My Devilish Scotsman (Macdonell Brides Trilogy)

My Devilish Scotsman (Macdonell Brides Trilogy)From Acclaimed Author Jen Holling Comes The Second Novel In A Sensual New Trilogy Full Of Passion And Intrigue About A Trio Of Sisters With The Remarkable Gift Of Witchcraft Gillian MacDonell Has Always Felt Lacking Because, Unlike Her Sisters, She Did Not Inherit Any Mystical Powers But When Her Father Arranges A Match With Notorious Nicholas Lyon, Earl Of Kincreag A Scotsman Rud To Have Murdered His Wife Strange Visions Plague Her Like Never Before From Gillian S First Moment Inside Kincreag Castle, She Is Filled With Foreboding And When Attempts Are Made On Her Life, She Fears The Rumors May Be True But Their Passion Burns Bright And Nicholas S Cold Heart Starts To Melt Will His Desire For Her Turn To Wrath When He Learns That She S Really A Witch After All

Jen Holling lives in Oklahoma with her two children, boyfriend, and pets She spent six years in the Air Force and holds degrees in electronics and behavioral studies Her interests include reading, exercise, hiking, movies, music, and travel.

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  • My Devilish Scotsman (Macdonell Brides Trilogy)
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    This book is a rather unusual read I usually stay away from novels with paranormal elements But occasionally I can read a witchy or fairy book The entire series is about how 3 witches found love I was curious so downloaded one of them.I like the writing a lot It is not a chore to follow through That helped me with the paranormal sections Nicholas was the unfortunate jilted groom from the heroine of the first book Now he is to be paired with the 2nd sister, Gillian Their encounter was rather uneventful Looking back, I don t think there was anything remarkable about it What I liked the best about the book was Nicholas He was supposed to be dark and evil and he was But his interactions with Gillian made it all up Because it was a rather pleasant read I gave 4 stars In terms of content I think this is a 3 stars book It could have been a great book I really enjoyed it and did not want to stop reading it A few things to add 1 Love potion they are witches mind you What is a witch without a love potion I was exasperated reading about Gillian giving Nicholas a love potion I would so hate her if I were Nicholas Nicholas being the suspicous man that he was did not drink it but made Gillian think that he did That saved this idiotic plot for me But come on A love potion was really testing my paranormal averse boundaries 2 All the paranormal elements I knew what I was getting into so I was prepared for it But I skim read when they went on and on about witchcraft and ghosts I think I am with Nicholas on this 3 Nicholas I like him haha secret smiles 4 Gillian kind of blah but at least she was calm and was not angry a lot.

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    This one was not quite as enjoyable as the last I kept trying to like the guy, but he was just so lacking I found it quite difficult I adored the girl, found her to be clever, charming, adoring, loyal, quite believable I just couldn t feel much for the guy, other than distaste and disappointment and despair until the very end I did enjoy their romance though Especially when he finally confronted her about her ridiculous deception from the beginning, of course that was immediately followed with a deception of his own Adding the growing list of things I did not like about him.In this volume the girl discovers a HUGE clue to the evil that is making her father sick, but for some unknown reason, doesn t connect the dots And then she loses the clue, most likely so that the sister who is a seer doesn t ever touch it and discover the plot that seems to drag on forever.The sex was than the previous book, still mostly good and actually in believable spots After reading sex where it s not inserted inappropriately just to get it into the book, I may never return to Gena Showalter books The story had a nice pace, I enjoyed it overall The only real negative is the illness that supposedly concerns everyone, yet no one is discussing, no one is looking for explanations and no one is putting the overly obvious clues together or even in context So aggravating Especially since all three sisters are supposed to be clever.

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    Great book One of the best books i ve read in a while It drew me and didn t let go, I didn t want to put it down I would definately recommend this book I enjoyed the storyline It had suspense, drama, and comedy I also enjoyed the paranormal part of it, the witchcraft, the ghosts Very interesting book.

