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Hot & BotheredLengthHrs AndMinsWhen Victoria Hamilton S Vacation Fling Resulted In A Baby, She Began A New Life Far From Her Overbearing Family Now Tori S Father Has Been Murdered And Her Half Brother, Jared, Needs Her Help To Prove His Innocence But Confronting Her Past When She Comes Face To Face With Private Investigator John Rocket Miglionni Sure Isn T What She Had In MindThrilled To Find The Woman Who Once Rocked His World, John Takes One Look At Her Little Girl And Gets The Shock Of His Life Now The Rugged Former Marine Has Two Females Holding A Big Piece Of His Heart, A Troubled Teenager Who Expects The Worst In Lifeand A Second Chance To Make It Right For All Of Them

I grew up in a household with two brothers, a daddy, and my grandfather Too many men, in other words They diluted M ma s influence by diverting my attention to things like the danger of answering nature s call in the dead of the night I ve got a hint for those of you raised in a less spit and scratch world check before you sit, because chances are that seat is gonna be up And they don t even

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  • 10 March 2019

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    This book was such a huge disappointment I can t say that I was looking forward to read it But I expected it to be an entertaining novel Something that you read and feel good about you know Wow, and than this shit came along I only was on page 5 or so when Susan Andersen mentioned that Victoria the heroine has a girl Me super suspicious And hey, 5 pages later, the hero suddenly stumbles across Tori WTF and 2 pages, OMG SHE IS MY KID Just looking at her eyes made him realize this WHAT THE FUCK I have to say, I don t have anything against predictable books I actually enjoy reading them I love it when I can expect a happy ending But here Seriously The whole book is so boring Everything is predictable There was not one thing that made me at least say something like wow, did not expect this turn out Nothing NOTHING I believe I haven t read one book where nothing happened at all And the best thing The so called mystery murder thing LMAO Haven t read such ridiculous crap in a while Of course it was the wife I knew that from the beginning Also, usually the hero in those books decides only 50 pages left , that he only wanted her body, it was just an affair, blahblah The heroine cries cause she loves him At the end, he realizes he is an idiot, runs to her, happy end Usually it kinda makes sense although the constant crying bugs me but oh well But here Of course the John the hero is a good father even though he didn t know about his kid for 5 years Of course she loves him from the beginning Of course Tori and John start an affair because they are so hot for each other Of course they wanna try to be together for their kid Of course, suddenly John realizes he can t do it Out of the blue WTF And of course, at the end, OMG I CAN T LIVE WITHOUT YOU PLEASE MARRY ME Seriously, what the fuck I could go on and on how much this book bugged me And I can t believe that I rather enjoyed reading book 2 in this Marine series But lately I am so pissed and bored while reading Susan Andersen s books, I guess I better quit before I have to read of this shit

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    When Victoria Hamilton s vacation fling resulted in a baby, she began a new life far from her overbearing family Now Tori s father has been murdered and her half brother, Jared, needs her help to prove his innocence But confronting her past when she comes face to face with private investigator John Rocket Miglionni sure isn t what she had in mind.Thrilled to find the woman who once rocked his world, John takes one look at her little girl and gets the shock of his life Now the rugged former Marine has two females holding a big piece of his heart, a troubled teenager who expects the worst in life and a second chance to make it right for all of them.My thoughts I have to say that this couple had to be one of my favorites of the series They were so hot for each other and then one of them would back off and things would cool down and then heat back up again It was funny reading it I loved how real John s response was to finding out he had a daughter and seeing him figure out how to talk to the little girl.I have to say that I loved how Jared as a young man looked after PJ the little homeless girl while they were together I hated to see their relationship end Even though Jared was older much older he still felt feelings for the girl, who understandably looked alot older than what she was.As for the killer totally did not see that one coming

