath of terror into love for me Loyalty, care and friendship run through this tale from the first page to the last But the mad as a hatter, short stuff with the mostest and absolute show stealer was The Kid.Ah, The Kid Mr Higson has created a legendary, unforgettable, half crazy half dazzlingly brilliant character With ingenuity, creativity, humor, and yes, a bit of madness too The Kid s heart and fierce friendship with Sam brings the whole show to life Small Sam and The Kid get dragged into religious mayhem, but hopefully show us all that the power of friendship will win in the end I hope These two are absolutely the cutest dynamic duo on record I wish I could capture their spirit, cuddles, laughs, and power with a quote, but you really have to meet them See their chemistry in action I will share this though Just when you think The Kid has gone around the bend into nutville, he gives us a memory filled with brilliance and warmth Listen to how he describes music His granddad had made him hear music All music What there was inside it Where it took you How the best music didn t shout at you and tell you what to do How you could find your own way through it I wish I could gushabout the action, certain developments, and changes, but it all feels way too close to the spoiler line So let me just say we drop by on some old pals and meet some new friends and creeps in this book Some of the new voices left little to no mark on my heart, which disappointed me Plus once again, my Achilleus didn t show up in this zombie ride pouts But here is my short list of small fries, complaints, and fun.Saif Sorry, mate You did nothing for me Well lucky charms as hair accessories was pretty inspiring actually HahaShadowman I liked him better in the last book No idea why He just didn t touch my heart in this story Either he developed a hard shell or I did.Kyle Oh, Kyle you are one sick motherf ker shakes head Just goes to show how somehow, some way a psycho can find a spot in this new world and my heart Hell, he made my happy list as soon as he named his axe DSo once again, Mr Higson dazzled me with suspense, power, and new questions At book four, this series is still going strong, kicking ass, and pulling out surprises From the decisions we make to the things and people taken from us life can beat us up pretty good BUT it is how we respond that makes us who we are in life Makes us stronger Again and again, I heard kids here want to curl up, stop, and call it a day Too tired to keep going Somehow they find the strength and courage to keep pushing on though Whether it is friendship, loyalty, love, numbness, or habit for goodness sake we have to keep going Go, go, go This book left a lot of unanswered questions, but believe me I m waiting right here for book five Can t wait to see what s next for my kids.

Higson was educated at Sevenoaks School and at the University of East Anglia where his brother has taught since 1986 and is now a professor of film studies where he met Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Terry Edwards Higson, Cummings and Edwards formed the band The Higsons of which Higson was the lead singer from 1980 to 1986 They released two singles on the Specials 2 Tone label Higson th

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