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    From In Holling s superb trilogy, it s 1597, and Scotland is no place for witches After Alan MacDonell s wife was burned at the stake, he sent his three daughters away Now he is dying and sends three escorts to bring them back to marry men he believes will protect them from the witch hysteria.Gillian is now to marry Nicholas Lyon, the powerful Earl of Kincreag In their story, My Devilish Scotsman, Gillian is drawn to Nicholas and anxious to be a good countess since she has no discernable powers Nicholas promised his best friend, Alan, he would marry one of his daughters, and that s all there is to it, but Gillian sneaks through his defenses Then, just as he lets down his guard, Gillian discovers that she has powers as a necromancer, one who can speak with the dead Medieval Scotland comes to life in Holling s tantalizing trilogy, and each book is moving and engrossing, as each tormented hero is saved, not by the powers of the MacDonell sisters but by their love Through her alluring characters, Holling celebrates the triumph of good over evil, especially in dangerous times, and no one should miss these fine romances.Lately, I ve taken to reading a lot of Scottish Highland romances, and I had read the first book in this series, My Wicked Highlander i rolls eyes at the titles and judged it okay It was one of the first Scottish romances I had read, so I didn t have much to compare it to Since then I ve read many, and again, my reaction to this book is It s okay As far as Medieval Scotland comes to life, no it did not In fact, I didn t even realize it took place in the 16th century, until I read the blurb of it from Booklist This book could have taken place in the 12th century or 17th century for all I knew.This story is about the middle daughter, Gillian, a brown haired beauty of course who marries Nicholas, who has a reputation for being cruel and unforgiving and rumor has it, he murdered his first wife by pushing her off a cliff But, he s dashingly good looking in a Darcy esque kind of way and she falls in love with him and he with her in no time I did find their courtship amusing, in particular concerning a love potion she tries to give him and inadvertently winds up inside the pet dog who spends the rest of the time in the book chasing after her, licking, jumping up on her, and ultimately saving her life at one point But, despite a few amusing episodes, the book was somewhat lackluster and a trifle dull Gillian is just not all that interesting a heroine, and Nicholas who is really the son of a pirate that raped his mother reminds me a little of Darcy Always brooding, doesn t smile or talk much, feels he s above it all he s an Earl , so I kind of like him, despite his bad temper but what does he see in Gillian, apart from her lovely swaying hips and heaving breasts Gillian, compared to her two sisters is the weakest of them all Nicholas is naturally wary because his first wife cuckolded him and then tried to poison him, he doesn t want that to happen again in his second wife But, I feel like he fell for her much too easily and quickly and couldn t understand why she s so drippy Even the sex is a bit ho hum.Overall, if you like witchy romances, you d probably like this book I m not into witches I found the outcome predictable and guessed who was behind the mysterious deaths and poisonings and I m pretty positive I know what is the mysterious illness that is killing their father But, despite my feeling for this book, I ll read the 3rd in the trilogy about her younger sister, Rose, who is definitely interesting and based on her looks, could be Jamie Fraser s Outlander little sister

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    The last thing the hero wants is to be saddled to another wife even one as beautiful at the heroine But when his dying friend calls in a favor for the hero to marry his youngest daughter, he can t refuse Betrayed by his first wife and grieving his dead son, the hero is at first cold and standoffish His deep distrust of women is justified but he s having a hard time disliking his new betrothed The heroine really wants to marry the Earl for 3 reasons First off, it s her dying fathers wish and she would do anything to please him Secondly, she really wants to be a countess And lastly, it s either the Earl or the Frenchman and there s no way she ll move to France She s enraptured by her new husband He s handsome and strong but cold and distrusting of everything she does But when they travel to her new home, she begins to see a new side of him He s soft and tender and begins to treat her with love So when it becomes apparently that someone is trying to kill her, he must do what he can to protect her Despite the fact that rumors still swirl around that he killed his first wife and that her family still think he trying to hill her, the heroine is never in doubt about his feelings for her He doesn t believe in magic or ghosts doesn t believe that his new wife is a witch but what will he do if the supernatural is the only way to save her life I thought this is be a great book The heroine was horribly na ve and ignorant of the world around her Her mother was burned at the stake for witchcraft but she insists on practicing her newly discovered magic at her peril I found it frustrating that she would do such a thing especially in a new place where people aren t so forgiving of witches I could understand that hero s irritation at her insistence to blame everything on the supernatural when there are very real dangers in living people But in the scheme of things he was tolerant of his wife s quirks because he loved her, only wanting what s best for her and getting angry when she puts her life in danger I thought this was a good story albeit slow at times The ending kicked it up but until that point I found the plot and the over all slow pace of your typical historical romance to be lacking in excitement and conflict The hero sort of faded off for me during the middle, losing, I felt, a bit of his charisma The major lack luster factor about this book was that there was very little tension between the characters after the married and slept together Over all, I enjoyed this book but thinking back to My Shadow Warrior Rose s story and remembering the passion and the excitement of that story and how much I loved it, sort of put a damper on this story I don t feel it measured up to the next book in the series But, this was still a lovely book Just less grand.