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    Hot Bothered came out five years ago but reading it now I couldn t tell, except for Rocket using a Palm Pilot instead of a Blackberry.I adored Rocket and it isn t coz he s named after a dick that s like a suborbital transportation system Sigh Okay, that does count for a bit but in general, Rocket is likable, sexy and made a great hero.Six years ago, Victoria had a one nighter with Rocket while on holiday and ended up preggers Since he d made it clear at the time it was a no strings fling, all she had was his nickname, Rocket During this time, she s moved to London where she makes dollhouses for little girls and boys, albeit the latter s are little castles.Esme, the product of that one nighter, is adorable and when Rocket finds himself face to face with her, he falls in love before he even realizes the danger When Tori hired his firm to find her teenage step brother who s a person of interest in the murder of their father, she had no idea the P.I would turn out to be Rocket.What ensues is an enjoyable, if light and fluffy, read and typical Andersen The romance between Rocket and Tori wasn t bogged down by too much angst and whatever obstacles there were, they did not stop the suborbital transportation system from doing its job Best part there were no silly protests from Tori who, though scared she s fallen in love with the one nighter guy, happily lets the Rocket do its thing.The sex is brief but sexy and the murder mystery is just the backdrop but it was utilized well such that even the chapters focusing on Jared, the runaway step brother, were riveting as he hooks up with the young teen, PJ.It took me a few years to get hold of a copy of this book as it was out of print until recently and I m curious to find out whether there s any difference between HB and Bending the Rules July 2009 which I ll start today.

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    I bought this book for a 1 at a library book sale On that note, I found lots of issues inconsistencies with this stories, which follow below.The story itself was boring, in my opinion I had a hard time staying focused on it because I didn t feel much was going on I d say the majority of the book I was skimming looking for the action Any surprises or twists the author might have thought she included in this story, yeah, there were none This story was too predictable.Question Comments Is the author from England I ll go into detail about that further down.At the beginning of the story, Victoria is talking to her lawyer He s going in and out because of the connection To fix the connection error, he changes channel Huh On a cell phone Victoria didn t know that John was a former marine until she meets up with him at her house and takes into account the name of his agency Semper Fi investigations Strangely though, in several of her flashbacks she refers to him as her marine There was a BIG mistake relating to Esme While the reader doesn t know how old Esme was when Victoria decided to take her to England, the fact Esme speaks with a British accent would not happen, even if she d learned to talk while in England If one of the parents speaks with an American accent, the child will have an American accent I can t imagine Victoria was gone all the time, hence she gave up her dream job to take care of Esme, that Esme was only with her nanny and it was her that taught her to speak And why would Esme refer to Victoria as mummy not mommy Speaking of Esme, there are a lot of phrases and words that a five year old would not be saying For example I m tidy refers to her dress as a frock Oh, you, when John tells her her doll is almost as cute as her Yes, lovely isn t it, regarding her dolls dress or when she s telling John why American Girl dolls are so popular part of the appeal lies in the books This is not five year old speak.The first time John leaves Victoria s house at the beginning of the story, we re told that he was angry and sped through the gates as they were about to close Why would they have been opened to begin with How does a seventeen year old boy not know that he could have women pay him for sex I could understand if his parents were strict, so he was always at home and shelter from society, but that wasn t the case with Jared Yet, he somehow realized when he and John woke Deedee up the one night her answering the door in a see through nightie that she d checked John s crotch to see if he had a hard on No sense there The reader learns that John has a large penis Yup And it s during his highschool years where did these young guys John and Jared grow up , that he learns there are females waiting for the type of equipment he had to offer Really Isn t that what females look for in general unless they re lesbian, asexual, etc Why do authors that involve the military soldiers always have the male soldiers as killers No wonder the majority of the world believe all soldiers go overseas and kill people Victoria is reminicising about the past with John She says how he s always dressed nicely When they d go to the beach he d wear nice shorts, tank tops, and t shirts the majority being made of silk Who wears silk to the beach There were some questionable words phrases dinked, tony friends, Jared didn t give a rip , this was all dicked up Deedee decides she s going to plan John and Victoria s engagement party Why did no one simply stop her God forbid, they can t have an extended engagement whether pretend or not That right there tells you that they ll end up marrying, whether the reader realized that or not Speaking of marriage not that I really was , why did they say anything to Esme Victoria doesn t want to lie to her daughter, yet who would Esme have heard about the engagement news from It sounds like she s always with her nurse who knows the truth Yes, saying it s a pretend engagement won t get a five year old s hopes up Victoria states that if she had to chose between protecting Jared or Esme, she d chose Esme Of course, Esme is her daughter, but Jared is the one who needs protection at the moment Strangely, she states this right before her and John go in to talk to Esme about the pretend engagement Why did the author make PJ so young Yes, shes only about 4 5 years younger than Jared, but when there s an almost eighteen year old boy man getting boners from a recently turned thirteen year old girl, grossinnappropriate He comments that it probably would have happened had it been any girl even though he thinks of her as his sister That was somewhat disturbing as well, especially if she d been younger How long was John living at Victoria s before doing any real work towards finding Jared It seemed like he was focused on her father s death, especially since he stated he was really good at finding runaways.Victoria is introducing John to her friends Pam and Frank They talk about her father s service and then about golf Frank mentions two guys that had been at the service who he and John should golf with For whatever reason, this upsets Victoria and I have no clue why Well that was amazingly thoughtlessBut he Frank wouldn t hurt you for the world, Tori She ends up stating that only she was allowed to badmouth her father I ve reread that scene and see nowhere when Frank said anything bad about her father.John doesn t want Victoria to go with him to Denver while he looks for Jared Yes, because him going alone and attempting to confront Jared is a good idea since the kid doesn t know him and knows the police are looking for him.After getting Jared off the hook for his father s murder, were the cops involved in finding the real killer at all

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    Tori has a fling with a Marine who has a Rocket in his pants and a love em and leave em attitude After their week, Tori runs Fast forward 6 years, Tori s dad is murdered, her brother flees and she comes face to face with John, aka Rocket again John is a PI her attorney has hired to find the brother This is great, love fantastic sex to John found again Did I mention Tori has a 5 year old daughter John spots it right away, this kid is his The plot is very well constructed and although this is classed as a romance, it could just as easily be a romantic supense, all the elements are there.

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    For the first half of this book I literally wanted to STAB A SHARP NEEDLE IN MY EYE It was so BO RING I was tempted to just stop reading it several times , but I m one of those people that HAS to finish a book no matter what So I begrudgingly plugged along It did pick up a little in the second half of the book and there s a bit of mystery that keeps your attention for a while But honestly, I don t even think I ll keep this book I m giving it away to the next person that annoys me and deserves a little torture.

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    I ve read some other Susan Andersen books that I ve really liked This one, though, just didn t work for me I usually avoid secret baby or second chance romance plots and this had both I should have followed my instincts and not bothered with this one The sub plot with the 17yr old runaway was mildly interesting, though Oh..and the hero s giant phallus and subsequent nickname was eye rolling stupid I know that is suppose to lend credibilty to the heroine s inability to resist him but it just sounded so cheesy and unrealistic.

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    . 5 3.5

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    4 stars.This book was on my TBR pile and I found I accidentally had 2 copies of it, both with different covers While both covers seem to allude to the less than a week initial meeting of the H and h it is never actually discussed in depth in the book I am not sure what the cover should have looked like but both the ones I had seemed way to lighthearted, flashy, and superficial for what the book turns out to be likeAnd after a spat of books off and on lately with heroines who are unfocused on reality especially if it doesn t fit what they want , not quite adult sounding, or who just jump into love with anyone who seems to pay them any attention at all sometimes almost on top of each other , and heroes who just don t seem to really be getting into the heroine without her forcing the issue, or they act very un hero like, it was a great pleasure to once again read about 2 people who seem so grounded and real Yes, an issue was brought up with force but both people were adult enough to work through things slowly sometimes and not just ignore reality for what they wanted things to be like There was no huge, over the top, drama in the story but here you do get 2 rational adults who work things through normally And that is not a bad thing at all.