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    I am a sucker for dark, sexy, brooding heroes who need the heroine to heal them That is my romantic novel guilty pleasure This book caters to my guilty pleasure In this book, the heroine is perfect for the hero They are opposites, light and dark, but they somehow find that part of them that fits together That is what I enjoy in a romance I figured out the whole mystery in the prologue, it didn t matter, just having the hero on the page made everything all right Lots of ghosts, migraine headaches, visions, hallucinations and some 20th century speech kept me reading until the end Just as I figured out from the first book in this trilogy, the witches in these books would have reality TV shows today The greatest scene in this book was a big knock out, drag out fight between the hero from book one and the hero from this book, book two.The sisters were fun the castle was great and I should have read the book in one day, because I thought of this book when I wasn t reading it Of all the books, this couple are my favorite Though their HEA came very slowly and was kind of rocky there was great chemistry.BEST USE OF A big castle, a doll house and lots of poisonALPHA MALE 10 SPUNKY HEROINE 10 RUNNING THROUGH FOREST OF MEDIEVAL SCOTLAND 10 HOT SEX 10HEA HAPPILY EVER AFTER Oh Yes, yes, yesPROLOGUE EPILOGUE Prologue only and that was effective in solving the whole mystery..besides the third book in the trilogy will be the epilogue for all three books Rating System10 Perfect on keeper shelf with book 1 Heat Level5 Scorching sex COVER COVERS IT The only thing on this cover that doesn t cover the book is the depiction of the hero the hero never wore a kilt, had long black hair and wore dark clothes the heroine may be close except for the hair which was described as sable And in no Highland romance that I have ever read would a Highlander wear a kilt with yellow fringe

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    My Devilish Scotsman is Jen Holling s second book in her Brides of the Bloodstone trilogy The first is My Wicked Highlander The trilogy follows the story of three sisters each one with their own book Two of the sisters are witches, but, the middle one, Gillian, is without any powers It s a scary time to live in Scotland Witch burnings are happening everywhere, and anyone can be a witch, even the neighbor s dog The girl s father had sent them away, to each live seperatly, where it would less dangerous after their own mother had been burned at the stake Now, their father is deathly ill and he calls them all home The girls haven t seen each other in years, and soon they will be leaving each other s company again Their father has called them home so he could get them wed off Once wed, they will have a husband to protect them, and he can die knowing his girls are safe In My Devilish Scotsman, the eldest sister, Isobel, has already been wed off She has married a knight she fell in love with, instead of the man her father picked out Now, the man once scorn by Isobel, is to wed her younger sister, Gillian Gillian isn t nervous to wed Lord Nicholas Lyon, twelfth earl of Kincreag The man is said to have murdered his previous wife, but Gillian knows it can t be so Why would he be her father s best friend if it were such Gillian finds her earl to be a beautiful man He might be a bit rough around the edges, but Gillian is sure she can polish him up But, what happens when Gillian finds out she is a witch, one that can see and speak to the dead And, what will happen when Nicholas s first wife shows up from beyond the grave I was so excited to finally get this book It was wonderful and I m making my mother read it right now The characters were great, the plot was well thought out, and Jen Holling had me laughing like a fool If you like Historicals and Highlanders, then you will love this book

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    I just loved Nicholas He was dark and mysterious at first With rumors surrounding him and it just made him so sexy Then when he took Gillian to see the wolves I was taken with him, so sweet Then the way he held her at her mother s grave, it made him appear so human But what got me was when he came outta the fog and rescued her, I was totally lost in him from then on Even once he turned all soft, I still just loved him Great character Gillian was also a great character also Wasn t really bitchy or anything All around great book, can t wait to read book 3.

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    Finished the second book in the MacDonell Brides Trilogy and loved it as much as the third Due to the availability of the books at my library I ve had to read the trilogy backwards While they would have been better read the correct way I didn t find myself confused or lost I loved these two characters as much as I did the two in the third book They were not perfect but that is what I loved most about them Can t wait to read the first book and the others by an author who has quickly become one of my favorites.

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    Like the first MacDonnell Brides book, this paranormal Scottish romance novel satisfies in pretty much all ways except one the foreshadowing is way too heavy handed so that the reader is watching the characters fumble around in the dark, just waiting for them to catch up That said, I still couldn t put it down and am eager to read the third installment

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