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    When Victoria Hamilton s vacation fling resulted in a baby, she began a new life far from her overbearing family Now Tori s father has been murdered and her half brother, Jared needs her help to prove his innocence But confronting her past when she comes face to face with private investigator John Rocket Miglionni sure isn t what she had in mind.Thrilled to find the woman who once rocked his world John takes one look at her little girl and gets the shock of his life Now the rugged former Marine has two females holding a big piece of his heart, a troubled teenager who expects the worst in life and a second chance to make it right for all of them His stomach began to churn as a sudden suspicion splintered through him Holy shit Oh holy fuckin shit It couldn t be Could it Hell, no They d used protection.Which any fool knows is never one hundred percent fail safe He took a deep breath and got an iron grip on his emotions Harrods, huh That s a department store in London, right Uh huh You look like you re nearly grown up Got your driver s license yet She giggled No silly I m only five and a quarter years old Ah I guess that is a little young This hot roil in his gut had turned to ice He might not be the world s greatest mathematician, but he could sure as hell add two plus two and arrive at the right answer Especially when you factored in the kid s eyes Although it took every ounce of his self control, he managed to keep the easy smile plastered on his kisser until the little girl skipped out of the room But dropped the instant the door closed behind her, and he swung to pin Victoria in place with furious eyes You ve got some explaining to do, lady Anderson Hot and Bothered pages 34 35 Hot and Bothered is Award Winning Author, Susan Andersen s re issued release which was originally published in 2004 by Harlequin.Six years ago Victoria Hamilton needed to get away from her overbearing father A week of fun, sun and relaxation was just what she need What she never bargained for was meeting rugged Marine John Rocket Miglionni Or the intense sexual week they spent together would change her life so drastically Plus, she she maybe a poor little rich girl but she wasn t stupid to know what no last names, no getting to know you better and no strings attached meant Victoria had to abruptly leave the resort John and their time behind She never expected to ever see Rocket again Little did she know Rocket would show up at her door six years later Semper Fi Investigations has a reputation for getting the job done Investigator Jon Miglioni s is the best in his field and specializes in finding and bringing back missing teens Never does he expect to run into the one woman that made him take a hard long look at his life and how he was living Victoria had rocked his world for a week years ago, but he never forgot her smile, her smell and the taste of those soft sensual lips Stunned to see his erotic dreams standing before him excited beyond belief.Until a little three foot angel bounces into the room on her black patent leathers with a British accent and big chocolate eyes that resemble his own setting John s world off kilter Not only does he find the woman that he has longed for the past six years but finds out he is a daddy all in one fell swoop.Over his head is saying it mildly with two women pulling at John s heart What s a man to do What s an ex Marine supposed to do John s always believed and feared he was a carbon copy of his abusive drunk of a father That s why he swore off the daddy thing But now he has no choice but to surrender his heart and soul to the two people that need him the most All the while, hunting down Victoria s wayward brother, bring him home and find out what really happen the night their father was stabbed to death.Trying to put a family back together is hard but when you never realized you wanted one in the first place is immeasurable difficult for this Marine.I have to admit that I read Hot and Bothered within five hours It s one of those books that you just can t and don t want to put down From the opening of where their controlling father, Ford Evans Hamilton is murdered in his study, to the moment Victoria and John see one another the suspense has you riveted I found myself biting my nails one moment and giggling the next.Ms Andersen approach of stripping each character raw only to build them back up again was a treat or this reader The romance of the story was heightened by the character true grit Always one step ahead of the other but always seeming to take two steps back to see if the could stay in step.What I liked most was the way each character approached their station in life And how they each misconstrued what the other really wanted In the end the reader was rooting for them to figure it out and make a dysfunctional family functional he top of your TBR pile Happy Reading

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